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Yamaha YCR-2610 SIII Cornet

Eb Cornet


ML bore Ø 11.65 mm, Ø 119.4 mm brass bell, Two water keys, Adjustable ring on the 3rd valve slide, New valve cover and finger buttons,...

Kühnl & Hoyer Model 597S Eb- 30111

Eb Clarion


Brass version, Nickel silver trim, Leadpipe made of gold brass, Lathed columns, Wide design, Nickel silver, Gold brass bracket, With clear lacquer...

Yanagisawa Sopranino Sax Metal 7

Mouthpiece for Sopranino Saxophone


Made of metal, Ligature and cap included

Philipp Hammig 658/2 Holzflöte

Transverse Flute


Made from grenadilla wood (Dalbergia melanoxylon), Nickel silver-plated mechanism, E-mechanism, C-Foot, Silver parts, Wooden headjoint, plain,...

Dotzauer Pocket Hunting Horn 18600

Pocket Hunting Horn in Bb


6 Wind, Green leatherette surround, Unvarnished, Includes mouthpiece

Carol Brass CCR-7775-YSS-Eb-L

Eb Cornet


Clear lacquer, Stainless Steel Valves, Incl. bag and cornet mouthpiece

Kariso 225ZF Tenor Horn Case w. Acc.

Case For Tenor Horn


With accessory compartment, Plush interior

Legere Signature Sopraninosax 4

Plastic Reed for Sopranino Saxophone


Signature series, Beautiful tone and range, With all the usual advantages of a plastic reed

Legere Signature Sopraninosax 3 1/2

Plastic Reed for Sopranino Saxophone


Signature series, Beautiful tone and range, With all the usual advantages of a plastic reed

Startone SAS-75 Alto Saxophone

Alto Saxophone


With high F# key, With rocker arm, Adjustable thumb rest, Mouthpiece and case included, Easy response, Balanced tone, Checked in workshop

Yamaha Alto Sax Mouthpiece 4C

MPC standard Mouthpiece


For alto saxophone, Tip opening. 1.60 mm

Jazzlab saXholder PRO

Saxophone Holder


For baritone sax, tenor sax, alto sax and soprano sax, Spreads the weight of the saxophone equally over both shoulders, No strain on the cervical...

Vandoren Classic Blue Alto Sax 2.5

Classic Blue Reeds for Alto Saxophone


This reed is designed to produce a quality of extremely pure sound, A very thin reed tip (the area of reed with maximum vibration), being balanced...

Vandoren Classic Blue Bb-Clarinet 2.5

Reeds for Bb Clarinet


Blue, Boehm system

Moeck 1023 Flauto 1 Plus

Soprano Recorder


Headpiece made of special synthetic material, Baroque fingering, With double holes, Lower joint made of maple, Fabric bag, grease and cloth included

Startone SCL- 25 Bb- Clarinet

Bb Clarinet


Boehm system, 17 Keys, 5 Rings, Body made of ABS plastic, High-gloss silver-plated nickel silver key system, Each instrument is checked in our...

Yamaha SB-7X-2 for Trumpet

Silent Brass System for Trumpet


Latest generation with STX-2, Consisting of a smaller, lighter damper with almost natural blow resistance and the staff studio that features...

Startone SSL-45 Bb-Tenor Trombone

Bb Tenor Trombone


Body made of brass, ML - Bore, Outer slide and bow brass, Chrome nickel silver inner slide, Clear lacquered, Case and mouthpiece (included)

La Tromba Valve Oil T2 Light

Valve Oil T2


Extra thin

Vandoren White Master Bb-Clarinet 2

White Master


Single reed for German Clarinet, For more open tip and/or longer facing

Vandoren Classic Blue Tenor Sax 2.5

Classic Blue Reeds for Tenor Saxophone


The nature of this reed produces an extremely pure sound, The extremely fine reed tip (the part of the reed that vibrates most vigorously) is in...

Harley Benton Blues Harmonica in C-Major



Blues harmonica, Comb made of plastic, 20 Reeds, 10 Holes, Incl. plastic box

Denis Wick DW5531 Trumpet Cup

Cup Damper


For trumpet, Entirely made out of aluminium, Removable and also able to use as a plunger or straight

Denis Wick DW5504 Trumpet Straight



For trumpet, Straight, Made completely of aluminium

K&M 14300 Tenor/ Alto Sax Stand

Saxophone Stand


Suitable for alto or tenor saxophone, Glass-fibre reinforced plastic base with foldable legs, All instrument support parts are covered with a...

K&M 15213 Trumpet Stand 5-Leg

Trumpet Stand


Highly stable, The tripod base can be stored in the cone, The entire stand can therefore be stored in the bell of the trumpet, Rubber cone tip

Rovner Dark Alto Sax 1R L



For alto saxophone, Including cap (7​​), Warm, strong, centred and dark tone, Ideal all-round ligature, For plastic or rubber mouthpieces

aS Mouthpiece Cushions Black

Bite Plates


For clarinet and saxophone mouthpieces, Self-adhesive

ReedGeek Black Diamond G4

Tool for Reed Adjustment


The youngest member of the ReedGeek family, Improvements includes a modified length with additional weight which improves the performance, You will...

Vandoren Black Diamond Bb-Clarinet BD5

Clarinet Mouthpiece


For Boehm clarinet, Deep, full sound, predominantly in the upper register, Black ebonite, Medium-length track

Bach 351 Trumpet 1-1/2C

Mouthpiece for Trumpet


Medium depth cup, Medium width rim, Silver-plated, Slightly narrower than 1-1/4C, Wide tone range, Bright sound, Excellent for first trumpet in a...

Denis Wick DW5529 Trombone Cup

Cup Mute


For tenor trombone, Completely aluminum, Detachable and can also to be used as a plunger or straight

Bruno Tilz E.Schmid 11 French Horn

Mouthpiece For French Horn


Model 11 E.Schmid, Silver plated

K&M 14941 Baritone Stand

Compact Baritone Stand


Small and collapsible stand for baritone, euphonium or tenor horn, Height and width of bracket is adjustable, Large, plastic-coated instrument...

Vandoren Classic Blue Baritone Sax 3

Saxophone reed classic blue


For baritone saxophone, Strength 3

Oscar Adler & Co. Bassoon 1357/125 Anniversary



Limited jubilee bassoon, 23x Keys, 5x Rings, High D, Double C-handle, Thumbs off flap, High gloss silver-plated machine heads, Painted body, A...

Bremner Practice Mute Trumpet

Practice Damper


For trumpet, From lightweight ABS plastic, Excellent intonation

Jo-Ral Trumpet Bubble Aluminium



For trumpet, Bubble (Wah-Wah)

Arnolds & Sons Trombone 6-1/2 AL-S

Trombone Mouthpiece


Medium deep cup, Medium wide, well rounded rim, Narrow trombone shaft, Silver plated, Free, open sound, Very comfortable approach

Denis Wick DW5505 Trombone Straight



For trombone, Straight, Completely made of aluminium

Schreiber WS5016-2-0 Bassoon

BassoonThis bassoon has a standard key system. From this model upwards all instruments have a whisper key lock, a second ring-finger Bb key and and C# trill key for the left hand index finger.


Conservatory Model, Standard size, German system, Sycamore maple wood, 25 Keys, High D key, 2 S-bends, Silver-plated mechanisms, Includes case and...

Jupiter JBF1000 Bass Flute

Bass Transverse Flute


Curved head joint, Two-ply pads, C-Feet, Closed keys, Warm and deep sound, Excellent response, Stable standing tone, Includes case, bag and...

Cerveny CVFC 652-5I F-Cimbasso

Cimbasso with 5 Rotary Valves


Completely made of brass, Leadpipe and valve sockets made of nickel silver, Trigger on 5th and 2nd valve slides, 2 Adjustable hand supports,...

Riedl 313 Medium Lyre Saxophone

Lyre For Saxophone


2 Pushers, Stainless steel spring, Stalk bent for alto, tenor and baritone saxophone

Perantucci Tuba Mouthpiece PT-50+

Tuba Mouthpiece


Heavy model, Very deep, funnel-shaped cup, Flat with sharp inner edge, Open shaft bore, The largest Perantucci mouthpiece with funnel-shaped cup,...

K&M 15222 Clarinet Stand

Clarinet Stand


4 Leg base for optimum stability, While transporting the lower part can be pushed into the cone and stored in the bell of the clarinet, Black...

K&M 15232 Flute Stand

Flute Stand


Unique compact and extremely light 4-foot flute stand for Boehm flute, Instrument holder Ø 18 mm Plastic, The zinc die-cast legs ensure a very...

Denis Wick DW5554 French Horn Wood

French Horn Mute


Made from wood

Gewa Gigbag for Tenor Horn

Carry bag


For tenor horn, Sewn on high quality Cordura 600 Denier material, Tear and waterproof, 30 mm foam padding, Plywood reinforcement for the bell,...

Protec BP-Strap Backpack

Backpack Straps


Very wide, comfortable support

Gewa Gigbag for Baritone

Carrying Bag for Baritone


Sewn high quality Cordura 600 Denier, Tear and waterproof, 30 mm foam padding, Plywood reinforcement for the bell, sewn in place, Adjustable luxury...

Selmer Concept Soprano Sax

Mouthpiece for Soprano Saxophone


Classic design, Circular chamber, A larger mouth opening provides more comfort as well as making it easier and faster to alternate between soprano...

Otto Link Super Tonemaster Tenor Sax 7*

Metal mouthpiece


For tenor saxophone, Tip opening 7*, Gold plated bronze, Including ligature and cap

Denis Wick DW5533 Bass Trombone Cup

Bass Trombone Mute


Cup model, Entirely of aluminium, Removable and to use as a plunger or straight

Selmer Concept Tenor Sax

Mouthpiece for Tenor Saxophone


Round chamber, Design by Henri Selmer Paris, This mouthpiece offers comfort and consistency while playing as well as a rich tone, Through the round...

Xaphoon Standard C

Standard Xaphoon in C


Standard model, Pocket sax, Lowest note C', Range of 2 octaves, a' = 440 Hz, To play with a tenor saxophone reed, Incl. reed, protective cap and...

Mighty Bright Xtra Flex 2 Black

Dual Super LED Lamp


Head with two LED light sources, Individually switchable via push button, Clamp-on lamp for sheet music or reading, Clamping range approx. 25 mm,...

Selmer Concept Bass Clarinet

Mouthpiece For Bass Clarinet


Modern design, Trapezoidal chamber, Powerful and great sound, High dynamic width, Orchestra, Without reed screw and capsule

Jones 101A Artist Oboe Reed MS

Reed for Oboe


Medium-Soft, Handcrafted from reed, Suitable for advanced players, Excellent response in all registers, 440 Hz, 'Philadelphia Style' cut

Sandner Soprano 80 Solo Cb Black

The Magic FluteThe key-less metal flute of the highest precision and clarity!


In Ces, High gloss nickel-plated, Mostly handcrafted, As with concert flutes the finger holes are drawn from their own material and the white...

Denis Wick DW5587 Euphonium Travel Mute

Practice Mute


For Euphonium, Compact "ultra-light in-bell", Ideal for traveling, Perfect for warming-up, The sound is extremely damped

JK Exclusive 5FL Franz Tröster

Mouthpiece for Flugelhorns


Medium depth cup, Silver plated, German shank

K&M 164/16 Harmonica Holder

Harmonica Holder


Specifically suitable for blues harmonica models, Moulded rubber sections on the support arms holds the instrument safely and gently fixes the...

Protec PB-301F Case for Trpt &Flgh

Double Case


For flugelhorn and trumpet with piston valves, With the optionally available backpack straps (Art. No. :169798) this item can also be used as a...

Denis Wick DW5522 Flugelhorn Straight

Mute For Flugelhorn & Alto Trombone


Straight model, Made entirely from aluminium

Schwarz Tuba X-Strap

Cross Strap for Tuba


Weight is evenly distributed across both shoulders, 2 Carabiner hooks

Kölbl 6510 Swab Saxophone

Saxophone Cleaner


For alto and tenor saxophone bodies, String with weight for easy threading

Rico Reed Guard IV Clar./Altsax.

Reed Guard


Made of plastic, For 4 clarinet/alto saxophone reeds, Allows even reed ventilation, Convenient and easy to store, Plastic

Humes & Berg New Stone Lined ST-108A Velvet



New stone lined ST-108A velvet-tone trumpet mutes, For bell Ø5", Swallows the sharp frequencies, Quality damper made from vulcanised fibre

Hohner Echo Harp 96 C-G

Tremolo HarmonicaMedium model of Echo-Harp series with a nice, pleasant and fresh sound.


96 Reed plates (2x 48), Double-sided instrument Tremolo tuned, Opposite tonalities fifth apart, Mood C / G Major, Brass reed plates 0.9mm, Comb...

Blocki Pneumo Pro + DVD

Pneumo Pro with DVD


Double and triple tonguing, Flexibility between octaves, Mood (especially with dynamic changes), Advanced techniques (multiphonics ...), Including...

Otto Link Super Tonemaster Alto Sax 7

Metal Mouthpiece


For Alto Saxophone, Tip opening 7, Gold-plated bronze, Ligature and cap (included), Special size

Hohner Unsere Lieblinge 48 C



C major, Wooden comb, The instrument of folk music, The horizontal alignment of the air channels causes the production of two notes, one octave...

Vandoren Classic Blue Bass Clarinet 3

Clarinet Reed Classic Blue


For bass clarinet