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Yamaha YFL-212 Flute



Student model, Closed keys, Pointed Arms, Advanced G, E-Mechanics, Body, head, foot and keys made of nickel silver, New form of folding cover,...

Neotech Strap Saxophone Soft Sax Black

Saxophone strap for alto and tenor saxophones


Plastic carabiner, 5cm wide, Soft neck padding, 41.9 cm - 53.3 cm, Black

Startone PEP-20 Bb- Euphonium Gold

Bb Euphonium Made of ABS Plastic


Conventional perinet valves and valve bushings made of metal, Water key on the tuning slide, ABS mouthpiece and softbag included

Denis Wick DW5506 Trumpet Wah-Wah



For trumpet, Wah Wah, Completely made of aluminium, Inner slide

Moeck 1020 Flauto 1 Plus

Soprano Recorder


German fingering, Headpiece from special, hard-wearing plastic, Without double holes, Maple lower joint, Incl. Bag made from cloth

Vandoren Optimum Alto Sax AL3

Mouthpiece for alto saxophone


Delivery without ligature and cap, Highly versatile, Easy response, Ideal for beginners as well as advanced players

B&S 3005 WTR-L Trumpet

Bb Trumpet


3x Cylinder valves, Sound equalization on the third valve, Gold brass bell Ø 140 mm, Bore 11 mm, Cylinder engine with the new 3B-joints, Golden...

Vandoren White Master Traditional 2.5

Reeds for German Clarinet


For closer tip and/or shorter facing, Box of 10 reeds

Vandoren Optimum Ligature Tenor Sax PC

Ligature For Tenor Saxophone


Gold-plated, Plastic cap (included), Precise and fast fixation, easily fixable to the mouthpiece, No lateral pressure on reed and ligature, Three...

Bach TB-450B Bb/F-Tenor Trombone

Bb/F Tenor Trombone with Quart Valve


Open wrap, Hard chrome-plated nickel silver inner slide, Nickel silver outer slide, New 2-piece bell shape for a powerful sound, Wire reinforced...

Clarke Sweetone Tinwhistle D-Major S

Tin Whistle


Includes fingering chart and sheet music, Made in England

Riedl 103 Lyre Clarinet

Lyre For Clarinet


Middle Lyra, Stainless steel spring, Nickel-plated, 2 Pushers, Adjustable recording, Fits all B Clarinet, More stable and more gentle through...

Vandoren Classic Bb- Clarinet B 45.

Clarinet Mouthpiece


With point, Classic for Boehm clarinet, Black ebonite, 119.5 Tip opening (1/100 mm), Central long path length, This is the most popular and most...

Reka Cleaning Set Saxophone

Cleaning Set


For saxophone (alto, tenor) and bass clarinet, Includes cleaning part for S-bow (small) and cleaning part of the body (large)

Emerald Plastic Reed for Oboe M



For oboe, Made of plastic, Medium

Paetzold by Kunath Master Contrabass in F

Double Bass Recorder


Master series, 3-piece, cranked double bass recorder (sub-bass recorder), a = 442 Hz, Over 2 octaves chromatically playable, Square design, 2 Pitch...

Ortola 177 Case for French Horn

Case For French Horn


Model 177, Inner velvet lining, Backpack straps, With an outer pocket, 2 Handles

Buffet Crampon E12F Bb-Clarinet 17/5

Bb Clarinet


E12F, Successor to the E-11 France, Boehm system, Made completely of African blackwood, Silver-plated key system, 17 Keys and 5 sound holes,...

Muramatsu GX-RCE Flute

Transverse Flute


Solid silver head and body, Ring keys, E-Mechanism, Offset, Offset G, Silver plated flap, Wooden cleaning rod and case (included)

Arnolds & Sons Tuba 25



For tuba, Silver-plated, Small cup, Recommended for beginners

Yamaha Tenor Sax Mouthpiece 4C

MPC standard mouthpiece


For Tenor Saxophone, Without ligature and cap

BG A10L Mouthpiece Cushion

Rubber Bite Plate For Saxophone & Clarinet Mouthpieces


Self-adhesive, L = Wide area, Protects mouthpiece and teeth, Intercepts unwanted vibrations, For a pleasant playing experience, Set of 6 pieces

B&S 17/2TR-L Bb-Flugelhorn

B - Flugelhorn


3 Rotary valve, Rotary valve with 3B ball joints, Trigger on third valve, Inner and outer slides made of nickel silver, Brass body, New silver...

Hohner Student Melodica 32 Black



Also highly suitable for advanced players, With a tonal range of two-and-a-half octaves, complex pieces can also be played, Extremely airtight and...

Hercules Stands HCHA-100 Mute Holder

Mute Holder


Fits almost all microphone stands and music stands with a tube diameter of 8 - 30 mm, Holds the most common mutes for trumpet, cornet, trombone and...

Gewa Reed Case for Clarinet

Reed Case for Clarinet Reeds


For 6 Reeds, Elegant solid wooden case, Glass plate, With air vents, Painted reddish brown

Plaschke S25 G

Pan Flute


25 Pipes, Classic model (Romanian form), Made of hard reed (bamboo-like tube)

Vandoren Classic Blue Baritone Sax 3.5

Saxophone reed classic blue


For baritone saxophone, Strength 3.5

K&M 14920 Tenorhorn Stand

Stand for Tenor Horn


Black steel stand for hanging up tenor horn, baritone, alto horn of oval or English construction, Height-adjustable pipe combination and...

Miraphone G170103 Gig Bag Tuba

Tuba Gig Bag


Incl. backpack straps

Carol Brass CPC-7775-YLS-Bb/A-S

High Bb- / A Piccolo Trumpet


Stainless steel valves, Silver-plated, Cornet lead pipe for Bb- and A, Trumpet lead pipe for Bb- and A, Includes bag, 11AX cornet and trumpet...

Otto Link New York Tenor Sax 7*

Mouthpiece for tenor saxophone


Made of metal, Tip opening 7*, Gold plated bronze, New edition of the "old" Otto Link mouthpieces from the 40s and 50s, Extra large chamber,...

Hercules Stands DS561B Basson Stand

Stand for Bassoon and Bass Clarinet


Compact foldable, With extremely flat swivel base

Oscar Adler & Co. Bassoon 1361 Orchester Plus



27 Keys, 11 Rollers, High-D, High-E, As/B-Trill, Curved handles, High-gloss, silver-plated mechanisms, Complete with balance holder, 2 'Oscar Adler...

Moeck 4404 Rottenburgh Tenor

Rottenburgh Tenor Recorder


Maracaibo wood, Baroque fingering, With double holes, Includes case, cleaning rod and -cloth, certificate, fingering chart, care set

Bach 341 Trombone 5G

Mouthpiece for Trombone


Series 341, Wide shank, Silver-plated

Arnolds & Sons Cornet 7C

Mouthpiece for Cornet


Medium shallow cup, Medium wide, sloping outwards, medium sharp rim

Dotzauer Meister Bb Hunting Horn 18825

Fürst Pless Horn in Bb


"Meister Dotzauer" model, Completely handmade, 2-Windy, Wide scale, Complete gold brass, Nickel silver, Nickel silver tuning slide, Green real...

K&M 164/15 Harmonica Holder

Harmonica Holder


Student model, Closed keys, Pointed Arms, Advanced G, E-Mechanics, Body, head, foot and keys made of nickel silver, New form of folding cover,...

Arnolds & Sons Practice Adapter Trumpet

Methodical Practice Adapter for Trumpet


Corrects the pressure on the lips, The pressure is steplessly variable, and is dependent on the skill of the player, If too much pressure is...

JK 2EM S.D. Exclusive French Horn

Mouthpiece for french horn


Stefan Dohr model, Silver-plated, The M-Series is characterized by a bright tone with a light tone, which is achieved by a flatter, rounder shell

B&S 3017/2TR-L Bb Flugelhorn



3 Rotary valves, Gold brass body, 3 B-ball joints, Trigger on third valve, Conical rotary valves, Gold brass bell Ø 160 mm, Mouthpiece and case...

Best Brass Warm Up Mute Trumpet

Practice Mute For Trumpet


suitable for C and Bb Trumpet, Decreases the volume by about 30 dB, Very free feeling, Excellent intonation, Very light with only about 40 g

K&M 14330 Alto Sax Stand "Jazz"

Saxophone Stand


Model "Jazz", For Alto Saxophone, Convenient, handy, stable, Stand for Eb alto saxophones, From sturdy aluminium square section tube, With a large...

Yanagisawa B-WO10 Baritone Saxophone

Baritone Saxophone


Elite model, Brass body, Brass keys, High F # flap, Deep A-flap, C # / Bb and H / C # rocker, Double tips on the deep flaps, Bell and bong screwed,...

Pro Line Trumpet Straight Nature Fiber



For trumpet, Made of natural fibers, Straight

Jones 201 Bassoon Reed Medium Soft

Bassoon tube


Medium soft, Made from reed cane, Hand-manufactured, Model is especially suitable for beginners, 440 Hz

Denis Wick DW5524 French Horn Straight

French Horn Mute


Made from aluminium

B&S 33/2-L Tenor Horn

Tenor Horn


4 Rotary valves, Cylinder machine with 3B ball joints, Inside and outside made of nickel silver, Brass body, Mouth pipe made of gold brass, Brass...

Vandoren Classic Blue Soprano Sax 1.5

Classic blue reeds for soprano saxophone


Student model, Closed keys, Pointed Arms, Advanced G, E-Mechanics, Body, head, foot and keys made of nickel silver, New form of folding cover,...

Best Brass e- Sax Mute Tenor Sax

E-Sax damper system


For tenor saxophone, Three different levels of reverb effects, 3.5 mm Aux in jack socket for external CD- or MP3 player, 3.5 mm Jack headphone...

Soulo Mute Trumpet Bucket Mute

Trumpet Mute


No blowing resistance, To attach easily to the bell, Consistent mood in all positions, To play in two positions, Can be used as a bucket or cup...

Vandoren M30 D Clarinet

Clarinet Mouthpiece


For German and Bohm system clarinets, Long facing length, A good balance between timbre and roundness.

Hans Hoyer 702-L

Bb French Horn


Spiral spring mechanism with 3B ball joints, Long valve levers, Nickel silver inner- and outerslides, Gold brass leadpipe, Three-dimensionally...

Riedl 965AH Lyre Alphorn

Sheet Music Lyre for Alphorn


2 Prongs, Nickel-plated, The hook-and-loop fastener makes it fit all pipe diameters, A foam pad prevents the lyre from slipping

Vandoren V16 Baritone Sax B 9



For baritone saxophone, Brings the power of the baritone sax to full expression

Bach Floor Protection Trombone

Slide End Bumper for Trombone


Student model, Closed keys, Pointed Arms, Advanced G, E-Mechanics, Body, head, foot and keys made of nickel silver, New form of folding cover,...

Air Cell Tuba Strap

Carrying strap


Suitable for Tuba, Elastic neoprene with very soft, large-area air cell padding, Robust fabrication, Both ends with leather loops, Additional...

Paulus & Schuler GbR Zoom Clarinet Buffet RC 63mm

Clarinet BarrelWhen the conventional barrel is pulled out for adapting the intonation the vibrations are cushioned on transfer from the mouth piece to the clarinet since the only remaining connection is the tenon cork. A cavity is formed on the inside and


For Buffet RC series, Boehm system, The lower part of the barrel consists of grenadilla (dalbergia melanoxylon)

Selmer Bass Clarinet Focus

Mouthpiece For Bass Clarinet


Modern design, Easy playability and play comfort, Centered tone, Very flexible, Trapezoidal chamber, Chamber music, Without reed screw and without...

Jody Jazz Alto DV 7 Mouthpiece

Mouthpiece for Alto Saxophone


Metal, Small, stepped chamber, Mouthpiece is 24 Karat gold-plated, It is aimed at saxophonists with a modern, overtone-rich sound, who attach...

Yamaha Soprano Sax Mouthpiece 4C

Mouthpiece for Soprano Saxophone


Rail 4C, Without ligature and cap

Melton 2250-L F-Tuba

F Tuba


4 Front Action perinet steel valves, 5. Rotary valve with thumb lever on the right, Coated with clear lacquer, Incl. Gig bag and mouthpiece, Made...

Arnolds & Sons Baritone 6-1/2AL-B

Baritone Mouthpiece


Medium deep cup, Medium wide, well rounded rim, Baritone shaft, Silver plated

Yamaha YBL-421 GE Bass Trombone

Bb/ F- Bass Trombone


14.3 mm Bore, 241 mm (9-1/2") Gold brass bell, Nickel silver slide, Lacquer finish, Incl. case and 58 mouth piece

Hohner Echo Harp 64 C-G

Tremolo Harmonica


2-Choir instrument in tremolo tuning, 64 Reeds in C / G major, Opposing keys separated by one fifth, Maple comb

Dotzauer Parforce Horn Eb/Bb 18260

Parforce Horn


Eb / Bb switchable, Valve with ergonomic switching, Brass body, Tuning slide, 2 Water keys, Real green leather wrap, Silver-plated mouthpiece,...

Yamaha YCL-221 II S Bass Clarinet

Bass Clarinet in Bb


Boehm system, 20 Flaps, 7 Covered finger holes, Deep Eb, Silver plated keys, Leather upholstery, Adjustable thumb rest, Two-piece ABS - body, Easy...

Bach 350 Trombone 6-1/2AL

Mouthpiece for Trombone


Series 350, Small shaft, Silver-plated

Hohner Comet C 40

Octave Harmonica


Student model, Closed keys, Pointed Arms, Advanced G, E-Mechanics, Body, head, foot and keys made of nickel silver, New form of folding cover,...

Soundwear Perfomer Tenorhorn/ Baritone S

Gig Bag


Tenor Horn / Bartion with rotary valves, DuPont Cordura mm with 25 mm padding and 12 mm hard foam insert, BIPS reinforced bell section, Extra...

Sandner Alto 80 Solo Fb Black

Alto Magic Flute


Model 80 solo, Adjustable spigot, Complete with black case, Primarily handmade, As with concert flutes the tone holes are drawn from their own...

Voigt Brass Practice Mute Fürst Pless Horn

Practice Mute for Fürst Pless Horn


Very light and durable, Triple woven fibers, Extremely dense thereby making it lightweight and strong, The playing characteristics are almost the...

Protec Neopren M Pouch Tromb Alto Sax

Mouthpiece Pouch


For trombone or alto saxophone, Neoprene, Compact, fitted design, With zipper, Outside pocket for small accessories

DEM-BRO Practice mute Tuba

Practice Mute for Tuba


Up to a maximum of 490 mm bell size, Handmade in The Netherlands