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Legere Signature Sopranosax 2 1/4

Synthetic reed for Soprano saxophone


Légère reeds have a beautiful tone and range, combined with all the usual advantages of a synthetic reed

Denis Wick 5883 Alto Horn 5

Mouthpiece for Alto Horn


Silver plated

ocarinamusic 12-H Ocarina F4 Signature AF


Made of plastic, Baroque fingering, Three-piece, Ivory, Incl. bag for the recorder

Pearl Flutes PF-CD958 RBE 50th Anniversary



50th Anniversary model, Body and foot made of .958 Britania silver, Mechanics made of .925 sterling silver, Ring keys, B-Foot, E Mechanism, Pointed...

Yanagisawa T-WO2 Tenor Saxophone

Tenor Saxophone


New model, Revised mechanism, New engraving design, Made of bronze, High F# key, B Rocker arm, Adjustable thumb rest, New case with accessory...

Mollenhauer 1295 Prima Alto Recorder

Alto Recorder


Completely consistent response due to the use of special, high-quality plastic in the production of the head joint, Warm sound via the pear tree...

Küng Studio Tenor Recorder 1511

Tenor recorder


Baroque fingering, The Studio tenor recorder is well suited to playing in an ensemble either as a medium voice, or as the first in a low quartet...

Yamaha YTS-82 ZUL 02 Tenor Saxophone


Made of plastic, Baroque fingering, Three-piece, Ivory, Incl. bag for the recorder

Moeck 4421 Rottenburgh Tenor

Rottenburgh Tenor Recorder


Stained maple, Baroque fingering, Double key, Box, cleaning rod and cloth, certificate, fingering chart (included)

Silverstein Ambipoly Bass Clarinet 3.5


Made of plastic, Baroque fingering, Three-piece, Ivory, Incl. bag for the recorder

Hohner Student Melodica 26 Blue



Range b - c´´´, Extremely airtight and quick response, High-quality case that also functions as a music stand, Incl. Extension tube,...

Ortola 225 Gigbag for Tuba

Gig Bag for Tuba


Model 225, Suitable for tubas with a bell diameter of 500 mm, 25 mm Padding, Rucksack straps, 3 Outer pockets, 2 Handles

Yamaha YCL-450 Clarinet

Bb-Boehm Clarinet


New series with newly formed barrel, From Grenadilla wood (Dalbergia melanoxylon), Silvered flaps, Yamaha 4C mouthpiece, Incl. accessories and...

Moeck 2621 Flauto Rondo Grand Bass

Great Bass Recorder in CThe Flauto Rondo stands for a balanced sound in all situations, which can be achieved even without a perfect breathing technique and mixes well in the ensemble.


Baroque handle, Flap, 4-piece, Stained maple, A' = 442 Hz, Incl. Case

Jupiter JSS1000Q Soprano Saxophone

Bb Soprano saxophone


Straight design, Straight brass neck, Body and mechanisms are made from brass, High F# key, High G key, C#-Bb tilter for the left hand, Adjustable...

Miraphone G150100 Gig Bag Tuba

Tuba Gig Bag


Includes a backpack set

Riedl Hinge Box 14 mm

Hinge Box / Holder for lyre


No. 60, Nickel-plated

Yamaha YCR-6330 II Cornet

Bb Cornet


Professional class, Short model, Monel valves, Gold brass bell, Gold lacquered, Incl. case and 11E4 mouthpiece

Carol Brass CCR-3880-GSS-Bb-L

Bb Cornet


Stainless steel valves, Clear lacquer finish, Includes bag and 7C mouthpiece

Adams Baritone Saxophone Stand

Saxophone Stand


For baritone saxophone, Chrome finish, Supports for playing while sitting, Inner diameter of the clamp maximum 85 mm, Not suitable for playing...

Schreiber D-16 Bb-Clarinet - NEW

Bb Clarinet


The new generation 2.0, Tighter keywork 16/6, Advanced tone hole configuration, Adjusted positioning of the keys, Optimised inner bore, New bell...

Kariso 97 A/Bb Clarinet Case

Clarinet case for German A and Bb clarinets


12 compartments, Space for a total of 4 barrels and 4 mouthpieces, Compartment for a music stand and sheet music in the lid, Black artificial...

Plaschke S24 G Pan Flute

Pan Flute


24 Pipes, Classic model (Romanian form), Made of hard reed (bamboo-like tube)

F.A. Uebel 632 Bb-Clarinet

Bb- Clarinet


Model 632, Blackwood, naturally dried (Dalbergia melanoxylon), 23 Keys, 5 Rings, 1 Finger plate (Oehler mechanism), 4 Trill keys, Fork B# and fork...

Aulos 521 "Symphony" Bend Neck Bass

F-Kink Bass Recorder


Baroque fingering, Flap for B and C, Double flap for F / F #, Double hole G / G #, Upper and lower wreath and ivory coloured cups, 3 Parts,...

Precieux RB 26100B French Horn Bag

Gig Bag "Premium Line" for French Horn


Solid, water-repellent Rok Tex surface material, 25 mm padding for maximum protection, Interior lined with fine velvet, 2 Detachable 50 mm wide...

Vandoren V5 Baritone Sax B 25

Mouthjoint For Baritone Saxophone


Without ligature and cap., Classic mouthjoint, Easy response, Excellent homogeneity

Theo Wanne Durga III Alto 8 Gold

Metal Mouthpiece for Alto Saxophone


Professional line, Tip rail 8, Gold finish, In the style of Lebayle "metal jazz & studio", USA Meyer "small chamber", Lawton, Jody jazz "jet", Berg...

K&M 14922

Carrying Bag for Tenor Horn Stand 14920


Tear resistant nylon fabric, Water repellent, Zipper, 2 Carrying straps

Vandoren V5 Baritone Sax B 75

Mouthpiece For Baritone Saxophone


B75 Jazz Mouthpiece, From the Vandoren V5 series, Recommended for Big Band saxophonists, Without ligature and cap

Protec Multiple Mouthpiece Pouch Trp.

Mouthpiece Pouch for 3 Trumpets Mouthpieces


Compact, fitted design, Zipper, Outside pocket for small accessories

Schreiber Barrel 54mm

Barrel for Clarinet


Made of grenadilla wood (Dalbergia melanoxylon)

Denis Wick 4884 Flugelhorn 4BFD

Mouthpiece for Flugelhorn


German shank, Gold-plated

Warburton Mouthpiece Flugelhorn 5FLM G



For flugelhorn, German shank

Humes & Berg New Stone Lined ST-135 Tuxedo

Damper for Bass Trombone


New Stone Lined ST-135 Glenn Miller (Tuxedo) damper, For "doo-wah" effect, Quality damper made of vulcanised fibre

Claude Lakey Mouthpiece Cushions

Rubber Patch


Suitable for all clarinet and saxophone mouthpieces, Adhesive

Protec PB-318 Case Piccolo Flute

Case fo Piccolo Flute


Extremely light, With exterior compartment, Incl. carrying strap

Gewa Recorder / Sheet Bag

Recorder / Paper Bag


Cordura 600 Denier, Provides space and protection for the instrument and music book, With sturdy Velcro fasteners and a pen holder

Nici Wild Friends Recorder Bag Monk

Soldering Pocket


For two-piece soprano recorders, "Wild Friends", With practical hook & loop fastener, Includes transparent name-plate

C.A. Seydel Söhne Fanfare S Tremolo D

Tremolo Harmonica


12 Channels, 48 Reeds, With optimised ventilation for the typical tremolo sound, Acrylic comb, Microfibre cloth included

Voigt Brass Straight Mute C-Tuba



For C tuba, Very good intonation, Circumferential grip, Intelligent solution for the musician in concert

Cordier Reed Trimmer Eb-Clarinet

Reed Trimmer


For Eb clarinet, With lever

Bruno Tilz Adapter Flgh. (2) - Flgh. (3)

Mouthpiece Adapter


Medium flugelhorn mouthpiece (2 = Amati - Cerveny - Yamaha thick, Jupiter) to wide flugelhorn (3 = German - Melton - Miraphone), Silver-plated

Bruno Tilz Adapt. Fr.Horn - dt. Parforce

Mouthpiece Adapter


From frenchhorn to German parforcehorn or intermediate piston valve alto horns, Silver-plated, Suitable for all french horn shafts to German...

Lee Oskar Major Diat. Reedplates High G

Reed Plate Set


For major diatonic harmonica, Upper and lower plate in one set

DAddario Woodwinds Royal Boehm Eb-Clarinet 2,5

Reed for Eb Clarinet


Royal Series, Quick response and high flexibility, Suitable for classical and modern music, Premium cane for consistent response, Pack of 10 reeds

Wallace TWC-311Tenor Tromb Straight A

Straight Mute for Tenor Trombone


Made entirely of aluminium, Flexible in all registers, perfect intonation, Lightweight and robust construction, Thanks to 10 mm rim, the mute has...

Steuer White Line Eb- Clarinet 4


Made of plastic, Baroque fingering, Three-piece, Ivory, Incl. bag for the recorder

Melton 196-L Bb-Tuba "Fasolt"



Model "Fasolt", 5/4 size, 4 Rotary valves, Vertical tuning slide, Brass body and bell, Clear lacquer, Incl. gig bag and mouthpiece, Made in Germany

Cerveny CVBB 783-4R Bb-Tuba Arion

Bb Tuba


Arion 87834PXR, Compact design, 4 Valves, Miniball linkage system, Valve mechanism, lead pipe, inner and outerslides made of nickel silver, Nickel...

Cerveny CVBB 603-4 Bb-Tuba

Bb Tuba


4 Rotary valves, MINIBAL linkage system, Compact design, Trigger on the second valve slide, Nickel silver mouth pipe, Nickel silver mechanisms and...

B&S 3100G-L F-Tuba (PT-9)

F Tuba


Perantucci 9, 6 Valves, 4+2, Gold brass leadpipe, 3B Ball bearing linkage, Nickel silver inner and outer slides, Brass body and bell, Coated with...

Melton MWB34-L Bariton

Bb Baritone


Oval design, 4 rotary valves, Continuous impetus, Soft valve transitions, Double Unibal rotary valves, Bell Ø 30 cm, Bore 14.5 - 15 mm, Gold brass...

Hans Hoyer K10GA-L

F/Bb- Double Horn


Custom - Orchestra Series, Conical rotary valves with 3B linkage system, Detachable, hand hammered medium-large bell, Corrosion resistant gold...

Cerveny CVFH 803 Flugelh. Mistrinanka



"Excelent Mistrinanka", 3 Rotary valves, Trigger on the third slide, 1 Water key, Brass body, MINIBAL joints, Nickel silver valve mechanism, Nickel...

Yamaha YTR-988 Trumpet

Piccolo Trumpet


High Bb/A, 4 Rotary valves, "Light-touch" mechanism, Newly developed body, A and Bb tapers, Silver-plated, Incl. case

Kühnl & Hoyer Orchestra Signature

Signature Trombone


B/ F/ Gb/ D Bass Trombone, Exchangeable brass bell Ø 240 mm, With "open flow" "in-line" valves, Incl. "heavy cap" at the quart valve, Nickel...

Bach C 180L-239-25C C-Trumpet

Stradivarius C-Trumpet


L-Bore .462” (11.74mm), One-piece, hand hammered brass bell Ø 4 13/16” (122.24mm), #239 Bell shape, 25 C Mouthpiece, Monel valves, Thumb...

Schilke E3L Eb/D Trumpet

Eb/D Trumpet


M bore, M bell, Interchangeable bell, Incl. D slides and two bells, Silver-plated brass

Humes & Berg New Stone Lined ST-132

Practice Mute for Trumpet


New Stone Lined ST-132 Mannie Klein

Emo Trombone Megaphone Mute

Megaphone Mute for Trombone



Moeck 8120 Sopranino Renaissance B

Consort Recorder


Sopranino Renaissance series, Baroque fingering, Maple stained and treated with linseed oil, Hard case included

Kühnl & Hoyer Orchestra Alto Eb-Trombone

Eb Alto Trombone


Bell made of gold brass, Ø 180 mm, Nickel silver slide, Clear lacquer, Incl. mouthpiece 6- 1/2 AL-S, Without case

Mike McLean Mutes Practice Cup Eb-Trumpet

Exercise Cup Mute


For E flat trumpet or cornet

August Richard Hammig 40115/3 Piccolo Flute



Smooth headjoint, High-G# key, Head and body made of coconut wood, Silver-plated nickel silver keywork, E mechanism, Accessories and case included

Beechler Bellite Baritone Sax 6

Metal Mouthpiece for Baritone Saxophone


Die-cast from the finest surgical steel, The hardness of the material provides a very fast response to enhance the brilliance of the overtones, The...

ständerwerk Flugel Horn Stand

Flugelhorn Stand


Base arches made of oiled oak, Sturdy hold thanks to two base arches, Modern curved design, Cones covered with soft flock, Optimal protection for...

Steuer White Line Bass Clarinet 2


Made of plastic, Baroque fingering, Three-piece, Ivory, Incl. bag for the recorder

Bach 180-43G ML Trumpet

Stradivarius Bb Trumpet


ML bore 11.66 mm, One-piece, hand hammered gold brass bell (122.24 mm), 43's Bell shape, Monel valves, Thumb saddle at first slide, Ring at the...

Otamatone Classic Blue

Electronic sound toy / synthesizer


Operation by pressing the sound surface at the neck and opening and closing the mouth, Different pitches adjustable, Battery operated (3 pieces...

Aulos 303A "Elite" Soprano Recorder

C-Soprano Recorder


Made of plastic, Baroque fingering, Three-piece, Ivory, Incl. bag for the recorder

Lee Oskar Major Diatonic G

G Major Harmonica


The most popular harmonica for blues, rock, country and jazz, System Richter, 10-Hole comb, Brass reed plates with 5 screws, Stainless steel cover,...

Moeck 4203 Rottenburgh Soprano

Rottenburgh Soprano Recorder


Baroque fingering, With double hole, Incl. Box, cleaning swab and cloth, certificate, fingering chart