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Moeck 3200 Flauto Rondo Soprano

Soprano RecorderThe Flauto Rondo provides a warm sound, balanced in all registers. This can be achieved without perfect breathing technique and mixes well in ensemble.


German fingering, Double holes, Maple, A'= 442 Hz, 2 Parts, Incl. cotton bag with leather trim

Aulos 211A "Robin" Tenor Recorder

C - Tenor Recorder


Series "Robin", Baroque fingering, Double hole, 3 Parts, Bag and removable thumb rest (included)

Yamaha YFH-631 G Flugelhorn



MS-bore (11mm), Trigger on 3rd valve, Gold brass bell, Lacquered, Incl. case and mouthpiece

Protec PB-317 Bassoon Case

Case For Bassoon


Very lightweight, With exterior compartment, Weight 3.5 kg, Incl. shoulder straps

Arnolds & Sons Practice Adapter French horn

Methodical Practice Adapter


For French horn, This adapter corrects the mouthpiece pressure against the lips, The pressure is infinitely variable depending on the skill of the...

Hagerty Silver Duster Polishing Cloth

Silver Polishing Cloth


35 x 55 cm, 100% Scratch-free, High-quality cotton, With tarnish protection

Yamaha YFL-222 Flute

Concert Flute


School model, Closed keys, Pointed Arm design, Offset G, Without E-mechanics, Body, head joint, foot and keys made of nickel silver, New shape of...

Hohner Larry Adler Signature C 64

Chromatic Harmonica


Larry Adler Signature model, C-major, 64 Notes, Plastic-comb, Stainless steel cover plates, Larry Adler is probably the most famous chromatic...

Hofmann Panflute Masterclass Exzellent


Small shaft, Silver-plated, All-round mouthpiece, Bestseller, Good in all situations

K&M 14335 Tenor Sax Stand "Jazz"

Saxophone Stand


Model "Jazz", For tenor saxophone, Convenient, handy, stable, Stand for Bb-tenor saxophone, From sturdy aluminium square section tube, With a large...

Miraphone G330001 Gig Bag Tuba

Tuba Gig Bag


Suitable for "Petruschka" F-tuba, model 1281, Incl. backpack straps

Kölbl 5.020 Snake Brush Tenor Horn

Spiral Cleaner


For trumpet, tenor horn, baritone and tuba, Flexible shaft, Plastic coated, Brush with high number of natural bristles

Alliance WFM-LN Tuba SP

Mouthpiece for Tuba


Developed by star tuba player Les Neish, Better projection, sound and clarity, Deep cup, Comparable to Denis Wick 3L, Silver-plated

Vandoren Reed Case Deluxe Alto Sax

Reed Case Deluxe


For 6 alto saxophone reeds, Numbered reed trays, Specially designed to provide permanent air circulation, Handy size, Optimal for reeds

Kariso 96 Bb Clarinet Case

Clarinet Case


For B clarinet, With desk tray and music compartment in the lid, Artificial black leather, Plush lining inside, Compartment for swab and joint grease

Arnolds & Sons French Horn 11

Mouthpiece For French Horn


All-round mouthpiece cushion edge, Medium wide rim, Medium deep cup, Brilliant tone, Ideally suited for more demanding orchestral work, Silver plated

Denis Wick 5880 Trombone 6BS

Mouthpiece for Trombone


Small shaft, Silver-plated, All-round mouthpiece, Bestseller, Good in all situations

Bach 350 Trombone 7C

Mouthpiece for Trombone


Series 350, Small shaft, Silver plated

SaxRax Roland AE-10 Aerophone Stand



Suitable for Roland AE-10 Aerophone

Legere Signature Bari-Sax 3 1/4

Plastic Reed for Baritone Saxophone


Dark and warm tone, Developed with Larry Combs and Barnaby Robson

Yamaha Heavy Caps 3er-Set

Heavy Caps


For Yamaha trumpets

Gottsu Soprano Sepia Tone 6

Mouthpiece for soprano saxophone


Model No. 6, Blend of silicone and hard rubber, Round chamber, Without ligature and capsule

Dave Guardala Alto "Studio" Silver



"Studio" series, Alto Saxophone, Silver-plated, GF Ligature and capsule included

Otto Link Tone Edge Soprano Sax 7*

Soprano Sax Mouthpiece


Tone edge, Rubber, Rail 7 *, Incl. ligature and cap

Yamaha Mouthpiece Flugelhorn 16F4

Mouthpiece for Flugelhorn


Standard series

Denis Wick 4880E Euphonium SM4MU

Mouthpiece for euphonium


Steven Mead Ultra Series, Heavier outer shape, Slightly increased cup curvature and sharper inner edge, M-Shank (European baritone), Gold-plated

Denis Wick 3181 Heritage Cornet 3B



For Cornet, Outside silver-plated, Gold-plated rim and cup

Otto Link Tone Edge Baritone Sax 6*

Mouthpiece for Baritone Saxophone


With cap and ligature

Legere Signature Sopranosax 3 1/4

Synthetic reed for Soprano saxophone


Légère reeds have a beautiful tone and range, combined with all the usual advantages of a synthetic reed

Yamaha YCR-8335 S 02 Cornet

Bb-CornetThe model YCR-8335 was developed together with David King - cornet soloist and conductor of the famous YBS Brass Band. Characteristic of the new cornet is a very open and colorful sound. In addition, the general playing feeling has been improved.


NEO series Pro, Trigger on 1st and 3rd tuning slide, Silver-plated, Includes case and mouthpiece

Yamaha PM-3X French Horn

Single Mute for Horn


New Silent Brass mute

Protec Multiple Mouthpiece Pouch Ten

Neoprene Mouthpiece Pouch


For 3 tuba- or tenor saxophone mouthpieces, Compact, fitted design, Zipper, Outside pocket for small accessories

Marcus Bonna Straight Mute Trumpet

Straight Mute


For trumpet, Fibreglass

Tom Crown Trumpet Gemini Straight GEM-C

Damper for B Flat and C Trumpet


Straight model, Aluminium with copper bottom

Best Brass Straight Copper Trumpet

Trumpet Mute


Made completely of aluminium, Bottom made of copper, Excellent intonation

Theo Wanne Mindi Abair Alto 8

Metal Mouthpiece for Alto Saxophone


In the style of Dukoff, Beechler, Claude Lakey, Guardala King, Berg Larsen (chamber 0)

DEM-BRO Straight mute Euphonium

Straight Mute for Euphonium


Specially developed for brass band, Fits perfectly into Besson, Courtois, Willson and Yamaha, but also suitable for most other manufacturers, Bag...

Tools 4 Winds Cup Bass Trombone

Cup Mute for Bass Trombone


Excellent intonation

Hans Hoyer C12-L

F/Bb Double Horn


Conical rotary valves with string linkage system, Long tuning slide, Medium-large bell, Inner- and outer slides from nickel silver, Gold brass...

Selmer SE-S3MS SI Series III

Soprano Sax


Series III, Body, bow and sound bowl made of solid silver, Bb tuning, High G flap, 2 S-arms straight and curved, Leather upholstery with metal...

Johannes Scherzer 8228-S Bb Trumpet

Bb Trumpet


3x Cylinder valves, Trigger on 3rd valve, 3B Linkage system, Silver-plated surface, Incl. wood case

Jupiter JEP1010 Bellfront Bariton

Bellfront baritone in Bb


4 valves, 14.50 mm bore, Rotatable Frontbell bell Ø 257 mm, Gold brass mouth pipe, Gold brass bow, Stainless steel valves, Front Action, Clear...

Schreiber D-45 Virtuoso Bb- Clarinet NEW

Bb Clarinet


The new generation 2.0, German system, Advanced tone hole configuration, Adjusted positioning of the keys, Optimised inner bore, New bell shape,...

Legere European Sign. Eb-Clar. 4


Small shaft, Silver-plated, All-round mouthpiece, Bestseller, Good in all situations

Cerveny CVBB 681-4 Bb-Tuba

Bb Tuba


4 Rotary valves, Brass varnish, MINIBAL linkage, Nickel silver valve mechanism, Nickel silver lead pipe, Nickel silver inner and outerslides, Incl....

Hans Hoyer 801-L

F/B Double Horn


Conical rotary valves with 3B ball bearing linkage, Long tuning slide, Inner- and outer slides from nickel silver, Gold brass leadpipe, Adjustable...

Yanagisawa S-WO20 Elite Soprano Saxophone

Soprano saxophone


Elite model, Bronze body, Brass keys, High F# key, High G key, C#/Bb and B/C# tilter, Hand engraving on the bell, Incl. mouthpiece, carrying strap...

Gerd Dowids BZ Series GL 72 Bb-Trumpet

Bb Trumpet from the BZ Series


Concert Line, Zirnbauer machine, Bore 11.20 mm, Conical rotary valves, One-piece valve connections, One-piece valve slides, 3rd Slide trigger, Long...

Aulos 533B "Symphony" Bass Recorder

F-Bass Recorder


Series "Symphony", Baroque fingering, Curved wind tunnel, 4x keys, Lead pipe, Double hole, Body dark brown, 3 Parts, Bag (included)

Miraphone 54L 1100A100 Baritone Trigger

Bb Baritone


With trigger on the main tuning slide, Model Loimayr, Oval design, 4 Valves, Rotary valves, ATV system, Gold brass body, Bell Ø290 mm, Clear...

Vhizzper Warm Up Mute Trumpet Yellow

Mute for Trumpet


Good airflow, Adjustable intonation and adaptation to all bell sizes through changeable ring system, Gradual reduction of the volume by special...

Jupiter JEP1000 Euphonium

Euphonium in Bb


Leadpipe removable, Nickel silver outer slides, 4 Stainless steel valves, Valve section removable, Clear coat finish, Incl. Case, mouth piece and...

Powerstopf Powerstopf for French Horn

Power Pot For French Horn


Perfect intonation, Produces hand-plug-Sound, Well balanced resistance in all positions, Comfortable grip

Vhizzper Warm Up Mute Trumpet Red

Mute for Trumpet


Good airflow, Adjustable intonation and adaptation to all bell sizes through changeable ring system, Gradual reduction of the volume by special...

Pearl Flutes PFP-105E Piccolo Flute

Piccolo Flute


Grenaditte body and headpiece, "High Wave Style" headpiece, E-Mechanism, Nickel silver mechanism, Silver-plated, Includes accessories and case

B&S 3136/2-S Challenger II



Challenger II S, Brass body, 11.73 mm Bore, One-piece, hand hammered Ø 121 mm brass bell, Monel valves, Nickel silver outer slides, Slide stop on...

Jupiter JPC1100E Piccolo Flute

Piccolo Flute


In the key of C, Grenadilla wood headjoint and body, E-mechanism, Mechanism made of nickel silver, Silver plated, Fish skin pad, Conical bore ...

Jones 101E European Reed Oboe M

Reed for Oboe


Medium, 'European' style, Handcrafter from reed, Each reed is individually checked and adjusted by hand, Excellent response in all registers,...

Hercules Stands HCDS-640BB Flute/Clarinet


Small shaft, Silver-plated, All-round mouthpiece, Bestseller, Good in all situations

Legere Oboe Reed Medium Hard

Reed for Oboe


European cut, High quality synthetic reed, Longer lasting than cane reeds, Ready to use and reliable, Resistant, not affected by humidity, Dark,...

Best Brass Trumpet Cool Jazz Copper

Damper for trumpet


Made of copper, This wah-wah damper comes without a stem and has a sound that many trumpeters prefer, Together with the Nano damper you also have a...

Tom Crown Trumpet Wah-Wah Copper

Wah Wah Damper For Trumpets


Made from pure copper, Model TWWC

Silverstein OmniPatch Black

Bite Pads for Clarinet and Saxophone


With tooth groove for better control, Made of food-safe silicone

C.A. Seydel Söhne Hardcover case 20 harmonicas

Hardshell Case


For 20 blues harmonica with lanyard, Flexible neoprene-like inner pockets for up to 20 blues harmonica in three sections - absolutely safe and...

Neotech Tuba Harness Regular Junior

Carrying Strap For Tuba


Different ways to attach thanks to two different loop combination, Adjustable, Padded carrying straps

Protec Case for Flute Black



Suitable for flutes with H and C foot, Extremely lightweight, Exterior pocket, which has enough space for common piccolo cases, Includes shoulder...

Roko Gigbag Flute B-foot Black

Cover for Concert Flute Case


For Boehm flutes with B foot, Waterproof fabric, Wool weave fur, Integrated accessory pocket, Leather handle and shoulder strap

Hercules Stands DS531B Flgh / Soprano Stand



For flugelhorn or soprano saxophone, Collapsed size 320 x 90 mm

Cordier Reed Trimmer Baritone Sax

Reed Trimmer


For Baritone saxophone, With lever

Marcus Bonna Cup Mute Trumpet

Cup Damper


For trumpet, Completely made ​​of fibreglass

Cerveny CVFH 702R Flugelhorn

B Concert Flugelhorn


3 Rotary valves, Mini-ball joints, Trigger on 3rd valve, Gold brass coated, Nickel silver valve mechanism, Nickel silver lead pipe, Nickel silver...

K&M 15235 Flute Holder

Flute Holder With Non-Scratching Clamping


Black plastic peg for bass, Boehm and Flutes, Instrument holder Ø 18 mm, Attaches to tube/ pole diameters of Ø 30 mm, Nickel plated

Pöltl Wagnertuba Straight Mute



For Wagner tuba, Made of multiple layers of glued birch wood, Quick response, Pure intonation, For professional demands

Mollenhauer 5006 Denner Sopranino

Denner Sopranino


Baroque fingering, Oiled surface, Available in many types of wood

Wurlitzer Bass- Clarinet M4*

Clarinet Mouthpiece for German Bass Clarinet


Highly tensioned plastic with grooves and edge for string