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JK 3CK A1 Exclusive French Horn

Mouthpiece For French Horn


Silver plated, The K-Series supports a classic dark sound due to the slightly deeper conical cup

Pisoni DCL-80 Deluxe Clarinet Pad 8,5

Clarinet Pad


For 4 trumpets, With extendable push rod, Semi-custom interior surface, Wheels for easy transport

Sandner Case for Soprano, Black



For soprano recorder

Moeck 1213 Soprano School Recorder

Soprano School Recorder


Body made of stained pear wood, With double holes, Incl. bag, cleaning swab and cloth, joint grease and certificate

JK Exclusive Baritone 4A S2

Baritone Mouthpiece


For 4 trumpets, With extendable push rod, Semi-custom interior surface, Wheels for easy transport

Selmer Body Protector Alto Sax

Carcase protector (heart protector) for alto saxophone


Transport lock to protect the octave mechanism

Küng Superio Alto Recorder 2406

Alto Recorder


Baroque fingering, a' = 442 Hz, The Superio alto recorder has a strong sound character and a strong low register, Robust, bright and powerful...

Startone PTB-20 Bb/F- Trombone Black

Bb/F Quart trombone


Includes ABS mouthpiece and soft-bag

Yamaha YFH-631 GS Flugelhorn



MS-bore (11mm), 151.8 mm Bell, Trigger on 3rd valve, Gold brass bell, Silver plated, Incl. case and 11F4 mouthpiece

Yamaha YCL-650-E Clarinet

Bb-Boehm Clarinet


New series with new shaped bulb, Made of grenadilla (Dalbergia melanoxylon), New bell with resonance chamber, 18 Flaps, 6 Rings, Natural wood...

Pearl Flutes PF-525 BE Quantz Flute



Quantz series, Successor model of the PF 521 BE, B foot, Full Silver lip plate, Nickel-silver-plated, Pointed Arms, Closed flaps, Advanced G, E...

Bo Pep BP-2 Finger Saddle for Flute

Finger Saddle


Ergonomic support surface for the left index finger, Plastic attachment for the transverse flute, Is clamped onto the flute tube, Saddle shaped,...

C.A. Seydel Söhne Symphony Grand Chrom. Acryl C

Chromatic Harmonica


16 Holes, 64 Stainless steel reeds, Aluminium cover, With green-transparent acrylic comb and crescent-shaped mouthpiece, Airtight construction,...

Hohner CX-12 F- Major



Chromatic harmonica, 48 Tones, Plastic comb, Especially ergonomic plastic housing, 1.05 mm Brass reed plate

POWERbreathe Special Edition Plus medium

Tool for Breathing Training


Helps to warm-up and cool-down the respiratory muscles before and after the exercises/play, Strengthens the respiratory muscles, Increases strength...

Markus Arnold Buzz-R Tenh./ Trb. small shank

Tenor Horn / Baritone Practice Adapter (small shaft)


12 mm, Training device for all brass players, The BUZZ-R is made of fine sound wood, Insert the mouthpiece and adjust the resistance by closing the...

Manhasset Mute Holder Trumpet 1320

Mute Holder


For trumpet, Simple attachment to all conventional music stands

Michael Rath R100 Bb-Tenor Trombone

Bb Tenor Trombone


Ø 0.5 " (12.70mm) Bore, Bell made yellow brass, Can Size Ø 7 3/4 " (190.50 mm), Nickel silver slide, Tuning slide from yellow brass, Gooseneck...

Gard 64-MSK Gigbag for Tuba

Gigbag for Tuba


Model 64-MSK, "Mid Bag Suspension System", Sound surface is protected by a thin wooden insert with foam padding, Durable zipper, Made of Cordura...

Kariso 97 Bb, Eb- Clarinet Case

Clarinet Case


For German Bb- and Eb clarinet, 12 Pieces, Space for 4 bulbs and 4 mouthpieces, With desk tray and music compartment in lid, Artificial black...

Riedl 314 R Nickel C- Clarinet



Grooved ring, ø 29 mm, For C-clarinet, Medium lyre, 2x Pressure points, Grooved ring 29 mm, Stainless steel spring, Nickel-plated

Leblanc Reed Guard Tenor Saxophone


For 4 trumpets, With extendable push rod, Semi-custom interior surface, Wheels for easy transport

Hohner Mouthpiece Melodica round

Mouth piece


Connects directly onto the instrument, For melodica piano 26, 27 and 32

SaxRax Sax Stand for Alto/Tenor Sax

Saxophone Stands


For alto or tenor saxophone, Sturdy construction, Steplessly adjustable in height, Painted black, Including carrying case

Berg Larsen Alto Sax Steel 90

Metal Mouthpiece For Alto Saxophone


Ligature and cap included

Alfons Neumann Alphorn Stand Wood

Alphorn Stand


For three-part instruments, Made of wood

Warburton TR-2 Woody Straight BbTrumpet

Straight mute for Bb trumpet


Walnut wall and bottom, The Woody Straight mute has the fewest overtones and the warmest sound character, A very popular solo mute

Breslmair Bottom Part Flugelhorn F1

Lower section of a flugelhorn mouthpiece


For F1 flugelhorns, German shank, Silver-plated

Best Brass Straight mini Bass Trombone

Mini Damper for Bass Trombone


Model "Little Big Man", Completely made of aluminium, Very good intonation

DAddario Woodwinds Grand Concert Bass-Clar. 3,5

Reeds for Bass Clarinet Boehm System


Grand Concert Select Traditional Series, French cut

Jo-Ral Bass Trombone Straight Brass

Mute for Bass Trombone


Straight model, Aluminium with brass base

DAddario Woodwinds Royal Boehm Eb-Clarinet 3

Reed for E flat Clarinet


Royal series, Quick response and high flexibility, Suitable for classical and modern music, Premium cane for consistent response, Pack of 10 reeds

Lee Oskar Major Diatonic Reedplates Db

Reed Plate Set


For major diatonic harmonica, Upper and lower plate in one set

King 2103 Legend 3B Trombone

3B Trombone


One-piece, hand hammered Ø 203 mm brass bell, Nickel silver outer slides, Clear lacquer finish, 12C mouthpiece and case included

Miraphone 98B07000 Bb- Tuba Siegfried

Bb Tuba


5 Valves, Rotary valves, Nickel silver parts, Conical rotary valves, Ball bearing linkage system by Minibal, Nickel silver rim, Nickel silver mouth...

Yamaha YCL-657-24 II Clarinet

Bb Clarinet


German fingering system, Made of grenadilla wood (Dalbergia melanoxylon), Oehler system, 24 keys, 5 Rings, Includes M3D mouthpiece and case

Ortola 176 Case for French Horn

Case for French Horn


Model 176, Backpack straps, 1 Outside pocket, 2 Handles, Black

Cerveny CVFB 641-4 F-Tuba



4x Rotary valves, Minibal linkage, Brass body, Nickel silver mechanism, Nickel silver leadpipe, Nickel silver inner and outer slides, Clear lacquer...

Yamaha YCL-857 II Clarinet

Bb Clarinet


Custom series, Handmade soloist model, German system, 27 Keys, 5 Rings, Oehler system, E / F bell mechanism, Made of blackwood (Dalbergia...

Selmer SE-S2B Black SA80 II

Soprano Saxophone


Straight design, With engraving pattern, High f# key, Leather pads with metal resonators, Incl. mouthpiece, Case included

Küng Superio Subbass Recorder 2822

Subbass Recorder


Baroque fingering, Probably the most extensive project of the Küng Flute manufactory, For several years, the instrument has been very successful...

Yamaha YHR-567GDB F/Bb-Double French

F/ Bb Double Horn


Removable bell, Clear lacquer finish, Incl. case and 32C4 mouth piece

Miraphone 9R 1100 A100 Trumpet

Bb Trumpet


Cylinder valves, ATV system, 3rd Slide trigger, Water key on main tuning slide, Body and mouthpiece from gold brass, Combined gold brass nickel...

Marca Reed for Oboe Medium



For oboe, Medium, Packed in a plastic tube

Kühnl & Hoyer Orchestra Symphonic BLZ

Bb / F / Gb / D Bass Trombone


With bronze lightweight slide, In-line, "Open Flow" Meinlschmidt valves, Interchangeable German gold brass bell, Heavy cap on the f attachment,...

Miraphone 53 N 0700 A Baritone

Bb Baritone


3 Valves, Rotary valves, ATV system, Nickel silver parts, Brass body, Bell Ø 290mm, Clear lacquered, MMS GK 5-2/Miraphone Minibal rod, Conical...

Marcus Bonna Cup Mute French Horn

Mute for French Horn


Mute made of wood, Fiberglass cup

Wallace TWC-341E Eb- Tuba Straight



For Eb tuba, High quality damper, Focused tone, Plays lightly through the entire register

Gerd Dowids BZ-Series Bb-Flugelhorn G88 GP

Bb Flugelhorn


From the BZ Series, Concert Line, Nickel silver Zirnbauer valve mechanism with bronze valves, One-piece valve connection and tuning slides, Conical...

Marcus Bonna Flightcase 2 Trumpets (rotors)

Flight Case for 2 Trumpets (Rotary Valve)


Incl. Backpack straps, mouthpiece pouch (for 3 mouthpieces) and mute pocket (for 2 mutes)

Protec iPAC Case IP-301QWL



For 4 trumpets, With extendable push rod, Semi-custom interior surface, Wheels for easy transport

DAddario Woodwinds Plasticover Alto Sax 2,5

Reed for Alto Saxophone


French cut "filed" supports a light touch, Plastic coated, Protects against moisture and climatic changes, The coating ensures durability and a...

DAddario Woodwinds Hemke Alto Saxophone Reed 2,5

Reed for Alto Saxophone


Premium quality reed for use in classical and jazz, Short vamp for a dark tone, Balanced, thinner reed tip provides easy response and a clear...

Wood Stone Tenor Sax 2,5 Reeds

Reeds for Tenor Saxophone


The hand-selected reed material is sourced from plantations in the famous reed building areas of the Département Var in south-eastern France,...

Protec PB304SOPWL Double Case

Double Case


For alto and soprano saxophone, Water resistant nylon cover, Large accessory compartment, Usable as a trolley, With retractable handle, Soprano...

Silverstein ORIGINAL Silver Clarinet S



For clarinet mouthpieces (Boehm system and German system), This ligature unites the free sound of cord binding with the easy handling of a leather...

Ritter RBS7 Bari Sax Low-B Flat MGB

Bag for Baritone Saxophone Low-B Flat


Session series, High quality sewn, water repellent "Jacquard Bicolour" material, Integrated reflectors for road safety, "All-Around Piping System"...

Selmer Alto Sax Soloist F



For alto saxophone, Caoutchouc, Warm, overtone rich sound, Ideal for jazz and classical music, New edition of the Soloist Mouthpieces of the 40s

Warburton H-B.O.M. Bottle Opener

Bottle opener and functional mouthpiece


Based on a Warburton 6SV with a 7 backbore, Silver plated

DAddario Woodwinds Rico Bb- Clarinet 1,5 Boehm

Reed for Bb clarinets


Boehm cut, Unfiled reed for a powerful sound, Made from the most flexible part of the reed cane to allow for a wide variety of playing styles, Easy...

Gottsu Tenor Sepia Tone 7



For tenor Saxophone no. 7, Mixture of silicone and hard rubber, Round chamber, Tip opening 2.4 mm, Delivery without ligature and cap

Aulos 501S Symphony Garklein



Symphony series, Baroque fingering, Curved wind way, Mouthpiece and ring in ivory colour, Bag included

Kunath Clarineau German fingering



Ideal entry-level instrument for those who want to begin to learn the instruments clarinet or saxophone, German fingering system, C tuning, Pear...

Alliance WFM-DC3 Euphonium GP

Mouthpiece for Euphonium


This mouthpiece is played in gold-plated version by David and Robert Childs, Medium cup, Comparable to Denis Wick 4AL, Gold-plated, Includes pouch...

Metarex Polishing Cloth 750g

Cotton Polishing cloth


For unlacquered instruments, Impregnated cotton polishing cloth for metals, Cleans silver, Brass, Copper, Tin, Chromium, Aluminum, Nickel and zinc,...

Vandoren Classic Bb- Clarinet 7JB

Classic Clarinet Mouthpiece for Clarinet Boehm


Black ebonite, 170 Tip opening (1/100 mm), Long facing length, Powerful and flexible sound

JK Exclusive Tuba 1AA

1AA Tuba Mouthpiece


Very deep cup, Silver-plated, Mouthpiece brush included

Otto Link Tone Edge Bb-Clarinet 6

Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece


Tone Edge, Rubber, Tip 6, Incl. ligature and cap

DAddario Woodwinds Select Jazz Unfiled Bariton 4M

Reed for Baritone Saxophone


Select Jazz series, Unfiled, Select Jazz reeds have the thickest material, With traditional tip, The jazz cut offers great projection and a...

Bach 350 Trombone 6-3/4C

Mouthpiece for trombone


Series 350, Small shaft, Silver plated

Yamaha Flute Swab

Flute Swab


For transverse flute, Made of plastic, Without cleaning cloth

Denis Wick 4884 Flugelhorn 4F

Mouthpiece for Flugelhorn


Very deep cup, With Bach, B&S (Perinet), Kanstul shank, Gold-plated, Also available silver-plated

DAddario Woodwinds La Voz Soprano Sax M

Reed for Soprano Saxophone


Similar to Rico reeds, La Voz reeds are unfiled and have a thinner profile, Their deep, powerful tone makes La Voz standard reeds for jazz...

DAddario Woodwinds Select Jazz Filed Soprano 3M

Reed for Soprano Saxophone


Select Jazz series, Filed, Select Jazz reeds have the thickest material, With traditional tip, The jazz cut offers great projection and a vibrating...

Bruno Tilz McWilliam 1 French Horn

Mouthpiece For French Horn


Model 1 McWilliam, Silver plated