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Schwarz Strap for Baritone /Tenorhorn

Cross Strap


For Baritone and Euphonium, The patented backplate evenly distributes the weight onto both shoulders

Schilke XA1 Bb-Cornet

Bb Cornet


Short English style, Ø 11.68 mm (.460") ML bore, Ø 5.00"(127 mm) L bell made of copper, Silver plated

Yamaha YHR-322 II Bb-French Horn

Bb French Horn


Medium bell, Solid rotary valves, With A stop valve, Brass, lacquered, 32C4 mouthpiece and case included

K&M 157 Trumpet Holder

Trumpet Holder


Improved model, Using a clamping screw, connect the music desks and the tripods up to a tube diameter of 30 mm, Instrument holder with protective...

Edwards T-STDN Large Bore Slide

Slide for tenor trombone


Suitable for Edwards T-327 or T-350 tenor trombone, Round draw bow, Brass outer pull, Nickel-silver bow, Clear varnished, Includes 3 mouth tubes

K&M 164/10 Harmonica Holder

Harmonica Holder


Specifically suitable for blues harmonica models, Molded rubber sections on the support arms holds the instrument safely and gently fixes the...

Leitner & Kraus T2 Bb- Clarinet Zelltec

Mouthpiece for Bb Clarinet


Developed in close cooperation with A. Willscher, 100 Opening (1.00 mm), Maximum balance in all pitches, Excellent sound spectrum, Sound optimized...

Schreiber D-41 Bb-Clarinet

Bb Clarinet


Made of grenadilla wood (Dalbergia Melanoxylon), German fingering, 22 Flaps, 6 Rings, More adjustable thumb holders, 2 Barrels, Includes case and...

Denis Wick DW5504 Trumpet Straight Copper

Straight Mute


For trumpet, Aluminium, Bottom made of copper

Jody Jazz Soprano HR* 6* Mouthpiece

Mouthpiece for soprano saxophone


Made of polycarbonate, Made of hard rubber, it is suitable for both professionals and students who are looking for a traditional and versatile...

Wallace TWC-471 Alto Tenor Horn Cup

Cup Mute for Tenorhorn


Made entirely of aluminium, Adjustable cup, Designed according to the 371 model, Very traditional sound, Flexible in all registers, perfect...

Denis Wick 5881 Cornet 3B

Mouthpiece for Cornet


Baroque fingering, Double holes, ABS plastic, Dark brown with white rings

K&M 15060 Bass Clarinet Stand

Bass Clarinet Stand


Universal mounting bracket with adjustable inclination and width, Support base for the end-pin, Foldable

Gewa Fishskin Pads Bb Clarin. Boehm

Fish Skin Pad Set


For Bb clarinet boehm, 17 Pads, 2x 12 mm, 1x 15 mm, 3x 17 mm

Paulus & Schuler GbR Zoom Clarinet Buffet RC 62mm

Clarinet Barrel


For Buffet RC-Series, Boehm system, The lower part of the barrel is made of grenadilla (Dalbergia melanoxylon)

Selmer Baritone Sax S80 D



For baritone saxophone, Rubber, Easy response, Large tone volume, Square chamber

Legere Signature Sopranosax 2 1/2

Synthetic reed for soprano saxophone


Légère reeds have a beautiful tone and range, combined with all the usual advantages of a synthetic reed

Selmer Baritone Saxophone S90-190

Mouthpiece For Baritone Saxophone


Rubber, Tip opening close-medium, Classic soft sound, Easy response, Homogenous sound across all registers, Easy to control intonation

Arnolds & Sons Tenor Horn 12T-S

Tenor Horn Mouthpiece


Narrow shaft, Medium cup, Medium wide rim, Silver plated, All-round mouthpiece, More balanced tone, Good response, Flexibility and volume over the...

Vandoren B50 Bass Clarinet

Mouthpiece For Bass Clarinet


Recommended reed thickness 2.5 / 3 / 3.5, Creates a full and velvety sound, even in the high registers

Legere Signature Bass-Clarinet 3

Bass clarinet reed


For Boehm clarinets, French cut, A warm and rich sound in all registers, The reed material is a little stiffer than the standard and the reed tip a...

Protec Neopren Mouthpiece Pouch T

Mouthpiece Pouch


For trumpet, Neoprene, Compact, fitted design, With zipper, Outside pocket for small accessories

Protec C-243 Deluxe Gig Bag Bellfront

Deluxe Bag for Bellfront Baritone


Very lightweight, 30 mm Padding, Outside pocket, Large compartment for sheet music, Shoulder strap and backpack straps included

Bruno Tilz Adapter Trombone-Bass Trombone

Mouthpiece Adapter


From tenor trombone (1) to bass trombone (3), Silver-plated

Hercules Stands HCDS-538B Combination stands

Combination stand


For soprano, alto and tenor saxophone, flute and clarinet

Humes & Berg New Stone Lined ST-111

Aluminium Trumpet Damper


Adjustable inner wire, Quality aluminum dampers

Selmer S- Neck Alto III Gold Plated



For alto saxophones Series III, Gold-plated

Jo-Ral Trumpet Bucket Aluminium



For trumpet, Bucket (velvet)

Jody Jazz Baritone Super Jet 7 Mouthp.


Baroque fingering, Double holes, ABS plastic, Dark brown with white rings

Jones 201A Artist Bassoon Reed M

Bassoon Reed


Medium, Made of high-quality cane reed, Handmade, This model is suitable for advanced players, Excellent response in all registers, 440 Hz

Lee Oskar Major Diatonic Reedplates D

Reed Plate Set


For major diatonic harmonica, Upper and lower plate in one set

Breslmair Bottom Part Flugelhorn F6

Lower Section of Mouthpiece


For flugelhorn F6, German shank, Silver-plated

Hohner Echo 32 C Tremolo

Echo harp


In C major, Tremolo reed, Suitable for folk music because two reeds can be heard at the same time due to the transverse division of the air ducts...

Hohner Echo 48 C Tremolo



C Major, Tremolo mood, The instrument for folk music, through the cross-division the air ducts will hear two tones simultaneously, which are tuned...

Sandner Soprano 80 Solo C Black

Soprano Magic Flute


Model 80 solo, Adjustable spigot, Complete with black case, Primarily handmade, As with concert flutes the tone holes are drawn from their own...

Warburton Mouthpiece Flugelhorn 3FLM G

Mouthpiece for Flugelhorn


German shank

Schlipf Practice Mute for Tuba No.11

Practice Mute


For tuba, Ideal practice mute for concert tours, in the hotel room or in your own flat, Bell protection for travelling and flights, Ideal for...

Aulos Thumb Rest Alto Recorder

Thumb Rest


For alto recorder, For clamping

RGC Mutes Cherry Cup Mute Trumpet TRP18

Cup Damper for Trumpet


Made of cherry wood, Octagonal construction, Developed in collaboration with international soloist Luis González Martí, The wood creates a...

Warburton Ingram - MuteMeister Cup Mute

Cup Damper for Bb Trumpet


Combines the best acoustic characteristics of the 1930s Ray Robinson Cup damper and the Shastock Tonalcolor damper of the 1940s, For live and...

Protec M-402 Mute Bag Bass Trombone

Mute Bag


For bass trombone mutes, Very light, Black, Weight approx. 910 grams, Includes shoulder strap

Steuer White Line Eb- Clarinet 3,5


Baroque fingering, Double holes, ABS plastic, Dark brown with white rings

Yamaha BSNTV1S Custom S-Neck Tenor



For tenor saxophone, Silver-plated

Buffet Crampon BC1195 Bass Clarinet

Bb Bass Clarinet


Range to low C, Böhm system, Body completely made of selected grenadilla wood (Dalbergia melanoxylon), New bore, Newly designed key system,...

Peter Gane Flugelhorn Cup Mute

Cup Damper


For flugelhorn, Fibre damper, With birch wood base

DEM-BRO Cup mute Flugelhorn

Cup Mute for Flugelhorn


Specially developed for brass band, Fits perfectly for Besson, Courtois, Willson and Yamaha, but also for most other manufacturers, Includes bag,...

Jo-Ral Trombone Cup Alu max 8,5"

Mute for Trombone


"Adjustable Cup", For bells up to Ø 8.5"

Dotzauer Fürst Pless in Bb 18810 KL

Pless Horn


In Bb, Double coil, Green artificial leather wrapping, Silver-plated brass inner tuning slide, Leather strap, Diamond-hard enamel finish, Brass...

C.A. Seydel Söhne Club Steel C



40 Stainless steel reeds, Reed plate made of nickel silver, Curved, double-rowed comb made of hard-wearing ABS plastic, Reeds and rivets, as well...

Wurlitzer Eb- Clarinet C5

Eb Clarinet Mouthpiece


For German clarinets, Made from plastic

Rigoutat Oboe Riec Semi Automatic



Semi-automatic, 3rd octave flap, Body made of grenadilla wood, Nickel silver mechanism with extra strong silver plating, B to C # trill, F...

Melton MAT24 Tenor Horn

Bb Tenor Horn


'MeisterArt' series, 4 Rotary valves with soft valve transitions, Re-designed valve lever with optimal transmission ratio, 3B Linkage system,...

JK FP 1C Fürst Pless Horn

Mouthpiece for Fuerst-Pless-Horn


Bore 3.80 mm, Medium shallow cap, Silver-plated

JK PA 4C Parforce Horn



For Parforce-Horn, Edge diameter 28.5 mm, Cup diameter 18.00 mm, Bore 4.40 mm, Parforce horn shank diameter 9.0 mm, Medium shallow cap, Silver-plated

Tools 4 Winds Cup Tenor Trombone

Cup Mute for Tenor Trombone


Made of aluminium, Excellent intonation

JK PA 1A Parforce Horn

Mouthpiece for Parforce-Horn


Medium deep cap, Silver-plated

Pearl Flutes PFA 201 ESU Alto Flute

Alto Transverse Flute in G


Sterling silver lip plate, Pointed Arm design, Nickel silver-plated, Closed keys, Offset G, E Mechanism, With straight and curved head-joint incl....

JK FP 4D Fürst Pless Horn

Mouthpiece for Fuerst-Pless-Horn


Shallow cap, Silver-plated

Mollenhauer 2256 Canta Alto Recorder

Alto Recorder


German fingering, Versatile, reliable ensemble set with a homogenous sound!, Relaxed holding position thanks to balanced weight ratios, Comfortable...

Mollenhauer 1293 Prima Alto Recorder

Alto Recorder


German fingering, With double hole, Head made of plastic, Base made of pear tree wood, Including cotton bag

AW Reeds Eb- Clarinet D115F

Mouthpiece for Eb Clarinet


German system in combination with the French (Boehm) reeds, Made of stable high-performance polymer, Ergonomic shape that relieve lips, New flow...

Wurlitzer Eb- Clarinet M4*

Eb Clarinet Mouthpiece


For German clarinets

Sankyo RT-2 Headjoint 925 Ag

HeadjointSankyo's latest headjoint shape, a good combination of RT-1 and RT-3 elements. The RT head is offered in three variations of the modern Sankyo lip plate. These headjoints offer a coloured tone in the low register and an impressive response in all


Riser, rod and lip plate made of 925 sterling silver

Vandoren Classic Blue Contrab. Clar. 3

Reed for Double Bass Clarinet


Classic Blue Series, Strength 3

Yamaha YEB-321 Eb-Tuba

Eb Tuba


4 Périnet valves arranged side by side, Top action, Incl. 66D4 mouthpiece and case

Yamaha YRS-302 BIII Recorder

Soprano Recorder


Baroque fingering, Double holes, ABS plastic, Dark brown with white rings

Startone PTR-20 Bb- Trumpet Blue

Bb Trumpet


Made of ABS plastic, Conventional perinet valves and valve bushings made of metal, Main tuning slide water key, Finger hook on the leadpipe, Dark...

Otamatone Classic Black

Electronic Musical Toy / Synthesiser


Operated by pressing the sound surface on the neck and opening and closing the mouth, Different note pitches can be set, Battery operated (3 AAA)

Hetman Nr.1 Oil for Perinet Valves

Valve Oil


For perinet machines, Long-lasting synthetic valve oil, Developed especially for new instruments with close valves, Enables a smooth, fast and even...

Neotech Soft Harness Cross Strap Sax

Cross strap for saxophone with plastic carabiner


With soft, wide shoulder padding, One model for male, femal and adolescent players

Vandoren V12 Bb-Clarinet 2.5



For Boehm clarinets

Vandoren ZZ Tenor Sax 3



For tenor saxophone, Quick response, Remarkably durable, Ideal for jazz

Harley Benton Blues Harmonica Set

Blues Harmonica Set


Consists of 12 blues harmonicas in all different keys, Plastic combs, 20 Reeds, 10 Holes, With a cleaning cloth, Comes in a robust, padded case...

Legere Signature Tenor-Sax 2 1/2

Saxophone Reed


For tenor saxophone, Dark, warm tone, Developed with Larry Combs and Barnaby Robson