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DAddario Woodwinds Rico Soprano Sax 2,5

Reeds for soprano saxophone


Unfiled reed for a powerful sound, The "Orange Box" by Rico is made from the most flexible part of the reed cane, allowing for a wide variety of...

Bruno Tilz Spezial Tilz Bar. 214-T 2

Baritone Mouthpiece


"Special Tilz", Cup's inner Ø 25.0 mm, Shaft No. 2, Suitable for baritone or old German trombone

Pisoni DCL-20Deluxe Clarinet Pad 10,0

Clarinet Pad


Double fish skin

Mollenhauer Adris Dream Recorder 1119R



Adris Dream Recorder Soprano (Wood / Plastic), Baroque fingering, Double hole, Purple red, Hardy and sonorous through the foot joint made out of...

Mollenhauer 5406 Denner Tenor

Denner Tenor


Baroque fingering, Double holes without key, 3-Piece with adjustable foot-joint, Surface has been finished with oil, Narrow scale makes it easy to...

Altus 807 ER Transverse Flute

Transverse Flute


Ring keys, E-Mechanism, Offset G, C-Foot, Handmade in its entirety, Nickel silver plated, 925 Sterling silver lip plate and riser, Drawn toneholes,...

SeleS by Selmer Axos Alto Saxophone

Eb Alto Saxophone


Made by Henri Selmer Paris, Leather pad with metal resonators, Clear lacquer with engraving, Incl. case with backpack set and Selmer mouthpiece S 80 C

Claude Lakey Apollo Tenor Sax 8*

Mouthpiece for Tenor Saxophone


Made of brass, Gold-plated, Smokey sound, Highly versatile, With ligature and cap, Ideal for funk, soul, rock and pop music

Reka Cleaning Set Bassoon

Cleaning setSince the inner width of the instrument has a strong conical shape, this is a three-part set for the bassoon, with which the instrument is cleaned and dried from the inside.


For bassoon, The cloths are attached to a braided cloth cord, at the opposite end of which a weight is attached.

Lippsy Lippsy

Lip Trainer


Handy trainer for the lips, For training the perioral musculature in the medical field for therapy, For strengthening the neck musculature in the...

Bernd Hoffmann Trainer Deluxe Trombone 1

Practice adapter for trombone


The original, 12 mm, For trombone with 1-shaft, With a knurled screw for stepless adjustment of air resistance

Yamaha YRS-313 III Recorder

Soprano Recorder


German fingering, With double holes, Body is made from ABS plastic, Includes a bag

Bari Hard Rubber Soprano Sax 68

Mouthpiece for soprano saxophone


Warm tone, Good response in all registers, Designed for advanced players and professionals, Polished

Ritter RBS7 Bass Trombone MGB

Bag for Bass Trombone


Session series, High needled, hydrophobic "Jacquard bicolour" Material, Incorporated reflectors for road safety, "All-around Piping System 'for...

Riedl 325 AL Flute Bangle



For transverse flute, Medium lyre, 2x Pressure points, Nickel-plated

USA Meyer Soprano BA-8 M7M

Mouthpiece for Soprano Saxophone


Rubber, Medium bore, Medium length rail, Tip opening 7, Incl. ligature and cap, Meyer mouthpieces always combine easy response with a full, round tone

Meinl DDG1-R Didgeridoo



From bamboo cane, Straight form, Bassy tone, Elaborately painted, Red colour

Protec In-Bell Storage Pouch Alto Sax

Storage Pouch


For storing accessories in the sound of the alto saxophone, Made of softly padded Nylex, Padded center divider, Drawstring, Breathable and...

C.A. Seydel Söhne Chromatic de Luxe Low C

Chromatic Harmonica


12 Channels, 48 Reeds, Fully ventilated, Microfibre cleaning cloth included

Südtiroler Marschbuchhalter Marching book Films


The Top-Model of the "Marine Band"-Series, Richter system, Special reed profile for quick response and optimal volume even in the lowest region,...

Kölbl MO-11

Mouthpiece Pouch for Trumpet


From European elk leather, Black

Kölbl MO-13

Deluxe Mouthpiece Pouch for Tuba


Made of European elk leather, Black

Bari Original Reed Bass Clarinet M

Plastic Reed for Bass Clarinet


Brilliant and lively sound, Great projection and focus, Quick response

Buffet Crampon Chadash Bb-Clarin. Barrel 64mm

Boehm Bb Clarinet Barrel


64 mm, Made of grenadilla wood (Dalbergia melanoxylon), With silver-plated rings, Made by Mr. Chadash in USA

JK Exclusive Flugelhorn 5E DS


The Top-Model of the "Marine Band"-Series, Richter system, Special reed profile for quick response and optimal volume even in the lowest region,...

Breslmair Bottom Part Flugelhorn F9

Lower section of a mouthpiece for flugelhorns


For F9 flugelhorns, Model G3F, German shank, Silver-plated

Best Brass Straight mini Trumpet

Mini Damper for Trumpet


Model "Little Big Man", Completely made of aluminium, Very good intonation

Selmer Reference 54 Alto

Alto Saxophone Reference 54


Patinised finish, Centred sound, full of overtones, In the style of the Mark VI from 1954, Selmer Soloist C

Bach 42BOF Bb/F-Tenor Trombone

Bb/F Tenor Trombone with Quart Valve


Centennial Model, Anniversary engraving, Meinlschmidt Open-Flow valve, Open wrap construction, Nickel silver inner slide, Brass outer slide, Clear...

B&S 3146/2-GL Brochon



Challenger II, Brochon model, Brass body, 10,40 mm ML-bore, Ø 150 mm brass bell, Trigger on the third slide, Monel valves, Nickel-silver outer...

Cerveny CVBB 793-4R Bb-Tuba

Bb Tuba


Compact model, Miniball linkage system, Nickel silver valve mechanism, Nickel silver leadpipe, Nickel silver inner and outer slides, Nickel silver...

Jody Jazz Alto SUPER JET 8 Mouthpiece

Mouthpiece for Alto Saxophone


Silver-plated brass, CNC machine-milled, Shorter curvature, Suitable for smooth jazz, rock, funk, Includes screw, capsule and deluxe mouthpiece pocket

Lee Oskar Natural Minor Reedplates Bb

Reed Plate Set


Bb minor, natural minor, For Lee Oskar harmonica, Upper and lower plate in one set

Melton 45SLP-L F-Tuba



4 Valves, 1 Rotary valve with thumb lever on the right, Semitone trigger, Clear lacquer finish, Mouthpiece included, Made in Germany

Krinner New Age Heavy Silver


The Top-Model of the "Marine Band"-Series, Richter system, Special reed profile for quick response and optimal volume even in the lowest region,...

Kariso 112SC Flute Case



Suitable for flute with straight and additional curved headjoint, Simple model, Suitable for flutes with C-foot

Yamaha YSS-82ZRUL Soprano Saxophone

Soprano Saxophone


Advanced model of the legendary '62 model, Z series, master class, Made completely out of one piece, Curved version, High F# key, Body brass,...

Besson BE2028-1 Prestige Bb-Cornet

Bb Cornet


11.89 mm L bore, Ø 124 mm gold brass bell, Trigger on main tuning slide, Trigger on the 3rd slide, Stainless steel valves, 2 Water keys, Weight...

Peter Oberrauch Überetsch Trp. Bb 11,05 GP

Bb Trumpet


"Überetsch" model, Trigger on the third valve slide with push-button mechanism, Bernhard Zirnbauer valve mechanism with decompression bore at the...

Yamaha YTR-5335 GII Trumpet



With a two-piece machine-made gold brass bell, ML bore, Gold brass leadpipe and bell, Gold lacquer, Includes case and 14B4 mouthpiece

Lee Oskar Natural Minor A



Model "Natural Minor", Richter system, The most popular harmonica for blues, rock, country, folk and jazz, 10 Holes, Brass reed plates with 5...

Hohner Marine Band Thunderbird Low C



The Top-Model of the "Marine Band"-Series, Richter system, Special reed profile for quick response and optimal volume even in the lowest region,...

Gard 9-ECLK Elite Gigbag Trpt/ Flgh

Double Gigbag


Suitable for one trumpet and one flugelhorn with perinet valves, New Hybrid Bag with inlaid polymer reinforcement for more protection and...

Gard 5-MCSK Gigbag for 3 Trumpets

Gigbag for three trumpets


Super compact series, Designed for situations requiring low weight, such as air travel for example, Rectangular design and straight sides for easy...

Otamatone Classic Kiss Gene Simmons

Electronic Sound Toy / Synthesiser


Kiss - Gene Simmons Edition, Operate by pressing the sound surface on the neck and opening and closing the mouth, Different note pitches can be...

Nuvo Student Flute 2.0 Silver

Concert Flute


C-Feet, Straight head joint, Trill keys, Adjustable mechanism, Hexagon adjusting screws, Secured crown, Adjustable tuning, Stainless steel rods,...

Silverstein Omnicap Medium Black

Flexible Mouthpiece Cap


Bb, Works with or without reed, Noise, Protects the mouthpiece edge and blade, Fits all kinds of ligature incl. the Prelude Silverstein, Easily...

Alexander Reeds NY Tenor Saxophone 2,5

Reed for Tenor Saxophone


Louder, richer sound and a very good response across the entire register

Yamaha GP Mouthpiece Allen Vizzutti

Allen Vizzutti Signature mouthpiece


For trumpet, Gold plated rim, cup and bore

Vandoren V16 Alto Sax A8-S+

Mouthpiece for alto saxophone


Narrow chamber, Medium-long tip length, The S + chamber is the advancement of the S chamber and provides a full warm tone, while maintaining the...

Vandoren V21 Bb-Clarinet 3,5+

Reed for Boehm ClarinetThe V21 reed combines the conic shape of the 56 rue Lepic with the profile of the V12 reeds. It was developed for musicians who are looking for a very full and warm sound as well as an easy and direct response.


The Top-Model of the "Marine Band"-Series, Richter system, Special reed profile for quick response and optimal volume even in the lowest region,...

Denis Wick 5880E Euphonium SM5U

Mouthpiece for Euphonium


Steven Mead Ultra Series, Heavier outer shape, Slightly more rounded cup and sharper inner rim to the edge, Large shank

Artino Chinese DongXiao Pro Flute G

Chinese DongXiao Bamboo Flute


Chinese bamboo flute in decorated premium quality, Includes dust cover made of silk plush

Artino Chinese DongXiao Pro Flute F

Chinese Dongxiao Bamboo Flute


Chinese bamboo flute in decorated premium quality, Includes dust cover made of silk plush

Yamaha Valve Felt Tpt., Cor. 3er-Set

Valve felts for trumpet and cornet


The Top-Model of the "Marine Band"-Series, Richter system, Special reed profile for quick response and optimal volume even in the lowest region,...

Bach Brass Trumpet Valve Guide Set

Brass Valve Guide


Suitable for trumpet, Stradivarius Series

Legere Bari- Sax 2 3/4

Plastic reed


For Baritone saxophone, Légère reeds have a beautiful tone and range, together with all the usual advantages of a plastic reed, The original cut...

JK Exclusive Trombone 4A S1

Trombone Mouthpiece


Shaft 1 (S-shaft), Silver-plated

DAddario Woodwinds Select Jazz Unfiled Bariton 2M

Reed for Baritone Saxophone


Select Jazz series, Unfiled, Select Jazz reeds have the thickest material, With traditional tip, The jazz cut offers great projection and a...

DAddario Woodwinds Royal Baritone Sax 3,5

Reed for Baritone Saxophone


Royal Series, Fast response and high flexibility, Suitable for classical and modern music, First-class reeds for uniform response, Pack of 10 reeds

Denis Wick 5884 Flugelhorn 4F

Mouthpiece for Flugelhorn


Silver plated, Very deep cup, With Bach, B & S (Perinet), Kanstul shank

Breslmair Bottom Part Cornet F3

Mouthpiece Bottom Part


For cornet, Model 38, Silver-plated

Aulos 503B "Symphony" Soprano

C Soprano Recorder


From the Symphony series, Baroque fingering, Curved windway, Double hole, 3-Piece, Includes bag and detachable thumb rest

Ortola 1372 Case for Alto/Tenor Sax

Case for alto / tenor saxophone


Model 1372, Padded, Space for accessories, Backpack straps, 1 Externally located pocket, 2 Handles, Dimensions approx. 81 x 41 x 18 cm

Mollenhauer 4408 Tenor Recorder

Kynseker Tenor Recorder c'


Plum wood, Fundamental tuning, open Renaissance sound with lots of character, particular stability in the lower register, Fingering similar to the...

Otto Link Vintage Tenor Sax Metal 6


The Top-Model of the "Marine Band"-Series, Richter system, Special reed profile for quick response and optimal volume even in the lowest region,...

Leather Specialties Hand Protect Trombone Bach 42

Hand protection for Bach 42 Trombone


Leather cuff set of 3 parts, Protection for left and right hand, Neckbow with integrated pencil holder, Laced

Protec LP1 Flute Lip Plate Patch

Patches for Flute


Provide grip, Prevent skin contact, Do not fray

Nuvo Soprano Recorder black German

Soprano Recorder


German fingering, Made from TÜV approved materials, Double holes, Removable coloured rings, Includes a cover and a fingering chart

Mollenhauer Swing Soprano Recorder 501

Soprano Recorder


Made of chlorine-free plastic, German fingering system, Bag included, Can be extended via wooden bottom part, article nr 150624 (not included)

Ortola 148 Gigbag for Tuba Grey

Semi-Hard Case for Tuba


Model 148, Suitable for tubas with a bell diameter of 480 mm, Backpack straps, 2 Exterior pockets, 2 Handles

Leitner & Kraus P+4 Bb- Clarinet Zelltec

Mouthpiece for Bb Clarinet


Developed in close cooperation with A. Willscher, Tip opening (0.961 mm), Maximum balance in all pitches, Excellent sound spectrum, Sound optimized...

Vandoren V5 Soprano Sax S 35

Mouthpiece for Soprano Saxophone


Medium rail length, Without ligature or cap, A mouthpiece with a very open longer rail

Yanagisawa Soprano Sax Ebonite 9



For soprano saxophone, Rail 9, Rubber, With ligature and cap

DAddario Woodwinds Reed Guard large purple

Reed Guard


For 4 bass clarinet, tenor or baritone saxophone reeds, Effective way to transport and protect reeds, Soft protective cap