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Acoustic Image UpShot S4plus Speaker Cabinet



Radiating upwards, Upwards directed 10" woofer, Ideal additional loudspeaker for the Coda and Contra amplifiers, Perfect housing for the Clarus and...

Acoustic Image Clarus SL-2 S4plus 608IAplus

Amplifier for double bass


2 Separate input channels, each with its own level and tone control, 6.3 mm Stereo jack input in each channel, accepting both instruments and...

Acoustic Image Clarus S4 600IA / 601IA Plus

Head with Effects for Double Bass


2 Channels, Wide frequency response, Hi-Fi Sound Playback, Chambered housing front, Can be mounted on Coda, Corus or Ten2 speakers, Combined input...

Acoustic Image Corus 613-GA-2-Plus

Acoustic Combo Amplifier


2-Way Loudspeaker system, Extended frequency response, High fidelity sound, Flexible convertible docking system, meaning the amplifier can be...

Schertler Yellow Single Pre-Amplifier



Modern design in a lightweight aluminum housing, 2 Input channels for all types of microphones and pickups, 4 Outputs with multiple connection...

Acoustic Image Contra S4plus 650-BA plus

Acoustic Combo


High Fidelity sound, 2-Way speaker system, Lightweight (22 lbs) polymer housing, Single-channel preamp, No effects, 3-Band equalizer, Pre-amplifier...

Acoustic Image Clarus SL S4plus 606IA plus

Amplifier for double bass


650 W music power at 4 ohms, Extended frequency range, High fidelity sound, Compact design and very light, Each one high-impedance and...

Acoustic Image Clarus SL-R S4plus 607IAplus

Amplifier for Double Bass


1 Channel with effects, Adjustable reverb and delay effects with level and rate controls, Extended frequency range, High fidelity sound, Very light...

K&K Dual Channel Pro Preamp



Preamp for 2x piezo or magnetic pickup, Internal 3-band EQ for both channels, 2x Jack inputs, 1x Jack output, 2x Volume controls

K&K Dual Channel Pro Preamp ST

Dual Channel Pro Preamp


Bass, mid, treble EQ, gain and volume controls per channel