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Moeck 2101 Flauto Rondo Sopranino

Sopranino RecorderThe Flauto Rondo stands for a warm, balanced sound in all situations, which can be achieved even without perfect breathing techniques and mixes well in the ensemble.


Baroque system, With double holes, Body made of maple, A' = 442 Hz, 2-piece, Includes cotton bag with leather lining

Beechler Bellite Baritone Sax 8

Metal Mouthpiece for Baritone Saxophone


Die-cast from the finest surgical steel, The hardness of the material provides a very fast response to enhance the brilliance of the overtones, The...

Millenium Trumpet Wall Mount

Wall Mount Bracket for Trumpet


In C, Baroque fingering (double well), ABS plastic, Rosewood imitation, Three-piece, With fingering chart, cleaning rod, recorder fat, Incl. bag

K&M 157/15 Trumpet Peg

Trumpet Peg


Black polyamide peg with felt pads, Can be screwed to the music stand, Can be clamped up to 30 mm pipe diameter, Surface-friendly clamping

Prestini Reed Trimmer Alto Saxophone

Reed Trimmer Prestini


For alto saxophone, With adjusting screw

K&M 152/6 Sopr. Piccol Flute Stand

Stand For Piccolo Or Soprano Flute


Nickel-plated, For soprano and piccolo flutes, Black plastic base, Peg wooden ø 6.5 mm, Three steel tube feet can easily be folded for compact...

Humes & Berg New Stone Lined ST-104

Cup Damper for Trumpet


New Stone Lined ST-104 Mic A-mute, High-quality damper made of vulcanized fiber

Pomarico Bass Clarinet Jazz**

Bass clarinet mouthpiece


For Boehm system, Model Jazz, Made of crystal glass

Tom Crown Trumpet Cup Copper

Cup Damper


For Bb or C Trumpet, Made from pure copper

Mollenhauer 5024 Denner Sopranino

Sopranino Recorder


Baroque fingering, Double hole, 2 Pieces, Brilliant, baroque sound, Carefully tuned, Shapely design, Can also be played with big fingers,...

Dotzauer Meister Bb Hunting Horn 18925

Fuerst Pless Horn in Bb


Model "Meister Dotzauer", 3 Rotary valves, Completely handmade, Double coil, Wide scale, Completely made of gold brass, Nickel silver wreath,...

Soundwear Professional TenorHorn/Bariton

Gig Bag


For tenor-horn with rotary valves, DuPont Cordura with 5 mm hard shell plus 40 mm interior padding, BIPS reinforced bell section, Extra strong...

Yamaha Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece 4C



For bass clarinet, Boehm system, Phenolic resin, Tip opening 1.70 mm, Without reed screw and capsule

Humes & Berg New Stone Lined ST-164



For trombone, Trixie plunger, From flexible rubber compound

Dave Guardala Baritone Sax Mk II Gold



For baritone saxophones, Gold-plated, Incl. GF-ligature and cap

Kühnl & Hoyer 1314 KL Eb-Parforcehorn

Eb- Parforce Hunting Horn


Triple loop, Two tuning slides for parforce and French horn, With green faux leather, Clear lacquer, Including leather straps and silver-plated...

Dave Guardala Soprano Sax Studio Silver



Soprano Saxophone, "Studio" series, Tip opening 075 inches, GF ligature and capsule

Kariso 230 Bariton Case

Baritone Case


In C, Baroque fingering (double well), ABS plastic, Rosewood imitation, Three-piece, With fingering chart, cleaning rod, recorder fat, Incl. bag

Tom Crown Tenor Trombone Straight Alu

Trombone Damper


Straight version, Completely made of aluminium, Model TT

Peter Gane Flugelhorn Practice Mute

Exercise / Whisper Damper


For flugelhorn, Fiber damper, With birch wood floor

Pro Line Piccolo Trumpet Straight



Piccolo trumpet, Made of natural fibres, Straight

Sandner Soprano 80 Solo Cb SI

Soprano magic flute


In Cb tuning, Silvered with black finger holes, Adjustable pin, Complete with black case, Mainly hand-made, The tone holes are drawn from their own...

Okura+mute Piccolo trumpet mute clear

Practice Mute for Piccolo Trumpet


Good response over the entire sound range

Mike McLean Mutes Bucket Mute Flugelhorn

Mute For Flugelhorn


Bucket model, Fibreglass

Küng Stand for Greatbass 9735


In C, Baroque fingering (double well), ABS plastic, Rosewood imitation, Three-piece, With fingering chart, cleaning rod, recorder fat, Incl. bag

Emo Trombone Hush- Hush Alu

Hush-Hush Damper for Trombone


In C, Baroque fingering (double well), ABS plastic, Rosewood imitation, Three-piece, With fingering chart, cleaning rod, recorder fat, Incl. bag

Vandoren Eb-Clarinet 5 RV



Classic series, Eb clarinet with Böhm system, Black ebonite, Short facing length, The world famous 5RV is the absolute standard for professional...

AW Reeds 501 German Eb-Clarinet 4

Reed for German Eb Clarinet


Unfiled, Round soft tone creation, Very good response in the high register

Pilgerstorfer Basso Bass-Clarinet 2,0

Reed for German Bass Clarinet


For mouthpieces with mouthpiece tip 2-4, French cane, Suitable for German bass clarinets and characterized by its range from pianissimo to...

C.A. Seydel Söhne Concerto Solo Oktav E

Concerto Solo Octave Harmonica


10 Discrete holes, divided, 40 Reeds, 2 x 2 Reeds per channel, Half-valved, Divided comb, plastic, Stainless steel covers, Microfibre cleaning...

Alexander Reeds Classique Bass Saxophone 2,0

Reed for Bass Saxophone


Produces warm, dynamically balanced and beautiful tone, Pack of 5 reeds

Schreiber WS5017-2-0 Bassoon



Conservatory model, Special model - based on model 5016 except with the plateau key for left ring finger (like WS5013), Extended for both little...

Melton 14-L F-Travel Tuba

F Travel Tuba


Model "Trolley", 4 Rotary valves, Detachable bell, Brass, Coated with clear lacquer, Incl. practice mute and mouthpiece, Made in Germany

Jupiter JTB1180R Bass Trombone

Bass Trombone


In-line valves, Padded thumb saddle, Clear lacquer finish, Incl. case and accessories

Oscar Adler & Co. 4500 Oboe Orchestra Model



Semi-automatic, 3rd Octave key, Covered holes, Till Bb, D#/E Trill key, Made from unstained and seasoned grenadilla wood (Dalbergia melanoxylon),...

Gebrüder Mönnig 155 AM-B Oboe



Professional orchestra model, Semi-automatic, Finest selected grenadilla wood (Dalbergia melanoxylon), Bore design for high modulation capability,...

B&S 3033/2-L Tenor Horn

Tenor Horn


Oval design, 4 Rotary valves, Gold brass body bell & mouth pipe, Nickel silver interior and exterior, 3B Joint system, Including mouthpiece and gig...

Besson BE967-2T Sovereign Euphonium S

Euphonium in Bb


Trigger on the main tuning slide, Handmade brass bell, Fully compensated, 4 Valves (3 + 1), 3 Water keys, Silver plated, Includes case, mouthpiece...

Pearl Flutes PFB-305BE

Bass Transverse Flute


With H-foot and E-mechanics, Body and curved head joint made of nickel silver, Silver-plated, comfortably shaped pointed arms with finger plates...

Pearl Flutes PFB-305E

Bass Transverse Flute


With E-mechanics, Body and curved head-joint made of nickel silver, Silver-plated, comfortably shaped pointed arms with finger plates made of fine...

Selmer Récital A-Clarinet 18/5



Boehm system, Eb lever, Unstained grenadilla wood (Dalbergia melanoxylon), A = 442 Hz, Silver-plated key system, 18 Keys and 5 rings, 2 Barrels,...

Philipp Hammig Wood Headjoint for Piccolo VR

Wooden Head


For piccolo flute, Slim reform, Cut "2-3", Grenadilla (Dalbergia melanoxylon) with silver-plated mechanism, Easier response, Sound is less powerful...

Moeck 4202 Rottenburgh Soprano

Rottenburg Soprano Recorder


Pear tree, Baroque with double hole, 3 pieces, Incl. Box, cleaning rod and cloth, certificate, fingering chart

Protec PB-304 CT Alto Sax Case BL

Formed Case for Alto Saxophones


Contoured Series, Very lightweight, Separate S-bow and mouthpiece compartment, Exterior compartment

Gard 5-ECLK Elite Gigbag 3 Trumpets

Gig Bag For 3 Trumpets


Suitable for three trumpets with Perinet or rotary valves, Hybrid case with polymer reinforcement inside for the best protection and durability,...

Hohner Blues Harp MS G

Blues Harp in G Major


MS System, Wooden comb, The most popular model from Richter-series, Brilliant, powerful sound, Wooden body with brass reeds attached by screws,...

Yamaha YRS-312 BIII

Soprano Recorder


In C, Baroque fingering (double well), ABS plastic, Rosewood imitation, Three-piece, With fingering chart, cleaning rod, recorder fat, Incl. bag

Vandoren Java Filed Red Tenor Sax 2.5



For tenor saxophone, The Java "Filed Red Cut" comes from the Java family. It is the first Vandoren jazz reed with "File Cut" (French cut) and a...

bam Case Baritone Hightech 3101XL

Case for Baritone Sax


Suitable for low Bb- or low A- instruments, Sandwich construction, Highly stable, Extremely light, Airflex frame, Handle made of composite...

Hetman Nr.3 Piston Valve Oil

Valve oil


Synthetic oil, Protection for instruments with perinet valves, with larger tolerances, Helps seal valves with above-average clearance, Allows a...

Neotech Strap for Clarinet Black

Neck Strap for Clarinet


Elastic nylon neck strap, Metal hook with rubber coating, With a plastic component for fastening to the thumb key

Neotech Soft Harness CrossStrap Junior

Cross strap for saxophone


Junior size, Padded shoulder straps, Adjustable, With plastic carabiner

Vandoren Profile Alto Sax AP3


In C, Baroque fingering (double well), ABS plastic, Rosewood imitation, Three-piece, With fingering chart, cleaning rod, recorder fat, Incl. bag

Vandoren Classic Blue Alto Sax 3.5

Classic Blue Reeds for Alto Saxophone


This reed is designed to produce a quality of extremely pure sound, A very thin reed tip (the area of reed with maximum vibration), being balanced...

USA Meyer Alto Sax BA-2 M5M

Alto sax mouthpiece


Caoutchouc, With cap and ligature, Medium bore, Medium facing length, Tip opening 5, Meyer mouth pieces reliably combine a easy response with a...

Legere Signature Alto-Sax 2

Synthetic Reeds


For Alto Saxophone, Légère reeds have a beautiful tone and range, together with all the other known advantages of a synthetic reed

BG A32 Swab Clarinet & Flute



For Bb- clarinet, flute and alto clarinet

Clarke Pennywhistle D- Major

Penny Whistle


Metal body with wooden mouthpiece

Legere European Signature B-Cl. 3 1/4

Bb Clarinet Reed


For Boehm clarinets, French cut, Premium reed for playing at any pitch, Clear and precise, consistently hard-wearing in all registers

Rovner Versa V-1R Ligature (Cl)



For Bb clarinet, Boehm system, The new and improved Eddie Daniels successor, Better fit to the mouthpiece and favourable price, Including cap (7)

Bach K351 Mega Tone Trumpet 3C

Mega Tone Mouthpiece


For trumpet, Size 3C, Heavyweight design, Medium depth cup, Medium thickness rim, Silver-plated, Slightly brighter than Nr 3

Vandoren Optimum Ligature Soprano PC

Ligature For Soprano Saxophone


Gold-plated, Plastic cap (included), Precise and rapid fixation, easily fixable to the mouthpiece, No lateral pressure on reed and ligature, Three...

Yamaha YTS-280 Tenor Saxophone

Tenor Saxophone


School model, New model with improved neck attachment and improved low B/C# connection, Separate key guards, Adjustable thumb rest, High F# key,...

B&S 3085B-L Bb/F-Trombone

Bb/F Tenor Trombone


With quart valve, Gold brass bell, Nickel silver outer slide, Hard chrome-plated inner slide, Clear lacquer finish, Includes mouthpiece and...

Azumi AZ-Z1RE Flute

Transverse Flute


Ring keys, E-Mechanism, Offset G, C-Foot, Nickel silver plated body, 925 Sterling silver lip plate and riser, Handmade ALTUS Z-cut headjoint,...

Selmer Reference 54 Alto Saxophone

Reference Alto Saxophone


Dark gold lacquer with Reference engraving, High F# key, Centred sound, rich in overtones, in the style of the Mark VI from 1954, Selmer Soloist C

Yamaha YFL-272 Flute

Transverse flute


Student model, Ring keys, Pointed arm design, Offset G, E mechanism, Body, headjoint, foot and keys are made from nickel silver, New shape for the...

Protec PB-306CT Case for Trombone



For trombones with F-attachment, Model Pro Pac, For Trombones with up to 9" (22.8cm) bell, Very light, Compartment on the outside, With the...

Riedl 316 Lyre for Trumpet



For trumpet, Small size, Attachment to the leadpipe

S.E. Shires 2R-VE TB-VE T47C Dual Bore Set

Bb / F tenor trombone with dual bore valve


Artist Custom Series, T47C brass slide, 2RVE red brass bell, Incl. 3 mouth pipes, mouthpiece and leather case

Hohner Student Melodica 26 Black



Range b - c´´´, Extremely airtight and quick response, High-quality case that also functions as a music stand, Incl. Extension tube,...

Ortola 146 Gig Bag for Tuba Black

Semi-Hardcase for Tuba


Suitable for tubes with a bell diameter of 420 mm, Suitable i.a. for Miraphone 282, B & S 3199 F-Tuba PT-10P, 46S Melton, B & S 3100, 20 mm...

Hammond Melodion PRO-44H



44 Keys, Built-in dynamic microphone, 6.3 mm jack output, Volume control, Including 3 mouthpieces (1 tube), cleaning cloth and gig bag

C.A. Seydel Söhne Saxony Chromatic Harp C

Chromatic Harmonica


48 Reed plates, Stainless steel reeds, Full and loud sound, Less air consumption thanks to optimised reed plates made of nickel silver, Reliable...