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Marcus Bonna MB-6N Flightcase French Horn

Flight Case


For French horn with detachable bell, Can be used as hand luggage, Made of high quality nylon fabric, Highly durable despite its compact and...

ständerwerk Euphonium Stand

Euphonium Stand


Stand made of oiled oak, Modern curved design, Sturdy hold thanks to two base arches, Support bracket covered with soft flock, Optimal protection...

Kariso 398 PZ Double Case Flgh./Trump

Double Case for Flugelhorn and Trumpet


For perinet flugelhorn and rotary valve trumpet, 3 Drawbolts, 2 of which can be locked, With accessory compartment and sheet music compartment in...

Denis Wick DW5551 Trumpet Wood

Damper for Trumpet


Straight model, Made of wood

Protec L-205 Mouthpiece Pouch Tuba

Leather Mouthpiece Pouch


For one tuba mouthpiece

Protec Trumpet Fibre Mute Straight

Straight Mute for Trumpet


Made of vulcanised fibre, Extremely durable, Excellent response, Rubber cap prevents scratches

Breslmair Bottom Part Flugelhorn F7

Lower Section of Mouthpiece


For flugelhorn F7, German shank, Silver-plated

Peter Gane Tenor Horn Straight Mute

Straight Damper


For tenor horn (English design), Fibre damper with birch bottom

Mike McLean Mutes Cup Mute Bass Trombone



For bass trombone, Cup model, Made of fibreglass

Buffet Crampon ICON 64mm barrel gold

Barrel for Bb or A Clarinets


Made of grenadilla wood (Dalbergia melanoxylon), Gold-plated rings

Wallace TWC-352 Bass Tromb Straight AC

Straight Mute for Bass Trombone


Made entirely of aluminium with copper base, Flexible in all registers, perfect intonation, Warm sound, Lightweight and robust construction, Thanks...

DAddario Woodwinds Grand Concert Bass-Clar. 4

Reeds for Bass Clarinet Boehm System


Grand Concert Select Traditional Series, French cut

Claude Lakey Tooth Guard Repl. Alto/Tenor

Mouth Guard Replacement


Fits all Claude Lakey alto / tenor sax mouthpieces

Jo-Ral French Horn Straight Mute AC

Damper for French Horn


Straight model, Not transposing

Roko Gigbag Flute Blue

Cover for Concert Flute Case


For Boehm flutes with C foot, Waterproof fabric, Wool weave fur, Integrated accessory pocket, Leather handle and shoulder strap

Bruno Tilz Adapt.franz.Parforceh.-Fr.Horn

Mouthpiece adapter


From french Parforcehorn on Waldhorn, Silver-plated

Silverstein Ambipoly Eb-Clarinet 2.5


Operation by pressing the sound surface at the neck and opening and closing the mouth, Different pitches, adjustable, Battery operated (3x AAA)

Lee Oskar Natural Minor Reedplates C

Reed Plate Set


C minor, natural minor, For Lee Oskar harmonica, Upper and lower plate in one set

Alfons Neumann Mouthpiece for Alphorn 19

Mouthpiece for Alphorn


Entirely made of wood, Made in Germany

Wallace TWC-401EF Eb Trpt Cup Fixed

Cup Damper For Eb Trumpet & Cornet


Made entirely of aluminum, Very slightly built, Very open Cup Sound, Specifically developed for Eb trumpet and cornet

JK Mouthpiece Adapter Alphorn T

Mouthpiece Adapter for Neumann Alphorn


Made of plastic, Suitable for trombone mouthpieces with wide shaft

Paetzold by Kunath Master Great Bass in C

Great Bass Recorder


3-Piece cranked great bass recorder, Master series, Includes pin, In C, a '= 442 Hz, Over 2 octaves chromatically playable, Square design, Birch...

Oscar Adler & Co. 325 Bb-Clarinet

Bb Clarinet


Full Oehler- system, 25 Keys, 5 Rings, 1 Handle plate, 4 Trills on the upper joint, Fork B and Fork F-mechanism, Eb, F and G, Hourly time B / C #...

Yamaha YSS-82ZR Soprano Saxophone

Soprano Saxophone


Advanced model of the legendary '62 model, Z series, master class, Made completely of one piece, Curved version, High F# key, Body made of brass,...

Holton H 281 Farkas F/Bb- Double Horn

Farkas F/Bb Double horn


Conical rotary valves, String linkage system, Separate Bb tuning slide, Hand hammered, wide and open bronze bell, Nickel silver inner- and outer...

Yamaha YTR-9710 Trumpet

G / F Pikkolo trumpet


Master class, 3 Valves, Yellow brass bell, Monel valves, 2 bells, Slides for G, Including mouthpiece and case

Willson 2950 TA-UK Euphonium

Euphonium in Bb


Fully compensated, 4 Valves (3 + 1), Large bore 15.00 / 16.80 mm, Brass body, Noiseless valve system, 3 Water keys, Stainless steel valves,...

Warburton TR-4C Woody Cup BbTrumpet

Mutes Bb Trumpet


Base and sides made of oak, The damper is similar, with its sound characteristics, between the Maple and Hickory, It allows a very soft & gentle play

Humes & Berg New Stone Lined ST-165



For trombone, High-quality damper made of aluminium, Red/white lacquered

Yamaha YTR-4335 GSII Trumpet

Bb Trumpet


Tuning slide brace, Slightly modified, New bell with optimal material thickness, Two-piece gold brass bell, Monel valves, Water key on the third...

Otamatone Classic Yellow

Electronic sound toy / synthesizer


Operation by pressing the sound surface at the neck and opening and closing the mouth, Different pitches, adjustable, Battery operated (3x AAA)

Hohner Golden Melody C

HarmonicaIdeal jazz Richter harmonica with round plastic comb. Arched lid until the front side. Very easy tone response. Equal tempered tuning. Available in all major keys.


Operation by pressing the sound surface at the neck and opening and closing the mouth, Different pitches, adjustable, Battery operated (3x AAA)

Moeck 1021 Flauto 1

Soprano Recorder


Body made of special synthetic material, Baroque fingering, With double holes, Fabric bag and cloth included

Vandoren Java Tenor Sax 2

Java Reeds


Tenor Saxophone

BG S10ESH Saxophone Strap

Comfort Neck Strap


For alto and tenor saxophone, Long, Adjustable straps with cotton lining, Elastic, With snap hook made of ABS

Otto Link Tone Edge Alto 5*

Mouthpiece for alto saxophone


With cap and ligature, Caoutchouc

Bach 351 Trumpet 1-1/2C G

Mouthpiece for Trumpet


Medium cup, Cup diameter 17.00 mm, Medium width, Backbore 10, Gold plated, Slightly narrower than 1-1 / 4C, Wide tone range, Brilliant sound,...

Otto Link Tone Edge Alto 6*

Alto saxophone mouthpiece


Tone Edge series, Facing length 6*, Including cap and ligature

Legere European Signature B-Cl. 3 3/4

Bb Clarinet Reed


For Boehm clarinets, French cut, Premium reed for playing at any pitch, Clear and precise, consistently hard-wearing in all registers

Opti-Care Swab for Tenor Sax

Swab for Tenor Saxophone


Cleans instrument thoroughly, Protects the pads from moisture, The swab can remain in the instrument after cleaning, Material mix made of cotton...

Chieftain Thunderbird Alto F Tuneable Whistle



Chieftain Thunderbird Alto tuneable whistle, Alloyed flageolet in two parts, Great sound and great playability, Designed by Phil Hardy, Made in...

Otto Link Vintage Tenor 7* Mouthpiece



Vintage series, Tenor sax, Rubber, Completely new developed mouthpiece that recaptures the old Otto Link sound, Includes ligature and cap

Selmer Tenor Sax S90-190



For Tenor Saxophone, Classic soft sound, Easy response, Homogeneous sound at all registers, Easy to control intonation

Kunath Clarineau Baroque fingering



Ideal entry-level instrument for those who want to begin to learn the instruments clarinet or saxophone, Baroque fingering, C tuning, Double hole,...

Denis Wick 3180 Heritage Trombone 9BL



For trombone, Large shank, Outside silver-plated, Edge and cap gold-plated

Vandoren Profile 88 Bb- Clarinet B 40

Clarinet Mouthjoint


Profiles 88 for Clarinet Boehm, Black ebonite, 119.5 He Tip opening (1/100 mm), Central long path length, With thinner mouthjoint tip and different...

Vandoren M30 Lyra 88 Bb-Clarinet

Mouthpiece For Clarinet


For Clarinet Boehm, 13.5 Tip opening (1/100 mm), Long path length, the longer tip opening and facing length guarantee flexibility and balance, A...

Clearsonic Flector 12

Sound Reflector


Made of transparent modified acrylic, Reflects the sound back to the musicians, so they can hear themselves better, At the same time the sound...

Denis Wick 3186 Heritage Tuba 1XL

Mouthpiece for Tuba


Heritage Series, L-shank, Outside silver-plated, Edge and cup gold-plated

Clearsonic AmpPac 31

Clearsonic A2436x6 (A3-6) Shield


6-Segment Panel, For live and studio applications, Sound shielding from drum kits, amplifiers or instruments, Easy handling by folding in...

Denis Wick 3180 Heritage Trombone 9BS



For trombone, Small shaft, Silver-plated outside, Gold-plated rim and cup

Denis Wick 4880 Trombone 9BS

Mouthpiece for Trombone


Small shank, Gold-plated, Small cup, Excellent sound for high register, Perfect mouthpiece for beginners

JK USA Flugelhorn 1-1/2C AS



For flugelhorn, US model, American shaft Ø 9.30 mm, Rim diameter 27.30 mm, Cup diameter 16.80 mm, Bore 3.80 mm, Medium shallow cup, Silver plated

DAddario Woodwinds Royal Soprano Sax 2

Reeds for Soprano Saxophones


Fast response and a high degree of flexibility, Suitable for classical as well as modern music, Premium reeds for a uniform response

Warburton Cornet Backbore 7

Cornet Backbore


Standard series, Medium large size, Extremely versatile, Silver-plated

Selmer SE-A3B Black Series III Alto

Alto saxophone


Series III, With handmade jubilee engraving, Body painted black, Brass body, bow and bell, Eb tone, High F# - flap, Leather pads with metal...

Azumi AZ-S2 RBI

Transverse flute


Ring keys, Without E mechanism, Inline system, B-foot, Nickel silver-plated, Sterling silver lip plate and riser (925), Pointed arm design,...

Mollenhauer 5924E Alto Recorder

Modern Alto Recorder


Modern Voicing (construction design and fine tuning of the wind-way and block), Modern sound, strong, assertive and distinctive, A sound with...

Azumi AZ-Z1E Flute



Closed holes, E-mechanism, Offset G, C-foot, Silver-plated nickel silver body, 925 Sterling Silver lip plate and chimney, Handmade ALTUS Z-Cut head...

Startone PTB-20 Bb/F- Trombone Orange

Bb/F Quart trombone


Includes ABS mouthpiece and soft-bag

Edwards T-396A Tenor Trombone

Bb / F Tenor Trombone


With F attachment, Joseph Alessi model, Open wrap construction, Ø 13.89 mm L-bore, Rotax valve, Special Alessi brass bell, Consists of 70% copper...

Adams F2 GM Custom 055 170 SL



Custom series, Heavy model, Ø 6.7" one-piece gold brass bell, Trigger on 3rd valve, Valve buttons with wood inlays, Matt lacquer, Incl. Adams Softbag

Mollenhauer 4418 Tenor Recorder

Kynseker Tenor Recorder Flute c'


Made from plumwood, With key, Characterised by a full, strong yet open Renaissance sound and a good amount of stability in the lower notes, The...

Yamaha YFL-412 Flute



Closed keys, Pointed Arms, Advanced G, E Mechanics, Head, body & foot made of sterling silver, C-foot, silver plated, CY head with a polyconical...

Marcus Bonna Case for 2 Tenor-Trombones

Tenor Trombone Case


For 2 tenor trombones, Weight:6.4 kg

bam Tenor Trombone Classic 3030 S

Case For Tenor Trombone


Water-resistant Cordura coating, Inside / outside pocket for accessories, Incl. adjustable, padded shoulder strap, Reinforcement at bell

Yamaha YCR-2310 SIII Cornet

Bb- Cornet


Long design, Newly designed rounded lead pipe, Two-piece gold brass bell, Monel alloy pistons, Newly designed piston buttons and bottom caps, Thumb...

Hohner Ocean 32



New design with black keys and blue body, Sounds and plays like the Student 32, 32 Smooth keys, Extremely airtight and quick response, Incl. Black...

Yamaha YCR-2310 III Cornet

Bb- Cornet


Long design, Newly designed rounded lead pipe, Two-piece gold brass bell, Monel alloy pistons, Newly designed piston buttons and bottom caps, Thumb...

Yamaha YCR-2330 SIII Cornet

Bb- Cornet


Short design, Newly designed rounded lead pipe, Two-piece yellow brass bell, Monel alloy pistons, Newly designed piston buttons and bottom caps,...

Adler Heinrich Soprano Recorder German

Soprano Recorder


German fingering, 3 Parts, Completely made ​​of maple, Simple hole, Wiper, fingering chart and deluxe nylon bag, cork grease (included),...

Aulos 102N Alouette

C-Soprano Recorder


"Alouette" series, German fingering, One-piece, Dark brown body, Ivory mouthpiece and rings, Incl. bag

Moeck 2521 Flauto Rondo Bass

Bass RecorderThe Flauto Rondo stands for a balanced sound in all situations, which can be achieved even without a perfect breathing technique and mixes well in the ensemble.


Flauto Rondo model, Baroque handle, Key, 4-piece, Stained maple, A' = 442 Hz, Incl. Etui case

Riedl 303 Lyre Brass



For tenor horn, Baritone, Medium lyre, 2x Prongs, Stainless steel spring, Brass, straight