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BG S12SH (S) Saxophone Strap

Strap for alto saxophone


Recommended for children from 7 years, Nylon with cotton padding, Not elastic, With plastic snap hook, Handmade in France

Pilgerstorfer Concerto Bb-Clarinet 4,0

Bb Clarinet Reeds


This model is intended as an "Austrian model" for the narrow, long tips and caters to the trend of very flexible clarinet playing, Ideal for...

Claude Lakey Tenor Sax Mouthpiece 7*3

Mouthpiece for Tenor Saxophone


Made of composite material, With ligature and cap, Round, centered sound with very good projection, Highly versatile, Ideal for funk, soul, rock...

JK Exclusive Tuba 8E

Mouthpiece for Tuba


Deep cup, Silver plated, Includes mouthpiece brush

Marcinkiewicz Trombone 9B-S Small

Mouthpiece for Tenor Trombone


Signature Model "Bob Stroup", With Symphonic Backbore, Small shank, Comparable to Bach 5

DAddario Woodwinds Hemke Baritone Sax 3,5

Reed For Baritone Saxophone


Premium quality reed for classical and jazz, Shorter vamp for a darker tone, Balanced, thinner tip provides easy response and a brilliant sound,...

Yamaha GP Mouthpiece Trombone 51 KS

Mouthpiece For Trombone


Golden rim and bore, Standard contour, Standard thickness, Standard cup depth, Semi-narrow backbore

Reka Cleaning Set Recorder Labium

Cleaning set


For recorder, Wind channel cleaner

Heyday's Instrument Care Cloth

Care Cloth


Non-woven, micro-filament high-quality cloth for your instrument's care and protection, Its threads are even finer and softer than those of common...

Harry Hartmann Fiberreed Onyx Baritone MH

Reed for Baritone Saxophone


Made of carbon fiber-enriched resins, hence the name "Carbon Onyx", Easy response, Warm depths, Powerful highs and an easily playable high note...

Denis Wick 4884 Flugelhorn 4BFL

Mouthpiece for Flugelhorn


Gold-plated, Medium deep cup, Yamaha shank for USA and Japanese models

Hagerty Silver Cloth

Silver polish cloth


A specially treated cotton cloth for cleaning and refreshing, Gives new and radiant shine, Immediate effect

Yamaha M Keyoil for Clarinet Medium

Key Oil


Medium, For clarinet

La Tromba AG P3 Slide Oil

Trombone Slide Oil


This oil is particularly suitable for the high demands of trombone slides due to its excellent sliding properties in combination with a long...

Yamaha Mouthpiece Flugelhorn 13F4

Mouthpiece for Flugelhorn Nr 13F4


Standard series

Otto Link RockyGiglio Stainless Steel 9*



For tenor saxophone, Brushed stainless steel, Parabolic shaped sound chamber, which facilitates the response and projection, Full-surface rubber...

Denis Wick 5881 Cornet 2BW

Mouthpiece Cornet 2BW



Alexander Reeds NY Soprano Saxophone 1,5

Reed for Soprano Saxophone


Louder, richer sound and a very good response across the entire register

Gerd Dowids Mack for Cornet

Practice adapter for cornet


For optimum control of airflow, Further evolution of the BERP, with all of its advantages, The original distance between mouthpiece and instrument...

Warburton A.T.V. Shank Trumpet


The hand-selected pipe material is sourced from plantations in the famous reed-growing areas of the Département Var in south-eastern France, At...

Yamaha Mouthpiece French Horn 32D4



For French horn, Silver plated, Inner diameter 17.8 mm, Double cup, 4.50 mm bore

Pisoni DCL-80Deluxe Clarinet Pad 14,5

Clarinet Pad


The hand-selected pipe material is sourced from plantations in the famous reed-growing areas of the Département Var in south-eastern France, At...

GF Reflektor GFR-84-1.5-B

Reflector for Clarinet


Reflects the sounds coming out of the clarinet back to your ear, Provides very direct, louder and more centred sound allowing to play better, Click...

Plaschke Ocarina 10H E

Concert Ocarina


Soprano ocarina, Suitable for professional demands, Tuning is exact, Quick response, Produces a soft and pure sound, Incl. fingering chart

Mollenhauer 5959 Elody Roar

Harmonic Alto Recorder


With E extension and triple key for E / F / F-sharp, Its excellent, pure acoustic sound makes the instrument a modern, harmonic alto recorder that...

Bach LT 42AF Axial

Bb/F Tenor Trombone


With new axial quart valve, Open wrap construction, Lightweight train made of nickel silver, Grip made of nickel silver, Clear lacquer finish,...

Kühnl & Hoyer Bolero F "Open Flow"

Bb/F Tenor Trombone


"New version", With "Open Flow" Meinlschmidt quart valve, Open design, Bell made of gold brass, Nickel silver slide, Nickel silver quart valve,...

maxton Flexilis D "CLARA"

Mouthpiece for German Bb clarinet


Model "CLARA" (based on PG1+30), Clear, agile, lively and light-footed tone, Of synthetic rubber, Particularly dimensionally stable material,...

Rampone & Cazzani R1 Jazz Eb-Alto Sax Pure Brass

Jazz Eb Alto Saxophone


Pure Brass Model, Big bore, Hand-hammered neck, body and bell, Unlacquered body, Vintage look, Smooth-running mechanism, Hand engraving, Handmade...

Kühnl & Hoyer .527 Bb-Tenor Trombone M

Bb Tenor Trombone


Brass bell, New model with newly designed bell, German silver outer slide, Hard chromed inner slide, Clear-lacquered, Includes silver-plated...

Bach 351 Trumpet 5B

Mouthpiece For Trumpet


Medium-shallow cup, Medium width, rim rounded inwards, Silver plated

Brand Trumpet Mouthpiece 7C S

Trumpet Mouthpiece Made from Special Plastic


Deep cup, Brilliant and lively sound, Turboblow effect, Suitable for allergy sufferers with metal intolerance, Pleasant playing feel, even in the...

Hohner Marine Band Thunderbird Low A



"Marine Band Thunderbird"-Series, Richter system, Triple varnished bamboo comb for strong sound and optimal play comfort, Cover inspired by Joe...

Vandoren Java Alto Sax 3.5

Reed for Alto Saxophone


Designed for jazz or pop music

Wood Stone Alto Sax 3,0 Reeds

Reeds for alto saxophone


The hand-selected pipe material is sourced from plantations in the famous reed-growing areas of the Département Var in south-eastern France, At...

DAddario Woodwinds Select Jazz Tenor Sampler Pck3

Sampler Pack for Tenor Saxophone


Contains 4 individually sealed Select jazz sheets, 2 Filed and 2 unfiled, Made of long lasting cane reed, Large and centered sound, Extraordinary...

BG L14 Ligature Soprano Sax

Ligature for soprano saxophone


Standard soft with rubber inlay, Ligature for ensemble and chamber music, Soft, round, sound, Easy response, Including cap

Harry Hartmann Fiberreed Carbon Clas. Alto M

Reed for Alto Saxophone


High-Tech carbon fibre with hollow fibres and a steeper cut bring a combination of full sound, quicker response and round, deeper tone, Last 20-30...

Ian Bousfield Signature Series S

Mouthpiece for tenor and bass trombone S


Signature series, Wide shank, Outer diameter 40 mm, 2 Damping rings for individual sound creation, Including neoprene pouch, Silver-plated,...

Bach K341 Mega Tone Tromb. 1-1/4GM

Mouthpiece for trombone


Series K341, Mega Tone, Longer shaft, Silver plated

Peter Leuthner Bb-Clarinet Wien 4,0 Standard

Reed for Bb clarinets


Viennese cut, For Viennese / Austrian mouthpieces, A clear and brilliant sound, as well as an excellent response in all pitches, A perfect balance...

Michael Rath R4 Detachable Weight

Removable Counterweight for Michael Rath R4 Trombone


The hand-selected pipe material is sourced from plantations in the famous reed-growing areas of the Département Var in south-eastern France, At...

Ritter RBS7 Triple Trumpet SGL

Bag for 3 Trumpets


Session series, High quality sewn, water repellent "Jacquard Bicolour" material, Embedded reflectors for road safety, "All-Around Piping system"...

Mollenhauer New Student 1004

Soprano recorder


In c, Made of light pear tree, Baroque fingering, The delicate soft sound is never obtrusive and remains even throughout all registers, Stable...

Küng Studio Soprano Recorder 1302

Soprano Recorder


Baroque fingering, The Studio soprano flute is a perfect recorder for beginners, Often used as a treble in ensemble-playing as it has a pleasantly...

Selmer Reference Shaped Case Alto Sax

Shaped Case


Low weight, High stability, High wearing comfort as well as exceptionally attractive design and functionality, Suitable for alto saxophone

Selmer Alto Sax S80 D



For alto saxophone, Caoutchouc, Easy response, Great sound volume, Square chamber, Tip opening narrow-medium

Vandoren Java Alto Sax A 35

Java Mouthpiece for Alto Saxophone


Without ligature and cap, The mouthpiece for jazz - particularly rich sound

BG S80SH Saxophone Strap

Shoulder Strap


For alto, soprano and tenor saxophone, Nylon neck strap, With cotton lining, Inelastic cord, ABS snap hooks, Made in France

B.Air Bird Strap Aluminium wide M

Strap for saxophone


Padded neck pads made of leather, Extra wide spreader plate in V-shape (140 mm) made of aluminium for maximum comfort and optimization of posture...

Aizen NY Mouthpiece Alto Saxophone 5



For alto saxophone, Jazz mouthpiece with Roll-over baffle, Fat, dynamic sound with full and brilliant tone, Excellent response

Arundos Reed Bb-Clarinet Aida 2,0

Reeds for German B Flat Clarinet


Aida, Easy response, For short to medium tip, Noble sound, Good control in all registers, Made of the finest French cane, Made in Germany

Harry Hartmann Fiberreed Carbon Clar GermanMH

Reed for German Clarinet


For German clarinet, The classic reed with round sound, Strengthened heart and a pronounced wedge shape make the reed ideal for "vintage" players,...

Pilgerstorfer Concerto Bb-Clarinet 3,0

Reed for Bb Clarinet


Austrian model, The model "Concerto" is intended as an "Austrian model" for the narrow, long tips and corresponds to the trend of very flexible...

Perantucci Tuba Mouthpiece PT-89 G

Tuba Mouthpiece


Medium deep, Open backbore, Model PT-89 is suitable for medium-large and large-bore C and B tubas, The response is stable, even in the deep tones...

JK Exclusive Trombone 7B S1

Trombone Mouthpiece


Shank 1 (S-shank), Silver-plated

Denis Wick 3186 Heritage Tuba 2SL

Mouthpiece for Tuba


Heritage Series, L-shank, Silver-plated on the outside, Edge and cup gold-plated

Denis Wick 3180 Heritage Trombone 10CS



For trombone, Small shaft, Silver-plated outside, Gold-plated rim and cup

Mollenhauer 6156 Cleaning Rod PVC

Plastic cleaning rod


Length approx. 23 cm

DAddario Woodwinds Plasticover Baritone Sax 3

Reed for Baritone Saxophone


French "filed" cut supports a light touch, Plastic coated, Protects against moisture and climatic changes, The coating ensures durability and a...

Vandoren Profile 88 Bb- Clarinet 5 RV

Mouthpiece for Bb Clarinets


For instruments with Boehm system, Profile 88 series, Black ebonite, Medium short facing length, With a thinner mouthpiece tip and modified facet,...

Yamaha Spindle Oil for Rotor Valves

Cylinder/rotor oil


Oil for upper and lower valve bearings of the rotary valve, Prevents corrosion on the valves and springs

JK Exclusive Baritone 12C S2

Baritone Mouthpiece


Shaft 2 (B-shaft), Silver plated

Neotech Bass Wrap Trumpet

Hand Protection


For trompet with Périnet valves, Neoprene, Velcro fastener

Harry Hartmann Fiberreed Carbon SopranoSax MH



For soprano saxophones, High-Tech carbon fibers with hollow fibres combine full sound, quick response and radiant sound, beloved by many pop and...

Harry Hartmann Fiberreed Onyx Soprano M

Reeds for soprano saxophone


Made from carbon fibre-reinforced resin (hence their other name as the Carbon Onyx fiberreed)

DAddario Woodwinds Reserve Soprano Saxophone 3,0

Soprano Saxophone Reeds


Produced with precision digital cutting technology, Rich, warm sound in all registers, Thick shaft promotes an exceptional sound quality, "Filed"...

Warburton A.T.V. Top #2


The hand-selected pipe material is sourced from plantations in the famous reed-growing areas of the Département Var in south-eastern France, At...

Bruno Tilz 983 Chop Control Trombone

Embouchure Checker for Trombone


Shank No. 1, Silver-plated

AW Reeds 411 Bass Clarinet Boehm 3

Reeds for Bass Clarinet


French cut, For bass clarinet Boehm system, Very stable in all registers, Excellent response, Pack of 5 reeds

Azumi AZ-S2 RBE

Transverse Flute


Ring keys, E Mechanism, Offset G, B-Foot, Nickel silver plated, 925 Sterling silver lip plate and riser, Pointed arms, Handmade 958 Britannia...

Bach 42AFG Axial

Bb / F-Tenor Trombone


With new axial f-attachment, Open wrap construction, Brass outer slide, Nickel silver inner slide, .547" (13.90 mm) L-bore, Ø 8.5" (216.00 mm)...

C.A. Seydel Söhne Big Six Set

Harmonica set


Six harmonicas in the keys of G, A, Bb, C, D, F, Twelve stainless steel reeds each, Plastic combs, Extra strong cover plates, Multimedia tutorial...

C.A. Seydel Söhne Session Steel G



"Session Steel Blues"-Model, Richter System, Stainless steel reeds, Rounded plastic comb, Stainless steel rivets and screws, ABS-Comb with recessed...

DAddario Woodwinds Hemke Alto Saxophone Reed 2

Reed for Alto Saxophone


Premium quality reed for use in classical and jazz, Short vamp for a dark tone, Balanced, thinner reed tip provides easy response and a clear...