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K&K PowerMix Pure Mini Upgrade



Pure Mini Upgrade from the Pure Mini / 12-string, Including installation kit, manual, onboard preamp, manual, FanTaStick pickup

K&K Pure Preamp

Preamp for acoustic instruments


Specially designed for acoustic guitars, but also very well suited for many other acoustic instruments, Excellently suited in combination with the...

K&K Pure XLR Preamp



Same sound behavior as the Pure Preamp, With additional DI balanced XLR output and phase inversion switch, Adjustable input volume, Wide frequency...

K&K Quantum Blender

2-channel preamp / mixer


For the combination of a piezo pickup with a microphone, with a magnetic pickup or with another piezoceramic pickup, Channel 1 can optionally be...

TAP Octave for Clarinet & Violin

Octaver for clarinet and violin


Adds octaves up or down to the instrument signal, Octave up to several octaves above clarinet tone / violin possible, The processed signal...

TAP Pre-B Preamplifier



Dynamic, small preamplifier, Suitable for all pickups and transducers, Low impedance output, Suitable for all amplifier and console inputs, With...

TAP Bouzouki Reverb

Hall effect for Bouzouki


Digital reverberator / reverb, For bouzouki and other similar folk instruments, Battery

K&K Preamp Power Supply

Preamp power adapter


For mains voltages of 100 - 220 volts with 50 and 60 Hz alternating current, Better clarity, less distortion and less noise than with batteries

TAP 9V Power Supply

AC adapter


For all tap preamps and effects units, Power supply with stabilized output at 9 volts and constant current of 400 mA

K&K Pre-Phase Preamp



Small onboard preamp with volume control and reverse phase switch for Pure pickups, Operating time of the alkaline battery approx. 150 hours