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Vandoren Classic Bb- Clarinet 5 RV LY

Mouthpiece For Bb clarinet Boehm System


Classic Series, Black ebonite, Tip opening 109+ ( 1/100 mm ), Medium facing length, With thinner mouthjoint tip and changed facet, Easy response,...

Jupiter JFH1100R Flugelhorn



3 Perinet valves, Gold lacquered brass, Gold brass offense, Trigger on 3rd valve, Finger rests in pearl look, Nickel silver outer slides, 3 Water...

Perantucci Tuba Mouthpiece PT-50

Tuba Mouthpiece


Very deep, funnel-shaped cup, Flat with sharp inner edge, Open shaft bore, The largest Perantucci mouthpiece with funnel-shaped cup, Large,...

Gerd Dowids BZ-Series G72 Bb-Trumpet

Bb Trumpet from the BZ Series


Concert Line, Zirnbauer machine, Bore 11.20 mm, Conical rotary valves, One-piece valve connections, One-piece valve slides, 3rd Slide trigger, Long...

B&S GR55-L Bb-Tuba

B Flat Tuba


5/4 size, 4x Rotary valves, 3B ball joints, Gold brass leadpipe, Nickel silver inner and outer slides, Bore 1st-3rd valve 19 mm, Gold brass body...

K&M 15910

Mute Holder


Flexible holder for 3 mutes for clamping to tripod tubes with a diameter of 7 - 30 mm, Rubber coated

Jupiter JFL700WD D-Loop Flute

Flute in C


Suitable for children over 5 years, With original WaveLine Patent for best ergonomics, Easiest response, Simplified mechanism, Short and...

Startone PTB-10 Bb- Jazz Trombone Blue

Bb Trumpet Jazz


Dark blue, Includes ABS mouthpiece and softbag

Buffet Crampon BC1114L-2-0 RC Bb-Clarinet 18

Bb Clarinet


RC series, Boehm system, 440 / 442 Hz, 18 Flaps (Eb-lifter), 6 Rings, 2 Barrels, Leather upholstery, Made entirely of grenadilla wood (Dalbergia...

Moeck 1250 Soprano School Recorder

Soprano School Recorder


Body made of maple, German fingering, Without double holes, Nylon bag (included)

Gard 52-WBFSK Trolley f. Euphonium



For euphonium, Model 52-WBFSK, "Mid Bag Suspension System", Bell surface is protected by a thin wooden inlay with foam padding, Durable zipper,...

Hohner Super 64 in C

Chromatic Harmonica


Plastic comb (black, ABS), 64 Reeds, C-major, Reed plate embedded in the comb (recessed reed plates), Round tone holes, Vario Spring system for...

U-Trainer U-Trainer Brasswind Set

U-Trainer Set for Brass


Set consisting of shoulder trainer and U-Point

Berg Larsen Tenor Sax Steel 100

Tenor saxophone metal mouthpiece


Stainless steel, Facing length 100, Including ligature and cap

Protec C246X Gigbag for French Horn

French Horn Gigbag


20 mm Padding, Made from Nylon, Padded rucksack carry straps, Outer pocket and sheet music pocket, Incorporated mouthpiece pocket and organizer,...

Yanagisawa SN-981 Sopranino Saxophone

Sopranino Saxophone


S - bow, body and bell made of refined brass, Gold lacquered, High E - flap

JK Exclusive Tuba 5AA

Mouthpiece for Tuba


Model 5AA, Very deep cup, Silver-plated, Mouthpiece brush included

Kölbl 5.010 Snake Brush for Trumpet

Spiral Cleaner


For trumpet, flugelhorn, cornet and french horn, Flexible shaft, Plastic coated, Brush with high number of natural bristles

Jones 101E European Reed Oboe MS

Reed for Oboe


Medium-Soft, 'European' style, Handcrafter from reed, Each reed is individually checked and adjusted by hand, Excellent response in all registers,...

Mollenhauer TE-4428 Dream-Edition Tenor

Tenor Recorder


Baroque fingering, Double holes, Ergonomically designed key system, Shell-shaped keys, Robust mechanisms, Changing fingering is made easier by the...

K&M 15290

Soprano Sax Stand


Stands for straight soprano saxophone, Black plastic peg with felt pads, Feet can be screwed into the cone, For space-saving transport in the bell...

Protec Reed Case Alto/Tenor Saxophone

Reed Case


For 10 alto or tenor saxophone reeds, Specially designed to allow air circulation, Very light

Yamaha PM-7X Trumpet

Single Mute for Trumpet


New Silent Brass mute, Compatible with STX-2 Personal Studio (article no. 403443 - not included)

Denis Wick 5880E Euphonium SM6U

Mouthpiece for Euphonium


Steven Mead Ultra Series, Heavier outer shape, Slightly more rounded cup and sharper inner edge to the rim, Big shaft

Protec PB-319



For bass clarinet, Boehm system, Suitable for low - Eb models (not deep - C models), Water-resistant nylon outer casing, Large accessory...

Yamaha Mouthpiece Trombone 48S

Standard Mouthpiece


For trombone, Silver plated, Small shank

Schilke French Horn 29

Mouthpiece For French Horn


Model 29, Silver plated

Yamaha YHR-567 F/Bb-Double French H.

F/Bb-Double horn


12 mm Bore, Medium bell throat, Brass, Coated with a clear lacquer, Incl. Case and 32C4 mouth piece

Vandoren Profile Soprano Sax SP3

Mouthpiece for soprano saxophone


Without ligature and capsule, Elegant design with appealing and rounded shape, High playing comfort and good performance due to centering of the...

Marcus Bonna Mute French Horn Wood

Mute For French Horn


Made of wood, Model FH

Legere Signature Bari-Sax 3

Plastic Reed for Baritone Saxophone


Dark and warm tone, Developed with Larry Combs and Barnaby Robson

Yamaha YCL-457II-22 Clarinet

Bb Clarinet


German fingering, Blackwood body (Dalbergia melanoxylon), 22 keys, 6 rings, Normal barrels, Increased flat plateau for thumb hole, F lever and Eb...

Denis Wick 4884 Flugelhorn 2FL

Mouthpiece for Flügelhorn


Gold-plated, Medium deep cup, Yamaha shank for USA and Japanese models, Also available in silver

Vandoren Classic Blue Soprano Sax 3.5

Classic blue reeds for soprano saxophone


Made of wood, Model FH

Wurlitzer Bb- Clarinet M3+

Mouthpiece for clarinet


For German clarinet, Plastic (smoked glass)

Bruno Tilz Prof. Daum 2 B Baritone

Mouthpiece for Baritone


Shaft no. 2, Suitable for baritone or old German trombone

Selmer Baritone Sax S80 C**



For baritone saxophone, Rubber, Easy response, Large tone volume, Square chamber

Pisoni Set Clarinet German

Bb- clarinet pads


Complete set (21 pieces), Universally suitable for German Bb- clarinets

Voigt Brass Practice Mute Baritone r.valv.

Practice Mute


For baritone / rotary valve mechanism (oval Tenorhorn), Very light and durable, Triple woven fibers, Extremely dense thereby making it lightweight...

Schreiber Bell "New Model Natural"



For clarinet, Suitable for models D12 - D41, also D51, Made of grenadilla wood (Dalbergia melanoxylon), "New model", Natural finish, Made in Germany

Neotech Pad-It Tuba Harness Regular

Cross Belt for Tuba


Fits most body types and tubas, The design offers a wide range of adjustment options to increase comfort and fit while balancing the weight of the...

Bob Reeves Adapter Cornet-Trumpet

Mouthpiece Adapter


Cornet -> Trumpet, Allows the player to use a cornet mouthpiece on the trumpet, Silver-plated

BG A10LB Mouthpiece Cushion

Rubber Bite Pad for Saxophone and Clarinet Mouthpieces


Self adhesive, 0.8 mm strong, L = wide pad, Protects mouthpiece and teeth, Absorbs unwanted vibrations, Fulfills a valuable purpose for pleasant...

Yamaha YCR-8335 GS 02 Cornet

Bb-CornetThe model YCR-8335 was developed together with David King - cornet soloist and conductor of the famous YBS Brass Band. Characteristic of the new cornet is a very open and colorful sound. In addition, the general playing feeling has been improved.


NEO series Pro, Trigger on 1st and 3rd tuning slide, Silver-plated, Includes case and mouthpiece

C.A. Seydel Söhne Blues Harmonica Case

Carrying Case


Suitable for 30 Blues Harmonicas and accessories, Very stable plastic hard shell, Practical, stable zipper, Ergonomic carrying handle, Foam inlay...

Berg Larsen Alto Sax Steel 100

Mouthpiece For Alto Saxophone


Ligature and cap included

Protec Multiple Mouthpiece Pouch Alt

Mouthpiece Pouch


For 3 trombone- or alto-saxophone mouthpieces, Compact, fitted design, Zipper, Outside pocket for small accessories

K&M 14952 Tuba-Spielständer

Tuba Performing Stand for Children


Low, lightweight model for all tubas, Snap-in socket with 3 profile feet which can be folded down for transportation, Height adjustable pipe...

Otto Link Super Tonemaster Alto Sax 6

Mouthpiece For Alto Saxophone


Ligature and cap (included)

Vandoren V21 Bass Clarinet 3,0

Reed for Boehm bass clarinets


The V21 reed uses the same conical shape of a 56 rue lepic reed combined with a V12 profile, and is designed for wind instrument players looking...

Hercules Stands DS513B Multi Stand

Multiple stands


Two pegs for trumpet or cornet, A peg for Flugelhorn, Collapsed size 320 x 190 mm

Breslmair Bottom Part Flugelhorn F4

Bottom part


For Flugelhorn F4, Model G12F, German shank, Silver-plated

Bruno Tilz Adapter Flgh. (1) - Flgh. (3)

Mouthpiece Adapter


From flugelhorn mouthpiece narrow (1 = Getzen - Bach - Yamaha narrow) to Flugelhorn instrument wide (3 = German - Melton - Miraphone), Silver-plated.

Cordier Reed Trimmer Bb-Clarinet GER

Reed Trimmer for Bb- Clarinet


German cut, With lever

C.A. Seydel Söhne Fanfare S Tremolo G

Tremolo Harmonica


The first tremolo harmonica with stainless steel reeds, The Fanfare is a tremolo harmonica that has been optimised for air-tightness and that can...

Alfons Neumann Alphorn Meisterklasse



Alphorn of the masterclass in F, Completely made by German handcraft from mountain spruce, Excellent sound quality, Clean mood and intonation,...

Kariso 106/2T Recorder Case

Recorder Cases


Soft velvet lining

Hohner Kreuzwender

Kreuzwender in C / D / F / G / A / Bb - Major


Wooden comb, 288 Reeds, Unique tremolo harmonica, Six individual instruments combined in one metal star, Each individual harmonica has a different...

Jo-Ral Trumpet Mute Tri Tone (Cup)

Trumpet Mute


For trumpet, Tri-Tone cup, Aluminium, with felt pads

K&M 15265 Piccolo Recorder Stand

Flute Holder For Soprano & Piccolo


With a non-scratching clamping, Black cone, Peg diameter 6.5 mm, Clamped on to tube diameter 30 mm

Vandoren V12 Eb-Clarinet 3



For Bohm system Eb-clarinets

Hans Hoyer 6801GA-L

F/Bb Double Horn


Conical rotary valves with 3B linkage system, Valve casings from nickel silver, Long tuning slide, Expansive sound, Inner- and outer slides from...

Best Brass Warm Up Junior Trombone Mute

Mute for Trombone


Extremely light and small, Audible volume only approx. 30 dB, Ideal for musicians who need to practice with sound insulation, Excellent intonation,...

Pearl Flutes PFP-105ES Piccolo Flöte

Piccolo Flute


Grenaditte body and headpiece, "Traditional Straight Style" headpiece, E-Mechanism, Nickel silver mechanism, Silver-plated, Includes accessories...

Jo-Ral Trombone Straight CopperBottom



For tenor trombone, Straight, Aluminium with copper bottom

Lee Oskar Comb

Comb - Individual


For all Lee Oskar harmonica models

Willson 2960 TA-UK Euphonium

Euphonium in Bb


Fully compensated, 4 Valves (3 + 1), One-piece bell, Ø 310 mm, Medium bore 15.00 / 16.80 mm, Brass body, Noiseless valve system, Chrome, nickel,...

Vhizzper Warm Up Mute Trumpet Blue

Mute for Trumpet


Good airflow, Adjustable intonation and adaptation to all bell sizes through changeable ring system, Gradual reduction of the volume by special...

Humes & Berg New Stone Lined ST-186 Cup

Damper for Flugelhorn


High-quality damper made of vulcanized fiber

Gerd Dowids BZ-Series Bb-Flugelhorn G88

Bb Flugelhorn


From the BZ Series, Concert Line, Nickel silver Zirnbauer valve mechanism with bronze valves, One-piece valve connection and tuning slides, Conical...

Hans Hoyer 3702-L

Bb Junior Horn


Spiral spring mechanism with 3B ball joints, Long valve levers, Nickel silver inner- and outerslides, Adjustable hand rest (flipper), Gold brass...

Cordier Reed Trimmer Alto Sax

Reed Trimmer


For alto saxophone, With lever

Humes & Berg New Stone Lined ST-151

Damper for Trombone


Straight model, High-quality damper made of vulcanised fibre, Red/white lacquered

Best Brass Straight mini Trombone

Mini Mute for Tenor Trombone


Model "Little Big Man", Completely made of aluminium, Very good intonation