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Rigoutat Oboe Riec Semi Automatic



Semi-automatic, 3rd octave flap, Body made of grenadilla wood, Nickel silver mechanism with extra strong silver plating, B to C # trill, F...

Melton MAT24 Tenor Horn

Bb Tenor Horn


'MeisterArt' series, 4 Rotary valves with soft valve transitions, Re-designed valve lever with optimal transmission ratio, 3B Linkage system,...

JK FP 1C Fürst Pless Horn

Mouthpiece for Fuerst-Pless-Horn


Bore 3.80 mm, Medium shallow cap, Silver-plated

JK PA 4C Parforce Horn



For Parforce-Horn, Edge diameter 28.5 mm, Cup diameter 18.00 mm, Bore 4.40 mm, Parforce horn shank diameter 9.0 mm, Medium shallow cap, Silver-plated

Tools 4 Winds Cup Tenor Trombone

Cup Mute for Tenor Trombone


Made of aluminium, Excellent intonation

JK PA 1A Parforce Horn

Mouthpiece for Parforce-Horn


Medium deep cap, Silver-plated

Pearl Flutes PFA 201 ESU Alto Flute

Alto Transverse Flute in G


Sterling silver lip plate, Pointed Arm design, Nickel silver-plated, Closed keys, Offset G, E Mechanism, With straight and curved head-joint incl....

JK FP 4D Fürst Pless Horn

Mouthpiece for Fuerst-Pless-Horn


Shallow cap, Silver-plated

Mollenhauer 2256 Canta Alto Recorder

Alto Recorder


German fingering, Versatile, reliable ensemble set with a homogenous sound!, Relaxed holding position thanks to balanced weight ratios, Comfortable...

Mollenhauer 1293 Prima Alto Recorder

Alto Recorder


German fingering, With double hole, Head made of plastic, Base made of pear tree wood, Including cotton bag

AW Reeds Eb- Clarinet D115F

Mouthpiece for Eb Clarinet


German system in combination with the French (Boehm) reeds, Made of stable high-performance polymer, Ergonomic shape that relieve lips, New flow...

Wurlitzer Eb- Clarinet M4*

Eb Clarinet Mouthpiece


For German clarinets

Sankyo RT-2 Headjoint 925 Ag

HeadjointSankyo's latest headjoint shape, a good combination of RT-1 and RT-3 elements. The RT head is offered in three variations of the modern Sankyo lip plate. These headjoints offer a coloured tone in the low register and an impressive response in all


Riser, rod and lip plate made of 925 sterling silver

Vandoren Classic Blue Contrab. Clar. 3

Reed for Double Bass Clarinet


Classic Blue Series, Strength 3

Yamaha YEB-321 Eb-Tuba

Eb Tuba


4 Périnet valves arranged side by side, Top action, Incl. 66D4 mouthpiece and case

Yamaha YRS-302 BIII Recorder

Soprano Recorder


Baroque fingering, Double holes, ABS plastic, Dark brown with white rings

Startone PTR-20 Bb- Trumpet Blue

Bb Trumpet


Made of ABS plastic, Conventional perinet valves and valve bushings made of metal, Main tuning slide water key, Finger hook on the leadpipe, Dark...

Otamatone Classic Black

Electronic Musical Toy / Synthesiser


Operated by pressing the sound surface on the neck and opening and closing the mouth, Different note pitches can be set, Battery operated (3 AAA)

Hetman Nr.1 Oil for Perinet Valves

Valve Oil


For perinet machines, Long-lasting synthetic valve oil, Developed especially for new instruments with close valves, Enables a smooth, fast and even...

Neotech Soft Harness Cross Strap Sax

Cross strap for saxophone with plastic carabiner


With soft, wide shoulder padding, One model for male, femal and adolescent players

Vandoren V12 Bb-Clarinet 2.5



For Boehm clarinets

Vandoren ZZ Tenor Sax 3



For tenor saxophone, Quick response, Remarkably durable, Ideal for jazz

Harley Benton Blues Harmonica Set

Blues Harmonica Set


Consists of 12 blues harmonicas in all different keys, Plastic combs, 20 Reeds, 10 Holes, With a cleaning cloth, Comes in a robust, padded case...

Legere Signature Tenor-Sax 2 1/2

Saxophone Reed


For tenor saxophone, Dark, warm tone, Developed with Larry Combs and Barnaby Robson

Protec iPac 301T Triple Case



For three trumpets, Very lightweight, Removable inner foam blocks to ensure a perfect fit for the instruments, Large outer pocket, With detachable...

Bach 351 Trumpet 1-1/4C

Mouthpiece for Trumpet


Medium depth cup, Medium width rim, Silver-plated, Large, long cup for trumpeters with lots of power, Bright, compact tone with fundamental power,...

BG L12 Ligature Alto Sax

Ligature For Alto Saxophone


Standard soft, For rubber or plastic mouthpieces, Rubber inlay, Ligature for ensemble and chamber music, Soft, round sound, Direct response,...

Kölbl 6033 Swab S-Bow Saxophone

S-Bow Swab


For alto and tenor saxophone, Also suitable for the saxophone mouthpiece

USA Meyer Alto Sax BA-2 M6M

Alto sax mouthpiece


Made from caoutchouc, Medium bore, Medium facing length, Tip opening 6, Including cap and ligature, Meyer mouthpieces reliably combine a easy...

BG A31 Swab S-Bow



For mouthpiece, S-Bow, All saxophone and clarinet

Legere Signature Alto-Sax 2 1/2

Synthetic Reeds


For Alto Saxophone, Légère reeds have a beautiful tone and range, together with all the other known advantages of a synthetic reed

Vandoren White Master Bb-Clarinet 3

White Master


Single reed for German Clarinet, For more open tip and/or longer facing

Mollenhauer 5206 Denner Alto Recorder

Alto Recorder


Baroque fingering, Double hole, 3-Piece in a cotton bag, A4 = 442 Hz, Including accessories

Silverstein CRYO4 Gold Clarinet S



For clarinet mouthpieces (Boehm and German), During the cryogenic treatment process, the ligature is cooled to about -185 degrees Celsius, thereby...

Moeck 2302 Flauto Rondo Alto

Alto Recorder


Flauto Rondo Model, Baroque style fingering, Double holes, Pear tree wood, a' = 442 Hz, 3 Pieces, Includes cotton pouch with leather lining

Bach LT 42AG Bb/F-Tenor Trombone RH

F-Tenor Trombone


Rene Hagmann "Free Flow Valve" f-attachment with 100% air passage, Open-wrap construction, LT-lightweight slide, Nickel silver handslide, Clear...

Gerd Dowids BZ-Series GL72 GP Bb-Trumpet

Bb Trumpet


From the BZ Series, Completely gold plated, Concert Line, Zirnbauer machine, Bore 11.20 mm, Conical rotary valves, One-piece valve connections,...

Hopf Kindergarten Flute

Kids' Recorder


6-Tone flute for preschool children, Bag, cloth and fingering chart included

Riedl 330 Large Lyre Long Stem



For trumpet, tuba or tenor horn, Straight brass, Large, 2 Pushers, Stainless steel spring

DAddario Woodwinds Reserve EV10E Clarinet Marble


Baroque fingering, Double holes, ABS plastic, Dark brown with white rings

Ritter RBS7 Sousaphone MGB

Bag for Sousaphone


Session series, High quality sewn, water repellent "Jacquard Bicolour" material, Embedded reflectors for safety, "All-Around Piping system" for...

Keilwerth SX 90R "Shadow" Tenor Saxophon

Tenor Saxophone


"Shadow" model, Black nickel-plated, Silver-plated keys, Rolled tone holes, Large engraving, Height adjustable trill keys, Including case,...

Startone STS-75 Tenor Sax

Tenor Saxophone


With high F# key, With rocker arm, Adjustable thumb rest, Easy response, Balanced tone, Mouthpiece and case included, Checked in workshop

Selmer Tenor Serie III SE-T3MS Set

Tenor SaxophoneAs with the alto saxophone, the column supports on the body have also been reduced with this instrument, thus achieving an open sound projection that is ideally suited for modern styles. Ergonomics, feel and of course the SELMER sound are co


Series III, Body, bow and bell made of solid silver, Bb tuning, High F # - flap, Leather upholstery with metal resonators, Includes Selmer S80 C...

Michael Rath R400 Bb-/F- Tenor Trombone

Bb- / F Tenor Trombone


Bell made of yellow brass, Brass outer slide, Tuning slide from yellow brass, Fixed lead pipe, Clear lacquer finish, Includes light case, Without...

Sankyo CF 301 Flute RBE

Transverse Flute


Silver head and body, Ring keys, B-Foot, E-Mechanism, Offset G, Nickel silver mechanism, Silver plated, Drawn toneholes, Incl. wooden cleaning rod...

Muramatsu DS-RCEO Flute Handmade

Handmade transverse flute


Completely made from silver, Drawn tone holes, Ring keys, E mechanism

Protec C239X Gigbag Tenor Trombone

Gigbag for Tenor Trombone


20 mm Padding, Nylon, Padded backpack straps, Large music pocket, Storage bag for dampers, Padded handle, Shoulder strap

Vandoren V5 Tenor Sax T 20

Mouthpiece for tenor saxophone T20


Without ligature and cap

Neotech Trombone Grip BK

Hand Support for Trombone


Suitable for most instruments, Easy to assemble, Adjustable in 18 positions

Pearl Flutes PF-665 RE Quantz Flute

Transverse Flute


Quantz series, Full silver headjoint, Body, foot piece and keys made of nickel silver, Ring keys, Offset G, Pointed arms, Bags and accessories...

Hohner Superforce 37 Melodica Black



37 Keys, Quick response enables fast and expressive playing, Incl. Extension tube, ergonomic mouthpiece and a handy zipper case with handle

Mollenhauer 1053 Prima Soprano Recorder

Soprano Recorder


German, Made from pieces of pear tree, Includes nylon bag

K&M 11900

Acoustic Monitoring Screen


For wind instruments, Curved Plexiglas pane, double-sided use possible (concave, convex), Extendable tube combination, Ecrewable prism connection...

B&S 3005/3TR-L Trumpet

Bb Trumpet


3x Cylinder valves, Sound equalization on the third valve, Gold brass bell Ø 126 mm, Bore 11 mm, Cylinder engine with the new 3B-joints, Golden...

Besson BE165-2 Student Euphonium



In Bb, 4 Périnet valves, 2 Water keys, Silver plated, Incl. Case, mouthpiece and accessories

Azumi AZ-Z3E Flute



Closed key flaps, E mechanism, Advanced G, C foot, Handmade ALTUS Z-Cut headpiece made of 925 sterling silver, Spitz lid design, Including case,...

Ritter RBS7 Euphonium Bell Up 30 MGB

Bag for Euphonium Bell Up


Session series, Well sewn, water-repellent "Jacquard Bicolour" material, Incorporated reflectors for road safety, "All-Around Piping System" for...

Jones 101 Oboe Reed Medium Soft

Reed for Oboe


Medium-Soft, Handcrafted from reed, Especially suitable for beginners, 440 Hz

Prof. W. Hilgers WH-B2 Tuba

Mouthpiece for Tuba



B&S 46-L Baritone



With four valves, Brass, Mouth pipe made of gold brass, Inside and outside of nickel silver, Double ball joint, High quality lacquer, Including...

Soundwear Performer Euphonium Black

Gigbag for Euphonium


With 25 mm padding and 12 mm hard foam insert, With BIPS reinforced bell section, Extra sturdy zipper, Front pocket for accessories and sheet...

Yamaha YCL-457II-20 Clarinet

Bb Clarinet


German key system, 20 Keys, 6 Rings, Normal barrel, Made of grenadilla wood (Dalbergia melanoxylon), Elevated flat plateau for the thumb hole,...

Hohner Super 64 X in C

Chromatic Harmonica


Plastic comb (black, ABS), 64 Reeds, C-major, Reed plate embedded in the comb (recessed reed plates), Round tone holes, Vario Spring system for...

Mollenhauer 5506 Denner Bass

Bass Recorder


With double hole, Baroque fingering, With four keys and crook, Alternatively with cap for direct blowing, Includes hard case

Ultra-Pure Trumpet Care Kit


Baroque fingering, Double holes, ABS plastic, Dark brown with white rings

Gewa Panpipes C- Major 8 Pipes

Pan Flute


C Major, 8 Pipes, Curved shape, Wooden belt, Clean tuning, Very good craftsmanship

Protec Reed Case Clarinet Black

Reed Case for Clarinet Reeds


For 12 clarinet reeds, With numbered slots, Specially designed to allow air circulation, Very light

Mollenhauer 2446KC Canta Comfort Tenor

Knick Tenor Recorder


In C, Baroque fingering, G, F and C/C# key, The Mollenhauer Comfort bent-neck tenor makes playing easy, Two additional keys reduce stretch of the...

Marcus Bonna MB-5ST Case French Horn Comp.

Case for French Horn


Storage compartment for mutes, stand and music stand, Made of high quality nylon fabric, Highly durable, despite its compact and lightweight...

B.E.R.P. Embouchure Builder for Trumpet

Embouchure Trainer for Trumpet


Baroque fingering, Double holes, ABS plastic, Dark brown with white rings

Hercules Stands DS532B Multi Stand

Multiple Stand


For alto or tenor sax, Additional cone for clarinet, oboe or flute, Folded size 310 mm x 140 mm

Hercules Stands DS535B Baritone Sax Stand



Baritone saxophone, Height adjustable 635-875 mm

Reka Cleaning Set Trombone

Cleaning Set For Trombone


Keeps your trombone playable, Protects against aggressive components in saliva

Carol Brass CCR-3200-YSS-Bb-L

Bb Cornet


4.724" (120 mm) standard brass bell, Brass leadpipe, Messing/nickel silver inner and outer slides, Clear lacquer, Incl. Bag, 7C mouthpiece and...