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Marcus Bonna MB-1L Case for Bassoon

Case for Bassoon


With outside pocket for sheet music, Highly durable, despite its compact and lightweight design, Includes backpack straps and customisable interior

Kühnl & Hoyer Slokar Performance

Bb Tenor Trombone


"Slokar Performance", Gold brass bell Ø 220 mm, Nickel silver slides (245 g), Clear lacquer, Incl. 6.4 M mouthpiece

Hiscox Liteflite Tenor Horn Case

Case for Tenor Horn


Made of ABS plastic, Velour lining, With 'anti-tip' function, which ensures that the instrument case does not fall over even when the lid is open...

Warburton Mouthpiece Flugelhorn 7FL G



For flugelhorn, 16.00 mm cup diameter, German shank

Legere European Sign. Eb-Clar. 4-1/2


Ozzy Osbourne signature model, 20 Reeds, Black painted cover with golden logo, Black comb, Brass reed plates 0.9 mm, Black case in coffin shape,...

Hohner Rocket low Harp LD

Diatonic Harmonica


In low D major, Brass reed plate 0.9 mm, Richter model with blue plastic comb, One of the loudest harmonicas through optimised cover and channel...

Hohner Ozzy Osbourne Signature Harp

Harmonica in C Major


Ozzy Osbourne signature model, 20 Reeds, Black painted cover with golden logo, Black comb, Brass reed plates 0.9 mm, Black case in coffin shape,...

Denis Wick 4282 Ultra 1-1/4C Trumpet

Trumpet Mouthpiece


Ultra series, Gold-plated

Silverstein Cryo4 Gold Bass Clarinet



For plastic or rubber bass clarinet mouthpieces (Boehm), During the cryogenic treatment process, the ligature is cooled to about -185 degrees...

Griego Mouthpieces Griego-Alessi 3C Large Bore



For tenor trombone with large shank, Silver-plated

Denis Wick 4880 Bass Trombone 1AL

Mouthpiece for bass trombone


Big shank, Gold-plated, Excellent lower register, Darker and richer tone, Good upper register, Good dynamics in all registers

Bach ML19037 Bb- Trumpet lacquered

Bb Trumpet


50th Anniversary model, 37's Bell shape with longitudinal seam, One-piece, hand hammered brass bell with steel wire on the edge, Brass mouth piece...

KGUbrass Trumpet Booster Rocket Raw

Booster for trumpet mouthpieces


Rocket model, Suitable for most standard mouthpieces like Bach, Yamaha and Schilke, Turns a standard mouthpiece into a Megatone mouthpiece, This...

Yamaha Valve C.Felt Tpt.,Cor.,Fh. BK

Vent felt


For upper valve cover, Trumpet, cornet and flugelhorn

Steuer S100 Blue Line 3

Reeds for Bb Clarinets


German system, Immediate response, Good degree of vibration and flexibility, Recommended for German mouthpieces with wider openings

Küng Superio Soprano Recorder 2301

Soprano Recorder


Baroque fingering, The Superio soprano recorder is a particularly beautiful sounding instrument, Rich in overtones, Inspired by the sound of a...

Soundwear Protector Alto Sax

Gig Bag for an Alto Saxophone


Accessory compartment, Dimensions approx. 35 x 25 x 5 cm, A pocket for the neck and mouthpiece is not included!

Aulos 203A "Elite" Soprano Recorder

C-Soprano Recorder


Plastic, Baroque fingering, 2 parts, Ivory, Incl. bag

Silverstein LEO 1920 Special Edit. Alto 8

Mouthpiece for Alto Saxophone


Combines traditional materials with the latest technology and is suitable for classical and jazz, Each mouthpiece has a serial number for security...

BG S30SH Saxophone Strap

Saxophone Strap for Alt- and Tenor Saxophone


Non elastic, With plastic snap hook, Handmade in France

Protec L310M Neck Strap

Neck strap for alto, tenor and baritone saxophone


Neck padding made of leather, Snap hook

Yamaha YRA-61 Alt

Alto Recorder


Baroque fingering, Three piece design, Made entirely of Castello boxwood, Includes fingering chart, wiper and grease

Gonzalez Clarinet Reed German 2,5

Reed for Bb- Clarinet


German cut, Gonzales Cane is grown naturally without the use of pesticides or weed killers, Due to the ideal climatic conditions in Argentina the...

Denis Wick 4286 Tuba 5

Mouthpiece for tuba


Classic series, S-Shank, Gold-plated

JK Classic Exclusive Tuba 3B

Mouthpiece for tuba


A completely newly developed conical cup, Big, balanced tone volume, Medium deep cup, Silver-plated, Incl. mouthpiece brush

Opti-Care Swab for S-Bow Alto Sax

Swab for Alto and Baritone Saxophone


For the neck, Swab can stay in the instrument after playing, Cleans the instrument and protects the pads from moisture

Yamaha H Keyoil BMMKEYOILH3

Key Oil


Heavy, For saxophones, bass clarinet and bassoon

Berg Larsen Tenor Sax Steel 115

Tenor Saxophone Metal Mouthpiece


Stainless steel, Includes ligature and cap

Bernd Hoffmann Trainer Deluxe Tuba

Practice adapter for tuba


The original, 14.5 mm, With a knurled screw for stepless adjustment of air resistance

Schilke French Horn 30C2



For french horn model 30C2, Diameter 17.03, Silver plated

Bruno Tilz Höltzel 5 French Horn

French Horn Mouthpiece


Prof. M. Höltzel 5 model, Medium wide rim, Silver-plated

ESM Ernst Schreiber Clarinet W4A

Mouthpiece for German Clarinet


This mouthpiece comes without a ligature and cap

Vandoren D2 Bb- Clarinet



For Bb clarinet, German system, Black ebonite, Tip opening 96 (1 / 100mm), Full, centred and compact sound

Antoine Courtois AC421BHRA Bb/F Tenor Trombone

Bb / F Tenor Trombone


Model "New York", Hand-hammered one-piece gold brass tumbler with 215 mm diameter, Brass outer slide, Nickel-silver hard chromed inner slide, With...

Yanagisawa A-WO1 Alto Saxophone

Alto Saxophone


New model, Revised key mechanism, New engraving design, Made from a new brass alloy, High F# key, Bb/C# rocker arm, Adjustable thumb rest

Keilwerth SX90R Alto Sax Gold Lacquer

Alto Saxophone


Rolled tone holes, With gold lacquer finish, Height-adjustable palm keys, Deluxe case included, Made in Germany

Forestone Alto Sax GX Black Nickel

Eb Alto Saxophone


Compact, warm and modern sound that is very flexible, Suitable for all styles, Hand engraved bell, Pisoni pads with metal resonators, Blue steel...

Moeck 4440 Rottenburgh Tenor Curved

"Knick” (bent head) tenor recorder


Rottenburgh Series, Baroque fingering, Double key for C/C# and double holes for D/D#, Incl. leather case, cleaning rod and cloth, certificate and...

Moeck 4450 Rottenburgh Tenor Curved

"Knick” (bent head) tenor recorder


Rottenburgh Series, Baroque fingering, Double holes for c / c# and d / d#, Incl. leather case, cleaning rod and cloth, certificate and fingering chart

Yamaha YBB- 841E Tuba

B-Tuba Master ClassYAMAHA's Master Class tubes are considered by many of the world's most important artists to be high quality instruments.


4 Rotary valves (4th valve in open-wrap design), Handmade bell, Gold brass mouthpipe, New valve lever construction, Lacquered, With music holder...

Kühnl & Hoyer Slokar Solo

Bb Tenor Trombone


Gold brass bell Ø 230 mm, Nickel silver slides (245 g), Clear lacquer, Incl. 6.4 M mouthpiece

Rampone & Cazzani R1 Jazz Bb-Tenor Sax AG

Jazz Bb Tenor Saxophone


Big hole, Made of gold brass for a soft sound, Hand-hammered s-bow, body and bell, Silvered body, High F # flap, Bell interior and flaps in vintage...

RGC Mutes Alu /Copper Trumpet Mute TRP19

Straight Damper for Trumpet


Made of aluminum with copper bottom, Round model, Made without welding, Ideal for a classical repertoire, Including cloth bag, Handmade in Spain

C.A. Seydel Söhne 1847 Noble G



The consequent improvement of the 1847 Blues-Model with stainless steel reeds, Richter system, Matted stainless steel covers with side-vents for...

Breslmair Backbore for Trumpet P

Backbore for Trumpet P


Universally applicable orchestra backbore, Excellent sound, Silver-plated

DAddario Woodwinds Select Jazz Unfiled Alto 2H

Reed for Alto Saxophone


Select Jazz series, Unfiled, Select Jazz reeds have the thickest material, With traditional tip, The Jazz cut offers great projection and a...

BG L3 Ligature Clarinet

Ligature for Bb- clarinet


Suitable for Bb clarinet mouthpieces made of ebonite, Metal, Homogeneity in all registers, Direct projection and wide sound, Especially suitable...

Legere Tenor- Sax 2

Plastic Reed


For tenor saxophone, Légère reeds have a beautiful tone and range, together with all the usual advantages of a synthetic reed, The original file...

AW Reeds 302 Boehm Clarinet 3,5

Reed for Boehm B Flat Clarinet


Unfiled, Thinner-tipped reed, Flexible, lyrical sound, Also suitable for climate with high humidity

DAddario Woodwinds Reserve Evolution Clarinet 2,5

Reeds for B flat Böhm Clarinet


The thickest reed of the "Reserve Series" for clarinet, Ideally suitable for advanced and professionals, Roundness of sound, Heavy spine for...

Playnick Master Cut Reeds French MS

Plastic Reed for B Flat Clarinet


For Böhm mouthpieces, Grindable as wood, Longevity and stability, Soft sound, Brilliant pianissimo, Hygienically completely safe to use, Great...

Adams A9 Brass 050 Custom M CL

Bb Trumpet


Custom series, 3 Valves, One-piece 4,725" (120 mm) brass bell - wall 0.5 mm, Adams 9.1 mouth pipe, Stainless steel valves, Copper lacquer finish,...

Marcus Bonna MB-01N Case for 1 Trumpet



For 1 trumpet (Perinet), Made of highest quality nylon fabric, Highly durable, despite its compact and lightweight design, Shoulder strap and...

Mollenhauer Swing Soprano Recorder 505

Soprano Recorder


Made of chlorine-free plastic, Baroque fingering, Double hole, Bag included, Can be extended with wooden lower part (article nr 150625, not included)

Yamaha Head Cork Flute

Tuning Cork


Suitable for all Yamaha transverse flutes

Jakob Winter JW 51392 NB Alto Sax Case GL

Shaped case for alto saxophone


GreenLine Series, Material technology from renewable natural fibres, No use of toxic adhesives due to One-Shot press technique, Durable,...

Legere B-Clarinet German 4

Plastic Bb Clarinet Reed


For german clarinet, German cut, Suitable for all kinds of music

Bari Esprit Tenor Saxophone

Mouthpiece for Tenor Saxophone


Particularly suitable for students, Full and lively tone, Easy response, With ligature and cap

Breslmair Tuba Z44

Tuba Mouthpiece


Z44, Complete mouthpiece, Silver plated

Heyday's Mp Refresh - Wood

Long-term Disinfection


For mouthpieces of woodwinds made of wood or Arundo Donax, In contrast to common disinfecting sprays or gas sterilisation, its anti-microbiotic and...

Jody Jazz Tenor GIANT 7* Mouthpiece

Mouthpiece for Tenor Saxophone


Made of anodised aluminium, this mouthpiece has an ebonite look, A handcrafted chamber produces a rich, warm tone and timeless sound, Incl. Rico...

Hetman Nr. 10 MIG Grease



Grease No. 10, Versatile grease for axles, ball bearings, springs, joints, hinges, linkage, covers, screws and threads on wind instruments, Wear...

Pomarico Bb- Clarinet Wizard C

Mouthpiece for Bb Clarinet


For Boehm system, Made of crystal glass, Excellent sound, The mouthpiece can change colour

DAddario Woodwinds Select Jazz Filed Baritone 3H

Reed for Baritone Saxophone


Select Jazz series, Filed, Select Jazz reeds have the thickest material, With traditional tip, The jazz cut offers great projection and a vibrating...

Otto Link Super Tonemaster Tenor Sax 8*

Metal mouthpiece


For tenor saxophone, Tip opening 8, Gold plated bronze, Including ligature and cap

Monster Oil Doc's Juice

Valve oil


Especially developed for and with Doc Severinsen, Very thin oil (even thinner than the Faster Oil), Fast and durable, Suitable for trumpet and all...

Pomarico Bb- Clarinet Jewel Diamond

Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece


For Boehm system clarinets, Made of crystal glass, Recommended reed thickness 2.5; 3 and 3.5

Alliance WFM-RM2A Cornet GR

Mouthpiece for cornet


Shallow cup, A-cup version with a slightly shallower cup and modified backbore that support when playing higher, Silvered with gold rim

Bach 342 Flugelhorn 9B

Mouthpiece for Flugelhorn


Medium wide rim, Medium deep cup, Silver-plated

Denis Wick 4884 Flugelhorn 5BFL

Flugelhorn Mouthpiece


Gold-plated, Medium-deep cup, Yamaha shaft for USA and Japan models, Also available silver-plated

Forestone Black Bamboo Soprano Sax MS

Reed for Soprano Saxophone


The Black Bamboo reeds contain the same amount of bamboo fibres and a special carbon blend for increased resistance and great projection, The reeds...

JK Exclusive Baritone 5A S2

Baritone Mouthpiece


Shaft 2 (B-shaft), Silver plated

Bruno Tilz E.Schmid 75 French Horn

Mouthpiece For French Horn


Model 75 E.Schmid, Silver plated

Neotech Tri Pac Black

Accessory Bag


Bag with three compartments, With hook & loop

BG A15 Hand Positioners Non Slip


Ozzy Osbourne signature model, 20 Reeds, Black painted cover with golden logo, Black comb, Brass reed plates 0.9 mm, Black case in coffin shape,...