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Bruno Tilz E.Schmid 85 French Horn

Mouthpiece For French Horn


Model 85 E.Schmid, Silver plated

Legere Signature Bari-Sax 3 1/2

Plastic Reed for Baritone Saxophone


Dark and warm tone, Developed with Larry Combs and Barnaby Robson

Legere Signature Sopranosax 3

Synthetic reed for Soprano saxophone


Légère reeds have a beautiful tone and range, combined with all the usual advantages of a synthetic reed

ESM Ernst Schreiber Clarinet W5A

Clarinet Mouthpiece


For German system clarinet, This mouthpiece is shipped without ligature and cap

Otto Link Tone Edge Soprano Sax 6*

Soprano Sax Mouthpiece


Tone edge, Rubber, Rail 6*, Incl. Cap and ligature

Arnolds & Sons Tenor Horn 15T-S

Tenor Horn Mouthpiece


15 T - S, Narrow shaft

Theo Wanne Gaia II Soprano 8 HR

Mouthpiece for Soprano Saxophone


Professional line, In the style of all mouthpieces from Selmer, Vandoren, USA Meyer, Otto Link Hard Rubber, Jody Jazz HR, Bari

Schreiber Bell "Old Model Black"

Bell for Clarinet


Suitable for model D12 - D41, also D51, "Old model", Made of grenadilla wood (Dalbergia melanoxylon), Black stained, Made in Germany

Yamaha Mouthp. Bobby Shew Flugelhorn

Mouthpiece For Flugelhorn


Bobby Shew signature model, Completely silver-plated

Edwards Bullet Brace for Trombone

Bullet Brace for Trombone


For attachment to bar with diameter of 9 mm and larger, C-shape, Support for a better pressure and weight distribution of the left hand

Arnolds & Sons Cornet 3C

Mouthpiece for Cornet


Medium shallow cup, Medium wide rim

Best Brass Warm Up French Horn Mute

Exercise French Horn Mute


Decreases the volume by about 30 dB, Very free feeling, Excellent intonation, Aluminium, Very light with just 80 g

BG A11LB Mouthpiece Cushion

Rubber Bite Pad for Saxophone and Clarinet Mouthpieces


Transparent, Self adhesive, 0.4 mm strong, L = wide pad, Protects mouthpiece and teeth, Absorbs unwanted vibrations, Fulfills a valuable purpose...

Yamaha YSL-354 V Trombone

Valve trombone


M-bore, 3 Perinet valves, Gold brass, Coated with clear lacquer, Includes case and mouthpiece

Marcus Bonna Large Straight Mute Trumpet

Straight Mute


For trumpet, Fibreglass

Pisoni DCL-80 Deluxe Clarinet Pad 9,0

Clarinet Pad


Maple, Incl. nylon bag

Bruno Tilz Adapter Cornet - Trumpet

Mouthpiece Adapter


From cornet to trumpet, Silver-plated

Gard Pouch for 2 Mouthpieces Tr/Tro

Mouthpiece Bag for 2 Trumpet or 2 Trombone Mouthpieces


Velvet lining, With hoop for belt and hook and loop fastener

Legere Signature Bass-Clarinet 2 1/2

Bass clarinet reed


For Boehm clarinets, French cut, A warm and rich sound in all registers, The reed material is a little stiffer than the standard and the reed tip a...

Denis Wick DW5513 Euphonium Mute

Mute for Euphonium


Straight model, Made of aluminium

Yamaha YAH-203 S Eb- Althorn

Eb Alto Horn


Straight build type, 3 Valves, Top action, Silver-plated, Mouthpiece and case included

Jo-Ral Trumpet Straight Mute Alu



For trumpet, Straight

Wallace TWC-481 Baritone Horn Cup

Cup Damper for Baritone Horn


Made entirely of aluminium, Adjustable cup, Designed on the model 381 with 90 mm cup, Very traditional sound, Flexible in all registers, perfect...

Voigt Brass Practice Mute F-Tuba

Practice Mute


For F-tuba, Excellent intonation, Easy to grip all the way around, Intelligent solution for musicians in concert

Denis Wick DW5519 Tuba Practice Mute

Practice Mute


For tuba, Aluminum mute

Voigt Brass Straight Mute F-Tuba



For F-tuba, Excellent intonation, Easy to grip all the way around, Intelligent solution for musicians in concert

Vandoren Classic Blue Eb-Clarinet 1.5

Classic Blue Reed


For Eb-clarinet, Strength 1.5

C.A. Seydel Söhne Sailor Steel C

Tremolo Harmonica


24 Double channels, 48 Stainless steel reeds (and rivets) with high tuning stability and a loud, full tremolo sound, Divided comb, Black plastic -...

Hercules Stands DS562B Alto Flute Stand



For alto flute, Foldable

K&M 152/5

Flute Stand


Suitable for alto and tenor flutes, Plastic base, The three tubular steel feet can easily be folded in for easy transport

Kariso 106/A Recorder Case Alt

Suitcase For Recorder


For treble recorder, 2x Latches, Case handle

Selmer Bari Series III Gold SE-B3L

Baritone Saxophone


Series III, Eb- mood, Gold lacquered, with engraving, High F # key, Ergonomic deep A flap with offset axis on the right side, Upholstery resonators...

Besson BE165-1 Student Euphonium

Euphonium in Bb


'New Standard', Handmade brass bell Ø 11" (279mm), 4 Perinet valves with 3+1 stainless steel arrangement, Nickel silver outer slides, Gold brass...

Cerveny CVTH 521-3 Tenor Horn

Tenor Horn


3 rotary valves, Body made of brass, MINIBAL joints, Nickel silver machine, Nickel silver mouthpipe, Nickel silver interior and exterior, Painted...

Schilke P 5-4 Piccolo Trumpet Gold

Piccolo Trumpet


4-Valve, Brass body, Completely gold plated

Gerd Dowids BZ-Series Bb-Flugelhorn GL91GP

Bb Flugelhorn


From the BZ series, Concert Line, Nickel silver Zirnbauer valve mechanism with bronze valves, One-piece valve connection and tuning slides, Conical...

Johannes Scherzer 8111-L High Bb/A-Trumpet

Bb/A Trumpet


Bell Ø 100 mm, Bore 10.4 mm, 4 Valves, 3 Interchangeable B-lead pipe tapers, 1 Interchangeable A-lead pipe taper, Adjustable hand/thumb rest, Gold...

Lee Oskar Cover Plates

Cover Plate Set


For all Lee Oskar harmonica models

Denis Wick DW5521 Piccolo Trp. Straight

Mute for Piccolo Trumpet


"Straight" model, Made entirely of aluminium

Best Brass Warm Up Junior Trumpet Mute

Warm Up Junior Mute


For trumpet without electronics, Extremely light and small, Suitable for C and B flat trumpet, ABS plastic, Audible volume only approx. 30 dB,...

Carol Brass CPC-7775-YLS-Bb/A-L

High Bb / A Piccolo Trumpet


4.055" (103 mm) Large brass bell, Clear lacquer, Stainless Steel Valves, Incl. bag, 11AX cornet and trumpet mouthpiece, cornet mouth pipes for Bb...

Kühnl & Hoyer 1305A Fürst Pless Perinet41301

Fürst Pless Horn B


Perinet valve, Wrapped green, Lacquered brass, Leather strap

K&M 14942 Carrying Case for 14940

Carry bag


For K & M tuba/ baritone stands K & M 14940 and K & M 14941, For transport and storage, Tear-resistant nylon fabric with linen character, Water...

Dotzauer Fürst Pless, Zylinder 18915

Fürst Pless Horn in Bb


"Deluxe" model, 3 Cylinder valves, Large nickel silver, Nickel silver, Brass inner tuning slide, Green real leather wrapping, Leather strap,...

Soundwear Perfomer Kaiser Baritone (S)

Gig Bag


Suitable for Imperial Baritone, DuPont Cordura mm with 25 mm padding and 12 hard foam insert, BIPS reinforced bell section, Extra strong zipper,...

Sandner Soprano 80 Solo Bb Black

Soprano Magic Flute in Bb tuning


Model 80 solo, Adjustable spigot, Complete with black case, Primarily handmade, As with concert flutes the tone holes are drawn from their own...

Theo Wanne Durga Baritone 6* Gold

Metal mouthpiece for baritone saxophones


Professional Line, Gold finish, In a similar style to the mouthpieces of Berg Larsen, Lawton, Runyon, Jody Jazz "DV" and Brilhart Level Aire

Kühnl & Hoyer 1315 L Eb/Bb-Parforcehorn

Eb / Bb parforce hunting horn


Quick switch valve, Tuning slide, 2 Water keys, Inner loop diameter 430 mm, Genuine leather wrapping, Clear lacquer, Including silver plated...

Jones 201A Artist Bassoon Reed MS

Bassoon Reed


Medium Soft, Made of high-quality cane reed, Handmade, This model is suitable for advanced players, Excellent response in all registers, 440 Hz

Kühnl & Hoyer 1310 KL Bb-Parforcehorn

Bb- Parforce Hunting Horn


Double loop, Tuning slide, Inner loop Ø 275 mm, Bell Ø 250 mm, Green faux leather, Clear lacquer, Including leather straps and silver-plated...

Yamaha YRA-27 III

Old Recorder


German fingering, Double hole, ABS plastic, Three-piece, White, Including bag

Selmer S- Neck Alto SA80 II Gold Pl.



For alto saxophones from the SA80 II series, Gold-plated

Mike McLean Mutes Bucket Bb-Trumpet

Damper for Bb Trumpet or Cornet


Bucket model, Made of fibreglass

Kühnl & Hoyer 1315 KL Eb/Bb-Parforcehorn K2W

Eb/B Parforce- Hunting Horn


Switch valbe, Tuning slide, 2 Water keys, Inner loop ø 430 mm, Green faux leather wrapping and leather carrying straps, Clear laquer, Includes...

Mollenhauer 2276 Canta Alto Recorder

Alto Recorder


German fingering, With single key, Versatile, reliable ensemble set with a homogenous sound!, Relaxed holding position thanks to balanced weight...

Yanagisawa Soprano Sax Metal 8



Soprano Saxophone, Tip opening 8, Made of metal, With ligature and cap

Wallace TWC-461 Flugelhorn Cup A

Straight Mute For Flugelhorn


Made entirely from aluminium, Well-balanced centre, Very dark sound, Balanced at all dynamic levels, Makes a dark sound even warmer and darker

Protec Mute Sock Small

Mute Sock


Made of soft padded Nylex, Protects against dents and scratches

Aulos Thumb Rest Soprano Recorder

Thumb Rest


For soprano recorder, For clamping

Tom Crown Piccolo Trumpet Straight Alu



Piccolo Trumpet, Straight, Full aluminium

AW Reeds Eb- Clarinet F115

Mouthpiece for Boehm Eb clarinet


Made of stable high-performance polymer, Ergonomic shape that relieve lips, New flow optimised chamber design produces a full round sound, Easy...

Mike McLean Mutes Cup Mute Tenor Trombone

Mute for Tenor Trombone


Made of wood and fiberglass, Robust construction, Great sound with good intonation, Soft and muted sound, good for jazz, Hand-crafted in the UK

AW Reeds 429 Bass Clarinet German 3

Reed for German Bass Clarinet


Unfiled, This reed is particularly suitable for mouthpieces with a big tip opening, Flexible and direct response

Pomarico Eb-Clarinet Boehm Facing 3

Eb Clarinet Mouthpiece


For Boehm system, Tip rail 3, Made of crystal glass, Tip opening 1.20 mm, Facing length 18 mm

Legere Contrabass-Clarinet 2 1/4

Plastic Double Bass Clarinet Reed


For Bb Double Bass Clarinet, French cut, Suitable for all music genres

Marca Superieure Basssax 2

Reeds For Bass Saxophone


Package contains 5 reeds, Very good quality, Good response, Durable

Oscar Adler & Co. 6000 Oboe Soloist Model



Soloist model 6000, Semi-automatic, Capped, Made from Grenadilla (Dalbergia melanoxylon), Double octave flap, 3rd Octave key, A#/B- trill, D#/E-...

Pearl Flutes PFA 201 ES

Alto Transverse Flute in G


Sterling silver lip plate, Pointed Arm design, Nickel silver-plated, Closed keys, Offset G, E Mechanism, With straight head joint incl. case and a...

Buffet Crampon Tosca A-Clarinet 19/5



With Eb lever, Low-F improvement, Boehm system, Tosca series, Completely made of grenadilla wood (Dalbergia melanoxylon), Silver-plated key system,...

Yamaha YCL-CX A Clarinet

A-Boehm Clarinet


Custom series, Patched, conical tone-holes, Undercut, open French sound, Silvered mechanics, Of grenadilla wood (Dalbergia melanoxylon), 17 Flaps,...

Yamaha YEB-321 S Eb-Tuba

Eb Tuba


4 Périnet valves arranged side by side, Top Action, Silver-plated, Incl. 66D4 mouthpiece and case

Besson BE982-2 Sovereign Eb- Tuba

Eb Tuba


Compensated model, 4 Valves (3+1), Handmade brass bell, 4 Water keys, Rings for carrying strap, Music box, Silver-plated, Includes case, mouthpiece...

Bach TR-450 Bb- Trumpet

Bb Trumpet


New 2-part bell shape for radiant full sound, Wire-reinforced bell edge, Engraved logo, Gold brass leadpipe, Brass mouthpiece clamp, Two-piece...

Moeck 1210 Soprano School Recorder

Soprano school recorder


Maple, Incl. nylon bag