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Melton 18-L B- Tuba "Handy"



Model "Handy", 3/4 size, 4 Rotary valves, Brass, lacquered, Incl. gig bag and mouthpiece

B&S GR51-L Bb-Tuba

Bb Tuba


4 Rotary valves, 3B Ball bearing linkage system, Gold brass lead pipe, Nickel silver inner and outer slides, Brass, lacquered, Incl. gig bag and...

Jupiter JTU700 Bb-Tuba



3 Perinet valves, Weight approx. 6.6 kg, Removable mouth pipe, Removable bell, Brass, lacquered, Incl. case and accessories

Cerveny CVHL 621-4 F-Helicon



4 Rotary valves, Body made of brass, Valve casing made of nickel silver, Water keys on main tuning slide, Minibal linkage system, Clear lacquer,...

Miraphone 670 Contra Bass Trombone

Bb Contrabass Trombone


Bell diameter 240 mm, Valve CPU ball joint, Brass lacquered, Including Mouthpiece TU03

Cerveny CVEP 731-3R Baritone



MINIBAL joints, Nickel silver machine, Nickel silver mouth pipe, Nickel silver interior and exterior, New Zealand wreath, Incl. Silver-plated...

Cerveny CVEP 531-4 Baritone

Bb- Baritone


4 Rotary valves, Brass body, MINIBAL joints, Nickel silver mechanisms, Nickel silver leadpipe, Nickel silver inner and outer slides, Clear lacquer,...

Yanagisawa B-WO20 Baritone Saxophone

Baritone Saxophone


Elite model, Bronze body, Brass keys, High F # flap, Deep A-flap, C # / Bb and H / C # rocker, Double tips on the deep flaps, Bell and bong...

Cerveny CVEP 538-4 Bellfront Baritone

Bellfront Baritone horn


4 Rotary valves, Minibal ball joints, Increasing scale length, Nickel silver valve mechanism, Nickel silver leadpipe, Nickel silver innerslides and...

Yamaha YBS-62E Baritone Saxophone

Baritone Saxophone


Professional class, To deep A, High fis-flap, Tempered brass, Front F-flap, Rocker for left little finger, Gold lacquered, Includes case and...

Krinner Vlado Kumpan Flugelhorn

Bb Flugelhorn


"Vlado Kumpan" model, Zirnbauer valve section, 3rd Slide trigger, Lacquer finish

Yamaha YBL-830 Xeno

Bb/ F/ D/ Gb- Xeno Bass Trombone


Open wrap design, In-line valves, 14.3 mm (0,563") Bore, 241.0 mm (9-1/2") Yellow brass bell, Yellow brass outer slide, Clear lacquer finish, Incl....

Bach C 180SL-229PC Philadelphia

Stradivarius C Trumpet


”Philadelphia” Model, One-piece, hand hammered brass bell Ø 4 13/16” (122.24 mm), #229 Bell shape, ”French bead” bell edge, Special Nr....

Adams E1 Custom SS 0,60 BL



Custom series, 4 Périnet valves, Fully compensated model, Adjustable mouthpiece receiver, Sterling silver bell, 3 Water keys, "Brushed" finish,...

Yamaha YEP-621 Euphonium

Bb Euphonium


4 Valves, 4th valve on the side, Copper-plated, Incl. Yamaha 51L mouthpiece and case

Oscar Adler & Co. 5010 Oboe Student Model

Student Oboe


Full Auto, 3rd octave flap, Cover flaps, Fork F mechanism, Left F-lever, C / C #, C / D, B / C # and Ab / Bb trills, F # -G # connection, Bb...

Miraphone 47 WL4 07000 Tenor Horn

Bb Tenor Horn


Model Loimayr, Wide design, 4-Valves, Rotary valve, Bell Ø 270 mm, MMS GK 5-2 / Miraphone-Minibal push rod, Brass body, Lacquered, Nickel silver...

Johannes Gerhard Hammig 750/4 Piccolo Flute



Smooth headjoint, High-G# key, Head and body made of grenadilla wood (Dalbergia melanoxylon), Keywork made entirely of silver, E mechanism,...

Forestone Carbon S- Neck for Alto Sax

Carbon S-bow for alto saxophone


Carbon piece handmade in Switzerland, S-bow made in Japan, Excellent balance and very easy response, Very robust and corrosion-free, With...

Altus 919 E Alto Flute

Alto Transverse Flute


E Mechanism, Offset G, Handmade, curved head joint made of 925 sterling silver, Silvered nickel silver mechanism and body, Drawn tone holes, Steel...

RGC Mutes Aluminium Trombone Mute TBO23

Straight Mute for Tenor Trombone


Made of aluminium, Made without welding, Ideal for a classical repertoire, Includes cloth bag, Hand-built in Spain

Dotzauer Parforce Horn Bb/Eb 18270

Parforce Horn in Bb / Eb


Switchable, Concert model, Valve with lever mechanism, 2 Water keys, Completely made of gold brass, Tuning slide, Outside 50 cm, Bell 31 cm, No...

pCompact pCompact Bb- trumpet red

Bb trumpet with cornet bell


New development - completely made of plastic, Very compact design, Valve system completely made of plastic, One-piece mouthpipe, Adjustable main...

Mollenhauer Adris Dream Recorder 4119

Adris Dream Recorder


Baroque fingering, Double hole, Including bag

Moeck 2202 Flauto Rondo Soprano

Soprano Recorder


Flauto Rondo series, Body made from pear wood, With double holes, 2-Piece, Baroque fingering, Incl. bag, cleaning swab and cloth, tin of grease and...

Protec C-248 Gigbag for 3 Trumpets

Gig Bag for Three Trumpets


25 mm Padding, With exterior compartment, Removable mute pocket for 3-5 mutes (depending on mute size), A music stand can be attached,...

Hohner Special 20 Classic A

Special 20


In A major, Comb made of plastic, 0.90 mm Brass reed plates are completely recessed into the plastic comb, 20 Reeds, Made in Germany

Hohner Marine Band Crossover G



Richter System, 20 Reeds, Multi-layer bonded bamboo comb, Completely sealed, Cover surface made of stainless steel with sound slots, 0.90 mm thick...

Protec PB-301 Case for Trumpet



For a trumpet with piston valves, Very light, Incl. Shoulder strap

Vandoren Java Filed Red Alto Sax 2



For Alto Saxophone, A relative of the JAVA reed family, the JAVA “Filed - Red Cut” is the first file cut (French filed cut) Vandoren reed for...

DAddario Woodwinds Royal Tenor Sax 2,5

Reed for Tenor Saxophone


Royal Series, Quick response and high flexibility, Suitable for classical and modern music, First-class reeds for uniform response, Pack of 10 reeds

Moeck 4305 Rottenburgh Alto

Rottenburgh Alto Recorder


Rosewood (Dalbergia stevensonii), Baroque fingering, Double hole, Including case, cleaning rod and cloth, certificate, fingering chart, maintenance...

Kölbl Just Joe's Saxophone Strap

Saxophone strap


Suitable for alto, tenor or baritone saxophones, Vibration-damping and non-conductive neck strap with gel pads on the side, High quality soft...

Vandoren M|O Ligature Bb Clarinet B

Ligature for Bb-Clarinet


For Boehm-Clarinet mouth pieces, Light weight, Easy mounting due to single ligature, Including plastic cap

DAddario Woodwinds Reserve Evolution Clarinet 3,5

Reeds for B Flat Böhm Clarinet


The thickest reed of the "Reserve Series" for clarinet, Ideally suitable for advanced and professionals, Developed and manufactured in the USA with...

USA Meyer New York Alto Sax 5M


New development - completely made of plastic, Very compact design, Valve system completely made of plastic, One-piece mouthpipe, Adjustable main...

Breslmair Cup for Trumpet G2

Cup for trumpet


Model G2, For three-part module system, Classical orchestral model

Clarke Pennywhistle C- Major

Penny Whistle


Metal body with wooden mouthpiece

La Tromba AG Slide and Cork Grease 15g

Valve and Cork Grease


Insulates the slides from condensation and prevents the inner slides from corrosion and getting stuck, A relatively "stiff" grease with the ideal...

Moeck 4424 Rottenburgh Tenor

Rottenburgh Tenor Recorder


Boxwood, With double key, Case, care kit, cleaning rod and cloth, certificate, and fingering chart (included)

Hagerty Silver Polish 250 ml

Silver polish


Universal all-purpose cleaner for silver and silver plated surfaces, With tarnish protection, Highly active cleansing lotion that effortlessly...

Protec M-401 Mute Bag Trombone

Mute Case


For trombone mutes, Very light

Marcus Bonna Bass Trombone Detach. Bell


New development - completely made of plastic, Very compact design, Valve system completely made of plastic, One-piece mouthpipe, Adjustable main...

Chedeville Elite Bb Clarinet F2


New development - completely made of plastic, Very compact design, Valve system completely made of plastic, One-piece mouthpipe, Adjustable main...

Key Leaves Sax Key Props


New development - completely made of plastic, Very compact design, Valve system completely made of plastic, One-piece mouthpipe, Adjustable main...

Denis Wick 5880E Euphonium SM5

Mouthpiece for Euphonium


Steven Mead Series, Large shank, Silver-plated

Bruno Tilz 981 Chop Control Trumpet

Embouchure Examiner


For trumpet or flugelhorn, Silver-plated

Legere Signature Bari-Sax 2 3/4

Plastic Reed for Baritone Saxophone


Dark and warm tone, Developed with Larry Combs and Barnaby Robson

Monster Oil Trumpet Care and Cleaning Kit


New development - completely made of plastic, Very compact design, Valve system completely made of plastic, One-piece mouthpipe, Adjustable main...

Perantucci Tuba Mouthpiece PT-64 G

Tuba Mouthpiece


Medium-flat pear shape, Well rounded, Clearly defined, Lively, exciting and clear sound with excellent carrying capacity, Great flexibility and...

B.E.R.P. Embouchure Builder French Horn

Embouchure Trainer


"Buzz extension & resistance piece" - Methodical embouchure trainer in conjunction with the mouthpiece for exercising the sound and air control...

Dave Guardala Fat Boy MBII LT g Tenor Sax

Mouthpiece for Tenor Saxophone


Gold plated, Fatboy mouthpieces are "fatter" than the original Guardala's

AW Reeds Bb- Clarinet D95

Mouthpiece for Bb- Clarinet


German system, Made of stable high-performance polymer, Ergonomic outer shape to relieve strain on lips, New flow-optimised chamber shape generates...

Arnolds & Sons Flugelhorn 6C-USA

Mouthpiece for Flugelhorn


American shank, Cup extra wide, Large, characteristic sound for flugelhorn

Selmer Soprano Sax S80 E



For soprano saxophone, Rubber, Easy response, High tone volume, Square chamber

JK 3EM A1 Exclusive French Horn

Mouthpiece for French Horn


Is characterized by a radiant tone with a light tone, which is achieved by a flatter, rounder cup, Silver-plated

Vandoren ZZ Soprano Sax 2

Reed for Soprano saxophone


Fast response, Unusually long lifespan, Especially suitable for jazz

Yamaha YRS-301 III

Soprano Recorder


German fingering, Double hole, ABS Plastic, Brown with white rings, Bag (included)

Arnolds & Sons Trombone 11C-S

Baritone/Trombone Mouthpiece


Medium deep cup, Medium wide, Slightly sharper rim, Narrow trombone shaft, Silver plated

AW Reeds Bb- Clarinet D90

Mouthpiece for Bb- Clarinet


German system, Made of stable high-performance polymer, Ergonomic outer shape to relieve strain on lips, New flow-optimised chamber shape generates...

Meinl TSDDG1-BK Trombone Didgeridoo

Trombone Didgeridoo


Telescopically extendable, Quick response, Warm tone, Artistic hand painting

Selmer Tenor Serie III SE-T3L

Tenor saxophoneAs with the alto saxophone, the column supports on the body have also been reduced with this instrument, thus achieving an open sound projection that is ideally suited for modern styles. Ergonomics, feel and of course the SELMER sound convin


Series III, With engraving, Painted with gold lacquer, Brass body, bow and bell, Bb tuning, High F # - flap, Leather upholstery with metal...

Meinl Synth. Slide Travel Didgeridoo

Plastic travel didgeridoo


Extensible, Easy response, Includes bag

Pearl Flutes PF-525 RE Quantz Flute

Transverse Flute


Quantz series, Successor model of PF 521 RE, Full Silver lip plate, Silver plated, French pointed arms, Ring keys, Offset G, E-Mechanism, Case and...

Jupiter JFL700WRE Flute

Transverse flute


Recommended for children from 7 years of age, Headjoint, body and mechanism are made from silver-plated nickel silver, E mechanism, Ring keys with...

Azumi AZ-Z2E Flute



Closed holes, E-mechanism, Offset G, C-foot, Silver-plated nickel silver body, Handmade ALTUS Z-Cut headpiece from 925 sterling silver, Pointed...

F.A. Uebel 621 Bb-Clarinet

Bb Clarinet


African Blackwood (Dalbergia melanoxylon), dried naturally, German fingering, Fork F/B mechanism, B-C# Trill, F Lever, 21 Keys, 6 Rings, Silver...

Tom Crown Trumpet Gemini Straight GEM-CC

Damper for B flat and C Trumpet


Straight model, Completely made of copper

Yanagisawa S-WO10 Elite Soprano Saxophone

Soprano saxophone


Elite model, Brass body and keys, High F# key, High G key, C#/Bb and B/C# tilter, Hand engraving on the bell, Gold lacquer finish, Incl....

Hamaril Flugelhorn Set

Thomann FH 600 GS Bb-Flugelhorn


Flugelhorn, Monel valves, MS-bore (11 mm), 6" Gold brass bell (15 cm), Nickel silver outer slides, Third valve slide trigger, 3 Water keys, Silver...

Mollenhauer 5606 Denner Great Bass

Denner Great Bass


In c, From dark stained pearwood, With additional G # and Eb key and crook, A rich sound that also carries well, Due to the straight head joint,...

Ortola 148 Gigbag for Tuba Black

Hardcase for Tuba


Model 148, Suitable for tubes with a bell diameter of 480 mm, 20 mm Padding, Made of nylon, Backpack straps, 2 Outer pockets, 2 Handles

Cerveny CVTR 701R Bb-Trumpet

Concert Trumpet


Gold brass, 3rd Slide trigger, MINIBAL joints, Nickel silver mechanism, Nickel silver lead-pipe, Nickel silver inner and outer slides, Nickel...

K&M 14315 Curved Soprano Sax Stand

Soprano Saxophone Stand


Adjustable folding stand for curved Soprano Saxophones, Fiberglass reinforced plastic base, Flexible upper support arm for different bell sizes,...

Hercules Stands HCDS-536B Bari & Alt/Tenor Sax



For baritone and alto or tenor saxophone, Height adjustable from 635 to 875 mm