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Schreiber D-26 Bb-Clarinet

Bb Clarinet


Made of grenadilla wood (Dalbergia Melanoxylon), German fingering, 20 Flaps, 6 Rings, Adjustable thumb holder, 2 Barrels, Includes case and...

Chieftain Thunderbird Low D Tuneable Whistle



Low D, Alloyed flageolet in two parts, Low-D is the latest innovation from Kerrywhistles and produces the loud, rich sound of the Chieftain NR with...

Otto Link Super Tonemaster Tenorsax 5

Mouthpiece for Tenor Sax


Made of metal, Goldplated bronze, Includes ligature and cap, Special size

Hans Hoyer G10A-L1

F/Bb-Double horn


Geyer style, 4 Rotary valves with F/Bb switching valve, 3B Ball bearing linkage system, Ergonomic adjustable thumb lever and finger hook,...

Vandoren Classic Bb- Clarinet B 40

Clarinet Mouthjoint


Classic for Boehm clarinet, Black ebonite, 119.5 He Tip opening (1/100 mm), Central long facing length, Designed for soft reeds, When using...

Marcus Bonna MB-1N Case for Bassoon

Case for Bassoon


Outside pocket for sheet music, Made of high quality nylon fabric, Highly durable, despite its compact and lightweight design, Includes backpack...

Sankyo CF 201 Flute RE

Etude Flute


Solid silver head, Ring keys, E-Mechanism, Offset, Offset G, Silver plated body and keys, Wooden cleaning rod and case (included)

Perantucci Tuba Mouthpiece PT-88+

Tuba Mouthpiece


Deep funnel-shaped cup, wide construction, Thin, Round inner and outer edge, Full, weighted sound

Otto Link Tone Edge Tenor 6

Tenor Sax Mouthpiece


Rubber, Includes ligature and cap

Buffet Crampon Prodige Bb-Clarinet 17/5

Bb Clarinet


Boehm system, 17 Keys, 5 Rings, ABS body, Poly-cylindrica bore in accordance with the E13, A '= 442 Hz, Adjustable thumb rest, Silver-plated...

Vandoren Hygro Reed Case Altsax

Reed Case for Bb clarinet and alto, soprano saxophone


The refillable moisturizer ensures optimum humidity, For up to 6 leaves

C.A. Seydel Söhne Triola 12



With 12 notes, Alternative for early entry into the musical education, Additional the flute, optical learning guide is available, Each tone has a...

Protec C-242 Gigbag for Euphonium

Deluxe Bag for Euphonium


Very light, 30 mm padding, Outside pocket, Large compartment for sheet-music, Incl. shoulder strap

Moeck 4521 Rottenburgh Bass

Rottenburg Alto Recorder


Maple stained, Baroque fingering, Double keys for f / f#, Double hole for g / g#, Keys for b and c, 3-Piece,, A1 = 442 Hz, Includes case, cleaning...

ocarinamusic 12-H Ocarina C3 Signature AC

12-hole Ocarina


C3 model, Made of ceramics, Incl. 72-page Ocarina school book, bag and neck strap

K&M 152/10 Trumpet Stand

Trumpet Stand


Highly sturdy and stable, Your instrument is guaranteed optimum stability thanks to the tripod base, The base unit can be stored in the plastic...

Gewa Panpipes C- Major 12 Pipes

Pan Flute


C Major, 12 Pipes, Curved shape, Wooden belt, Clean tuning, Very good craftsmanship

Yanagisawa S-WO1 Soprano Saxophone

Soprano saxophone


Professional model, Brass body and keys, High F# key, C#/Bb - and B/C# tilter, Hand engraving on the bell, Gold lacquer finish, Incl. mouthpiece,...

Marcus Bonna MB-08N Double Case Clarinet

Double Case For Clarinets


For two Bb clarinets or Bb clarinet and A-, With touch outside pocket, Best nylon fabric design, Very stable despite its compact and lightweight...

Legere Oboe Reed Medium

Reed for Oboe


European cut, High quality synthetic reed, Longer lasting than cane reeds, Ready to use and reliable, Resistant, not affected by humidity, Dark,...

Melton MAB34 Baritone

Bb Baritone


"MeisterArt" series, 4 Rotary valves with soft valve transitions, Re-designed ventilator with optimum ratio, 3B Articulation system, One-step and...

Mollenhauer 8350 Helder Tenor Recorder

Helder Tenor Recorder


Harmonic recorder, Extended range into the third octave, Baroque fingering, Keys are made of nickel silver, For modern jazz music, folk or...

Yamaha YSS-475 II Soprano Saxophone

Soprano Saxophone


Intermediate saxophone, Straight, One-piece, High F# key, Front F key, Gold lacquer, Incl. mouthpiece and lightweight case with backpack straps,...

Marcus Bonna MB-5 Case French Horn Compact

Flight Case for French Horn


2 Compartments for mutes, Made of nylon fabric, Very sturdy, despite its compact and lightweight design, Includes backpack straps and adjustable...

Ortola 107 Case for Flugelhorn Rotary

Case for Flugelhorn with Rotary Valves


Model 107, Space for accessories, Backpack straps, 1 Outer pocket, 2 Handles

Denis Wick 5880E Euphonium SM4U



For euphonium, Steven Mead Ultra Series, Heavy outer shape, slightly increased cup curvature and sharper inner edges, Large shank, Silver-plated

Jupiter JBS1000 Baritone Saxophone

Eb Baritone Saxophone


Brass neck, Brass body and machine heads, High F #key, Low A key, C#- Bb tilter for the left hand, Adjustable finger hook made of plastic,...

Hohner Chromonica IIIM280 C

Chromatic Harmonica


64 Reeds, Brass reed plate 1.05 mm, Comb made of plastic, C Major

Hercules Stands HCDS-553B Tuba Playing Stand

Tuba Playing Stand


Flexible and easier to play for professionals with multi-hour performances, Triple-legged foot construction for high stability with extra-flat feet...

Warburton P.E.T.E. Embouchure Trainer Si

Embouchure Trainer


For brass wind instruments, To build up the lip muscles, Silvered brass

Mollenhauer 2446 Canta Tenor

Tenor Recorder


Baroque handle, Double hole, With double key, Incl. Lightcase, Relaxed posture by balanced weight ratios, Pleasant play feeling by slimy beak,...

Denis Wick DW5526 Trumpet Practice Mute

Practice Damper


For trumpet

C.A. Seydel Söhne Gecko Harmonica Holder


Suitable for C and Bb trumpets, Audible volume only approx. 30dB, The newest generation - from the inventor of the Silent Brass, Shinji Hamanaga,...

Jones 201 Bassoon Reed Medium

Bassoon Reed


Medium, Made of high-quality cane reed, Handmade, This model is particularly suitable for beginners, 440 Hz

JK 1DM A1 Exclusive French Horn

Mouthpiece for french horn


Silver-plated, The M-Series is characterised by a bright tone with a light tone, which is achieved by a flatter, rounder shell

Vandoren Classic Blue Soprano Sax 3

Classic blue reeds for soprano saxophone


Suitable for C and Bb trumpets, Audible volume only approx. 30dB, The newest generation - from the inventor of the Silent Brass, Shinji Hamanaga,...

Schilke P5-4 Butler/Geyer



Model P5-4 Butler/Geyer Piccolo trumpet, 4 Valves, Silver-plated brass, Identical to the normal P 5-4, But with saddle on the first and ring on the...

Vandoren ZZ Baritone Sax 2.5



For baritone saxophone, Strength 2.5, Quick response, High durability, Especially suitable for jazz

Vandoren Black Diamond Bb-Clarinet BD5D

Clarinet Mouthpiece


For German Bb clarinet, Black ebonite, Medium tip, Lower, The perfect balance between a warm, colourful and yet compact sound

Keilwerth SX 90R Baritone- Sax Shadow

Baritone Saxophone


Up to low A, Body made of nickel silver, Nickel-plated black and clear lacquer, Silvered keys, Elaborate engraving on bow, bell, body and neck,...

Jo-Ral Trumpet Straight Copper Bottom



For Trumpet, Straight, Aluminium with copper bottom

Dotzauer Premium Bb Hunting Horn 18828

Prince Pless Horn in Bb


Completely handmade, 2-Windy, Wide scale, Completely made of gold brass, Extra narrow nickel silver wreath, German silver tuning slide, Wrapped in...

aS Mouthpiece Cushions Transpar.

Bite Plates


Self adhesive, Suitable for all clarinet and saxophone mouthpieces, Thickness 0.35 mm

Playnick Antique op.26 Weber black

Mouthpiece for German Bb clarinet


Playable with light German reeds of strength 2.5 or French reeds of medium strength, Made of black rubber, German bore in medium edition

K&M 144/10 Baritone Sax Stand

Baritone Sax Stand


Extra-sturdy tripod base, Large support bracket with several locking positions, Height adjustable outer tube, Foldable, Instrument support arms are...

Best Brass e-Brass IV Mute Trumpet

E-Brass Practice Mute for Trumpet


Suitable for C and Bb trumpets, Audible volume only approx. 30dB, The newest generation - from the inventor of the Silent Brass, Shinji Hamanaga,...

Yamaha German Clarinet Mouthpiece M3D

Mouthpiece for Bb Clarinet


German system

Beechler Bellite Custom Alto Sax 7

Metal Mouthpiece for Alto Saxophone


Die-cast from the finest surgical steel, The hardness of the material provides a very fast response to enhance the brilliance of the overtones, The...

Miraphone 481C07001 F- Tuba Elektra



5/4 Model, 6 Valves, Bell diameter 420 mm, Rotary valves, Nickel silver parts, Gold brass body and bell, Bore Ø 19.60 - 21.20 mm, Conical rotary...

Arnolds & Sons Trombone 12C-S

Trombone Mouthpiece


Medium shallow cup, Medium wide rim, Narrow trombone shaft, Silver plated, Good all-round mouthpiece, Balanced sound, Good response, flexibility...

Neotech Tuba Harness Regular

Carrying Strap for Tuba


Different mounting options provided by two different loop systems, With padded carrying strap

Vandoren Optimum Soprano Sax SL3

Mouthpiece for Soprano SaxophoneThe SL3 is versatile and impresses with its easy response. It is ideal for beginners as well as experienced players.


Delivery does not include ligature and cap

Bach K342 Mega Tone Flugelhorn 3C

Mouthpiece For Flugelhorn


Average drum shell, Medium wide rim, Silver plated

Xaphoon Maui Bb

Maui Xaphoon in BbEach MAUI XAPHOON is handmade by Brian Papa B. Wittman in his small workshop in Hawaii


Pocket sax, Bb Tuning, Lowest note b, A '= 440 Hz, Made from bamboo, To play with a tenor saxophone reed

Denis Wick 3180 Heritage Trombone 6BS



For trombone, Small shaft, Silver-plated outside, Gold-plated rim and cup

Yamaha YTR-9835 Trumpet

Piccolo Trumpet


High Bb/A, 4 Valves, New mouth pipe, 2 Mmouth pipes each for trumpet and cornet shaft, Silver-plated, Incl. case and 2 mouthpieces

Yamaha Baritone Sax Mouthpiece 5C

Standard Mouthpiece


For baritone saxophone, Phenol resin, Without ligature and cap

Bach 349 Cornet 3C

Mouthpiece for Cornet


Medium cup, Medium wide rim, Silver plated, More brilliant than No.3

Arnolds & Sons Flugelhorn 7 C-USA

Mouthpiece for Flugelhorn


American shank, A large amount of volume, A radiant sound that carries well, Pleasant to blow, Brilliant tone, Silver plated

Selmer Soprano Sax Super Session E



For soprano saxophones, Modern centered jazz sound, High tonal flexibility, Maximum tone control

Hohner Unsere Lieblinge 32 G



G major, Wooden comb, The instrument of folk music, The horizontal alignment of the air channels causes the production of two notes, one octave...

Best Brass Warm Up Mute Euphonium

Practice Mute for Euphonium


Lowers the volume by about 30 dB!, Very free play feeling, Very good intonation, Aluminum, Very light at just 150 g

Cerveny CVTR 590 Bass Trumpet

Bass Trumpet


Small model, Brass, 3 Rotary valves, MINIBAL joints, Nickel silver leadpipe, Nickel silver outer slides, Incl. silver-plated mouthpiece and case

Protec LX 308 LUX Piccolo Case Black

Piccolo case


Suitable for C and B feet, Stylish bag, Molded interior, Backpack straps (can be stored separately in their own comparment), Shoulder strap...

Vandoren Black Diamond Bass-Clar. BD5

Mouthpiece For Bass Clarinet


Middle course, Deep, full sound, especially in the high register, The BD5 offers the bass clarinet player an approach similar to that of a Bb...

Vandoren V12 Bass Clarinet 2.5



For Boehm bass clarinet

Krinner Bb-Bass Trumpet GM raw

Bb Tuba


Meinlschmidt valve section, 3 Valves, With water key, Unlacquered, Incl. shaped case

Gard Pouch for 4 Mouthpieces Tr/Tro

Mouthpiece Bag for 4 Trumpet or 4 Trombone Mouthpieces


Velvet lining, With hoop for belt, With hook and loop fastener

Schilke E3L Eb/D Trumpet Beryllium

Eb/D trumpet


Ø 11.42 mm M bore, Ø 114.30 mm beryllium M bell, Interchangeable beryllium bell, Incl. full set of D slides and two bells, Silver-plated brass,...

Yamaha YRN-302 B II

Sopranino Recorder


Baroque fingering, Material ABS resin, Two piece, With fingering table and recorder cream, Including pouch

Soundwear Professional Kaiser Baritone

Gig Bag


For Kaiser Baritone, DuPont Cordura with 5 mm hard shell plus 40 mm interior padding, BIPS reinforced bell section, Extra strong zipper, Front...

Moeck 4100 Rottenburgh Sopranino

Rottenburgh Sopranino Recorder


Maple, Baroque fingering, Double hole, Includes Case, Swab and cloth, certificate andfingering table

Schlipf Practice Mute for Tuba No.8

Practice Mute


For tuba, Ideal practice mute for concert tours, in the hotel room or in your own flat, Bell protection for travelling and flights, Ideal for...

Vandoren Classic Blue Eb-Clarinet 2.5

Classic Blue Reed


For Eb-clarinet, Strength 2.5

Bremner Practice Mute Bass Trombone

Exercise Bass Trombone Mute


From lightweight ABS plastic, Excellent intonation