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Protec IP-316SB French Horn Case BLK

iPac Case


For French horn with removable bell, Very compact and lightweight, Water resistant nylon outer shell, Accessory compartment on the front and a...

Vandoren V16 Tenor Sax Metal T5-L

Mouthpiece for Tenor Saxophone


A real vintage sound, Delivery without ligature and cap, Made from the legendary "Bell Metal Brass" alloy (bell bronze) and then plated in 24 carat...

Vandoren Classic Blue Baritone Sax 2

Saxophone reed classic blue


For baritone saxophone, Strength 2

Christian Lindberg 10CL S

Mouthpiece for trombone


For trombone 10CL, Small shaft, Silver-plated, Includes cleaning brush

Yamaha Valve Spring Tpt., Cor.

Yamaha Valve Spring


For trumpet and cornet, 1 piece

Roko Bassoon Gig Bag BK

Bassoon Gig Bag


Highly tear-resistant fabric material, Extra reinforced stress points, Hard case for 4 crooks, 3 Accessory pockets, inside removable, sewn to the...

Otto Link Super Tonemaster Alto Sax 5*

Metal Mouthpiece For Alto Saxophone


Tip opening 5*, Gold-plated bronze, Ligature and cap (included)

Yamaha Mouthpiece Flugelhorn 14F4

Trumpet Mouthpiece


Standard series

KGUbrass Yamaha Trim kit Medium raw

Trim kit for Yamaha trumpet


Medium version, Replacement for valve cover and finger buttons for professional optics and better sound characteristics, Creates a warm, full,...

Bruno Tilz E.Schmid 9 French Horn

Mouthpiece For French Horn


Model 9 E.Schmid, Silver plated

Jody Jazz Alto DV 8 Mouthpiece

Mouthpiece for Alto Saxophone


Metal, Small, stepped chamber, Mouthpiece is 24-Karat gold-plated, It is aimed at saxophonists with a modern, overtone-rich sound, who attach...

Selmer Soprano Sax Super Session H



For soprano saxophones, Modern centered jazz sound, High tonal flexibility, Maximum tone control

Vandoren Java Soprano Sax 2.5

Reed for soprano saxophone


Developed for jazz or pop music

AW Reeds Bb- Clarinet D115F

Mouthpiece for Bb- Clarinet


German system, Made from high-performance polymer that maintains its form, Ergonomic outer shape to relieve strain on lips, New flow-optimised...

Denis Wick 5884 Flugelhorn 4BFL

Mouthpiece for Flügelhorn


Very deep cup, Yamaha shank for USA and Japanese models

Pisoni DCL-80Deluxe Clarinet Pad 11,0

Clarinet Pad


Baroque fingering, Double holes, Maple, 2-Piece, Incl. Cotton bag with leather edging

Schreiber Adjustable Thumb Rest

Thumb rest


For B/A- clarinets, Adjustable, Silver plated, Made in Germany

Schilke Euphonium 51 European Shank


Baroque fingering, Double holes, Maple, 2-Piece, Incl. Cotton bag with leather edging

Protec A-222ZIP Mouthpiece Pouch Tro.

Mouthpiece Pouch


For two trombone mouthpieces (not included), Soft inner padding, With belt loop, Zipper

Legere Signature Bass-Clarinet 2 3/4

Bass clarinet reed


For Boehm clarinets, French cut, A warm and rich sound in all registers, The reed material is a little stiffer than the standard and the reed tip a...

Best Brass Straight Aluminium Trumpet

Trumpet Mute


Made completely of aluminium, Excellent intonation, Silver version

Legere Signature Bass-Clarinet 2 1/4

Bass clarinet reed


For Boehm system clarinets, French cut, A warm and rich sound in all registers, The reed material is a little stiffer than the standard and the...

Jo-Ral Bass Trombone Straight Copper

Bass Trombone Mute


Straight model, With copper base

JK Exclusive Flugelhorn 5D DS

Mouthpiece for Flugelhorns


Medium cup, Silver plated, German shank (10 mm)

Buffet Crampon ICON 66mm barrel silver

Barrel for Bb or A Clarinets


Made of grenadilla wood (Dalbergia melanoxylon), Silver-plated rings

F.A. Uebel 634 Bb-Clarinet

Bb Clarinet


African Blackwood (Dalbergia melanoxylon), 24 Keys, 5 Rings, 1 Handle plate (Oehler mechanics), 4 Trill keys, Fork B and Fork F-mechanism, Double...

Schreiber D-13 Clarinet - NEW

Bb Clarinet


The new generation 2.0, Ideal for smaller hands, Advanced tone hole configuration, Adjusted positioning of the keys, Optimised inner bore, New bell...

JK USA Flugelhorn 7C DS



USA model for flugelhorn, Medium shallow cup, German shank (10.0 mm), Silver-plated

Hans Hoyer 6801NSA-L

Heritage F/Bb Double Horn


Conical rotary valves with 3B ball bearing linkage, Valve casings from nickel silver, Long tuning slide, Expansive sound, Inner- and outer slides...

Hamaril Saxophone Set 1 Soprano

Thomann TCS-350 Curved Soprano


Soprano Saxophone, Curved, Brass lacquered, Italian pisoni pads, Two pieces can be extended, Bag included

Mollenhauer 2646K Canta Great Bass

Great Bass Recorder Canta Knick


In C, Baroque fingering, The fast and accurate response makes this great bass a reliable partner, Includes recorder case with many extras. Saves an...

Yamaha STX-2 Personal Studio

Personal Studio


For all Silent Brass systems with X (new system)

Protec PB-316 SB Case for French Horn



For French Horn with detachable bell, Model Pro Pac, Very light, External compartment, Weight approx. 4 kg, Includes carrying straps

Legere European Sign. Eb-Clar. 2-1/2


Baroque fingering, Double holes, Maple, 2-Piece, Incl. Cotton bag with leather edging

Besson BE162-2 Student Euphonium

Euphonium in Bb


"New Standard", Handmade copper bell, 3 Stainless steel Périnet valves, Nickel silver outer slides, Leadpipe made of gold brass, 2 Water keys,...

Denis Wick DW5525 French H. Stopper Mute

Stopper Mute For French Horn


Made entirely of aluminium

Carol Brass CTR-5060H-GSS-C-S


Baroque fingering, Double holes, Maple, 2-Piece, Incl. Cotton bag with leather edging

Hohner Golden Melody 40 C

Tremolo Harmonica in C Major


40 Reeds, Reed plate made of brass 0.9 mm, Comb made of plastic, Mainly used in folk music, Easy to recognise from the separation of the air...

Hohner Spare Harp Kreuzwender F-Major

Spare Harp For Kreuzwender in F Major


Comb made of wood, Reed plate brass 0.9 mm

Protec A-308PR Gigbag for Flute

Case Cover for Flutes


Suitable for most flutes and piccolos, Incl. removable shoulder strap and double zipper

Roko Gigbag Flute Black

Cover for Concert Flute Case


For Boehm flutes with C foot, Waterproof fabric, Wool weave fur, Integrated accessory pocket, Leather handle and shoulder strap

Best Brass Trumpet Cool Jazz Brass

Damper for trumpet


Made of brass, This wah-wah damper comes without a stem and has a sound that many trumpeters prefer, Together with the Nano damper you also have a...

Protec PB308PICC Double Case

Double case


For flutes and piccolos, Extremely light, Large outer compartment, With shoulder strap, Water resistant cover

Mollenhauer 5022 Denner Sopranino



Model Denner Sopranino, Body and mouthpiece from Castello-Buchs tree, Baroque fingering, Two-piece, Including cotton bag

Jody Jazz Baritone DV 7 Mouthpiece

Mouthpiece for Baritone Saxophone


Metal, Small, stepped chamber, The mouthpiece is 24 Karat gold plated, For saxophonists with a modern, overtone-rich sound conception, who attach...

K&M 15262 Soprano Recorder Stand

Flute Stand


Unique compact and extremely light 4-foot flute stand for soprano or piccolo, Instrument holder Ø 6.5 mm made of rubber with an unbreakable steel...

Mike McLean Mutes Compact Practice Tuba



For tuba, Developed for the original Besson Sovereign Bb and Eb tubas, Also works with other tubas with the same inner bell cup diameter, Compact...

Moeck 4104 Rottenburgh Sopranino

Rottenburgh Sopranino Recorder


Maracaibo- Buchs, Baroque fingering, Double hole, Includes Case, Swab and cloth, certificate andfingering table

Prestini Reed Trimmer Bb-Clarinet

Reed Trimmer Prestini


For Bb- clarinet, With adjusting screw

Yamaha Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece 5C

Mouthpiece For Bass Clarinet


Boehm system, Phenolic resin, Tip opening 1.80 mm, Without reed screw and capsule

Dave Guardala Handmade "Postbop" Soprano



Handmade "Postbop" D.Liebman, Soprano Saxophone, Gold-plated, GF ligature and capsule (included)

Kühnl & Hoyer 1344G Fürst Pless L 40821

Fürst Pless Horn in BThe wide scale and the conical pipe give the horn its large open sound that is clear and free of hardness. The easy response improves the player's endurance.


Wide design, Nickel silver, Tuning slide, Green leather taping, Gold brass, Painted gold paint, Incl. mouthpiece and leather strap

Jody Jazz Soprano Super Jet 8 Mouthpiece


Baroque fingering, Double holes, Maple, 2-Piece, Incl. Cotton bag with leather edging

Selmer S- Neck Alto SA80 II silver pl


Baroque fingering, Double holes, Maple, 2-Piece, Incl. Cotton bag with leather edging

Marca Reed for Bassoon Soft



For bassoon, Packaged in a plastic tube

Tom Crown Piccolo Trumpet Cup Aluminium

Mute for Trumpet


"Cup" shape, Made entirely of aluminium

Jakob Winter JW 1087 Parforce Horn Case

Case for Parforce Horn


Robust ABS plastic case, With velvet lined interior, With holder for the mouthpiece

Sandner Thumb holder Soprano

Thumb holder


For soprano flute

Sandner Soprano 80 Solo Cb White

Soprano Magic Flute


Model 80 solo, Adjustable spigot, Complete with white case, Primarily handmade, As with concert flutes the tone holes are drawn from their own...

Emo Trombone Cup Mute

Cup Damper for Trombone



Protec Mute Sock Medium

Mute Sock


Made of soft padded Nylex, Protects against dents and scratches

C.A. Seydel Söhne Concerto Steel Oktav HG


Baroque fingering, Double holes, Maple, 2-Piece, Incl. Cotton bag with leather edging

Pearl Flutes PFP-165E Piccolo Flute

Piccolo Flute


Grenadite body, Grenadilla wood headpiece, Omnipod pads, E-Mechanism, Nickel silver mechanism, Silver-plated, Includes accessories and case

Melton 4260-L F- Tuba

F-Tuba for Orchestra


Light construction, 6x Rotary valves, 3B Linkage system, Brass body, Clear lacquer finish, Includes mouthpiece and Melton gig bag

Schreiber WS5031-2N-0



Professional model, Specially selected sycamore maple wood, 25 Keys, 4 Rollers, High D key, Permanently closed piano mechanisms, High-gloss,...

Bach AC190 Artisan C-Trumpet



Artisan Series, Ø 11.74 mm L Bore (.462”), One-piece, hand hammered Ø 122.24 mm (4- 13/16”) brass bell with shallow bell edge, Monel valves,...

Miraphone 47 WL4 Anniversary Tenor Horn

Anniversary Bb-Tenorhorn


Edition 2006, model Loimayr, Wide design, 4-Valves, Rotary valve, MMS GK 5-2 / Miraphone-Minibal push rod, Gold brass body, Nickel silver set,...

Antoine Courtois AC551BHRA Bass Trombone

Bb / F / G / Gb / Eb / D Bass Trombone


Hand-hammered, one-piece and threaded gold brass cup with 241 mm diameter, Brass outer slide, Nickel-silver hard chromed inner slide, With brass...

Kühnl & Hoyer 1312 KL Eb-Parforcehorn

Eb- Parforce Hunting Horn


Double loop, Tuning slide, Green faux leather, Clear lacquer, Including leather straps and silver-plated mouthpiece

Yamaha YFL-A421 02 Alto Flute

Alto Transverse Flute in G


Head joint, body and foot joint made of gold brass, Lip plate and rise made of sterling silver, Silvered nickel silver keys, Fish skin pads, Incl....

Gebrüder Mönnig 161 English Horn

English Horn


Fully automatic with H/C connection, Capped, Double octave key, G-Correction, C/C# trill, C/D trill, F#/G# connection, Fork F mechanisms, F and E#...

Kühnl & Hoyer 1304G Fürst Pless KL 40321

Fürst Pless Horn in B


Gold brass bell, Nickel silver, Nickel silver tuning slide, Green artificial leather wrapping, Gold lacquered brass, Incl. Mouthpiece and leather...

Yamaha YEB-632 02 Eb-Tuba

Eb Tuba


3 Top Action valves, 4th Valve side, Compensated, Incl. 66D4 mouthpiece and case

Melton 5450RA-S C- Tuba "Tuono"

C- Tuba


Model "Tuono", 5/4 Size, 5 Rotary valves, 5th Valve thumb rest on the right, Brass body, Gold brass bell, Completely silver-plated, Includes...

Moeck 2200 Flauto Rondo Soprano

Soprano RecorderThe Flauto Rondo has a balanced warm tone in all registers, which can be achieved without perfect breathing techniques and blends in well in ensemble playing.


Baroque fingering, Double holes, Maple, 2-Piece, Incl. Cotton bag with leather edging