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Hohner Blues Harp MS A

Blues Harp in A Major


MS System, Wooden comb, The most popular model from Richter-series, Brilliant, powerful sound, Wooden body with brass reeds attached by screws,...

Protec PB-305CT Tenor Sax Case XL

Shaped Case for Tenor Saxophones


XL version - especially for vintage and Big Bell instruments, Very light, Separate S-neck and mouthpiece compartment, Exterior compartment

Legere Signature Tenor-Sax 3

Saxophone Reed


For tenor saxophones, Warm and dark sound, Developed with Larry Combs and Barnaby Robson

BG C20 E Clarinet Strap

Strap for Clarinet


Nylon with cotton padding, Elastic, Metal hook with 2 leather flaps, Handmade in France

Selmer Light Case Alto

Light Case


For Alto Saxophones, Rectangular case made of high-density foam, Zipper, Exterior compartment, Backpack straps, Without shoulder strap

Legere Signature Tenor-Sax 2 3/4

Saxophone Reed


For tenor saxophones, Warm and dark sound, Developed with Larry Combs and Barnaby Robson

USA Meyer New York Alto Sax 6M


Baroque style handle, Double hole, ABS plastic, Three piece design, Brown, Including bag, fingering chart, cleaning rod, recorder fat

Pilgerstorfer Classic wide Bb-Clarinet 3,0

Reed for German B Flat Clarinet


French cane, Ideal for a very dark, velvety tone

Rovner Dark Bb Clarinet Boehm 1R B

Ligature For Bb clarinet


Boehm system, Warm, powerful, centred and dark tone, The ideal all-round ligature, Including cap (7​)

Vandoren 56 Rue Lepic Bb-Clarinet 2.5

Bb-Clarinet reed


Rue Lepic series for Boehm clarinets

Hetman Nr. 7 Slide Gel

Slide Gel


Synthetic lubricant, High viscosity for tight-fitting stationary slides, Seals consistently and prevents the slides from becoming stuck and...

Bach 351 Trumpet 3D

Mouthpiece for Trumpet


Medium-flat cup, Medium width rim, Silver-plated

Mollenhauer 5222 Denner Alto Recorder

F Alto Recorder


Baroque fingering, 3-Piece, adjustable foot joint, Oiled finish, incl. bag

Yamaha YRA-302 BIII

Alto Recorder


Baroque style handle, Double hole, ABS plastic, Three piece design, Brown, Including bag, fingering chart, cleaning rod, recorder fat

Chieftain Thunderbird Alto G Tuneable Whistle



Tunable, Alloyed flageolet in two parts, Great sound and great playability, Designed by Phil Hardy, Made in England

Selmer SE-A2L Goldlac SA80 II

Eb Alto Saxophone


Anniversary design, Gold lacquer finish, With engraved pattern, High f# key, Padded metal resonators, Includes Selmer S80 C

Pearl Flutes Elegante 795 RE - Vigore

Transverse Flute


Sterling silver headjoint with 3K gold lip plate, Sterling silver body and footjoint, Nickel silver plated mechanism, Pointed arms, Ring keys,...

Selmer Tenor Reference 54 SE-TR54L

Tenor saxophone


Dark gold lacquer, Centred sound, rich in overtones, In the style of the Mark VI from 1954, S80 C

DAddario Woodwinds Select Jazz Tenor 6

Mouthpiece D6M for Tenor Saxophone


Vintage inspired design, Classical jazz sound, Special rubber, milled from solid rod rubber, Not moulded, but milled for highest accuracy with...

Riedl 203 N Lyre Trumpet Bell

Lyre for trumpet


Nickel-plated, Screw to the trumpet bell firmly, Felt pads to protect the instrument from the clamping surfaces

Jody Jazz Tenor HR* 7* Mouthpiece

Mouthpiece for Tenor Saxophone


Suitable for both professionals and students, Beautiful, warm sound and feel, Includes mouthpiece pouch

Hohner AirBoard Junior 25 Melodica



Requires no computer, no cables and no power source, Easy to play, 25 Keys, BlowFlow mouthpiece, Soft case with shoulder strap, Includes...

Walther Melodica Black



37 Keys, Includes inflatable tube and case with carrying strap

Moeck 1252 Soprano School Recorder

Soprano Recorder


German fingering, Made from pear tree wood, Nylon bag (included)

Playnick Nommos B2 Mouthpiece French

Mouthpiece for Bb Clarinet


Boehm system, A little more support for plastic reeds to get more successful result, Made of black rubber, French bore

Roché Thomas MI-T-Mist Mouthpiece Cleane S

Mouthpiece Cleanser


Cleans and disinfects, Spray bottle

Hohner CX-12 C Tenor Harmonica

Chromatic Harmonica in C Major Tenor


48 reeds, Plastic comb, Particularly ergonomic plastic casing, Black coloured casing

Moeck 2401 Flauto Rondo Tenor

Flauto Rondo Tenor Recorder


Baroque fingering, Double holes, Stained maple, A' = 442 Hz, Model comes in three parts, Incl. cotton and leather pouch

Ritter RBS7 Sousaphone SGL

Bag for Sousaphone


Session series, High-quality sewn, water-repellent "Jacquard Bicolour" material, Integrated reflectors for road safety, "All-around piping system"...

Protec PB-315 Pro Pac Oboe



Pro Pac Oboe, Lightweight and stable, Large outside pocket, Shoulder strap, Water resistant nylon outer cover

Yamaha YSL-445 GE II Trombone

Bb tenor trombone


Nickel silver slide, Lacquered, With case and 48 mouthpiece

Denis Wick 4880E Euphonium SM5U

Mouthpiece for the Euphonium


Steven Mead Ultra Series, Heavier outer shape, Slightly more rounded cup and a sharper inner edge to rim, Large shank

Jakob Winter JW 2089 1/2W Tuba Case

Semi-Hardcase for Bb Tuba


Robust ABS plastic case, 20 mm Side padding, 40 mm Bell padding, Extra strong aluminium frame, Velvet interior, Mouthpiece holder, Roles allow easy...

Protec LX307Lux ProPac Clari. German



German clarinet pro pac, Lightweight and shockproof bag, Exterior zippered pocket with space for notes etc., Detachable backpack straps with...

Dave Guardala Tenor "MBII" Silver



For tenor-saxophone, Michael Brecker II Signature, Tip opening .114 inches, Including GF-ligature and cap, Silver-plated

Vandoren Java Filed Red Baritone 3



For baritone saxophone, The Java "Filed-Red Cut" stems from the Java family, it is the first Vandoren Jazz reed with "File-Cut" (French cut) and a...

Bruno Tilz Model Alexander Wurz S1

Mouthpiece for Tenor Horn


Small shaft, Alexander Wurz model, Medium-shallow cup, Shaft 1 (approx. 12 mm), Silver-plated

Yamaha YFL-212 Set

Yamaha YFL-212 Flute


Flute, Student model, Closed keys, Pointed Arms, Advanced G, E-Mechanics, Body, head, foot and keys made of nickel silver, New form of folding...

Vandoren V16 Soprano Sax S 7

Mouthpiece for Soprano Saxophone


S 7, Without ligature or cap

Klawus 670 Reed Case Clarinet 12

Reed Case


For 12 clarinet reeds, With mirror, Wood core, Leather-clad, Made in Germany!

Yamaha Slide Stopper Trumpet

Trigger rubber for trumpet


Prevents falling out of the first and third slide, Facilitates the return of the trigger slides, Made of silicone

Denis Wick 5881 Cornet 5B

Mouthpiece Cornet 5B


Silver plated

Denis Wick 5884 Flugelhorn 2BFL

Flugelhorn Mouthpiece


Silver plated, Medium-deep cup, Yamaha shank for USA and Japanese models

Arnolds & Sons Baritone 12C-B

Baritone Mouthpiece


Medium cup, Medium wide rim, Baritone shaft, Silver plated

Legere Soprano Sax 2

Plastic Reed for Soprano Saxophone


Légère reeds have a beautiful sound and range together with all the usual benefits of a synthetic reed, The original cut provides a dark tone and...

Vandoren Optimum Bari Sax BL3

Mouthpiece For Baritone SaxophoneThe BL3 is versatile and offers fast response. It is ideal for both beginners and advanced players.


Without ligature and cap

Startone Alto SAS-75 Ligature



For Startone alto saxophone SAS-75

Yamaha Tenor Sax Pad Set

Pad set for tenor saxophone


With plastic resonators, PLU1, PLU2

Humes & Berg New Stone Lined ST-101



For trumpet, Straight - mute, Made of vulcanized fibre

Wallace TWC-451 Bass Trombone Cup

Cup Mute for Bass Trombone


Adjustable and removable cup, Made entirely of aluminium, Very lightweight construction, Very open cup sound, Excellent intonation, Can also be...

Denis Wick DW5536 Tenor Horn Practice Mu.

Practice Damper


For tenor horn (English style)

Wallace TWC-M23C Barit Practice Compac

Practice Damper for Baritone Horn


Air resistance can be reduced, Made entirely of aluminium, Very lightweight construction, Very good intonation, For transport, the damper can be...

Best Brass Wow Wow Mute Bass Trombone

Wow Wow Damper


For bass trombone, "Cool jazz" model, Entirely of aluminium, Excellent intonation, Silver

Cerveny CVBB 693-4R Bb-Tuba



4 Rotary valves, Compact build, MINIBAL joints, Brass body, Brass bell, Nickel silver valve mechanism, Nickel silver mouthpipe, Nickel silver inner...

Krinner New Age Medium Silver


Baroque style handle, Double hole, ABS plastic, Three piece design, Brown, Including bag, fingering chart, cleaning rod, recorder fat

Buffet Crampon ICON Clarinet Bell silver

Clarinet Bell


Optimized flow and sound properties, Without bell ring

Breslmair Bottom Part Flugelhorn F0

Lower section of a flugelhorn mouthpiece


For F0 flugelhorns, German shank, Silver plated

B&S 3046-L Baritone



Gold brass, With 4 valves, Graduated bore (14-16), 3B ball bearing linkage system, Nickel silver inner and outer slides, Gold brass leadpipe, High...

Johannes Scherzer 8218W-S Bb-Trumpet

Bb Trumpet


Cologne model, 3x Cylinder valves, Bore 11.5 mm, 140 mm Bell, 3rd Slide trigger, Gold brass, Nickel silver machine, Spiral springs with 3B linkage...

Warburton Mouthpiece Flugelhorn 4FLM G

Mouthpiece for Flugelhorn


German shank

Miraphone 54L 1100A Baritone

Bb Baritone


Model Loimayr, Oval design, 4 Valves, Rotary valve, ATV system, Gold brass body, Bell Ø 290 mm, Clear lacquered, Nickel silver set, Conical rotary...

Cerveny CVVT 571-3 Valve Trombone

Valve Trombone


3 Rotary valves, Minibal joints, Brass mechanism, Includes silver-plated mouthpiece and case

Moeck 2540 Flauto Rondo Bass(curved)

Knick Bass RecorderThe Flauto Rondo stands for a balanced sound in all situations, which can be achieved even without a perfect breathing technique and mixes well in the ensemble.


Flauto Rondo model, Baroque handle, Key, 4-piece, Stained maple, A' = 442 Hz, Incl. Case

Marcus Bonna MB-2N Case for French Horn



For French horn with a fixed bell, Large outer pocket for notes, Made of highest quality nylon fabric, Highly durable, despite its compact and...

Cerveny CVFH 501R Flugelhorn

B Concert Flugelhorn


MINIBAL joints, Nickel silver valve mechanism, Nickel silver leadpipe, Nickel silver inner and outer slides, Nickel silver bell ring, Incl....

Hofmann Antique Panpipe G


Baroque style handle, Double hole, ABS plastic, Three piece design, Brown, Including bag, fingering chart, cleaning rod, recorder fat

Wallace TWC-M28C Horn Compact Practice

Exercise Horn Mute


Adjustable resistor, Made entirely of aluminium, To transport the damper, it can be completely stowed in the bell

Yamaha YEP-321 Euphonium



4 Périnet valves, Bell 280 mm, Bore 14.5 - 15.5 mm, Copper lacquer finish, Incl. Yamaha 48 mouth piece and case

Best Brass Warm-Up Nano Mute



Fits into every wah-wah mute, Just remove stem and insert Nano mute, The volume is reduced and the wah-wah mute becomes a practice mute, In...

BG A10S Mouthpiece Cushion

Rubber Bite Plate For Saxophone & Clarinet Mouthpieces


Self-adhesive, S = narrow area, Protects mouthpiece and teeth, Intercepts unwanted vibrations, For a pleasant playing experience, Set of 6 pieces

C.A. Seydel Söhne Belt for Blues Harp



For blues harp, Well padded and offers a secure hold for 8 instruments, Nevertheless, it is easy and convenient (less than 200g (net)), Adjustable...

Wallace TWC-M17C Trpt Practice Compact

Practice Mute for Trumpet


Suitable for B flat, C, E flat, G, and high B flat piccolo trumpet, Air resistance can be reduced, Made entirely of aluminium, Very lightweight...

Hohner Spare Harp Kreuzwender D-Major

Replacement Harp for Kreuzwender in D Major


Comb made of wood

C.A. Seydel Söhne Softcase for 14 harmonicas

Soft Case


Fits up to 14 harmonicas - or your complete tool

Best Brass Wow Wow Mute Brass Trumpet

Wow-Wow Damper For Trumpet


Completely made of brass, Excellent intonation