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Voigt Brass Practice Mute B-Tuba

Practice Mute


For B-tuba, Excellent intonation, Easy to grip all the way around, Intelligent solution for musicians in concert

Jones 101A Artist Oboe Reed MH

Reed for Oboe


Medium-Hard, Handcrafted from reed, Suitable for advanced players, Excellent response in all registers, 440 Hz, 'Philadelphia Style' cut

Kölbl 2015/40 Bariton Strap Black

Strap for Tenor Horn or Baritone


Shoulder padding made of natural rubber with cow leather lining, 2 Loops

Theo Wanne Complete Refacing Kit

Refacing KitIncludes:


Book "Basic Mouthpiece Refacing" (in English), High-quality digital measuring device, Measuring gauge ("traditional") made of glass, Basic feeler...

K&M 17710 Foldable Base for 4 Pegs

Cross Foot


Large collapsible cross foot, For screwing of any maximum of 4 instrument pegs

Mollenhauer 5020 Denner Sopranino



Denner model, Sopranino, Rosewood (Dalbergia stevensonii), Baroque fingering, 2 Pieces, Cotton pouch included

Paetzold by Kunath Cross Stand for Contrabass

Cross-Stand For Bass Recorder


from the "Marine Band Classic"-series

K&M 15224 Clarinet Peg

Plastic Peg for A and Bb Clarinet


Incl. Peg adapter K&M 15281, For screwing onto peg holder K&M 14301, Black

Selmer S- Neck Alto III

S-Neck for Alto Saxophone Series III


Gold lacquer finish

Moeck 1121 Bag for Soprano Recorder

Recorder bag


For soprano recorder, Two-piece

Tom Crown Trumpet Cup Aluminium

Cup Damper


For trumpet, Full aluminium

Jo-Ral Trombone Straight Aluminium



For tenor trombone, Straight, Made of aluminium

Precieux Hunting Horn "Deluxe Line" B


from the "Marine Band Classic"-series

Marca Reed for Bassoon Medium



For bassoon, Packaged in a plastic tube

Sandner Treble 80 Standard Fb Black

Treble Magic Flute


Model 80 standard, Complete with black case, Largely machine-made with the advantages of the large-scale production, Extremly durable, because the...

Lee Oskar Major Diatonic Reedplates E

E-Major Reed Plate Set


For major diatonic harmonica, Upper and lower plate in one set

Lee Oskar Major Diatonic Reedplates H

Reed Plate Set


For major diatonic harmonica, Upper and lower plate in one set

Lee Oskar Natural Minor Reedplates A

Reed Plate Set for Lee Oskar harmonica


A natural minor, Upper and lower plate in one set

Emo Trombone Hush- Cup Alu

Hush Cup Mute for Trombone



JK PA 3B Parforce Horn



For Parforce-Horn, Edge diameter 29 mm, Cup diameter 18.50 mm, Bore 4.6 mm, Parforce horn shank diameter 9.0 mm, Medium cap, Silver-plated

Mollenhauer Thumb Rest 6215

Thumb Rest


Made of wood (rosewood), Self-adhesive, For tenor recorder

Voigt Brass Mute Gigbag Euphonium

Mute Bag


For euphonium dampers, Ensures safe transport, Can be easily transformed into a mute stand thanks to the removable magnetic lid

AW Reeds 429 Bass Clarinet German 3,5

Reed for German Bass Clarinet


Unfiled, This reed is particularly suitable for mouthpieces with a big tip opening, Flexible and direct response

Cerveny CVFH 502R Flugelhorn



3 rotary valves, Trigger, 2 Water keys, MINIBAL joints, Nickel silver valve mechanism, Nickel silver leadpipe, Nickel silver inner and outer...

Melton 4250-L F- Tuba



Orchestra tube in lightweight construction, 6/4 Size, 5x Rotary valves, Trigger on 2nd valve, 3B Linkage system, Brass body, With clear lacquer...

Selmer C 28 Kontra Bassklarinette

Double bass clarinet


Tuning in Bb, Rosewood body (Dalbergia Stevensonii from Honduras), Silver-plated keys, Leather upholstery with metal resonators, With sting,...

Miraphone 47 WL 1100 Tenor Horn

Bb Tenor Horn


Model Loimayr, Wide design, 3-Valves, Rotary valve, Sound piece Ø270mm, MMS GK 5-2 / Miraphone-Minibal push rod, Gold brass body, Lacquered,...

Philipp Hammig 650/3 Piccolo Flute



Smooth headjoint, High-G# key, Grenadilla wood body (Dalbergia Melanoxylon), Grenadilla wood headjoint (Dalbergia Melanoxylon), E mechanism,...

Oscar Adler & Co. Bassoon 1358 Orchestral Model



26 Keys, 10 Rollers, High-D, High-E, E flat trill, High-gloss, silver-plated mechanisms, Aged sycamore maple, Complete with 2 'Oscar Adler & Co.'...

Antoine Courtois AC551BHA Bass Trombone

Bb / F Tenor Trombone


Model "New York", Hand-hammered, one-piece and unscrewable brass cup with 241 mm diameter, Brass outer slide, Nickel-silver hard chromed inner...

Bach C 180L-239G-25C C-Trumpet

Stradivarius C-Trumpet


L-Bore .462” (11.74mm), One-piece, hand hammered gold brass bell Ø 4 13/16” (122.24mm), #239 Bell shape, 25 C Leadpipe, Monel valves, Thumb...

Pearl Flutes PFA 206 EU Alto Flute

Alto Transverse Flute in G


Sterling silver head joint, Pointed Arm design, Nickel silver-plated, Closed keys, Offset G, E Mechanism, With curved head joint, Includes case and...

Hans Hoyer 704A-L

Bb French Horn


With A stop valve, Removable bell, Spiral spring mechanism with 3B ball joints, Long valve levers, Nickel silver inner- and outerslides, Gold brass...

Bulgheroni FB- 091/3 TF ART RK Oboe

OboeBecause Bulgheroni dedicate themselves extensively and conscientiously to building their school oboes to be especially suitable for those who make their first steps into the world of music, even the youngest players can feel like great musicians.


Standard model, Semi-automatic octave key, 3rd Octave key, Completely made of Grenadilla wood, Silver-plated nickel keys, Silver-plated mechanisms,...

Kühnl & Hoyer 1315 L Eb/Bb-Parforcehorn L2W

Eb / Bb Parforce Hunting Horn


Switch valve, Tuning slide, 2 Water keys, Inner loop diameter 430 mm, Genuine leather wrapping, Clear lacquer, Including silver plated mouthpiece...

Kühnl & Hoyer 1305a Fürst Pless Perinet41201

Fürst Pless Horn


In B, 3-Valve Perinet valve mechanism, Valves are from Monel, Green artificial leather wrapping, Brass, lacquered, Incl. mouthpiece and leather...

Marca Superieure Basssax 4,5

Reeds For Bass Saxophone


Package contains 5 reeds, Very good quality, Good response, Durable

Alexander Reeds Classique Bass Saxophone 4,0



For bass saxophone, Produces a warm, dynamically balanced, beautiful tone

Sankyo FT Headjoint 925 Ag

HeadjointThe FT head provides a stable and even sound quality in all registers. Remarkable is the light, coloured tone in the high register.


Riser, rod and lip plate made of 925 sterling silver

Bach 180-37S ML Trumpet

Stradivarius B Trumpet


One-piece, hand hammered brass bell (122.24 mm), #37 bell shape, Monel valves, Thumb saddle at 1. slide, Ring at 3. slide, Silver plated, Incl....

Mollenhauer 2106 Canta Soprano

Soprano Recorder


Baroque fingering, Double holes, Versatile and reliable as part of an ensemble set with a homogenous sound, Relaxed holding position due to a...

Hohner Marine Band Classic C



from the "Marine Band Classic"-series

Gard 4-ECSK Elite Gigbag 2 Trumpets

Gig Bag For 2 Trumpets


Suitable for two trumpets with perinet or rotary valves, Hybrid bag with polymer reinforcement inside for the best protection and durability,...

Legere Signature Tenor-Sax 2 1/4

Saxophone Reed


For tenor saxophone, Dark, warm tone, Developed with Larry Combs and Barnaby Robson

Vandoren Java Alto Sax 2

Java Reeds


Alto Saxophone, Designed for jazz or pop music

Yamaha Alto Sax Mouthpiece 5C



For alto Saxophone, Standard, Facing length 5C, Delivery without ligature and cap

Peter Leuthner German Bb-Clarinet 3,0 Prof.

Reed for German B Flat Clarinet


Strength 3.0, Made of wood, This reed is characterized with a soft and smooth sound in all registers, Carefully crafted reed tip area with more...

La Tromba AG Fast Valve Oil

Valve Oil


High performance valve oil for piston and rotary valves

Peter Leuthner Bb-Clarinet 3,0 Professional

Reed set for Boehm Bb clarinets


Made from wood, A very good response in all pitches, as well as a clear and flexible sound, The perfectly carved tip area provides the highest...

Yanagisawa T-WO10 Elite Tenor Saxophone

Tenor saxophone


New model, Revised mechanism, New engraving design, Made from a new brass alloy, High F# key, C#/Bb and B/C# rocker arms, Double arm on low B and C...

GEWA-CUP Trumpet 3C

Trumpet mouthpiece


Mid-size cup, Large cup diameter, but not oversized, For wind players who need a large mouthpiece without sacrificing high registers, Silver-plated

Soundfresh Soundfreak TP1

Mouthpiece for Trumpet


Enables the unmistakable, noisy sound of the jazz trumpeters of the 50s and 60s, Easy to control and vary air noise, Especially when used in...

Yamaha YAS-480 Alto Saxophone

Alto Saxophone


New model, Successor to the YAS-475 model, New neck receiver, Improved B/C# connection, Separate key guards, High F# key, New octave key system as...

Küng Studio Tenor Recorder 1501

Tenor recorder


Baroque fingering, The Studio tenor recorder is well suited to playing in an ensemble either as a medium voice, or as the first in a low quartet...

Yamaha YSL-356 GE Trombone

Tenor Trombone


With F-attachment, Gold brass bell, Nickel silver slide, Double bore, Includes case

Otto Link Vintage Tenor Sax 6*



Vintage series, Tenor sax, Rubber, Completely new developed mouthpiece that recaptures the old Otto Link sound, Includes ligature and cap

Riedl 325 N Lyre for Flute Leather

Lyre For Flute


Medium Lyra, 2 Pushers, Stainless steel spring, Leather strap with aluminum plate

Aulos 302A "Elite" Soprano Recorder



C-Soprano, Plastic, German fingering, Double hole, 3 Parts, Incl. bag, Body made of plastic, German fingering, With double hole, Three-piece,...

Ortola 8075 Case for Euphonium

Case for euphonium


Model 8075, Backpack straps, 1 Outer pocket, 2 Handles

Mollenhauer 5416C Denner Comfort Tenor

Denner Comfort Tenor Recorder


In C, From light pear wood, The Mollenhauer Comfort Tenor makes playing easy, Two additional keys reduce strain on the hands, C / C# double key,...

Jody Jazz Tenor Super Jet 7* Mouthpiece

Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece


Brass, Silver-plated, CNC machine-milled, Shorter curvature, Suitable for Smooth Jazz, Rock, Funk, Includes screw, capsule and deluxe mouthpiece...

Gard 71-MSK Gigbag for Sousaphone

Gig Bag for Sousaphone


Model 71-MSK, 26" bell, "Mid Bag Suspension System", Bell surface is protected by a thin wooden inlay with foam padding, Durable zipper, Cordura...

Hohner Student Melodica 32 Blue



Also highly suitable for advanced players, With a tonal range of two-and-a-half octaves, complex pieces can also be played, Extremely airtight and...

Bach 341 Trombone 5GS

Mouthpiece for trombone


Series 341, Wide shank, Silver-plated

Vibrass Lip Massage Trainer

Lip Massage Device


For all brass and double-tube blowers, Infinitely adjustable rotary switch, A vibrating weight is attached to the motor shaft, causing the conical...

Protec LX 315 Lux Pro Pac Oboe

Bag for Oboe


Water and abrasion resistant, Shaped interior, Backpack straps - stored separately in their own pocket, Detachable padded shoulder strap, Highly...

DAddario Woodwinds Royal Baritone Sax 3

Reed for Baritone Saxophone


Royal Series, Fast response and high flexibility, Suitable for classical and modern music, First-class reeds for uniform response, Pack of 10 reeds

Legere Signature Bari-Sax 2

Plastic Reed for Baritone Saxophone


Dark and warm tone, Developed with Larry Combs and Barnaby Robson

Bach 350 Trombone 6-1/2A

Mouthpiece for Trombone


6-1/2 A, Series 350, Small shank, Silver plated

Marcus Bonna Case for Bassoon Gentleman L

Case for Bassoon


Made of leather, With outside music pocket

Bach Gold Trim Kit

Tuning Set for Trumpets


Optical tuning set for all Bach Stradivarius trumpets and cornets, All parts are gold-plated for the embellishment of the instrument, Normal...

K&M 18020 Stand for Oboe



For oboe, The world-renowned 4-foot base made of stable zinc die-cast feet guarantees the best stability now also as an oboe stand, For transport...

JK 1CM A1 Exclusive French Horn

Mouthpiece for French Horn


Silver-plated, The M-Series is characterised by its bright tone with light nuances, which is achieved by its more shallow, rounder shell

Denis Wick DW4905 Tone Collar Trumpet

Valve ring for trumpet


Suitable for trumpet, Ring for the 3rd valve, Held by the lower valve cover, Dampens vibrations and ensures a more focused and harmonious sound, 3 mm