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K&M 14985 Trombone Stand

Trombone Stand


Fibreglass reinforced plastic base and folding legs, Height-adjustable tube combination with surface-friendly clamping elements, Continuously...

K&M 149/9 Trombone Stand Black

Trumpet Stand


Black, Particularly stable construction, Compact foldable foot strive design and height-adjustable tube combination, Infinitely adjustable plastic...

Hercules Stands DS420B Trombone Stand

Trombone Stand


Can be transported in the bell of the instrument in the case

K&M 150/1 MKII Bassoon Stand

Bassoon Stands


Black stand for bassoon, Bass or Eb alto clarinet, Instrument-friendly 2-piece stand, Removable rubber pads to adjust the width

K&M 149/1 Bass Trombone Stand

Bass Trombone Stand


Metal base with folding legs, Stable base construction and adjustable tube combination, Wooden peg with felt pads

K&M 15270 Trombone Stand

Trombone Stand


Large footprint, Continuous height adjustment, Black plastic peg with felt pads, Compact foldable for space-saving transport in the bell of the...

K&M 15045 MKII Contrabassoon Stand

Contrabassoon stand


Secure stand, Compact folding design

Hercules Stands DS520B Trombone Stand

Trombone Stand


For trombone, Height 860 mm, Folded size 785 x 115 mm

Soundwear Performer Tenor Horn (engl) S

Gig Bag


For tenor horn (straight), DuPont Cordura, With 25 mm padding and 12 mm hard foam inlay, BIPS reinforced bell section, Strong zipper, Front pockets...

Ritter RBS7D Alto Sax/Tenor Horn SGL

Gig bag for Alto Sax or Tenor Horn


Session series, High quality stitching, water-resistant "Jacquard Bicolour" material, Integrated reflective appliqués for road safety,...

Kariso 225ZF Tenor Horn Case w. Acc.

Case For Tenor Horn


With accessory compartment, Plush interior

Kariso 225 Tenor Horn Case

Tenor Horn Case


Black leather cover, Plush lining inside

Jazzlab saXholder PRO

Saxophone Holder


For baritone sax, tenor sax, alto sax and soprano sax, Spreads the weight of the saxophone equally over both shoulders, No strain on the cervical...

La Tromba Valve Oil T2 Light

Valve Oil T2


Extra thin

K&M 14300 Tenor/ Alto Sax Stand

Saxophone Stand


Suitable for alto or tenor saxophone, Glass-fibre reinforced plastic base with foldable legs, All instrument support parts are covered with a...

K&M 15213 Trumpet Stand 5-Leg

Trumpet Stand


Highly stable, The tripod base can be stored in the cone, The entire stand can therefore be stored in the bell of the trumpet, Rubber cone tip

K&M 14941 Baritone Stand

Compact Baritone Stand


Small and collapsible stand for baritone, euphonium or tenor horn, Height and width of bracket is adjustable, Large, plastic-coated instrument...

Riedl 313 Medium Lyre Saxophone

Lyre For Saxophone


2 Pushers, Stainless steel spring, Stalk bent for alto, tenor and baritone saxophone

K&M 15222 Clarinet Stand

Clarinet Stand


4 Leg base for optimum stability, While transporting the lower part can be pushed into the cone and stored in the bell of the clarinet, Black...

K&M 15232 Flute Stand

Flute Stand


Unique compact and extremely light 4-foot flute stand for Boehm flute, Instrument holder Ø 18 mm Plastic, The zinc die-cast legs ensure a very...

Gewa Gigbag for Tenor Horn

Carry bag


For tenor horn, Sewn on high quality Cordura 600 Denier material, Tear and waterproof, 30 mm foam padding, Plywood reinforcement for the bell,...

Protec BP-Strap Backpack

Backpack Straps


Very wide, comfortable support

Gewa Gigbag for Baritone

Carrying Bag for Baritone


Sewn high quality Cordura 600 Denier, Tear and waterproof, 30 mm foam padding, Plywood reinforcement for the bell, sewn in place, Adjustable luxury...

Mighty Bright Xtra Flex 2 Black

Dual Super LED Lamp


Head with two LED light sources, Individually switchable via push button, Clamp-on lamp for sheet music or reading, Clamping range approx. 25 mm,...

Protec PB-301F Case for Trpt &Flgh

Double Case


For flugelhorn and trumpet with piston valves, With the optionally available backpack straps (Art. No. :169798) this item can also be used as a...

Schwarz Tuba X-Strap

Cross Strap for Tuba


Weight is evenly distributed across both shoulders, 2 Carabiner hooks

Kölbl 6510 Swab Saxophone

Saxophone Cleaner


For alto and tenor saxophone bodies, String with weight for easy threading

Dotzauer Bag Parforcehorn ø 27 - 31 cm

Bag for Parforce horn


Suitable for parforce horn with bell diameter of 27 and 31 cm, Foam lining, Zipper, Large outer pocket, Back pack straps

Edwards Bullet Brace S for Trombone

Bullet Brace for Trombone


For attachment to bar with diameter of 10 mm or larger, S-shape, Support for a better pressure and weight distribution of the left hand

Kariso 106/4 Recorder Case

Fourfold Recorder Suitcase


For sopranino, soprano, alto and tenor recorder

Slide O Mix Rapid Comfort

Care Product


Lubricant for trombone slides, Easy sliding of the slide without sticking, Fast and reliable all-in-one solution from a single bottle

BG S42SH Strap Children

Child Comfort Strap for Saxophone


Adjustable in 5 places, Body strap for optimal weight distribution with snap hooks made of ABS

Riedl 340 Trombone



For trombone, Screw on the bell, With foam rubber underneath

Reka Cleaning Set Trumpet/Flugelh.

Cleaning Set


For trumpet, flugelhorn or cornet, Cleaning bar for tuning slides and valve casings, Cleaning bar for valve cylinders, Cleaning string for tubes,...

K&M 15228 Clarinet Stand

Clarinet Stand


Extremely small and compact, Excellent stability ensured by 5 stable die-cast zinc feet, Thanks to the patented and easy to operate screw-in system...

K&M 14940 Tuba Stand

Tuba Stand


Can be folded to a very small size, Brackets adjustable in width, Improved instrument support, Additional recess for instruments with comb

Soundwear Protector French Horn

Gig Bag


For French Horn

K&M 152/40 Flugelhorn Stand

Flugelhorn StandThe 5-leg base provides guaranteed maximum stability for the instrument. The lower part can be pushed into the plastic cone saving space to be transported in the bell of the instrument.


Plastic peg with felt pads, Feet can be screwed into cones, Space-saving transport in the bell of the instrument, Excellent quality

K&M 152/3 Flute Stand

Flute Stand


Wooden instrument holder, 18 mm Diameter, The three tube steel legs can be easily folded for compact storage

Hercules Stands DS530B Alto /Tenor Sax Stand



Adjustable for alto or tenor sax, Folded size 310 x 140 mm

Protec A-221ZIP Mouthpiece Pouch Tru.

Mouthpiece Bag For Four Trumpet Mouthpieces


Soft inner padding, With belt loop and zipper

Schreiber Gigbag Clarinet

Gig Bag For Clarinet


Designed for D13, D16, D26, D41, Compartments for mouthpiece, 2 pears, top piece, bottom piece with bell and accessory tray, Exterior compartment...

Dotzauer Bag Fürst Pless Horn green

Fürst Pless Horn Bag


Foam lining, Zipper, With large outer pocket and a strap

Protec A-308 Gigbag for Flute

Case Cover


Suitable for most flutes and piccolos, Double zipper, Incl. removable shoulder strap

Air Cell Tenor Horn-/Baritone Strap

Strap for Tenor Horn or Baritone


Elastic neoprene with very soft, large-area air cell padding, Robust fabrication, Both ends with leather loops, Additional protective covers for...

Adler Heinrich Bag for Soprano Recorder



For soprano recorder, Folding bag for 2-part recorders, Pocket for grease and cleaning swab, Made of nylon fabric material

La Tromba Valve Oil Medium

Valve Oil


For Perinet - (pump) valve trumpets

Neotech Strap Saxophone Soft Sax Black

Saxophone strap for alto and tenor saxophones


Plastic carabiner, 5cm wide, Soft neck padding, 41.9 cm - 53.3 cm, Black

Riedl 103 Lyre Clarinet

Lyre For Clarinet


Middle Lyra, Stainless steel spring, Nickel-plated, 2 Pushers, Adjustable recording, Fits all B Clarinet, More stable and more gentle through...

Reka Cleaning Set Saxophone

Cleaning Set


For saxophone (alto, tenor) and bass clarinet, Includes cleaning part for S-bow (small) and cleaning part of the body (large)

Ortola 177 Case for French Horn

Case For French Horn


Model 177, Inner velvet lining, Backpack straps, With an outer pocket, 2 Handles

Hercules Stands HCHA-100 Mute Holder

Mute Holder


Fits almost all microphone stands and music stands with a tube diameter of 8 - 30 mm, Holds the most common mutes for trumpet, cornet, trombone and...

K&M 14920 Tenorhorn Stand

Stand for Tenor Horn


Black steel stand for hanging up tenor horn, baritone, alto horn of oval or English construction, Height-adjustable pipe combination and...

Miraphone G170103 Gig Bag Tuba

Tuba Gig Bag


Incl. backpack straps

Hercules Stands DS561B Basson Stand

Stand for Bassoon and Bass Clarinet


Compact foldable, With extremely flat swivel base

K&M 14330 Alto Sax Stand "Jazz"

Saxophone Stand


Model "Jazz", For Alto Saxophone, Convenient, handy, stable, Stand for Eb alto saxophones, From sturdy aluminium square section tube, With a large...

Bach Floor Protection Trombone

Slide End Bumper for Trombone


Sewn high quality Cordura 600 Denier, Tear and waterproof, 30 mm foam padding, Plywood reinforcement for the bell, sewn in place, Adjustable luxury...

Air Cell Tuba Strap

Carrying strap


Suitable for Tuba, Elastic neoprene with very soft, large-area air cell padding, Robust fabrication, Both ends with leather loops, Additional...

Soundwear Perfomer Tenorhorn/ Baritone S

Gig Bag


Tenor Horn / Bartion with rotary valves, DuPont Cordura mm with 25 mm padding and 12 mm hard foam insert, BIPS reinforced bell section, Extra...

Protec Neopren M Pouch Tromb Alto Sax

Mouthpiece Pouch


For trombone or alto saxophone, Neoprene, Compact, fitted design, With zipper, Outside pocket for small accessories

Kariso 106/2 Recorder Case

Double Case


Recorder case for two flutes, Suitable for soprano and alto recorder

Precieux Hunting Horn "Deluxe Line"

Carry Bag


"Deluxe Line", For pless horn, Durable, water resistant Rok Tex surface material, 25 mm Padding, 10 mm Wide zipper, Double sewn and riveted carrier...

Moeck Z1004 Bag for Recorders

Roll Bag


Linen, 12 subjects, for 4-7 Recorders, Does not fit for Bass recorders

La Tromba Slide and Cork Grease 15g

Slide and cork grease


Large tub

Protec PL239 Tenor Trombone Bag

Bag for Tenor Trombone


Platinum series, Large opening for easy packing and unpacking of the instrument, High-density 20 mm foam padding, Wooden plate reinforces the...

Zappatini Strap Saxophone Regular

Carrying strap for saxophone


For people taller then 150 cm, The "Synthesis" strapping technology comforts all player types, No pressure points in the chest area, Children and...

Gard 5-ECSK Elite Gigbag 3 Trumpets

Gig Bag For 3 Trumpets


Suitable for three trumpets with Perinet or rotary valves, Hybrid bag with polymer reinforcement inside for the best protection and durability,...

Marcus Bonna MB-1N Case for Bassoon

Case for Bassoon


Outside pocket for sheet music, Made of high quality nylon fabric, Highly durable, despite its compact and lightweight design, Includes backpack...

Protec C-242 Gigbag for Euphonium

Deluxe Bag for Euphonium


Very light, 30 mm padding, Outside pocket, Large compartment for sheet-music, Incl. shoulder strap

K&M 152/10 Trumpet Stand

Trumpet Stand


Highly sturdy and stable, Your instrument is guaranteed optimum stability thanks to the tripod base, The base unit can be stored in the plastic...

Marcus Bonna MB-08N Double Case Clarinet

Double Case For Clarinets


For two Bb clarinets or Bb clarinet and A-, With touch outside pocket, Best nylon fabric design, Very stable despite its compact and lightweight...

Marcus Bonna MB-5 Case French Horn Compact

Flight Case for French Horn


2 Compartments for mutes, Made of nylon fabric, Very sturdy, despite its compact and lightweight design, Includes backpack straps and adjustable...

Ortola 107 Case for Flugelhorn Rotary

Case for Flugelhorn with Rotary Valves


Model 107, Space for accessories, Backpack straps, 1 Outer pocket, 2 Handles

Hercules Stands HCDS-553B Tuba Playing Stand

Tuba Playing Stand


Flexible and easier to play for professionals with multi-hour performances, Triple-legged foot construction for high stability with extra-flat feet...