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Bruno Tilz Adapter Trombone - Baritone

Mouthpiece Adapter


From tenor trombone (4) to baritone (2), Silver-plated

Emo Trumpet Hush- Hush Alu

Hush Hush Trumpet Mutes



Rampone & Cazzani R1 Jazz Bb-Soprano Sax (G) AG

Jazz Bb Soprano Saxophone


Curved, Big bore, Made of gold brass for a soft sound, Hand hammered body and bell, Silver-plated body, Bell interior and keys in vintage style,...

Legere European Sign. Eb-Clar. 3


7-Piece Blues Harmonica Set, Seven 20-reed blues harmonicas in the keys A, Bb, C, D, E, F, G, So you can play at any time music genres such as...

Leblanc L7165 Alto Clarinet

Eb Alto Clarinet


Boehm system, To low Eb, Wood-like finish, Covered nickel plated mechanism, Incl. mouthpiece and deluxe wooden case

Schreiber WS5010-2-0GB Bassoon



Limited special edition, Made of aged grenadilla wood & selected sycamore maple, 22x Keys, Incl. high D-flap, Silver-plated machine heads, Stable...

Miraphone 24R 1100 A100 Flugelhorn

Premium Flugelhorn


Gold brass coated, Trigger on third valve, Gold brass - nickel silver valve mechanism, Conical rotary valves

Peter Oberrauch Rosengarten Flgh 10,95 L



Trigger on the third valve mechanism with push-button mechanism, Bernhard Zirnbauer mechanism with decompression bore on the third valve, One-piece...

Carol Brass CPC-3335-YLS-Bb/A-L

High Bb- / A Piccolo Trumpet


Stainless steel valves, Clear lacquered, Cornet lead pipe for Bb- and A, Trumpet lead pipe for Bb- and A, Includes bag, 11AX cornet and trumpet...

B&S 3131/2-S Bb-/A- Piccolo

High Bb / A Trumpet


Silver-plated brass, Bore 11.8 mm, Hand hammered from sheet metal, Nickel silver outer slides, 2 Water keys, Bb and A mouth pipe, Ring and snap-off...

Voigt Brass Practice Mute Trumpet Bb / C

Practice Mute for Trumpet


Suitable for B flat/C trumpet and cornet, Very light and durable, The cone has a small plug, which can be easily pulled out with a pin, so that the...

Hans Hoyer 702G- L

Bb French Horn


Spiral spring mechanism with 3B ball joints, Long valve levers, Nickel silver inner- and outerslides, Gold brass leadpipe, Three-dimensionally...

Yamaha YTR-4435 SII Trumpet

C-/Bb Trumpet


Vertical bridge support on the main tuning slide, Slightly modified, a new bell with optimal material thickness, Two-piece brass bell, Monel...

Yamaha YBL-620 GE Bass Trombone

Bb/ F/ Eb (D)- Bass Trombone


Off-set valves, With separate knobs (as with in-line), 241 mm (9-1/2") gold brass bell, Incl. D- slide, Nickel silver slide, Gold lacquer finish,...

Cerveny CVFH 501 Flugelhorn



3 Rotary valves, Brass body, MINIBAL joints, Nickel silver valve mechanism, Nickel silver leadpipe, Nickel silver inner and outer slides, Clear...

Carol Brass CPC-3335-YLS-Bb/A-S

High Bb- / A piccolo trumpet


Stainless steel valves, Silver-plated, Includes bag, 11AX cornet and trumpet mouthpiece, cornet lead pipe for Bb- and A, trumpet lead pipe for Bb-...

Tom Crown Trumpet Wah-Wah Aluminium

Wah Wah Damper


For Bb and C trumpet, Made from pure aluminum

Hercules Stands DS410B TravLite Trumpet

Trumpet Stand


Can be placed inside the bell

Harmon Wow Wow Mute Trumpet Copper

Damper for Bb Trumpet


Made from pure copper, With internal cable

Kölbl 2005 Tuba Strap Black

Strap for Tuba


Padded, 50 mm wide, 2 Leather straps

Selmer S- Neck Alto III silver plated

S-Neck for Alto Saxophone Series III



Yamaha YFH-436 G Flugelhorn

Bb Flugelhorn of the Middle Class


Rotary valves, Nickel silver, Gold brass bell, Lacquer finish, Trigger on 3rd valve, Sheet music holder box, Case and mouthpiece included

C.A. Seydel Söhne Sailor Steel G

Tremolo Harmonica


24 Double channels, 48 Stainless steel reeds (and rivets) with high tuning stability and a loud, full tremolo sound, Divided comb, Black plastic -...

ReedGeek DoubleGeek Gen 2 Set

Tool Set for Blade Processing


Developed for double reeds, but can also be used for single reeds, The handy handle makes it easy to work the reeds, Made in the USA

Jones 201A Artist Bassoon Reed MH

Bassoon Reed


Medium Hard, Made of high-quality cane reed, Handmade, This model is suitable for advanced players, Excellent response in all registers, 440 Hz

Denis Wick DW5510 Trumpet Plunger



For trumpet, Plunger

Humes & Berg New Stone Lined ST-105 Tuxedo



Glenn Miller (tuxedo) trumpet mute, For "Doo-wah" effect, Quality damper made from vulcanised fibre

Humes & Berg ST-113 Plunger

Trumpet Mutes


New stone lined ST-113 trixie plunger, Quality damper made from flexible rubber compound

Ritter RBS7D Baritone MGB

Bag for Baritone


Session series, High quality sewn, water repellent "Jacquard Bicolour" material, Embedded reflectors for road safety, "All-Around Piping system"...

Best Brass Cup Trumpet Mute

Cup Damper


For trumpet, Usable as straight, cup or plunger, Damper in aluminum with brass base, Cup made ​​of plastic, Excellent intonation, Silver

Voigt Brass Practice Mute Tenor-Trombone

Exercise Mute


For jazz trombone with narrow sound (200 mm / 8 inch), Triple-woven fibres, Extremely tight, yet light and strong, Playing characteristics almost...

Otto Link Super Tonemaster BaritoneSax 6

Metal Mouthpiece for Baritone Sax


Gold-plated bronze, Incl. ligature and cap

Denis Wick DW5511 Trombone Plunger



For tenor trombone, Plunger

Dotzauer Parforce Horn Eb/Bb 18265

Parforcehorn Eb / Bb


Super de luxe, Switchable, Handmade gold-brass bell, Valve with ergonomic switching, Tuning slide, Nickel silver lead pipe, Double conical inner...

Kühnl & Hoyer Parforcehorn Cover 61116

Foam Cover for Parforce Horn


For parforce horns with bell diameter max. 32 cm and a body diameter of max. 52 cm, Suitable for 1309, 1312, 1315 models, Made of durable,...

Yanagisawa Soprano Sax Metal 9



Soprano Saxophone, Tip opening 9, Metal, With ligature and cap

Jody Jazz Soprano Super Jet 7 Mouthpiece


7-Piece Blues Harmonica Set, Seven 20-reed blues harmonicas in the keys A, Bb, C, D, E, F, G, So you can play at any time music genres such as...

Jody Jazz Soprano DV 7* Mouthpiece

Mouthpiece for Soprano Saxophone


Metal, Small, stepped chamber, Mouthpiece is 24 Karat gold-plated, It is aimed at saxophonists with a modern, overtone-rich sound, who attach...

Humes & Berg New Stone Lined ST-153



For trombone, Brilliant sound, Quality mute made of vulcanised fibre

Mollenhauer 6160 Strap for Bass Recorders

Carrying Strap


For tenor bass and large bass recorder, Leather neck strap

Tom Crown Tenor Trombone Cup Alu

Mute for Tenor Trombone


Completely aluminium, Model TTCUP

RGC Mutes Horn Mute Bag

Mute Bag


For RGC Horn mutes, With zipper and hook, 10 mm Padding, Made in Spain

Humes & Berg New Stone Lined ST-171 Cup



Cup mute for tenor-trombone (tenor trombone with F attachment), 21.5 - 22.8 cm

C.A. Seydel Söhne Concerto Steel Oktav D


7-Piece Blues Harmonica Set, Seven 20-reed blues harmonicas in the keys A, Bb, C, D, E, F, G, So you can play at any time music genres such as...

Humes & Berg New Stone Lined ST-167

Exercise Damper


For trombone, Mannie Small

Pilgerstorfer Basso Bass-Clarinet 4,0

Reed for German Bass Clarinet


For mouthpieces with mouthpiece tip 2-4, French cane, Suitable for German bass clarinets and characterized by its range from pianissimo to...

AW Reeds 501 German Eb-Clarinet 3

Reed for German Eb Clarinet


Unfiled, Round soft tone creation, Very good response in the high register

Pilgerstorfer Artist-dt. Eb- Clarinet 2,5

Reed for German Eb Clarinet


Especially suitable for short, wide Eb tips, French cane, Extraordinary flexibility in tone creation

C.A. Seydel Söhne Club Steel Bb



40 Stainless steel reeds, Reed plate made of nickel silver, Curved, double-rowed comb made of hard-wearing ABS plastic, Reeds and rivets, as well...

JK FP 2D Fürst Pless Horn

Mouthpiece for Fuerst-Pless-Horn


Shallow cap, Silver-plated

Vandoren Classic Blue Contrab. Clar. 4

Reed for Double Bass Clarinet


Each pack contains 5 reeds

Marca Superieure Basssax 4

Reeds For Bass Saxophone


Package contains 5 reeds, Very good quality, Good response, Durable

Melton 182-L F-Tuba



3/4 size, 5 Rotary valves, Brass lacquer, Incl. mouthpiece, Made in Germany

Besson BE967-2 Sovereign Euphonium S



In Bb, Fully compensated, 4 Valves (3 + 1), 3 Water keys, Silver plated, Includes case, mouthpiece and accessories

Buffet Crampon BC1239L-2-0 A-Clarinet 18/5



Festival series, With Eb lever, Boehm system, Modified R13 Prestige, Completely made of grenadilla wood (Dalbergia melanoxylon), Silver-plated key...

Miraphone 283B 07000 Eb- Tuba

Eb Tuba


Model "Norwegian Star", 5 Rotary valves, Bell Ø 400 mm, Height 920 mm, Bore of 19.6 mm to 21.2 mm (4 valve), Adjustable thumb ring, Brass body,...

Sankyo RT-3 Headjoint 925 Ag

HeadjointPrefers the higher register and the brilliance of the sound. The RT head is offered in three variations of the modern Sankyo lip plate. These headjoints offer a coloured tone in the low registers and an impressive response in all registers.


Riser, rod and lip plate made of 925 sterling silver

Melton 5450-L C- Tuba "Thor"



Model "Thor", 5/4 size, 5 Valves, 4 "Big valve" Perinet steel valves, 5th Valve thumb rest on the right, Brass body and sound, Clear lacquered,...

Melton 3450-L C- Tuba



Compact 4/4 size, 5 Valves, 4 Perinet steel valves, 5th Valve thumb rest on the right, Brass body and bell, Clear lacquered, Includes mouthpiece...

Miraphone CC-291B 07000 C-Tuba

C- Tuba


5 Valves, 5/4 Rotary valves, Nickel silver parts, Conical rotary valves, Miraphone-Minibal push rod, Brass body, Nickel silver garland, Clear...

Bach VBS 1S Trumpet

Bb Trumpet


Special edition, ML bore 11.66 mm, Two part brass bell Ø 122.24 mm, Monel valves, Stradivarius mechanism, Thumb saddle at first slide, Ring at the...

Mollenhauer 5107 Denner Soprano

Soprano Recorder


Baroque fingering, Double holes, 3-Parts in a cotton bag

Vandoren V16 Tenor Sax 2.5

Reed for Tenor Saxophone


Developed for all modern musical genres

Hohner Blues Starter Set

Blues Starter-Set:


7-Piece Blues Harmonica Set, Seven 20-reed blues harmonicas in the keys A, Bb, C, D, E, F, G, So you can play at any time music genres such as...

Vandoren Cork Grease Stick White

Cork Grease Pen


7-Piece Blues Harmonica Set, Seven 20-reed blues harmonicas in the keys A, Bb, C, D, E, F, G, So you can play at any time music genres such as...

Rovner Versa V-1RL Ligature (AS)

Ligature for Alto Saxophone


Standard for mouthpieces of rubber or plastics, The new and improved "Eddie Daniels" successor, Better fit to the mouthpiece, Favorable price,...

Chieftain Thunderbird Low D Fixed



Chieftain Thunderbird Low D, Alloyed flageolet, Low-D is the latest innovation from Kerrywhistles and produces the loud, rich sound of the...

Breslmair Trumpet Mouthpiece G2

Mouthpiece for Trumpet


Complete mouthpiece

Vandoren Classic Blue Bb-Clarinet 3.5

Reeds for Bb Clarinet


Blue, Boehm system

Yamaha YRA-312 BIII

Alto Recorder


Baroque style handle (double hole), Wood-imitation, In F, ABS plastic, Three piece design, With fingering chart, cleaning rod, recorder fat

Pilgerstorfer Solist-dt. Bb-Clarinet 3,0

Reed for German B Flat Clarinet


French cane, Designed without too much core and is therefore particularly well suited to the more open, shorter and narrower German tip openings

Moeck 4303 Rottenburgh Alto

Rottenburg Alto Recorder


Stained pear tree wood, Baroque style fingering, Double hole, Including case, cleaning rod and cloth, certificate, fingering chart

Selmer SE-A3S Series III

Alto saxophone


Series III, Silver plated, With engraving, Brass body, bow and bell, Eb tone, High F# - flap, Leather pads with metal resonators, Includes Selmer...

P.Mauriat PMXA-67R X Alto Saxophone

Alto Saxophone


Rolled tone holes, High F#, Large bell, Hand engraved bell and neck, Nickel silver key touches, Dark vintage lacquer, Case included

Sierman STB-665 Tenor Trombone

Bb / F-Tenor Trombone


Student line, Nickel silver outer slides, Nickel silver inner slide with brass handslide, Clear lacquer, Incl. Deluxe softcase, oil and mouthpiece