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Kariso 235 for Cerveny Bellfront



Ideal for the Cerveny 538 Bellfront Baritone (article nr 149449), Synthetic leather cover

Soulo Mute Tenor Trombone Bucket 8-1/4"

Mute for Tenor Trombone


For bell sizes from 8-1 / 4" to 8-1 / 2" (20.95 cm - 21.59 cm), No blowing resistance, Easily attached to the bell, Consistent tuning in all...

Kühnl & Hoyer 1304G Fürst Pless L 40421

Fürst Pless Horn in B


Gold brass bell, Nickel silver, Nickel silver tuning slide, Green artificial leather wrapping, Gold lacquered brass, Incl. Mouthpiece and leather...

Kühnl & Hoyer 1344G Fürst Pless KL 40721

Fürst Pless Horn in B


Wide design, Nickel silver wreath, Tuning slide, Green artificial leather wrapping, Coated with a layer of gold brass lacquer, Incl. mouthpiece and...

Kariso 106/B Recorder Case Bass

Recorder Cases


For bass recorder

Kariso 106/3A Recorder Case

Triple Recorder Suitcase


For sopranino, soprano and alto recorder, Lockable

Kühnl & Hoyer Parforcehorn Bag 61117

Instrument Case


For Parforce-Horn, Suitable for 1310 and 1314 models, Thick foam padding, With leather application and leather handle, Made of durable,...

Kariso 245F Fuerst Pless Horn Case


The most popular harmonica for blues, rock, country and jazz, Richter system, 10-Hole comb, Brass reed plates with 5 screws, Stainless steel cover,...

Jones 201 Bassoon Reed Medium Hard

Bassoon Reed


Medium Hard, Made of high-quality cane reed, Handmade, This model is particularly suitable for beginners, 440 Hz

Carol Brass CTR-4002H-GST-C-L



Painted with clear lacquer, Stainless steel valves, Incl. Bag, 3C mouthpiece and an additional main tuning slide

Mike McLean Mutes Cup Mute Flugelhorn



For flugelhorn, Fibreglass

Emo Trombone Straight Mute

Straight Damper for Trombone


Made of plastic

Jakob Winter JW 2092 Baritone

Shaped Case for Bellfront Baritone


Durable ABS plastic case, Strong aluminium frame for optimal protection, Suitable for most models, Mouthpiece holder

Bruno Tilz Adapter Baritone-Bass Trombone

Mouthpiece Adapter


From baritone (2) to bass trombone (3), Silver-plated

Emo Flugelhorn Straight Alu

Straight Mute For Flugelhorn



Tools 4 Winds Straight Flugelhorn

Straight Mute For Flugelhorn


Made entirely from mahogany, Excellent intonation

Peter Gane Piccolo Cup Mute

Cup Damper


For piccolo trumpet, Fiber damper, With birch wood bottom

Protec Mute Sock Large

Mute sock


Made of soft padded Nylex, Protects against dents and scratches

AW Reeds 501 German Eb-Clarinet 2

Reed for German Eb Clarinet


Unfiled, Round soft tone creation, Very good response in the high register

Lee Oskar Natural Minor Reedplates D

Reed Plate Set


D minor, natural minor, For Lee Oskar harmonica, Upper and lower plate in one set

Pomarico Eb-Clarinet Boehm Facing 2

Eb Clarinet Mouthpiece


For Boehm system, Tip rail 2, Made of crystal glass, Tip opening 1.10 mm, Facing length 17 mm

Mollenhauer Thumb Rest 6211

Thumb Holder


Adjustable thumb holder made of brass, To screw on with cork layer for loop as carrying strap for alto, tenor, bass, big bass

JK FP 2C Fürst Pless Horn



For Fuerst Pless Horn, Edge diameter 27.70 mm, Cup diameter 17.00 mm, Bore 3.80 mm, Medium shallow cap, Silver-plated

JK FP 2B Fürst Pless Horn



For Fuerst Pless Horn, Edge diameter 27.70 mm, Cup diameter 17.00 mm, Bore 3.80 mm, Medium cap, Silver-plated

C.A. Seydel Söhne Concerto Solo Oktav A

Concerto Solo Octave Harmonica


10 Discrete holes, divided, 40 Reeds, 2 x 2 Reeds per channel, Half-valved, Divided comb, plastic, Stainless steel covers, Microfibre cleaning...

Vandoren Eb-Clarinet M 30

Mouthpiece for E flat Clarinet with Boehm system


Black ebonite, Tip opening 117 (1/100 mm), Medium-long facing length, Great balance of flexibility and roundness of sound

Alexander Reeds Classique Bass Saxophone 2,5

Reed for Bass Saxophone


Produces warm, dynamically balanced and beautiful tone, Pack of 5 reeds

B&S 3100/WGJ-L JBL-Classics



Classic Edition, 6 Rotary valves (4 + 2), Corrosion-proof gold brass mouthpipe, Spring-guided 3B ball joints, Nickel silver inner and outer slides,...

Gebrüder Mönnig 214 Topas Bassoon



Professional model, Very easy response, Well suited for students and semi-professional players, 26 Keys, 8 Rollers, High-D, High-E, Double-Es keys,...

Kühnl & Hoyer 1309 KL Bb-Parforcehorn

Bb- Parforce Hunting Horn


Single loop, Tuning slide, Green artificial leather, Clear lacquer, Including leather straps and silver-plated mouthpiece

Schilke P 5-4 Piccolo Trumpet

Piccolo Trumpet


4-valve, Ø 11.42 mm M-bore (.450"), Ø 101.60 mm copper bell (4"), Brass body, Completely silver-plated

Yamaha YEP-642 S II NEO Euphonium

Euphonium in Bb-The YEP-642S has created a new standard in the art of euphonium construction. This trend-setting instrument quickly became the first choice for many leading musicians, expanding musical expression through a wide range of timbres and unusual


"NEO" series, 4-Valve, (4th valve on the side), With compensation, Silver plated brass, Icludes Yamaha 51 mouthpiece and case

Pearl Flutes PFA 207 ES Alto Flute

Alto Transverse Flute in G


Sterling silver head joint and tube, Pointed Arm design, Nickel silver-plated, Closed keys, Offset G, E Mechanism, With straight head joint,...

Bulgheroni FB- 091/3



"Standard" version, Semi-automatic octave flap, 3rd octave flap, Completely made of grenadilla wood, Flaps made of nickel silver, Strongly silvered...

Besson BE2052-1 Prestige Euphonium



4 Valves, Compensating system, Bore 15.00 mm, Trigger on tuning slide, 3 Water keys, Clear lacquer, Incl. case and mouthpiece

Moeck 3310 Flauto Rondo Alto German

Alto RecorderThe Flauto Rondo stands for a warm sound balanced in all situations, which can be achieved even without perfect breathing techniques and mixes well in the ensemble.


Flauto Rondo model, German fingering, Single holes, Maple, A '= 442 Hz, 3-Piece, Incl. Cotton bag with leather cover

Buffet Crampon BC1214L-2-0 RC A-Clarinet 18

A Clarinet


RC series, Boehm system, 440 - 442 Hz, 18 Keys, 6 Rings, Leather pads, Completely made of grenadilla wood (Dalbergia melanoxylon), Silver-plated...

Cerveny CVHL 611-4 Eb-Helicon

Eb Helikon


4 rotary valves, Body made of brass, Bore Ø 18.2 mm (.717 "), Valve sockets made of nickel silver, Water key on main tuning slide, Minibal ball...

Selmer Signature A-Clarinet 18/5



Boehm system, Eb lever, Unstained grenadilla wood (Dalbergia melanoxylon), A = 442 Hz, Silver-plated key system, 18 Keys and 5 rings, 2 Barrels,...

Jo-Ral Trombone Practice Mute

Practice Damper for Tenor Trombone


Also suitable for rotary valve flugelhorns

Miraphone 283B 11000 Eb- Tuba

Eb Tuba


Model "Norwegian Star", 5 Rotary valves, Bore of 19.6 mm to 21.2 mm (4 valve), Adjustable thumb ring, Gold brass body, Combined gold-brass /...

Melton 5450RA-L C- Tuba "Tuono"



Model "Tuono", 5/4 size, 5 Rotary valves, 5th Valve thumb rest on the right, Brass body, Gold brass bell, Clear lacquered, Includes mouthpiece and...

Moeck 4205 Rottenburgh Soprano Rosew

Rottenburgh Soprano Recorder


Rosewood (Dalbergia stevensonii), Baroque fingering, Double hole, 3 Pieces, Includes case, cleaning rod and cloth, certificate, fingering chart,...

Lee Oskar Major Diatonic C

C Major Harmonica


The most popular harmonica for blues, rock, country and jazz, Richter system, 10-Hole comb, Brass reed plates with 5 screws, Stainless steel cover,...

Gard 1-ELK Elite Gigbag for Trumpet

Gig Bag for Trumpet


Suitable for a trumpet with perinet or rotary valves, New hybrid case with inserted polymer reinforcement for superior protection and durability,...

Torpedo Classic Bag for Trumpet

Bag for Trumpet


For 1 Trumpet, Torpedo bags protect the instrument like no other bag or case currently available, The bag itself weighs only 3.17 kg, however, it...

La Tromba AG T1 Valve Oil with Silicone

Valve Oil with Silicone


All-round oil, Highly suitable for wind instruments with piston or cylinder valves, Prevents corrosion and is absolutely resin-free, Reduces any...

Legere Signature Alto-Sax 2 3/4

Synthetic Reeds


For Alto Saxophone, Légère reeds have a beautiful tone and range, together with all the other known advantages of a synthetic reed

Vandoren White Master Bb-Clarinet 1.5

White Master


Single reed for German Clarinet, For more open tip and/or longer facing

BG A30 Swab Alto Saxophone



For alto saxophone

Kerry Whistles Kerry Optima Tunable Low D



Kerry Optima Tunable Low D, Alloyed flageolet in two parts, Designed by Phil Hardy, Made in England

Schilke Trumpet 14A4a

Mouthpiece for Trumpet


Developed for Forrest Buchtel of the Woody Herman Band, Flat "A" cup, Semi-flat #4 rim, "a" backbore, Enables a good upper register with a great tone

BG L13 Ligature Tenor Sax



Standard soft, Rubber inlay for tenor saxophone, For ensemble and chamber music, Soft, round sound, Easy response, Suitable for rubber or plastic...

Küng Studio Alto Recorder 1401

Alto recorder


Baroque fingering, A' = 442 Hz, The performance of this Studio alto recorder is exceptional and with a very good price-performance ratio, It is a...

Legere European Signature B-Cl. 3

Bb Clarinet Reed


For Boehm clarinets, French cut, Premium reed for playing at any pitch, Clear and precise, consistently hard-wearing in all registers

Azumi AZ-S3 RE

Transverse Flute


Ring keys, E-Mechanism, Offset G, C-Foot, Nickel silver plated, 958 Britannia silver body, 925 Sterling silver lip plate and riser, Pointed arm...

Kühnl & Hoyer Light Case 601 27 Trombone

Light Case for Bb or Bb / F Tenor Trombone


To bell diameter 220 mm, Exterior compartment, Backpack straps

Silverstein OmniGuard Lip Protector

Lip Protection for Woodwinds


Adjustable in just a few minutes, Suitable for the upper and lower teeth, Also suitable for fixed braces, Reusable and reshapeable, From biomedical...

Riedl Flute Single Hand Lyre Leather

Flute Lyre


Single-hand lyre (medium), Nickel-plated, With leather strap and rubber pad

Hohner Student Melodica 32 Red



Also highly suitable for advanced players, With a tonal range of two-and-a-half octaves, complex pieces can also be played, Extremely airtight and...

Gewa Natura Recorder German

Recorder C - Soprano


German fingering, Body made of maple, Satin finish, Two-part, Fingering chart and bag (included)

Miraphone G170102 Gig Bag Tuba

Gig Bag for Tuba


Includes backpack set

Pomarico Bb- Clarinet Artista Vintage

Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece


For Boehm system clarinets, Well balanced, Very easy to play, Enables the player to achieve a fabulous "pianissimo" sound, Handmade of crystal glass

pBone pBone Blue

Tenor Trombone


Small Ø 12.70 mm (0.500) hole, Built ergonomically, Slide made of fiberglass, Very resistant, Incl. plastic mouthpiece and bag

Hohner CX 12 G- Major

Chromatic Harmonica


G Major, Black, 48 Reeds, Plastic comb, Particularly ergonomic plastic casing, 1.05 mm Brass reed plate

Yamaha Cleaning Set for Trombone

Care set for trombone


Trombone slide oil, Lubricant for slide, Cleaning cable, Mouthpiece brush, Untreated polishing cloth

Yamaha YFH-8310 ZG Flugelhorn



Bobby Shew Model, Ø 10.5 mm (0.413") S-bore, One-piece Ø 151.6 mm (6") Gold brass bell, Brass body, Monel valves, Ergonomic trigger on the third...

BG A62L Universal Swab

Swab for All Instruments


Made of microfibre, Very absorbent, Particulary soft material protects against scratches, Lint free, Washable, Hand made in France

Yamaha YFL-312GL Flute



Intermediate model, Closed key flaps, Pointed Arms, Advanced G, E Mechanics, Sterling silver headpiece with gold-plated mouth plate, Body, feet and...

Stratos Embouchure Trainer Set

Training system set for all brass instruments


With the STRATOS training system, a good embouchure development is developed - You learn to play without excessive pressure, which can result in...

Roko BAB01 Bassoon Case

Bassoon Case


Very compact and lightweight backpack case made of extremely shock-resistant and temperature-resistant ABS, Adjustable instrument storage, Padded...

Millenium Saxophone Wall Mount

Wall-Mounting Bracket for Alto or Tenor Saxophone


Coated pads

Jakob Winter JW-2089-Tuba Case

Bb Tuba Case


Robust ABS plastic case, 30 mm frame padding, 40 mm bell padding, Extra strong aluminium frame, Velvet-lined interior, Mouthpiece holder, With...

Schilke Trombone 51C4 Large

Mouthpiece for Trombone


Big shaft

Protec LX307 Lux ProPac Clarinet s

Case For Clarinet


For Boehm clarinet, Lightweight and shockproof bag, Exterior zip pocket with space for notes etc.; removable backpack straps with pocket,...