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Mollenhauer 5124 Denner Soprano

Soprano Recorder


Baroque fingering, 3 Pieces, Blocks stabilised at the source prevent clogging and thus ensure reliability during concerts, The curved air channel...

Forestone Alto Sax RX Unlacquered

Eb Alto Saxophone


Very easy response and brilliant sound, Flexible use - suitable for all styles, Rolled tone holes, Hand-engraved bell, Pisoni padding with metal...

Selmer Tenor SA80 II SE-T2L

Bb Tenor Saxophone


Super Action 80 II Series, Varnished with gold lacquer, With engraving, Bb tuning, High F# key, Pad resonator made of metal, Incl. S80 C

Bach 183S Flugelhorn

Stradivarius Flugelhorn


Perinet valves, S-bore (10.19 mm), One-piece, hand hammered brass bell (152.40 mm), Monel valves, Trigger 3 train, 3 Water keys, Silver plated,...

Ortola 147 Gig Bag for Tuba Black

Semi-hard case for tuba


Suitable for tubas with a bell diameter of 450 mm, Suitable for B&S F-tuba 4100 and GR 51 Bb-tuba, 20 mm Padding, Model 147, Nylon, Backpack set, 2...

ToKo Klangbogen Brass raw

Saxophone Klangbogen


Klangbogen provides better sound, Creates a much stronger and fuller sound across the complete spectrum, The Klangbogen is fixed to the support...

Ritter RBS7 Trombone BDT

Bag for Trombone


Session series, High needled, hydrophobic "Jacquard bicolour" Material, Incorporated reflectors for road safety, "All-around Piping System 'for...

BG A23 Thumb Rubber Large

Thumb Rubber


For clarinet or oboe, Suitable for Buffet instruments, For adjustable thumb rests

Ultra-Pure Valve Oil Professional


Very lightweight, Separate S-bow and mouthpiece compartment, Exterior compartment, The XL version was built especially for vintage and Big Bell...

Streetlife Music Blockflöten Set Blue

Recorder SetConsisting of:


Soprano recorder with plastic mouthpiece in blue (German fingering, body / foot joint made of maple) and patented roll-off protection, 32-page...

Mollenhauer 1072 Prima Soprano Recorder

Soprano Recorder


German fingering, Double holes, Head is made from plastic, Lower joint is made from pearwood, Includes a nylon bag

Voggenreiter Flute Master wood (german)

Flute Set with Learning App


This set contains a flute and a code card for the learning app "Flute Master", German fingering, Hard-wearing and easy to clean, With bag and...

Riedl 201 N Lyre Trumpet Bell

Marching Fork for Trumpet


Nickel-plated, Firmly screwed to trumpet sound, Little lyre, 1 Pusher, Stainless steel spring, Felt protector to protect the instrument at the...

Plaschke S18 C Pan Flute

Pan Flute


18 Tubes, Classic model (Romanian form), From hard reed (bamboo-like tube)

Klawus 695/TS Reed Case Tenor Sax

Reed case


12 Tenor Sax reeds, With wooden core, Leather-clad, Made in Germany!

Wurlitzer Bb- Clarinet K3

Clarinet Mouthpiece


For German plastic clarinet, Smoked glass

maxton Flexilis D "FANNY"

Mouthpiece for German Bb Clarinet


Model "FANNY" (based on D7), Agile, beautiful, brilliant and attractive tone, Of synthetic rubber, Particularly dimensionally stable material,...

Protec BLT307 Zip Case Bb- Clarinet


Very lightweight, Separate S-bow and mouthpiece compartment, Exterior compartment, The XL version was built especially for vintage and Big Bell...

Berg Larsen Baritone Saxophone Ebonite 115

Baritone Saxophone Mouthpiece


Black Ebonite, Nr. 115, Facing curve length SMS (european), Incl. cap and ligature

Hohner Mouthpiece Student 26 and 32



For Hohner Student 26 and 32, Ergonomically shaped

K&M 15294 Soprano Sax. Peg w.Adap.

Soprano Saxophone Peg


Plastic peg with felt pad, K & M no. 15294, Without a foot, Incl. adapter 15281

K&M 17738 Oboe Peg

Oboe Peg


Black plastic peg, With M5-threaded bolt

Warburton Mouthpiece Flugelhorn 4FL G



For Flugelhorn, German shank

JK USA Flugelhorn 1-1/4C DS

Mouthpiece for flugelhorn


USA model, German shank (10.0 mm), Medium shallow cup, Silver-plated

Hohner Tube Ocean

Extension tube


For Ocean Melodica

Legere Bass-Clarinet 2 3/4

Plastic Bass Clarinet Reed


For Boehm clarinet, French cut, Suitable for all kinds of music

Tools 4 Winds Straight Contrabass Trombone

Straight Mute for Contrabass Trombone


Made entirely of mahogany, Excellent intonation

Gard 41-MSK Gigbag for French Horn

Gig Bag for French Horn


With bell fixing, Model 41-MSK, "Mid Bag Suspension System", Bell surface is protected by a thin wooden inlay with foam padding, Durable zipper,...

DAddario Woodwinds Royal Boehm Eb-Clarinet 1

Reed for E flat Clarinet


Royal series, Quick response and high flexibility, Suitable for classical and modern music, Premium cane for consistent response, Pack of 10 reeds

Lee Oskar Natural Minor Reedplates G

Reed Plate Set for Lee Oskar Harmonica


G minor, natural minor, Upper and lower plate in one set

Buffet Crampon RC Prestige Bb-Clarinet 18/6

Bb Clarinet


With Eb lever, Boehm system, RC Prestige Series, Made completely of African blackwood (Dalbergia Melanoxylon), Silver-plated key system,...

Besson BE994-1 Sovereign Bb- Tuba

Bb- Tuba


Compensated model, 4 Valves (3 Top Action + 1), Handmade bell made of brass, 4 Waterkeys, Clear lacquered, Includes case, mouthpiece and accessories

Alfons Neumann Alphorn Meisterklasse painted



'Masterclass' alphorn in F with a hand-painted bell, Handcrafted entirely from mountain spruce, Excellent sound quality, Clean pitch and ver good...

Carol Brass CCR-7772R-YSS-Bb-L

Bb Cornet


Large 133 mm (5.25") standard brass bell, Stainless Steel Valves, Clear lacquer, Incl. case and 11AX cornet mouthpiece

Oscar Adler & Co. S 25 B Bb-Clarinet

Bb Clarinet


Professional model, Full Oehler system, 25 Keys, 5 Rings, 1 Finger plate, E''' mechanism, Auxiliary Eb- and F-keys, B/C#connection (switch off),...

Moeck 4541 Rottenburgh Bent Neck

Knickbass- Recorder


Rottenburgh series, Stained maple, Baroque fingering, Double keys for f / f sharp, Double holes for g / g sharp, Keys for b and c, 3 Parts, a' =...

Mollenhauer 4607 Great Bass Recorder

Kynseker Bass Recorder in C


With key, Maple wood, Toned, open Renaissance sound with a lot of character and particular stability in the lower register, Grip similar to baroque...

Krinner Classic Trumpet Bb GM gold

Bb Trumpet with Rotary Valves


Zirnbauer valve mechanism, Trigger on the third valve, Water key on the main tuning slide, Gold-plated

Kühnl & Hoyer 79/4G Baritone Goldbrass

Gold Brass Baritone 79/4


Oval design, 4 Rotary valves, Gold brass push and bells, The inside and slides are made of gold brass, Rising scale 15 - 16 mm, Bell Ø 285 mm,...

Bach LT 50A3G Bb/F/Gb/D

Bb / F / Gb / D Bass trombone


Hagmann "Free Flow" quart and quint valve, Inline system, Open-wrap construction, Lightweight slide, .562" (14.28 mm) L-hole, Ø 9,5" (241,50 mm)...

Wallace TWC-029S Horn Compact Adjust

Straight French Horn Mute


Tunable, Made entirely of aluminium, Can easily be transported in the bell, Very lightweight model, Flexible in all registers, with perfect...

Schilke S22 C C-Trumpet



Ø 11.75 mm Large bore, Ø 127 mm ML Brass bell, Brass body, Support on the tuning slide, Silver, Without a case

Startone PTR-20 Bb- Trumpet Red


Very lightweight, Separate S-bow and mouthpiece compartment, Exterior compartment, The XL version was built especially for vintage and Big Bell...

C.A. Seydel Söhne Session Steel C



"Session Steel Blues"-Model, Richter System, Stainless steel reeds, Rounded plastic comb, Stainless steel rivets and screws, ABS-Comb with recessed...

Protec PB-304 CT XL Alto Sax Case

Formed Case for Alto Saxophones


Very lightweight, Separate S-bow and mouthpiece compartment, Exterior compartment, The XL version was built especially for vintage and Big Bell...

Harry Hartmann Fiberreed Onyx Tenor Sax M

Reed for Tenor Saxophone


Made of carbon fiber-enriched resins, they are also referred to as carbon onyx, Quick response, warm bass, powerful trebles and an easily playable...

GF Ligature GF-08M GD



For alto saxophone mouthpieces made of rubber or plastic, For baritone Saxophone Mouthpieces Zinner BA 63, Ligature with cap, Gold-plated

Selmer Flight Case Baritone Sax BLK

Flight Case For Baritone Saxophone


Elegant shaped case, Robust ABS shell

Cebulla L Strap for Saxophone

Strap for Saxophone


Padding made of natural rubber, Quality workmanship, Uniquely shaped ergonomic padding relieves strain on the neck vertebrae, With extended padding...

Breslmair Rim for Trumpet 112

Rim for Trumpet


For trumpet 112, For 3-part module system, Rim Bach 11/2 C, Silver plated

USA Meyer Alto Sax "G" 7

Alto sax mouthpiece


Made from caoutchouc, Tip opening 7, Including cap and ligature, Meyer mouth pieces reliably combine a easy response with a rich, round sound

DAddario Woodwinds Rico Bb- Clarinet 2 Boehm

Reed for Bb clarinets


Boehm cut, Unfiled reed for a powerful sound, Made from the most flexible part of the reed cane to allow for a wide variety of playing styles, Easy...

Griego Mouthpieces Model GP Bass Trombone

Mouthpiece For Bass Trombone


Artist Series, Model GP "Gerry Pagano", Silver plated

Yamaha Silver Polish

Silver Polish


Removes dirt and deposits of silver surfaces, Protects the surface and makes them shiny

DAddario Woodwinds Hemke Baritone Sax 2,5

Reed for baritone saxophone


Strength 2.5, Premium quality reed for use in classical and jazz, Short vamp for a dark tone, A more balanced, thinner blade tip provides easy...

Schilke Trombone 47B Small

Mouthpiece for Trombone


Model 47B

Yamaha Valve Spring Tuba, Sousaphone

Valve Spring


For Yamaha tuba and sousaphone, 1 Piece

Vandoren Profile 88 Bb-Clarinet M 30

Clarinet MouthpieceThis mouthpiece was designed to offer the musician more flexibility. It has a very long tip. The sound is similar in sonority to the B40, although it is a lot easier to play.


Profile 88 series, Bb Boehm system clarinet, Black ebonite, Long facing length, With thinner mouthpiece tip and a modified facet

Yamaha GP Mouthpiece Nils Landgren

Mouthpiece For Trombone


Nils Landgren Signature model, GP series, Semi Narrow backbore, Silver plated

Vandoren V21 Soprano Sax 2,5

Reed for soprano saxophone


The first saxophone reed with a conical shape, Clean, warm and centered sound, Precise articulation and great ease in achieving large interval jumps

JK 1CK A1 Exclusive French Horn

Mouthpiece For French Horn


Silver-plated, The K-Series supports a classic dark sound due to the slightly deeper conical cup

Denis Wick 5885 French Horn 4

French Horn Mouthpiece


Silver plated, Deep cup

Gewa Pad Set Alto Saxophone

Pad Set Alto Saxophone


Brown leather, With plastic resonators, 5x 18mm, 3x 24 mm, 2x 26 mm, 3x 30 mm, 1x 32 mm, 1x 34 mm, 1x 36 mm, 1x 38 mm, 2x 40 mm, 1x 42 mm, 2x 48 mm

Moeck 2201 Flauto Rondo Soprano

Flauto Rondo Soprano RecorderThe Flauto Rondo has a balanced warm tone in all registers, which can be achieved without perfect breathing techniques and blends in well in ensemble playing.


Baroque fingering, Double holes, Maple stained (see colour example), 2-Piece, Incl. Cotton bag

Bruno Tilz Spezial Tilz Bar. 214- 6-1/2AL

Baritone Mouthpiece


"Special Tilz", Suitable for baritone or old German trombone, Silver plated

Theo Wanne Pressure Plate Set 4pc

Pressure Plates Set


Consists of 4 pressure plates, Copper; Dark sound, All pressure plates fit all Theo tub mouthpieces

Moeck 2320 Flauto Rondo Alto

Alto Recorder


Model Flauto Rondo, Baroque style fingering, Double key, Maple, a' = 442 Hz, 3 Pieces, Includes cotton pouch with leather lining

Mollenhauer 5951 Elody Space

Harmonic Alto Recorder


With E extension and triple key for E / F / F-sharp, Each Elody is equipped with an unobtrusive pickup, Includes a special cable for connecting...

Jupiter JAS700Q-SCS Alto Sax

Eb Alto Saxophone Set


Brass body and mechanism, High F # flap, Adjustable thumb hook made of plastic, C # - Bb Rocker for a more comfortable way of playing, Adjustable...

Pearl Flutes PF-765 RE Quantz Flute

Transverse Flute


Quantz Series, Successor to the PF 761 RE, Silver body, foot and headjoint, Nickel silver plated keys, Pointed arms, Ring keys, Offset G,...

Keilwerth ST-110 Alto Saxophone

Alto Saxophone


Adjustable thumb rest, Rocker arm for left hand, High F# key, Pisoni pad, Blue steel springs, Lacquered gold, Incl. mouthpiece and case

Yanagisawa A-WO2 Alto Saxophone

Alto Saxophone


New model, Revised mechanics, New engraving design, Made of bronze, High F# - flap, C# - Bb Rocking Key, Adjustable thumb rest, Includes mouthpiece...

Yamaha YTS-480 Tenor Saxophone

Tenor Saxophone


New model, Successor of the YTS-475, New neck mount, Improved H/ C# connection, Separate key guards, High F# key, New octave key system as in the...

Moeck 4400 Rottenburgh Tenor

Rottenburgh tenor recorder


With double holes, Incl. case, cleaning rod and cloth, certificate, fingering chartContinue improving translation qualityThank y

Yamaha YTS-82 ZS 02 Tenor Saxophone

Tenor saxophone


New model, V1 S-bow, Adjustable fork F-flap, Improved low-B / C # connection, One piece hand hammered bell, Metal Resonator pads, Lighter sockets...