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Lefima MP-POW-1412-2HM High Power

Snare Drum


18 Clamping screws, Water-proof glued laminated wood cylinder in ultralight design, Chromed hoop, Pressure-ring made of high-strength aluminium...

Pearl FFXPMD 14"x12" Marching Snare

Marching Snare Drum


Championship Medalist Snare - Pipe Band Series, Very light, 100% Birch 4 ply + 2 ply Reinforcement Rings, Newly designed hoops, New Chrome Snare...

Thomann/StoneDrum SD1411SD HT Grubinger

Concert Pipe Drum


Martin Grubinger Signature Model - exclusively available from Thomann, World's first and only natural stone pipedrum, Shell made of 100% exclusive...