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RGC Mutes Cerrry / Ash Horn Mute TPA03

Horn Mute


Made of ash and cherry wood, Angular construction, With string, Includes cloth bag, Hand-built in Spain

C.A. Seydel Söhne Sailor Steel D

Tremolo Harmonica


24 Double channels, 48 Stainless steel reeds (and rivets) with high tuning stability and a loud, full tremolo sound, Divided comb, Black plastic -...

Tom Crown Trumpet Practice Mute

Practice Dampers For Trumpet


Suitable for Bb, C and D Trumpet, Excellent intonation, Made entirely of aluminium

BG A12L Mouthpiece Cushion

Rubber Bite Plate For Saxophone & Clarinet Mouthpieces


Transparent, Self-adhesive, 0.9 mm Thick, L = Wide area, Protects mouthpiece and teeth, Begins annoying vibrations, For a pleasant playing experience

Schlipf Practice Mute for Tuba No.6

Practice Mute for Tuba


Ideal practice mute for concert tours, in the hotel room or in your own flat, Bell protection for travelling and flights, Ideal for playing before...

Cordier Reed Trimmer Soprano Sax



For soprano saxophone, With lever

Humes & Berg New Stone Lined ST-103

Clear Tone Trumpet Mute


New stone lined ST-103, Quality damper made from vulcanised fibre

Jones 101 Oboe Reed Medium Hard

Reed for Oboe


Medium-Hard, Handcrafted from reed, Especially suitable for beginners, 440 Hz

Jo-Ral Bass Trombone Cup Aluminium

Cup Damper for Bass Trombone


Ideal for cocktail jazz and big band, Good intonation, Felt strips for additional protection, Made in USA

Kölbl 2007 Tuba Strap Black

Strap for Tuba


Padded, Adjustable from 97 to 112 cm, 2 Metal snap hooks

Warburton TR-2C Woody Cup Bb-Trumpet

Cup Damper For Bb Trumpet


Wall and floor walnut, Woody cup dampers with the fewest overtones and the warmest sound character, A very popular solo damper

Harmon Triple Play Mute Trumpet



For Bb trumpet, Model triple play, Aluminium, Can be used as straight, plunger or as cup

Pearl Flutes Stand for Bass Flute



For bass flute, Entirely made out of wood

K&M 15214 Trumpet Peg w. Adapt.

Trumpet Cone


Polyamide cone with felt pads, Includes cone adapter 15281

Kariso 106/S Recorder Case Soprano

Suitcase For Recorder


For two-piece soprano recorder

Jo-Ral Trumpet Practice Mute

Practice Mute


For trumpet, Black

ESM Ernst Schreiber Bass Clarinet EPE JM

Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece for Boehm System


Professional soloist mouthpiece with great sound volume

Miraphone Case for Baritone

Case for Bb Baritone


Suitable for Miraphone 53, 54 and 56 baritones

BG A40 Stand for Clarinet


"Unfiled" reed for a powerful tone, Easy response - ideal for students, The "Orange Box" is made from the most flexible part of the cane to suite a...

Vandoren V12 Eb-Clarinet 3.5



For Bohm system Eb-clarinets

Bruno Tilz Adapter Flgh. (1) - Flgh. (2)

Mouthpiece Adapter


From flugelhorn mouthpiece narrow (1 = Getzen - Bach - Yamaha eng) to flugelhorn instrument medium (2 = Amati - Cerveny - Yamaha thick, Jupiter),...

Bari Hybrid GP Soprano Sax 7

Mouthpiece for Soprano Saxophone


Unique fusion of ebonite and metal, The comfort and feel of hard rubber combined with the weight of the metal increase the versatility of the...

Yamaha Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece 6C

Mouthpiece For Bass Clarinet


Boehm system, Phenolic resin, Tip opening 1.90 mm, Facing length 31.0 mm, Without reed screw and capsule

Bari Hybrid GP Soprano Sax 5


"Unfiled" reed for a powerful tone, Easy response - ideal for students, The "Orange Box" is made from the most flexible part of the cane to suite a...

RGC Mutes Cherry Trombone Mute TBO21

Straight Mute for Tenor Trombone


Made of American cherry wood, Round construction, Includes cloth bag, Hand-built in Spain

Tom Crown Piccolo Trumpet Straight Coppe

Mute for Trumpet


"Crown Straight" dampers, Made of pure copper, Model PTCC

Protec Mute Sock Extra Large

Mute Sock


Made of soft padded Nylex, Protects against dents and scratches

DEM-BRO Cup mute Trombone

Cup Damper for Trombone


Specially developed for brass band, Fits perfectly for Besson, Courtois, Willson and Yamaha, but also for most other manufacturers, Includes bag,...

Sandner Cap Soprano Magic Flute

Magic peg


Mouthpiece for Magic Flutes

Vandoren White Master Eb-Clarinet 2

Reed for German Eb Clarinet


Vandoren White Master, Strength 2, For more open tip openings and / or longer facing length

JK PA 3A W Parforce Horn



For Parforce horn, Parforce horn shank diameter 9.0 mm, Medium deep cup, Silver-plated

Melton MWF10T-L Flugelhorn



Meisterwerk Series, Gold brass, lacquered, 3x Cylinder valves, Nickel silver valve mechanism with bronze rotors, One-piece bell, Artistic...

Yamaha YBS-32E Baritone Saxophone

Baritone Saxophone


Mid level, To deep A, Front F-flap, Rocker for left little finger, Gold lacquered, Includes case and mouthpiece

B&S 56AFT Alessandro Fossi



Alessandro Fossi model, Larger valves, 6 Rotary valves (4 + 2), 3B Linkage system, Gold brass bell Ø 420 mm, Brass body, Clear lacquer finish,...

Leblanc L7168 Bass Clarinet

Bass Clarinet


Boehm system, Low Eb, Resotone body, Nickel-plated mechanism, Floor peg, Incl. mouthpiece and case

Guntram Wolf Fg 5 Quint-Bassoon

Quint Bassoon


Quint bassoon with standard key system, The quint bassoon sounds one fifth higher than a conventional bassoon, It is especially suitable as a...

Jupiter JEP1020 Euphonium

Euphonium in Bb


Removable mouth tube, Nickel silver outer slide, 4 Stainless steel valves, Removable mechanism, Clear lacquered, Includes case, mouthpiece and...

Yamaha YTR-9445 CHS 04 Trumpet

C Trumpet


Artist Series, Chicago model, To the sound end, the wall thickness ensures an excellent sound and a fast response, The small distance between the...

Yamaha YTR-6810 Trumpet

B / A Piccolo TrumpetPiccolo trumpets are primarily used to play the impressive solo parts of Baroque music.


4 Valves, Small hole, Yellow brass bell, 2 Leadpipes for Bb or A, Monel valves, Brass lacquered, Includes mouthpiece 14A4a and case

Philipp Hammig 650/2 Piccolo Flute



Smooth headjoint, Body and headjoint made of grenadilla wood (Dalbergia melanoxylon), E mechanism, Silver-plated nickel silver key system,...

Oscar Adler & Co. 4510 Oboe Orchestra Model



Fully automatic, 3rd Octave key, Cover flaps, To low-B, D#/E trill, Silver-plated mechanisms, Untreated, matured Grenadilla wood (Dalbergia...

Selmer SE-SO2S Sopranino SA80 II

Sopranino Saxophone


Super action 80 II series, Straight build type, Silver plated body and keys, With engraving pattern, High F# key, Upholstery resonators made of...

Bulgheroni FB- 095/3

OboeThe B - 95 professional oboe embodies the tradition of many years of experience and passion. Bulgheroni's professional models stand out both in works for orchestra and soloists.


Professional version, Semi-automatic octave key, 3rd Octave key, Made completely of Grenadilla wood, Silver-plated nickel keys, Silver-plated...

Altus 925 E Alto Flute

Alto Transverse Flute


E Mechanism, Offset G, Handmade, straight head joint made of 925 sterling silver, Silvered nickel silver mechanism and body, Drawn tone holes,...

C.A. Seydel Söhne Concerto Solo Oktav HG

Concerto Solo Octave Harmonica


10 Discrete holes, divided, 40 Reeds, 2 x 2 Reeds per channel, Half-valved, Divided comb, plastic, Stainless steel covers, Microfibre cleaning...

Buffet Crampon Tosca A-Clarinet 19/5 Green

Tosca A Clarinet


Tosca series, Boehm system, With Eb lever, With low-F improvement, Completely made of Greenline (Dalbergia Melanoxylon), Silver-plated key system,...

Buffet Crampon Tradition A- Clarinet



Boehm system, African Grenadilla wood body (Dalbergia Melanoxylon), Cylindrical bore, 18 Keys, 5 Rings, Eb lever, Adjustable thumb rest,...

Wurlitzer Eb- Clarinet M5+

Eb Clarinet Mouthpiece


For German clarinet, Made of plastic (Black)

Dieter Otto 161 MS Bb Horn

Children's Horn


3 Rotary valves with string action, Extra small build, Adjustable finger rest and flipper, Body and bell made of brass, Clear lacquer finish, Gig...

Dotzauer Parforce Horn in Bb 18220

Parforce Horn


Concert model, 1 Winding, Finely hammered bell made of extra thin gold brass plate, Powerful sound, Big concert sound, Double conical tuning slide...

Miraphone CC-291B 07020 C-Tuba

C- Tuba


5 Valves, 5/4 Rotary valves, Nickel silver parts, Conical rotary valve, Miraphone - Minibal push rod, Brass body, Silver plated

Alexander Reeds Classique Bass Saxophone 4,5



For bass saxophone, Strength 4.5, Produces a warm, dynamically balanced, beautiful tone

Dotzauer Fürst Pless in Bb 18830

Fürst Pless Horn in Bb


Concert model, Model 18830, From a single cut of finely wrought gold brass, Nickel silver wreath and Prince Pless emblem, Incl. silver plated...

Moeck 4206 Rottenburgh Soprano

Rottenburgh Soprano Recorder


Olive wood, Baroque fingering, Double holes, Incl. Case, cleaning rod and -cloth, certificate, fingering chart, maintenance set

Protec PB-305 CT Tenor Sax Case BL

Formed Case for Tenor Saxophone


Model Pro Pac, Very lightweight, Separate S-bow and mouthpiece compartment, Exterior compartment

Hohner Blues Harp MS D

Blues Harp in D-major


MS-System, The most popular model from the Richter series, Brilliant and strong sound, Wood comb with screwed on brass reed plates, Reed plate...

Cebulla M Strap for Saxophone

Strap for Saxophone


Padding made of natural rubber, Quality workmanship, Uniquely shaped ergonomic padding relieves strain on the neck vertebrae, With extended padding...

DAddario Woodwinds Rico Alto Sax 2

Reed for Alto Saxophone


"Unfiled" reed for a powerful tone, Easy response - ideal for students, The "Orange Box" is made from the most flexible part of the cane to suite a...

Legere Signature Tenor-Sax 2

Saxophone Reed


For tenor saxophone, Dark, warm tone, Developed with Larry Combs and Barnaby Robson

Hooki Saxophone strap black M

Saxophone Bracket


Does not pull on the neck, Directs the forces around the neck, Does not constrict the neck, Lies on the shoulder muscles, Allows a completely new...

Rovner Versa V-1E Ligature (Cl)



German Bb Clarinet system or Eb clarinet Boehm System, The new and improved Eddie Daniels followers, Better fit on the mouthpiece and favourable...

BG A30 T Wiper Tenor Sax

Pull through (approximately)


Tenor saxophone

USA Meyer New York Alto Sax 7M


"Unfiled" reed for a powerful tone, Easy response - ideal for students, The "Orange Box" is made from the most flexible part of the cane to suite a...

Playnick Lemuria Alto Saxophone

Mouthpiece for Alto Saxophone


Softer, louder and even finer in the response than the proven LM series, Offers an excellent balance through all registers, Has surprisingly stable...

Vandoren V21 Bb-Clarinet 3,0

Reed for Boehm ClarinetThe V21 reed combines the conic shape of the 56 rue Lepic with the profile of the V12 reeds. It was developed for musicians who are looking for a very full and warm sound as well as an easy and direct response.


"Unfiled" reed for a powerful tone, Easy response - ideal for students, The "Orange Box" is made from the most flexible part of the cane to suite a...

Mollenhauer 5223 Denner Alto Recorder

Alto recorder


Baroque fingering, 3-Piece in a cotton bag

Yamaha YFL-282 Flute

Transverse flute


Student model, Ring keys, Pointed arm design, Inline G key, E mechanism, Body, headjoint, foot and keys are made from nickel silver, New shape for...

Breslmair Backbore for Trumpet L

Backbore for Trumpet


For trumpet L, Guarantees precise response, Beautiful centered tone, Silver-plated

Pilgerstorfer Solist-dt. Bb-Clarinet 2,5

Reed for German B Flat Clarinet


French cane, Designed without too much core and is therefore particularly well suited to the more open, shorter and narrower German tip openings

Selmer Tenor Sax S90-180



For Tenor Saxophone, Classic soft sound, Easy response, Homogeneous sound in all registers, Easy to control intonation

Bach Valve Oil

Valve Oil


For trumpet and other instruments Perinet valves

Yamaha YAS-62S 04 Alto Saxophone

Alto Saxophone


New 62s S-bow, Improved low-B/ C # connection, New engraving, Silver plated, Includes case and 4C mouthpiece

Marcus Bonna MB-05N Case for Tenor Trombone



For tenor trombone with outside music pocket and damper tray, Best nylon fabric design, Very stable, despite its compact and lightweight design,...

Riedl 130 Lyre Large Clarinet

Large Clarinet Lyre


2 Pushers, Stainless steel spring, Recording adjustable, For Bb clarinet, Stable and gentle grip by silicone coating

Yamaha YSL-640 Trombone

Bb / F-Tenor Trombone


With quart valve, Professional Series, Brass bell, Outer slide made of yellow-brass, Inner slide made of nickel-silver, Includes mouthpiece and case