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Gebrüder Mönnig 160 English Horn

English Horn


Semi-automatic, Capped, Upper piece of Grenadilla (Dalbergia Melanoxylon), Double octave flap, G-improvement, C / C # trill, C / D trill, Fis / Gis...

Miraphone 47WL0700 Tenor Horn

Bb Tenor Horn


Model Loimayr, Wide design, 3 Valves, rotary valve, Bell Ø 270 mm, Bore size 13.9 mm, MMS GK 5-2 / Miraphone-Minibal push rod, Brass body,...

Altus 823 Bass Transverse Flute

Bass Transverse Flute


Handmade and silvered nickel silver flute, Curved head joint, Sterling silver lip plate and tone holes, Drawn tone holes, Specially soldered C...

C.A. Seydel Söhne Club Steel HG



40 Stainless steel reeds, Reed plate made of nickel silver, Curved, double-rowed comb made of hard-wearing ABS plastic, Reeds and rivets, as well...

Yamaha YCL-CSV RA Clarinet

A-Boehm clarinet


Custom series, 17 Flaps, 6 Rings, Integral, conical pitchholes, undercut, Robust, lively sound, Heavily silvered mechanism, Of grenadilla wood...

Kühnl & Hoyer 1315 KL Eb/Bb-Parforcehorn

Eb / Bb Parforce Hunting Horn


Quick switch valve, tuning slide, 2 Water keys, Inner loop diameter 430 mm, Faux leather wrapping, Clear lacquer, Includes silver-plated mouthpiece...

Kühnl & Hoyer 1305 Fürst Pless Zylinder

Fürst Pless B Horn


Spiral-spring ball-joint valve mechanism, Nickel silver parts, Green wrapping, Leather carrying straps, Brass, lacquered

Melton 3450-S C- Tuba



Compact 4/4 size, 5 Valves, 4 Perinet steel valves, 5th Valve thumb rest on the right, Brass body and bell, Completely silver-plated, Includes...

Miraphone 283A 11000 Eb- Tuba

Eb Tuba


Model "Norwegian Star", 4 Rotary valves, Bore of 19.6 mm to 21.2 mm (4 valve), Adjustable thumb ring, Gold brass- body, Combined gold-brass -...

Miraphone CC-84A C-Tuba

C Tuba


4 Valves, Cylinder mechanisms, Nickel silver parts, Conical rotary valves, Miraphone-Minibal push rod, Brass body, Nickel silver garland, Clear...

Nuvo jSAX Saxophone black-green 2.0

Saxophone in C


A fully chromatic range from the middle C to G in the next octave, Solidly constructed from ABS and silicone, Mouthpiece with integrated ligature...

SOMA The Pipe Black

Electronic breath FX processor


Enables control of internal sound generation via voice and breathing via newly developed contact microphone, Consists of portable device with all...

Gard 1-MLK Gigbag for Trumpet S

Gig Bag for Trumpet


Model 1-MLK, "Mid Bag Suspension System", Bell surface is protected by a thin wooden inlay with foam padding, Durable zipper, Made of leather, 1...

Vandoren ZZ Tenor Sax 2



For tenor saxophone, Quick response, Remarkably durable, Ideal for jazz

Fender Blues Deville 7 pack with case

Harmonica-Set of 7


7 harps tuned in C, G, A, D, F, E and Bb major, Plastic comb, Brass reed plate, Black-Golden lid design, Including plastic case

Legere Signature Alto-Sax 2 1/4

Synthetic Reeds


For Alto Saxophone, Légère reeds have a beautiful tone and range, together with all the other known advantages of a synthetic reed

Selmer Alto Sax Soloist C**

Mouthpiece for alto saxophone


Caoutchouc, Warm, overtone rich sound, Ideal for jazz and classical music, New edition of the Soloist Mouthpieces of the 40s

Reka Cleaning Rod for Flute

Cleaning Set for Flute


For cleaning and drying inside, Moulded for optimal insertion of the water absorbing cloth - especially in the head joint

Vandoren Optimum Ligature Clar GermanPC



For German - Bb clarinet, Silver plated, Precise and fast fixation, easily fixable to the mouthpiece, No lateral pressure on reed and ligature,...

Muramatsu GX-RBE Flute

Transverse Flute


GX Series, Head and body full silver, B Foot, Ring keys, E-Mechanism, Offset, Offset G, Silver-plated flap, Wooden cleaning rod and case (included)

DAddario Woodwinds Reserve Clarinet Classic 3,0

Reeds for Boehm Clarinets


New series, Produced with revolutionary digital cutting technology, Highest precision, Made of high density reed stems for high durability and...

Vandoren V21 Bb-Clarinet German 3

Reed for German B Flat Clarinet


Perfectly suited to German mouthpieces, Slightly wider reed tip than the White Master and White Master Traditional reeds, Stable intonation with...

Legere B-Clarinet German 2 1/2

Synthetic Bb Clarinet Reeds


For German Clarinet, German cut, Suitable for all kinds of music styles

Yamaha YFL-272SL Flute



Student model, Ring keys, Pointed arms, Offset G, E Mechanism, Body, head piece, foot and flaps made of German silver, Mortar plate made of...

Reka Super Slide



For trombone, Single-component solution for the inner cable, Ensures an optimal running of the slide, Contents 28 ml

Schilke Trumpet 17

Mouthpiece for Trumpet


A compromise of all medium qualities, This is an excellent medium mouthpiece with large diameter

Yamaha YAS-62 04 Alto Saxophone

Alto Saxophone


New 62 series neck, Improved low B/C# connection, New engraving, Gold lacquer finish, 4C mouthpiece and case included

Yamaha Venova



Range over two octaves, Handle like a recorder - German and baroque handles possible, Made of ABS plastic, Including a soprano saxophone mouthpiece...

Yamaha YSL-448 GE II Trombone

Bb / F - Tenor Trombone


With Quart valve, L - bore, Gold brass bell, Nickel silver slide, Case and mouthpiece (included)

Kühnl & Hoyer Light Case 601 30 Basstrombone

Lightweight Case For Bass Trombone


Suitable for models .563+ Orchestra series, Bell diameters up to 260 mm, Outside compartment, Backpack straps

Marcus Bonna MB-06N Case for Bass Trombone



For bass trombone, Fits bell up to 24.2 cm in diametre, Slide length up to approximately 86cm, variable due to padding, Best nylon fabric design,...

Hohner Chrometta 10 C 40 Harmonica

Chromatic Harmonica


Enables control of internal sound generation via voice and breathing via newly developed contact microphone, Consists of portable device with all...

Vandoren Profile 88 Bb-Clarinet B45 L



"Profile 88" series, Bb clarinet Boehm System, With thinner mouthjoint tip and changed facet, Combines the sound of the B40 and the comfort of the B45

Marcus Bonna Case for Euphonium

Case For Euphonium


For instruments with front action valves, Incl. backpack straps and mouthpiece pocket (for 3 mouthpieces)

Moeck 1025 Flauto 1

Soprano RecorderA very easy tpcare low priced soprano recorder for the beginner. Made of special plastic with natural cork seal, fine details and workmanship made by hand. Flauto 1 does not replace the peculiarities of a woodblock recorder, but it is an al


Special plastic, German fingering, Without double holes, Includes linen bag., Including grease and cleaning rod

BG A31T Swab Trumpet Lead Pipe

Pull-Through Wipe for Trumpet Mouthpipes


Pointed oval, 2 Pull cords, Microfibre, Lint-free, Washable

Schneider Student C-Soprano Flute German

C - Soprano Recorder


Premium maple nature, Lacquered, German fingering, Complete with wipers, fingering chart and shell

Mollenhauer New Student 1003d

Soprano rRecorder


In C, Dark stained pear wood, German fingering, The fine, gentle sound is never obtrusive and remains balanced in all registers, The steady...

Denis Wick 5880 Trombone 6BL

Mouthpiece for Trombone


Large shank, All-round mouthpiece, Bestseller, Good in all registers

Warburton P.E.T.E. Pro silver plated

Personal Embouchure Trainer


For advanced, For strengthening lip muscles

Perantucci Tuba Mouthpiece PT-64

Tuba Mouthpiece


Medium-flat pear shape, Well rounded, Clearly defined, Lively, exciting and clear sound with excellent carrying capacity, Great flexibility and...

Bach 336 French horn 10

Mouthpiece For French Horn


Deep cup, Silver plated

maxton Classic D "LUDWIG"

Mouthpiece for German Bb Clarinet


Model Ludwig - based on D4-2, Made of plastic with O-rings

Yamaha Soprano Sax Mouthpiece 5C

Standard Mouthpiece


For soprano saxophone, Without ligature and cap

Yamaha Eric Miyashiro Flgh.



Eric Miyashiro signature, For flugelhorn, Silver plated

Leitner & Kraus V 100 Bb- Clarinet Zelltec

Mouthpiece for Bb Clarinet


100 Tip opening (1.00 mm), Maximum balance in all pitches, Very good sound spectrum, Sound-optimized bore for a full tone and easy response

Vandoren V12 Soprano Sax 3.5

Reed for Soprano Saxophone


Soprano saxophone, Made of reed cane that has been specially selected for its proportions, Compared to traditional reeds, the V12 is distinguished...

Selmer Baritone Sax S80 F



For baritone saxophone, Easy response, Large tone volume, Square chamber

Protec Neopren MouthpcPouch Tenor Sax

Mouthpiece Pouch


For tenor saxophone, Neoprene, Compact, fitted design, With zipper, Outside pocket for small accessories

Keilwerth JK3000-9-0 MKX Tenor Vintage

Tenor Saxophone


Vintage model, High F# key, White mother of pearl inlays, Adjustable metal thumb rest, Pisoni leather pads, Metal resonators, Laser precision...

Muramatsu GX-CCE Flute



Head and body solid silver, Closed key flaps, E mechanism, Offset, Advanced G, Silvered key flaps, Including Wooden wiper rod and case

B&S 3146/2G-GL Brochon



Brochon model, Brass body, 10.40 mm ML bore, Ø 150 mm gold brass bell, Trigger on the 3rd slide, Monel valves, Nickel silver outer slides, 2 Water...

Jupiter JTU1010 Bb-Tuba

Bb Tuba


4 Front Action périnet valves, Removable valve mechanism parts, Gold brass lead pipe, Nickel silver outerslides, Clear lacquer, Incl. mouthpiece,...

Schreiber D-45 Virtuoso Bb- Clarinet


Enables control of internal sound generation via voice and breathing via newly developed contact microphone, Consists of portable device with all...

Silverstein Ambipoly Bass Clarinet 3


Enables control of internal sound generation via voice and breathing via newly developed contact microphone, Consists of portable device with all...

pBone pBone Red

Bb Tenor Trombone


Small Ø 12.70 mm (0.500) hole, Built ergonomically, Slide made of fiberglass, Very resistant, Incl. plastic mouthpiece and bag

JK Exclusive Flugelhorn 7C DS

Mouthpiece for Flugelhorns


Medium deep cup, Silver plated, German shank (10 mm)

Yanagisawa SC-WO20 Curved Soprano Sax

Soprano Saxophone


Elite model, Curved model in alto sax form, Bronze body, Bronze keys, High F # flap, C # / Bb and B / C # rocker, Mechanism on pillar rails,...

Küng Superio Bass Recorder 2601

Bass recorder


Baroque fingering, a'= 442 Hz, Developed by the passionate recorder maker Geri Bollinger, The delivery of the first instrument was preceded by a...

C.A. Seydel Söhne Gift package Triola

Triola Gift Package


Songbook volume 1, volume 2 (Christmas songs), 3, 4 and the new bilingual volume 5 (English/German with additional harmonica notes), This harmonica...

Hohner Fire Melodica 32



New design with black and red keys and red body, Sound and plays like the Student 32, 32 Smooth keys, Extremely airtight and quick response, Incl....

Hercules Stands DS630BB Alto /Tenor Sax Stand

Saxophone stands


Suitable for alto / tenor saxophone, Auto grip system, Foldable, Tilting

Startone PCR-20 Bb- Cornet Blue

Bb Cornet


Made of ABS plastic, Conventional metal perinet valves and valve bushings, Water key on the tuning slide, Finger-hook on mouth pipe, Includes ABS...

Protec BM307 Micro Zip Case Bb- Cl.

Case for Boehm Clarinet


Made of extremely light, resilient, and scratch-resistant ABS material, Small accessory compartment, Includes padded shoulder carrying strap

Yamaha PM-6X Flugelhorn

Single Mute for Flugelhorn


New Silent Brass mute

Hofmann Panflute Masterclass Exclusive


Enables control of internal sound generation via voice and breathing via newly developed contact microphone, Consists of portable device with all...

Jupiter JTU1140 Bb-Tuba

B Flat Tuba


Brass body, Detachable lead pipe, 4x Rotary valves, Detachable valve mechanism, Valve block in traditional construction, Lacquer finish,...

Marcus Bonna MB-5N Case for French Horn

Flight Case


For French horn, 2 Compartments for mutes with detachable bell, Made of highest quality nylon fabric, Highly durable, despite its compact and...

Gewa Panpipes G-Major 18 Pipes

Pan Flute


G Major, 18 Pipes, Curved shape, Wooden belt, Clean tuning, Very good craftsmanship

Marcus Bonna MB-5 Case French Horn XL

French Horn Case


Extra Large, Fits all sizes, The difference from the standard model is the positioning of the horn in the case, Two compartments for mutes, Best...

Vandoren V16 Baritone Sax B 5



Baritone saxophone, Flexible mouthpiece for many applications

Kühnl & Hoyer Slokar Eb- Alto Trombone 175

Eb Alto Trombone


Gold-brass bell Ø 180 mm, Nickel-silver slide, Varnished, Bore 12.2 / 12.4 mm, Including mouthpiece

Berg Larsen Baritone Saxophone Ebonite 105

Baritone Saxophone Mouthpiece


Black Ebonite, Nr. 105, Chamber size No.2, Facing length SMS (european), Incl. ligature and cap

Jody Jazz Alto DV NY 7 Mouthpiece

Mouthpiece for Alto Saxophone


Metal, Is based on the DV model, Has a deep chamber to produce a darker tone, Includes reed screw, capsule and mouthpiece pocket