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Slide O Mix Multiwiper

Multiturn Wiper for Trombones


The wiper can be dry-cleaned for cleaning and drying the outer pull, With the brush end, a wet cleaning of almost all the tubes of the instrument...

Vandoren Classic Bb- Clarinet 5 RV

Mouthpiece for Bb Clarinet


Classic model, For Bb clarinet Boehm system, Black ebonite, Tip opening 106.5 (1 / 100mm), Medium - Short path length, With thinner mouthpiece tip...

Theo Wanne Gaia III Tenor 6* Gold

Metal Mouthpiece for Tenor Saxophone


Professional line, In the style of Otto Link Florida, Jody Jazz HR, Vandoren V16, Berg Larsen "Kammer 2"

Hohner Chromonica II M 270 D

Chromonica II M 270 in D Major


Chromatic harmonica, 48 Reeds, Wood comb, Brass reed plate (1.05 mm)

Leather Specialties Hand Loop French Horn

Wrist strap for French horn "The Fhrap"


Is sewn from three layers, Between a soft fabric layer and an outer layer of black leather lies a cellophane insert that protects the instrument...

maxton Bb- Clarinet RUDAN P3 Boehm

Mouthpiece for Boehm Bb Clarinet


From crystal glass

Hohner Chromonica II M270 G

Chromatic Harmonica in G


48 Reeds, Wood comb

Josef Götz Supersac Tuba B&S 3099

Tuba Gig Bag


Suitable for B&S 3099 F-tuba, Double lining and artificial leather reinforcement in the valve mechanism area, Leather reinforcement at the chamber,...

Vandoren ZZ Baritone Sax 2

Reed for baritone saxophone


Strength; 2, Quick response, High durability, Especially suitable for jazz

Jakob Winter JW2088F Tuba Case

Case for Tuba


Suitable for F-Instruments, Rugged ABS plastic case, 20 mm Side padding, 30 mm Bell padding, Extra strong aluminium frame, Velvet interior,...

Schilke Trombone 51C4 Small

Mouthpiece for Trombone


Model 51C4

JK 2CM A1 Exclusive French Horn

Mouthpiece for french horn


Silver-plated, The M-Series is characterized by a bright tone with a light tone, which is achieved by a flatter, rounder shell

Alliance WFM-LN Tuba GP

Mouthpiece for Tuba


Developed by star tuba player Les Neish, Better projection, sound and clarity, Deep cup, Comparable to Denis Wick 3L, Gold-plated

Denis Wick 5884 Flugelhorn 3FL

Mouthpiece For Flugelhorn


Silver plated, Open backbore, Yamaha shaft for USA and Japanese models

Vandoren ZZ Soprano Sax 2.5



For Soprano saxophone, Fast response, Unusually long lifespan, Especially suitable for jazz

Vandoren Reed Case Deluxe Clar. & Sopr.

Reed Case Deluxe


For 8 clarinet or soprano saxophone reeds, Numbered reed trays, Specially designed to provide permanent air circulation, Handy size, Optimal for reeds

Arnolds & Sons Tenor Horn 12T

Mouthpiece for Tenor Horn


12 T, All-round mouthpiece, Balanced sound and good response, Flexibility and volume throughout the tone range, Ideal for soloists, Baritone shaft

Denis Wick 4881 Cornet 4B

Mouthpiece Cornet 4B



Denis Wick 4880B Baritone SM4X

Mouthpiece for Baritone


Steven Mead Ultra series, Good response and full sound, Narrow shaft (S-Shaft)

Pearl Flutes PF-665 E Quantz Flute



Quantz series, Successor model of PF 661 E, Full silver headjoint, Nickel-plated silver body, foot piece and keys, French pointed arms, Closed...

Selmer Tenor Serie III SE-T3M

Tenor SaxophoneAs with the alto saxophone, the column supports on the body have also been reduced with this instrument, thus achieving an open sound projection that is ideally suited for modern styles. Ergonomics, feel and of course the SELMER sound convin


Series III, With engraving, Body brushed matte, Flaps gold lacquered, Brass body, bow and bell, Bb tuning, High F # - flap, Leather upholstery with...

Bob Reeves Pouch 4 Trumpet Mouthpieces

Mouth Piece Pouch


For four trumpet mouthpieces and for four short mouthpieces (flugelhorn or cornet), Leather, Black

Oscar Adler & Co. 323 Bb-Clarinet

Bb Clarinet


Oehler- system, 23 Keys, 5 Rings, 1 Handle plate, 4 Trills on the upper joint, Fork B and Fork F-mechanism, Eb, F and G, B / C # trill, Double...

pBone pBone White

Bb Tenor Trombone


Small Ø 12.70 mm (0.500) hole, Built ergonomically, Slide made of fiberglass, Very resistant, Incl. plastic mouthpiece and bag

JK Exclusive Flugelhorn 4C DS

Mouthpiece For Flugelhorn


Medium deep cup, Silver plated, German shaft (10 mm)

Legere Bass-Clarinet 2 1/2

Plastic Bass Clarinet Reed


For Boehm clarinet, French cut, Suitable for all kinds of music

Küng Superio Great Bass Rec. 2722

Great Bass Recorder


Baroque fingering, A powerful instrument, cleverly thought out with many technical details, If the sound in the upper register is too noisy, the...

SeleS by Selmer Présence Bb- Clarinet

Bb- Clarinet with Boehm System


Silver plated mechanisms, Adjustable thumb holder, Waterproofed, Valentino padding, Includes Selmer mouthpiece C85, Présence case and accessories

Hohner Tube Student 26 and 32

Extension Tube


For student Melodica 26, 32 and Airboard Junior

Besson BE928-2 Sovereign Bb-Cornet

Bb Cornet


L bore, Handmade Ø 124 mm (4.88") gold brass bell, Trigger in 1. and 3. slides, Monel valves, 2 Water keys, Silver-plated, Incl. Deluxe case and...

SaxRax Sax Stand for Baritone Sax

Saxophone Stands


Baritone saxophone, Sturdy construction, Steplessly adjustable in height, Black painted, Including carrying case

Hans Hoyer 6801A-L

Heritage F/Bb Double Horn


Conical rotary valves with 3B linkage system, Valve casings from nickel silver, Long tuning slide, Expansive sound, Inner- and outer slides from...

Yamaha PM-5X Trombone

Single Mute for Trombone


New Silent Brass mute

K&M 149/3 MKII Sousaphon Stand

Sousaphone Stand


Black, Small collapsible stand, Tiltable instrument holder, To protect the instrument, the instrument holders are covered with elastic rubber

Protec PB-316 CT French Horn Case

Molded/Shaped Case


For French horn, Model Pro Pac, Very light, Outer compartment, Includes shoulder straps, Depth 36.5 cm

Claude Lakey Apollo Alto Sax 8*

Mouthpiece for Alto Saxophone


Made of brass, Gold-plated, Light and warm sound, Highly versatile, Ideal for funk, soul, rock and pop music

Jody Jazz Alto DV 6 Mouthpiece

Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece


Metal, Small, stepped chamber, Mouthpiece is 24 Karat gold-plated, It is aimed at saxophonists with a modern, overtone-rich sound, who attach...

Thon Case for harps

Case for Harmonicas


With compartment division for 24 blues harps and 3 chromatic 64er harmonicas made of abrasion-resistant sponge rubber, Additional foam padded...

Denis Wick DW 5535 Flugel. Practice Mute

Practice Damper


Suitable for flugelhorn/alto trombone, Suitable only for Perinet valve Flugelhorns

Kariso 112 Flute Case



For flute with straight headjoint and C-foot, Simple model

Moeck 4101 Rottenburgh Sopranino

Sopranino Recorder


Maple stained, Baroque system, Double hole, Case, Swab and cloth, Certificate, Fingering chart

Berg Larsen Baritone Saxophone Steel 115

Mouthpiece for baritone saxophone


Tip 115, Incl. ligature and cap

Emo Trumpet Solotone Mute

Solotone Trumpet Mute



Mollenhauer 7710 Bag Soprano and Alto



For 5-piece soprano and alto recorder

K&M 17786 Flute Peg 9mm

Flute Peg


Plastic peg with steel core for alto and tenor flutes, Instrument holder Ø 9 mm, M5 threaded bolts

K&M 15244 Flugelhorn Peg w. Adapt.

B-Stock with Full Warranty


Especially for the Studiologic SL-Series, Allows 2 pedals to be used as buttons (left and middle pedal) and 1 pedal for continuous control (right...

Mike McLean Mutes Practice Straight Bb-Trumpet



For B flat trumpet or cornet, Practice Mute, Made of fibreglass

Kölbl 2016/40 Bariton Strap Black

Strap for Tenor Horn or Baritone


Shoulder padding made of natural rubber with cow leather lining, 1 Carabiner hook and 1 loop

Soulo Mute Tenor Trombone Bucket 7-3/8"

Mute for tenor trombone


For bell widths from 7-3/8" (18.73 cm) to 7-1/2" (19.05 cm), No blow resistance, Easy to attach to the cup, Constant tuning in all positions, To...

K&M 17741 Eb- Clarinet Peg

Instrument Peg for Eb and C Clarinets


For cross foot K&M 17700 or 17710 (Article number 200853) or peg holder KM 14301, Plastic peg with felt ring to protect the instrument, With M5...

Bruno Tilz Adapter F-Tuba - B-Tuba- Big

Mouthpiece Adapter


From F-tuba to B-tuba-wide, Silver-plated

Vandoren V21 Eb-Clarinet 3

Reed for Boehm Eb Clarinet


The V21 reed uses the conical shape of the 56 rue Lepic, combined with the profile of the V12 blades, and is designed for wind players looking for...

DEM-BRO Straight mute Flugelhorn

Straight Damper for Flugelhorn


Specially developed for brass band, Fits perfectly for Besson, Courtois, Willson and Yamaha, but also for most other manufacturers, Includes bag,...

Vandoren B46 Bass Clarinet



For bass clarinet, Especially suitable for classical and jazz musicians, who prefer a wide opening

Jo-Ral Piccolo Trumpet Straight Mute



Piccolo Trumpet, Straight, Aluminium

Lee Oskar Harmonic Minor Reedplates A

Reed Plate Set for Lee Oskar Harmonica


A minor, harmonic minor, Upper and lower plate in one set

JK FP 3D Fürst Pless Horn

Mouthpiece for Fuerst-Pless-Horn


Shallow cap, Silver-plated

AW Reeds 501 German Eb-Clarinet 3,5

Reed for German Eb Clarinet


Unfiled, Round soft tone creation, Very good response in the high register

JK PA 4D W Parforce Horn

Mouthpiece for Parforce-Horn


Shallow cap, Silver-plated

Humes & Berg New Stone Lined ST-154

Cup Damper for Trombone


New Stone Lined ST-154 Mic A-mute, For the microphone work

Sandner Alto 80 Solo F Black

Old magic flute


In F tuning, Adjustable pin, Complete with black case, Mainly hand-made, The tone holes are drawn from their own material as in concert flutes and...

Marca Reed for Bassoon Hard



For bassoon, Packaged in a plastic tube

AW Reeds 429 Bass Clarinet German 4



For German bass clarinets, Particularly suited for mouthpieces with open rails, Flexible and direct in the response

Melton 41-L Cimbasso

Cimbasso in F


Italian F-Tuba, 5 Rotary valves, 2nd valve trigger (left hand), Body and bell made of brass, Clear lacquer, Incl. mouthpiece, Without case, Made in...

Cerveny CVTR 592-3 Bass Trumpet

Bass Trumpet


Big model, 3 Rotary valves, MINIBAL joints, Nickel silver mechanism, Nickel silver leadpipe, Nickel silver inner and outer slides, Brass body and...

Selmer Bari SA80 II Goldlack SE-B2L

Baritone Saxophone


Eb tuning, Varnished with gold lacquer, With engraving, High f-sharp key, Deep A key, Pad resonators made of metal, Incl. case and mouthpiece

Bach AP 190 Artisan Bb-/A- Piccolo

Bb / A Piccolo Trumpet


Artisan series, Ø 11.43 mm bore (.450"), One-piece, hand hammered, long Ø 101.60 mm (4") brass bell with flat bell rim, Monel valves, Enlarged...

Philipp Hammig 650/3 R Piccolo Flute



Reformed headjoint, High-G# key, Grenadilla wood body (Dalbergia melanoxylon), Grenadilla wood headjoint (Dalbergia melanoxylon), E mechanism,...

Bach C 180SL-229CC Chicago Trumpet

Stradivarius C Trumpet


”Chicago” Model, One-piece lightweight hand hammered brass bell Ø 4 13/16” (122.24 mm), #229 Bell shape, ”French bead” bell edge,...

C.G.Conn Conn 62HCL

Bb/ F/ D/ Gb Bass Trombone


With 2 CL 2000 valves, In-line valves, Open wrap design, .562" (14.27mm) Bore, One piece, hand hammered Ø 9 1/2"(241mm) gold brass bell, Clear...

Miraphone M5050 TR Euphonium

Bb EuphoniumImage similar (without trigger)


With trigger on the main tuning slide, Fully compensated, Perinet valve mechanism, 4 valves (3 + 1), Upright, Water keys on the first and third...

Melton MWT23-L Tenor Horn

Bb Tenor Horn


Oval design, 3 rotary valves, Continuous impetus, Soft valve transitions, Double-Unibal rotary valves, Bell Ø 28 cm, Bore 14.5 mm, Gold brass body...

Selmer S- Neck Alto III Silver

S-Neck for Alto Saxophone Series III


Made completely of silver