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Cerveny CVFH703 Flugelhorn Mistrinanka



"Excelent Mistrinanka", 3x Cylinder valves, Trigger on the third slide, 1 Water key, Golden brass body, MINIBAL joints, Nickel silver valve...

K&M 14945 Kingsize Tuba Stand

Stand for Contrabass Tuba


Foldable stand with leveling screws for large tubas, The brackets coated with soft velveteen are height and width adjustable, Large instrument...

Buffet Crampon BC-4062-2-0 Oboe



Prodige series, Conservatory model, From Grenadilla, Semi-automatic, Left hand F-lift, C # -Triller, Double D trill, Deep B / C # trill, Double G #...

Buffet Crampon BC4131-2-0 Oboe


Very light, 30 mm Padding, Exterior compartment, Water repellent Cordura outer material, Includes backpack straps, shoulder straps and large outer...

Yamaha YPC-62 Piccolo

Piccolo Flute


Grenadilla wood body, Grenadilla headpiece, Nickel silver keys, Silver-plated, Includes accessories and case

Yamaha YPC-91 Piccolo



Body and headjoint made of grenadilla wood (Dalbergia melanoxylon), Undercut tone holes, Keywork made completely of silver, Meisterklasse / Master...

Kühnl & Hoyer Classicum C-Trumpet

"Classicum" C-Trumpet


ML Bore, Brass bell, Brass tuning slides and brass lead pipe, Ø 120 mm Bell, Nickel silver outer slides, Hand lapped stainless steel valves, 2...

Rigoutat Oboe Delphine Semi Automatic



Beginner's oboe, Semi-automatic, Body made of grenadilla wood, Nickel silver mechanism with extra strong silver plating, B to C # trill, F...

Kariso 232ZF Kaiser Bariton Case

Kaiser Baritone


With accessory compartment

Dotzauer Parforce Horn in Bb 18216

Parforce Horn in Bb


Premium model, 1 Loop, Finely hammered bell made of extra thin golden brass plate, Double conical tuning slide in nickel silver for mouthpieces...

Moeck 2100 Flauto Rondo Sopranino

Sopranino RecorderThe Flauto Rondo stands for a warm, balanced sound in all situations, which can be achieved even without perfect breathing techniques and mixes well in the ensemble.


Baroque system, With double holes, Body made of maple, A' = 442 Hz, 2-piece, Includes cotton bag with leather lining

Küng Superio Sopranino Record. 2207

Sopranino Recorder


Baroque fingering, a' = 442 Hz, The low pitches are stable and strong enough to be able to keep up with a modern chamber orchestra, Pitch is two...

Sandner Tenor 80 Solo Cb Black

Tenor Magic Flute in Cb Tuning


Model 80 solo, Adjustable spigot, Primarily handmade, Very easy response, As with concert flutes the tone holes are drawn from their own material...

Otto Link Super Tonemaster BaritoneSax7*

Metal Mouthpiece


Baritone Sax, Gold-plated bronze, Incl. ligature and cap.

Dotzauer Bag Parforcehorn ø 27 cm

Bag for Parforce Horn


Foam lining, Zipper, Large outer pocket, Back pack straps, Outside 34 cm

Yanagisawa Soprano Sax Metal 6

Mouthpiece For Soprano Saxophone


Tip opening 6, Made of metal, With ligature and cap

Soulo Mute Tenor Trombone Bucket 7-3/4"

Mute for Tenor Trombone


For bell sizes up to 8", No blowing resistance, Easily attached to the bell, Consistent tuning in all positions, Playable in two positions, Can be...

Otto Link Super Tonemaster Barisax 7

Metal Mouthpiece


Baritone Sax, Gold-plated bronze, Incl. ligature and cap

Protec M-403 Mute Bag French Horn

Mute Bag for French Horn


Made of nylon

Moeck Care Set Alto and Tenor

Care Set


For alto and tenor recorder, Moeck Care Oil, Anticondensation detergent against water droplets in the wind canal, Including paintbrush and wiper,...

C.A. Seydel Söhne Club Steel D



Especially suitable for melody playing in folk music, 40 Stainless steel reeds, Reed plate made of nickel silver, Curved, double-rowed comb made of...

Emo Trombone Hush- Hush Mute

Hush-Hush Mute for Trombone



Vandoren Eb-Clarinet B 44

Mouthpiece for Eb Clarinet


Classic Series, For instruments with Böhm system, Average facing length, Developed for symphony music

JK FP 4B Fürst Pless Horn



For Fuerst Pless Horn, Edge diameter 27.30 mm, Cup diameter 16.60 mm, Bore 3.80 mm, Medium cap, Silver-plated

Marca Superieure Basssax 3

Reeds For Bass Saxophone


Package contains 5 reeds, Very good quality, Good response, Durable

Jupiter JFLH700WX Conversion Kit

Conversion Kit for JP-510E C-Loop Transverse Flute


Adapter nickel silver, Silver-plated, Flute head nickel silver, Silver-plated, With sterling silver riser, Identical to the head of JP511ES-SC...

Jupiter JFLH700U Head Curved for Flute



Bend, For flute, Silver-plated

B&S GR41-L C-Tuba

C- Tuba


4/4 size, 5 Valves, 4-Perinet valves, 5th Valve as cylinder version with thumb rest on the right, Brass body and bell, Clear lacquered, Includes...

Mollenhauer New Student 1042

Soprano Recorder


Made of light pear wood, Baroque double hole fingering, The delicate soft sound is never obtrusive and remains even throughout all registers,...

Protec PB-311 CT Case for Bari-Sax

Shaped case for Baritone Saxophones


Suitable for both low A and Bb models, Very light, Exterior compartment, Shoulder strap

Vandoren Classic Blue Tenor Sax 2

Classic Blue Reeds for Tenor Saxophone


The nature of this reed produces an extremely pure sound, The extremely fine reed tip (the part of the reed that vibrates most vigorously) is in...

La Tromba Slide and Cork Grease 3g

Slide & Cork Grease


Small tin

La Tromba AG T2 Valve Oil Special

Valve Oil Special


Fine, slightly bluish oil with extremely high lubricating properties, It is suitable for the valves of all brass instruments, but ideal for steel...

Hohner Marine Band Crossover C



Richter System, 20 Reeds, Multi-layer bonded bamboo comb, Completely sealed, Cover surface made of stainless steel with sound slots, 0.90 mm thick...

Neotech Super Harness Strap Junior

Cross strap for saxophone


Soft, wide shoulder padding, Junior model, Plastic carabiner, Fitting for alto to baritone saxophones, Black

Vandoren V21 Bb-Clarinet German 2.5

Reed for German Bb- Clarinet


Perfectly suited to German mouthpieces, Slightly wider reed tip than the White Master and White Master Traditional reeds, Stable intonation with...

Vandoren ZZ Alto Sax 2.5

Reeds for Alto Saxophone


Fast response, High durability, Ideally suitable for jazz music

Riedl 330 Large Lyre



For trumpet, tuba or tenor horn, Straight brass, Large, 2 Pressure points, Stainless steel spring

Yanagisawa A-WO10 Elite Alto Saxophone

Alto Saxophone


New model, Revised mechanism, New engraving design, Made from a new brass alloy, High F# key, C#/B and Bb/C# rocker arms, Double arms on low Bb and...

Yamaha Powder Paper

Powder Paper


Magnesium powder coated special paper for the cleaning of woodwind instruments pads, Prevents the sticking of the pads on the sound holes and...

Yanagisawa A-WO20 Elite Alto Saxophone

Alto Saxophone


New model, Revised mechanics, New engraving design, Made of bronze, Lacquered, C# - Bb - B Rocking Key, Double peaks at the low-B and C-flap,...

DAddario Woodwinds Reserve Clarinet Classic 3,5

Reeds for Boehm Clarinets


New series, Produced with revolutionary digital cutting technology, Highest precision, Made of high density reed stems for high durability and...

BG A21 Thumb Rubber

Thumb Rubber


For clarinet or oboe, For instruments with adjustable thumb rest

Moeck 4307 Rottenburgh Alto

Rottenburgh Alto Recorder


Grenadilla (Dalbergia melanoxylon), Baroque fingering, Double hole, Including case, cleaning rod and cloth, certificate, fingering chart,...

Marcus Bonna Case for 2 Trombones Bass/Ten.

Case for trombones


Suitable for bass- and tenor trombone models, Very strong, despite a more compact and lighter design

Melton 2011RA-L Bb-Tuba

Bb Tuba


1/2 size, 4 Rotary valves, Bore 18.5 mm /4. valve 19.5 mm, Body and bell made of brass, Clear lacquer, Incl. mouthpiece and gig bag

Buffet Crampon E-13 Bb-Clarinet 17/5

Bb Clarinet


Boehm system, Made completely of African blackwood (Dalbergia Melanoxylon), Silver-plated key system, Silver-plated bell ring, 17 Keys and 5 sound...

Hammond Melodion PRO-44HP



44 Keys, Built-in dynamic microphone, 6.3 mm jack output, Volume Control, HP model features different reeds that gives a brighter, louder sound,...

Adams F2 GM Selected 055 170 BL



Selected series, Ø 6.7" One-piece golden brass bell, Trigger on 3rd valve, Brushed lacquer, Incl. Adams Soft bag

King 2104F Legend 4B Trombone

Tenor trombone with F-Attachment


13.89 mm bore, Nickel silver outer slides, Clear lacquer finish, Includes wooden case and mouthpiece

Moeck 1260 Soprano School Recorder

Opran School Recorder


German fingering, With double holes, Maple, Nylon bag (included)

Melton 195-L Bb-Tuba "Fafner"



Model "Fafner", 5/4 size, 4 Rotary valves, Vertical tuning slide, Brass, lacquered, Incl. Melton gig bag and mouthpiece, Made in Germany

Ortola 146 Gig Bag for Tuba grey

Semi-Hardcase for Tuba


Suitable for tubas with a bell diameter of 420 mm, Suitable i.a. for Miraphone 282, B & S 3199 F-Tuba PT-10P, 46S Melton, B & S 3100, 20 mm...

Protec C-247 Gigbag for Sousaphone

Gig Bag for Sousaphone


Very light, 30 mm Padding, Exterior compartment, Water repellent Cordura outer material, Includes backpack straps, shoulder straps and large outer...

Hagerty Silver Foam (Silver & Multim.)

Cleansing Foam


Fast acting, For silver, silver-plated surfaces, tin and stainless steel, Simply apply silver foam on a damp sponge, foam up and rinse with warm...

Küng Superio Bass Recorder 2603

Bass Recorder


Baroque fingering, Developed by the passionate recorder maker Geri Bollinger, The delivery of the first instrument was preceded by at least a year...

Muramatsu GX-CBE Flute



Head and body full silver-plated, Closed keys, E Mechanism, Offset, H - Foot, Silvered flap, Wooden cleaning rod and case (included)

Moeck 2420 Flauto Rondo Tenor

Tenor RecorderThe Flauto Rondo performs in all registers with a balanced, warm sound. This can be achieved without perfect breathing technique and mixes well within an ensemble.


Flauto Rondo model, Baroque fingering, Double holes, Maple, a'= 442 Hz, 3 Parts, Incl. cotton bag with leather trim

Hofmann Concert Panpipe C


Very light, 30 mm Padding, Exterior compartment, Water repellent Cordura outer material, Includes backpack straps, shoulder straps and large outer...

Moeck 4540 Rottenburgh Bass (curved)

Knick Bass Recorder


Rottenburgh series, Maple natural, Baroque handle, Double key for F / F sharp, Double hole for G / G sharp, Keys for B and C, 3-Piece, A' = 442 Hz,...

Helleberg Mouthpiece for Tuba 120 S

Mouthpiece for Tuba


Suitable for 120 S standard tuba, Signature Series, Silver-plated

K&M 14360 ES/Alt Sax Stand "Midge"

Saxophone Stand


Stand for alto saxophones in a new, modern, patented design and high functionality, Instrument support with protective cover, Foldable and...

Yamaha YSL-350 C Trombone

Compact Trombone in Bb-Finally, a trombone, which can be played by children!


With short valved attachment, Shortened slide, Clear lacquer finish, Includes case and accessories

Marcus Bonna MB-7 Flightcase French Horn

Flight Case


For French horn with detachable bell, Suitable as hand luggage, High-grade nylon weave, Despite a compact and light design it is very durable, With...

Bach 341 Trombone 4G

Trombone mouthpiece series 341


Wide shank, Silver-plated

Mollenhauer 5501 Denner Bass

Bass Recorder


Made of cherry tree wood with double key and 4 keys to reduce the necessary hold span, Baroque fingering, Specially designed bass key with...

Mollenhauer 2541K Canta Bass

Bass Recorder


Cherry tree with double key and four keys, Baroque fingering, Thanks to the kink, the instrument is positioned closer to the body, The distance to...

Yamaha SB-6X-2 for Flugelhorn

Silent Brass System for Flugelhorn


Latest generation with STX-2, Consisting of a smaller, lighter damper with almost natural blow resistance and the staff studio that features...

Emerald Plastic Oboe Reed Soft



For oboe, Made of plastic, Soft

Otto Link New York Tenor Sax 6*

Metal mouthpiece for tenor saxophone


Gold plated bronze, New Edition of the old Otto Link mouthpieces from the 40s and 50s, Extra large chamber, Including ligature and cap

Jakob Winter JW 721D Clarinet German

Lightweight case for B clarinets


German system, A very manageable wooden case, Inner lining with high-quality premium velvet, 2 chrome-plated sliding locks for safe transport,...

Hohner FlexCase M

Harmonica bag


The FlexCase M protects each harmonica individually, Prevents scratches or dents, Provides sufficient air circulation, Hook & loop fasteners allow...

JK 2DK A1 Exclusive French Horn

Mouthpiece For French Horn


Silver-plated, The K-Series supports a classic dark sound due to the slightly deeper conical cup

Denis Wick 4880 Trombone 6BS

Mouthpiece for Trombone


Small shaft, Gold-plated, All-round mouthpiece, Bestseller, Good in all situations