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Riedl 313 Medium Lyre Saxophone

Lyre For Saxophone


2 Pushers, Stainless steel spring, Stalk bent for alto, tenor and baritone saxophone

Perantucci Tuba Mouthpiece PT-50+

Tuba Mouthpiece


Heavy model, Very deep, funnel-shaped cup, Flat with sharp inner edge, Open shaft bore, The largest Perantucci mouthpiece with funnel-shaped cup,...

K&M 15222 Clarinet Stand

Clarinet Stand


4 Leg base for optimum stability, While transporting the lower part can be pushed into the cone and stored in the bell of the clarinet, Black...

K&M 15232 Flute Stand

Flute Stand


Unique compact and extremely light 4-foot flute stand for Boehm flute, Instrument holder Ø 18 mm Plastic, The zinc die-cast legs ensure a very...

Denis Wick DW5554 French Horn Wood

French Horn Mute


Made from wood

Gewa Gigbag for Tenor Horn

Carry bag


For tenor horn, Sewn on high quality Cordura 600 Denier material, Tear and waterproof, 30 mm foam padding, Plywood reinforcement for the bell,...

Protec BP-Strap Backpack

Backpack Straps


Very wide, comfortable support

Gewa Gigbag for Baritone

Carrying Bag for Baritone


Sewn high quality Cordura 600 Denier, Tear and waterproof, 30 mm foam padding, Plywood reinforcement for the bell, sewn in place, Adjustable luxury...

Selmer Concept Soprano Sax

Mouthpiece for Soprano Saxophone


Classic design, Circular chamber, A larger mouth opening provides more comfort as well as making it easier and faster to alternate between soprano...

Otto Link Super Tonemaster Tenor Sax 7*

Metal mouthpiece


For tenor saxophone, Tip opening 7*, Gold plated bronze, Including ligature and cap

Denis Wick DW5533 Bass Trombone Cup

Bass Trombone Mute


Cup model, Entirely of aluminium, Removable and to use as a plunger or straight

Selmer Concept Tenor Sax

Mouthpiece for Tenor Saxophone


Round chamber, Design by Henri Selmer Paris, This mouthpiece offers comfort and consistency while playing as well as a rich tone, Through the round...

Xaphoon Standard C

Standard Xaphoon in C


Standard model, Pocket sax, Lowest note C', Range of 2 octaves, a' = 440 Hz, To play with a tenor saxophone reed, Incl. reed, protective cap and...

Mighty Bright Xtra Flex 2 Black

Dual Super LED Lamp


Head with two LED light sources, Individually switchable via push button, Clamp-on lamp for sheet music or reading, Clamping range approx. 25 mm,...

Selmer Concept Bass Clarinet

Mouthpiece For Bass Clarinet


Modern design, Trapezoidal chamber, Powerful and great sound, High dynamic width, Orchestra, Without reed screw and capsule

Theo Wanne Durga IV Baritone 7* Gold

Metal Mouthpiece for Baritone Saxophone


Professional Line, Gold finish

Jones 101A Artist Oboe Reed MS

Reed for Oboe


Medium-Soft, Handcrafted from reed, Suitable for advanced players, Excellent response in all registers, 440 Hz, 'Philadelphia Style' cut

Sandner Soprano 80 Solo Cb Black

The Magic FluteThe key-less metal flute of the highest precision and clarity!


In Ces, High gloss nickel-plated, Mostly handcrafted, As with concert flutes the finger holes are drawn from their own material and the white...

Denis Wick DW5587 Euphonium Travel Mute

Practice Mute


For Euphonium, Compact "ultra-light in-bell", Ideal for traveling, Perfect for warming-up, The sound is extremely damped

JK Exclusive 5FL Franz Tröster

Mouthpiece for Flugelhorns


Medium depth cup, Silver plated, German shank

K&M 164/16 Harmonica Holder

Harmonica Holder


Specifically suitable for blues harmonica models, Moulded rubber sections on the support arms holds the instrument safely and gently fixes the...

Protec PB-301F Case for Trpt &Flgh

Double Case


For flugelhorn and trumpet with piston valves, With the optionally available backpack straps (Art. No. :169798) this item can also be used as a...

Denis Wick DW5522 Flugelhorn Straight

Mute For Flugelhorn & Alto Trombone


Straight model, Made entirely from aluminium

Schwarz Tuba X-Strap

Cross Strap for Tuba


Weight is evenly distributed across both shoulders, 2 Carabiner hooks

Kölbl 6510 Swab Saxophone

Saxophone Cleaner


For alto and tenor saxophone bodies, String with weight for easy threading

Rico Reed Guard IV Clar./Altsax.

Reed Guard


Made of plastic, For 4 clarinet/alto saxophone reeds, Allows even reed ventilation, Convenient and easy to store, Plastic

Humes & Berg New Stone Lined ST-108A Velvet



New stone lined ST-108A velvet-tone trumpet mutes, For bell Ø5", Swallows the sharp frequencies, Quality damper made from vulcanised fibre

Hohner Echo Harp 96 C-G

Tremolo HarmonicaMedium model of Echo-Harp series with a nice, pleasant and fresh sound.


96 Reed plates (2x 48), Double-sided instrument Tremolo tuned, Opposite tonalities fifth apart, Mood C / G Major, Brass reed plates 0.9mm, Comb...

Blocki Pneumo Pro + DVD

Pneumo Pro with DVD


Double and triple tonguing, Flexibility between octaves, Mood (especially with dynamic changes), Advanced techniques (multiphonics ...), Including...

Otto Link Super Tonemaster Alto Sax 7

Metal Mouthpiece


For Alto Saxophone, Tip opening 7, Gold-plated bronze, Ligature and cap (included), Special size

Hohner Unsere Lieblinge 48 C



C major, Wooden comb, The instrument of folk music, The horizontal alignment of the air channels causes the production of two notes, one octave...

Vandoren Classic Blue Bass Clarinet 3

Clarinet Reed Classic Blue


For bass clarinet

Bach 342 Flugelhorn 1-1/2C

Mouthpiece for Flugelhorn


Cup diameter 17.00 mm, Medium wide cup, Silver plated

Mollenhauer Waldorf Body Soprano DL



Waldorf Edition, For soprano recorder, Baroque double hole, From pear tree, 442 Hz

Playnick Antique op.114 Brahms black

Mouthpiece for German Bb Clarinet


Brilliant and convincing, Playable with light German reeds from strength 2 and also with the proven French cut, Made of black rubber, German bore...

Paulus & Schuler GbR Zoom Clarinet Buffet RC 64mm

Clarinet BarrelWhen the conventional barrel is pulled out for assimilation of intonation the vibrations are cushioned on transfer from the mouth piece to the clarinet since the only remaining connection is the tenon cork. A cavity is formed on the inside a


For Buffet RC series, Boehm system, The lower part of the barrel consists of grenadilla (dalbergia melanoxylon)

Denis Wick 3180 Heritage Trombone 6BL

Mouthpiece for trombone


Large shank, Outside is silver-plated, edge and cap are gold-plated

Bach 349 Cornet 1-1/2C

Mouthpiece for Cornet


Medium cup, Medium wide rim, Silver-plated, Slightly narrower than 1 1 / 4C, Large range, Brilliant in sound

Dotzauer Bag Parforcehorn ø 27 - 31 cm

Bag for Parforce horn


Suitable for parforce horn with bell diameter of 27 and 31 cm, Foam lining, Zipper, Large outer pocket, Back pack straps

Dotzauer Parforce Horn in Bb 18215

Parforce Horn


In Bb, 1 Loop, Brass body, Tuning slide, Green wrap made of genuine leather, Silver-plated mouthpiece

Pearl Flutes PFA 206 ES Alto Flute

Alto Transverse Flute in G


Sterling silver head joint, Pointed Arm design, Nickel silver-plated, Closed keys, Offset G, E Mechanism, With straight head joint, Includes case...

Schlipf Practice Mute for Tuba No.5

Practice mute for tuba


Ideal for quiet practice during concert tours, in hotels or in one's own home, Protection for the bell during travel or flights, Perfect for...

Vandoren V16 Baritone Sax B 7



For baritone saxophone, Features of the V5 series B75 with the sound of the V16

Pilgerstorfer Basso Bass-Clarinet 3,0

Reed for German Bass Clarinet


For mouthpieces with mouthpiece tip 2-4, French cane, Suitable for German bass clarinets and characterized by its range from pianissimo to...

Buffet Crampon BC1180-2-0 Bass Clarinet

Bb Bass Clarinet


Student model, Pitch range to low Eb, Boehm system, Body is made completely from selected grenadilla (Dalbergia Mmelanoxylon), Reconceptualised...

Otto Link Super Tonemaster SopranoSax 6*

Mouthpiece For Soprano Saxophone


Super Tonemaster BA 24, Metal mouthpiece, Gold-plated bronze, Ligature and cap (included)

Vandoren Eb-Clarinet B 40



Classic Series, Eb clarinet with Böhm system, Black ebonite, Average facing length, Designed for soft reeds, To use with stronger reeds without...

Lee Oskar Major Diatonic Reedplates C

Reed Plate Set


For major diatonic harmonica, Upper and lower plate in one set

Bremner Practice Mute Piccolo Trumpet

Practice Mute for Piccolo Trumpet


From lightweight ABS plastic, With very good intonation

Vandoren White Master Eb-Clarinet 3

Reed for German Eb Clarinet


Vandoren White Master, Strength 3, For more open tip openings and / or longer facing length

Edwards Bullet Brace S for Trombone

Bullet Brace for Trombone


For attachment to bar with diameter of 10 mm or larger, S-shape, Support for a better pressure and weight distribution of the left hand

Bulgheroni FB- 101/3 Oboe

OboeThe FB-101 oboe is ideal for years of study at music school, and is a mechanically complete instrument that technically prepares the student for the professional instrument.


Conservatory version, Semi-automatic octave key, 3rd Octave key, Made completely of Grenadilla wood, Silver-plated nickel keys, Silver-plated...

Kariso 106/4 Recorder Case

Fourfold Recorder Suitcase


For sopranino, soprano, alto and tenor recorder

Schilke A-Pipe for P5-4 Piccolo Trpt.



For P5-4 piccolo trumpet, Silver-plated, Suitable only for mouthpieces with trumpet shank

Vandoren Classic Blue Eb-Clarinet 2

Classic Blue Reed


For Eb-clarinet, Strength 2

Selmer S- Neck Alto Reference



For alto saxophone Reference 54, Dark gold lacquer

Selmer S- Neck Alto SA80 II



For alto saxophones from the SA80 II series, Gold lacquer finish

Vandoren Classic Blue Contrab. Clar. 2

Reed for Double Bass Clarinet


Classic Blue Series, Strength 2

Vandoren Classic Blue Bass Sax 3



For bass saxophone, Classic blue series

Michael Rath R900 Bass Trombone

Bass Trombone


In-line valves, Solid mouth pipe, Clear lacquer finish, Includes mouthpiece and light case

Melton 2040/5-L Eb-Tuba

Eb tuba


5 cylinder valves, 5 Cylinder valves with thumb pusher on right, Brass body and bell, Clear lacquered, Includes mouthpiece and Melton gigbag, Made...

Buffet Crampon Légende BC1256L A- Clarinet

A Clarinet


Boehm system, Made of grenadilla (Dalbergia melanoxylon), 440/442 Hz, 19 Keys and 6 rings, Height-adjustable thumb rest, Es lever, Low F-key, Blue...

Startone STR 25 Bb-Trumpet

Bb Trumpet


Gold brass leadpipe, Stainless steel valves, ML bore, Adjustable ring at third slide, Saddle at the first slide, Nickel silver outerslides, Brass...

Vandoren Classic Blue Alto Sax 2

Classic Blue Reeds for Alto Saxophone


This reed is designed to produce a quality of extremely pure sound, A very thin reed tip (the area of reed with maximum vibration), being balanced...

Yamaha YRS-24 B

Soprano Recorder


Baroque fingering, Double holes, 3 Pieces, Bag included

Slide O Mix Rapid Comfort

Care Product


Lubricant for trombone slides, Easy sliding of the slide without sticking, Fast and reliable all-in-one solution from a single bottle

Yamaha YAS-280 Alto Saxophone

Alto Saxophone


School model, New model with improved neck receiver and improved low B-C# connection, Continuous key guards, Adjustable thumb rest, High F# key,...

Vandoren V12 Bb-Clarinet 3



For Boehm system clarinets

Startone SFL-55 Flute



Nickel silver head, body and machine heads, Full silver-plated, E Machine heads, Closed keys, Offset G, Case (included)

Vandoren Classic Blue Tenor Sax 3

Classic Blue Reeds for Tenor Saxophone


The nature of this reed produces an extremely pure sound, The extremely fine reed tip (the part of the reed that vibrates most vigorously) is in...

Vandoren Optimum Ligature Alto Sax PC

Ligature For Alto Saxophone


Precise and fast fixing, Easily fixable to the mouthpiece, No lateral pressure on reed and ligature, Gold-plated, Three different pressure plates...

Hohner Melody Star C- Major



16 Reeds, Plastic comb, The special mouthpiece with its projected channel openings is the ideal tool with which to hit single notes, Especially...

Bach 351 Trumpet 3C

Mouthpiece for Trumpet


Medium depth cup, Medium thickness rim, Silver-plated, Slightly brighter than Nr 3

Yamaha YRS-23

Plastic Recorder


German fingering, Soprano, Double hole, Bag (included)

Jo-Ral Trumpet Bubble Copper



For trumpet, Bubble (wah-wah), Made from pure copper