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Gewa Natura Recorder Baroque

Soprano recorder


C-Soprano, Baroque fingering, satin finished surface, Comes in two parts, Incl. cloth bag, cleaning rod, joint grease and fingering chart

Brass Bags Premier German Trumpet Quad

4-Pocket Trumpet Bag


Premier finish, Very compact and secure gig bag, Suitable for four trumpets with rotary valves, Made of high quality fabric material, Removable...

Ortola 126 Case for Alto/Soprano Sax

Case for Alto and Soprano Saxophones


Padded, Velvet lining, Space for accessories, Backpack straps, 1 Outside pocket, 2 Handles

Ortola 124 Case Soprano Sax straight

Case for Straight Soprano Saxophone


Model 124, Padded, Velvet lining, Space for accessories, Backpack straps, 1 Exterior pocket, 2 Handles

Claude Lakey Alto Sax Mouthpiece 5*3

Mouthpiece for Alto Saxophone


With ligature and cap, Round, light and warm sound, Highly versatile, Ideal for funk, soul, rock and pop music

Kölbl 1.086 Strap Bassoon S

Cross-Strap for Bassoon


For optimal weight distribution, Runs over both shoulders, Open hook, Special coating

Otto Link Vintage Tenor Sax Ebonite 8



Vintage series, Tenor sax, Rubber, Completely new developed mouthpiece that recaptures the old Otto Link sound, Includes ligature and cap

Pilgerstorfer Classic wide Bb-Clarinet 2,0

Reed for German B Flat Clarinet


French cane, Ideal for a very dark, velvety tone

pBone pBone mouthpiece Blue 11C

Original Mouthpiece for pBone Tenor Trombone


11C narrow shank, ABS plastic

Breslmair Tuba F3

Tuba Mouthpiece


F3, Complete mouthpiece, Silver-plated

maxton Flexilis B "AMADEUS"


For cornet and piccolo trumpet, The "x" backbore improves the effortless play and creates a nice tone for small trumpets, Cornet shank

Legere Bari- Sax 3 1/2

Plastic reed


For Baritone saxophone, Légère reeds have a beautiful tone and range, together with all the usual advantages of a plastic reed, The original cut...

Bach 342 Flugelhorn 5V

Mouthpiece for Flugelhorn


Very deep cup, Medium wide rim, Silver-plated

Schilke Valve Guard f. Trumpet Leather

Hand Protection


For trumpet, Made of leather

Denis Wick 4885 French Horn 4

French Horn Mouthpiece


Gold-plated, Cup diameter 18.00 mm, Total diameter 28.00 mm, Rim width 5.00 mm, Bore 4.70 mm, Deep cup, Also available in silver

Vandoren V21 Soprano Sax 3,5

Reed for soprano saxophone


The first saxophone reed with a conical shape, Clean, warm and centered sound, Precise articulation and great ease in achieving large interval jumps

Bruno Tilz 980 Chop Control French Horn

Embouchure Checker


For French horn, Silver-plated

Yamaha Mouthpiece French Horn 32B



For French horn, Silver-plated, Inner diameter 17.67 mm, V cup, Ø 3.90 mm Bore

Yamaha YSL-882 O 03 Trombone

Tenor Trombone


With quart valve, XENO design, Open wrap construction, L-bore (13.89 mm), 220 mm Bell, One-piece brass bell, Clear lacquer finish, Includes case...

Powell Sonare PS 705 CEF Flute



Handcrafted Powell signature headpiece in sterling silver, With Powell scale, Sterling silver body, German silver mechanics, silver-plated, Offset...

Forestone Alto Sax GX Cognac Lacquered

Eb Alto Saxophone


Compact, warm and modern sound that is very flexible, Suitable for all styles, Hand engraved bell, Pisoni pads with metal resonators, Blue steel...

Theo Wanne Gaia II Soprano 7 HR

Mouthpiece for Soprano Saxophone


Professional line, In the style of all mouthpieces from Selmer, Vandoren, USA Meyer, Otto Link Hard Rubber, Jody Jazz HR, Bari

Bari Baroque Soprano Sax

Mouthpiece for soprano sax


Rich, dark sound, Good reaction in all registers, Polished

Melton 2011TA-L Bb-Tuba Top Action

Bb- Tuba


1/2 Size, 4 Perinet steel valves, Top action arrangement, Bel:l Ø 440 mm, Brass body and bell, Clear lacquered, Includes mouthpiece and gig bag,...

Mollenhauer 4417 Tenor Recorder

Kynseker Tenor Recorder Flute c'


Made from maple wood, With key, Characterised by a full, strong yet open Renaissance sound and a good amount of stability in the lower notes, The...

Brass Bags Premier Bass Trumpet Bag

Gig Bag for Bass Trumpet


Compact and secure, With additional inserts to protect the instrument, Made of high quality fabric, Detachable shoulder straps or backpack straps,...

Marcus Bonna Case for 2 Oboes

Oboe Case


Holds 2 x oboes, With external sheet music compartment for holding notes and accessories, Dimensions:42 x 30 x 13cm, Includes backpack straps and a...

Hohner Blues Harp MS Eb

Blues Harp in Eb Major


MS-System, The most popular model from the Richter series, Brilliant and powerful sound, Wood comb with bolt-on brass reed plates, Reed plate...

Schilke Cornet 11Ax



For cornet and piccolo trumpet, The "x" backbore improves the effortless play and creates a nice tone for small trumpets, Cornet shank

DAddario Woodwinds Rico Tenor Sax 3

Reed for Tenor Saxophone


"Unfiled" reed for a powerful tone, Easy response - ideal for students, The "Orange Box" is made from the most flexible part of the cane to suite a...

Rovner Versa V-2R Ligature (TS)



Tenor saxophone, For rubber or plastic mouthpieces, The new and improved Eddie Daniels successor, Better fit to the mouthpiece and favorable price,...

DAddario Woodwinds Reserve Clarinet Classic 2,0

Reeds for Boehm Clarinets


New series, Produced with revolutionary digital cutting technology, Highest precision, Made of high density reed stems for high durability and...

Bach TR-501 Student

Bb Trumpet


Gold brass lead pipe with nickel silver ferrules, Valve stems made of aluminium, Thumb saddle at the first valve slide, Ring on the third slide,...

Mollenhauer 4108 Soprano Recorder

Kynseker Soprano Recorder in C''


Made of plumwood, Basic, open Renaissance sound with lots of character, and stability in the lower frequencies, Fingering similar to the baroque

Hopf Recorder Nr. 48



Baroque fingering, With a double hole, Includes bag and cleaning rod

Küng Superio Soprano Recorder 2314

Soprano Recorder


Baroque fingering, The Superio soprano recorder is a particularly beautiful sounding instrument, Rich in overtones, Inspired by the sound of a...

Theo Wanne NY BROS 2 Alto 8

Mouthpiece for Alto Saxophone


Facing length 8, Similar to USA Meyer, Jody Jazz HR, Gregory MC, Gale, Selmer HR, Vandoren

Vandoren Jumbo Java Tenor Sax T 95



For tenor saxophone T 95, Ligature and cap not included, For a rich sound and homogeneity in all areas (Jazz Fusion)

JK Exclusive Tuba 3B

Mouthpiece for Tuba


Size 3B, Semi deep cup, Silver-plated, Mouthpiece brush included

BG A39K Wiper Piccolo Flute


For cornet and piccolo trumpet, The "x" backbore improves the effortless play and creates a nice tone for small trumpets, Cornet shank

Ian Bousfield Virtuoso Series V5 small shank

Mouthpiece for Tenor and Bass Trombone


Virtuoso Series, Ideal for bog symphonic orchestral pieces such as Brahms and Schubert, Small shank, With a shallow cup, Silver-plated

Schilke Trombone 51 Small

Mouthpiece for Trombone


Model 51

Marca Jazz Baritonsax 2,5

Jazz Baritone Saxophone Reeds


Package contains 5 reeds, Especially for jazz, pop and rhythm & blues, Special cut for better treble and projection

Taylor Polishing Cloth Microfiber


For cornet and piccolo trumpet, The "x" backbore improves the effortless play and creates a nice tone for small trumpets, Cornet shank

Slide O Mix Cleaning Rod Blue

Cleaning rod


For trombone slides with wide bores, from approx. 13.34 mm

Otto Link Vintage Tenor Sax Metal 7

Mouthpiece for tenor saxophone


Vintage tenor saxophone, Made of metal 24k gold-plated, Completely redeveloped Mouthpiece, For the authentic old Otto Link sound, Including...

Beechler Tonalex White Diamond Clar 7S


For cornet and piccolo trumpet, The "x" backbore improves the effortless play and creates a nice tone for small trumpets, Cornet shank

Breslmair Bottom Part Flugelhorn F6 (AS)

Bottom Part


For Flugelhorn F6, American L shank, Silver-plated

Schilke Cornet 6A4a

Mouthpiece for cornet


Artist series, Designed for Bill Chase, Small "A" cup (15.99 mm) with cushion #4 rim forextreme high register

Bach 349 Cornet 7A

Mouthpiece for Cornet


Very deep cup, Medium wide rim, Silver-plated

Bach 349 Cornet 20C

Mouthpiece for cornet


Cup diameter 15.00 mm, Medium cup, Medium wide rim, Silver-plated

Warburton Personal Embouchure Trainer Pl

Embouchure Trainer


For brass wind instruments, To build up the lip muscles, Made of plastic

DAddario Woodwinds Plasticover Soprano Sax 1,5

Reeds for soprano saxophone


French file cut supports an easy response, Plastic coated, Protects against humidity and changes in climate, Coating provides durability and a...

Bruno Tilz E.Schmid 5 French Horn

Mouthpiece For French Horn


Model 5 E.Schmid, Silver plated

Pisoni Deluxe Sax Pad 32,0mm

Saxophone pads


Resonators made of plastic

Theo Wanne Refacing Glass Plate

Mouthpiece Refacing Plate, Made of Glass


For processing a mouthpiece you need an absolutely straight support

Bach TB 200 Bb/F-Tenor Trombone

Bb/F Tenor Trombone


With quart valve, Traditional wrap construction, .525", (13.34 mm) ML bore, Ø 8", (203.0 mm) brass bell, Nickel silver inner slide, Brass outer...

Altus 907 ERB Transverse Flute

Transverse flute


Ring keys, E mechanism, Offset G, B-foot, Completely handmade, Nickel silver-plated mechanism, Headjoint from 958 Britannia silver, Drawn tone...

Forestone Alto Sax GX Cognac Vintage

Eb Alto Saxophone


Compact, warm and modern sound that is very flexible, Suitable for all styles, Hand engraved bell, Pisoni pads with metal resonators, Blue steel...

Küng Marsyas Tenor Recorder 4506

Tenor Recorder


Baroque fingering, The Marsyas tenor recorders have a sonorous sound that carries well, The bottom notes are surprisingly stable, despite not being...

Kühnl & Hoyer Bart van Lier .512

Bb Tenor trombone "Bart van Lier .512"Especially suitable for jazz, pop, salsa or big band. The curved retaining bar on the slide allows for a particularly comfortable positioning of the instrument.


Brass body and bell, Nickel silver slide, Lacquered with gold lacquer, Includes silver-plated mouthpiece type "BvL 8E", Without case

Hohner Rocket-Amp A



In A major, Reed plate made of 0.9 mm brass, Richter model with green plastic comb, Laterally closed cover, Larger tone holes, Includes case

Legere Alto-Sax 2

Plastic Reed


For Alto Saxophone, Légère reeds have a beautiful sound and range, together with all the normal advantages of a synthetic reed, The original cut...

Forestone White Bamboo Tenor Sax 2,5

Reed for Tenor Saxophone


Made of calcium-enriched bamboo fibres, The response is pleasant but still offers enough response for control and a great dynamic range, The sound...

Vandoren M|O Ligature Bb Clarinet S

Ligature for Bb-clarinet


For Boehm clarinet mouthpieces, Light weight, Easy mounting due to single ligature, Including plastic cap

Schilke i32 Bb-Trumpet

Bb Trumpet


Brass bell, Versatile, for every style and every player level, Silver-plated, Includes light-case and 16C4 mouthpiece

Gerd Dowids Valve Cap 33 g BZ

Valve cover


Suitable for Zirnbauer rotary valve machines, Heavy design

Yamaha Waterkey Main TS Tpt., Cor. NP

Waterkey set for trumpet and cornet


For main tuning slide or mouth tube, Nickel, Includes lever, screw, spring, pad, etc., YTR-4335G2

Gard 1-ESK Elite Gigbag for Trumpet

Gig Bag For Trumpet


Suitable for one trumpet with Perinet or rotary valves, New hybrid case with polymer reinforcement inside for the best protection and durability,...

Jakob Winter JW 51060 CAB Trumpet Cylinder

Molded Case for Trumpet with Rotary Valve


"Carbon Design", GreenLine series, Material technology from renewable natural fibers, No use of toxic adhesives through one-shot press technology,...

Gard 105-MLK Gigbag for Tenor Sax

Bag for a Tenor Saxophone


European Model, Mid-Bag Suspension System, The bell is protected by a thin foam-padded wooden insert, Durable zipper, 1 Shoulder strap, 1 Exterior...

Vandoren V5 Alto Sax A 35

Mouthpiece for Alto Saxophone


V5 series, Without ligature and cap

Steuer S100 Blue Line 3,5

Reeds for Bb Clarinets


German system, Immediate response, Good degree of vibration and flexibility, Recommended for German mouthpieces with wider openings

BG S50SH Saxophone Strap

Strap for Alt- and Tenor Saxophone


Relief of the shoulder and neck muscles, Can be attached to trousers or a belt, With plastic snap hooks, Handmade in France