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bam DEF5201XLA Viola Case Alumin.

Case for viola


Suitable for 15" - 16" viola, Inside the case, the violin is stored on a suspended foam padding, Length adjustable up to 42 cm, Strap for a "Kun"...

Roth & Junius RJB Composite Cello Bow 1/4 BK

Composit Cello Bow


Ebony frog, With Parisian eye made from abalone, Natural hair, Black composite stick

Sonor SCH1 Rubber Headed Mallets

Rubber-Head Mallet


For Bass percussion instruments, Mallet head made of rubber, Mallet shaft made of plastic

Sonor PG6560 Strap Snare S-M

Power Carrying Strap


For snare drums / parade snare drums, Size S to M

Nino Nino 552 Triangle Large



Including mallets

Grover Pro Percussion SX-BR Tambourine



Double row brass jingles, Fiberskyn head, Acousticon body

Kolstein Cello Rosin Regular



For cello, Normal

Pro Mark ATA1 Marching Mallet

Drum Mallets


With aluminium shaft, With a white, soft, roughened, coated shaft, The ATA1 is perfect for tenor drums, 33.5 cm long, 2.6 cm plastic tip

Shadow SH940 Violin Pickup



For violins, A complete maple bridge with attached piezo pickup, Volume and tone controls are accommodated in housing, which is similar to a normal...

Mike Balter No.9A B

Brass Mallets


Medium-hard, Birch handle 36.2cm, Aluminium head 16.88 mm, Pair

Glasser Carbon Graphite Viola Bow 4/4

Viola Bow


4/4, Made in USA, Nickel-silver wound, Ebony frog with bow slides and eye, Black round stick, Natural-hair, 3-Part adjuster

Ritter RACS7 Accordion 72 Bass SGL

Bag for 72 Bass Accordion


Session series, Made of high quality sewn, water-resistant "Jacquard Bicolour" material, Embedded reflectors for safety, "All-Around piping system"...

Ritter RACS7 Accordion 120 Button SGL

Bag for Accordion with 120 buttons


Session series, Made of high quality sewn, water-resistant "Jacquard Bicolor" material, Embedded reflectors for safety on the road, "All-Around...

Viva la Musica Cello Endpin Stopper GR

Floor Protector for Cello


Up to 10 mm pin diameter

Dictum Chinrest Key Aluminium



For chinrests, Made from aluminium

Jargar Classic Violin String A Forte

Single String for Violin


A-String, Highly flexible steel core, Forte, 0.46 mm

Conrad Götz ZP2016 E-2 End Pin Rest EB

Floor Protector


With elevated edge, Ebony insert, Center magnet for centering the endpin, Extremely high adhesion to the surface, Incl. certified wood origin

Sonor KS30L b2 Chime Bar

Chime Bar


Metallophone, 30 x 4 mm Blue, specially alloyed metal sound bars, White resonance box for each tone, Made from impact-resistant Resophen

Conrad Götz ZA357-106 Violin Tailpiece

Tailpiece for Violins


Hill model with black saddle, Edges and corners are trimmed, Due to being handmade dimensions may vary slightly, White Götz signet for products...

Pyramid Violin String D

Violin D String


Size 4/4, Nickel flat wire wound

Thomastik Vision Rosin for Viola

Rosin for viola


Premium Line

Despiau No.7C Bass Bridge 3/4

Bass bridge 4/4


Blank, which must be adapted, Belgian model, Mirror wood C-quality, Curing treated, Normal heart, High bridge

Petz Bass Rosin No.3 Medium



Bass soloist, In plastic box

Jargar Classic Violin String G Medium

Single String for Violin


G-string, Highly flexible steel core, Medium, 0.75 mm

Bow Brand Pedal Natural Gut F No.0


For 4/4 and 3/4 violins, Case made of regrowing natural fibres, Water resistant coating, Large detachable sheet music pocket (39 x 26cm) also for...

Roth & Junius Endpin Bass ST Tintul 32/370

Endpin for Double Bass


Stainless steel endpin made of steel with 10 mm diameter and 370 mm length, Tamarind cone (Tamarindus indica) 32 mm in diameter and 51 mm in length

Studio 49 TS 04 Striker Concert Triangle

Striker for Concert Triangle


From the Concert Percussion series, 4 mm (diameter)

Pearl S-067YT 14"Philharmonic strand

14" Philharmonic Snare


7 Light yellow cables, For SR-500 lift-off

Pirastro Obligato Cello A

Cello String


Obligato series, A string

Dictum Tailgut for 3/4 and 4/4 Bass

Hanging string for 3/4 and 4/4 double bass


2 Brass nuts per side

Thomastik Spirocore D Bass 1/4 medium

D Single String For Double Bass


For 1/4 double bass, Chrome on spiral rope core, 3874,3

Gewa Tailgut for Cello 4/4 - 3/4

Trailer String


For cello 4/4 - 3/4, Nylon screw handle for cello

Roth & Junius Violin Pegs Std Tintul 1/8 Med

Pegs for violin


For 1/8 violin, Blanks that need to be shaped to the instrument, Medium strength, Complete set of 4 pegs

Artino Marco Polo Chinese ZhongRuan

Chinese ZhongRuan


Medium size ruan tuned G2-D3-G3-D4, Plucked Chinese long-necked lute with a circular body, Made of Chinese hardwood, Chinese parasol tree and...

Klaus Heffler No. 470 SE Master Cello Gua.



Special edition, Built completely by hand, Modelled in the style of Guarneri, Selected tonewood seasoned for years, as well as selected wooden...

Sabian 18" HH New Sym. Med-Heavy

Orchestral Cymbals


HH Series, Medium heavy, Hand hammered, Natural finish, Heavier cymbals with a larger bell, Provide more overtones, a higher tone and a long...

Klondyke Mandolin Strap Nylon F

Mandolin Strap


For F models, Nylon material, 25 mm

Jargar Double Bass String A Medium

A single string for double bass


Medium, Chrome steel

Sabian 16" AA Viennese Medium Regular

Marching and Orchestral Cymbals (pair)


AA Viennese Series, Medium, Natural finish, Incl. straps, Price is for a pair

Sabian 16" AA Concert Band Med. Br.

Marching and Orchestral Cymbals


16" Concert Band, Brilliant finish, Incl. straps

Scala Vilagio Double Bass Violin 3/4 EW

Double Bass


Made by Emanuel Wilfer in Germany, Double bass made completely of solid wood in violin shape, Solid maple back, With Rubner wooden tuners, With...

Roth & Junius Single Machines Bass 1/4

Single Machine Heads for 1/4 Double Bass


Set comprising 4 silver-coloured single machine heads

Michael Glass Double Bass No.20 3/4

Double Bass


Soloist instrument with fine grained solid spruce top, With outer lining and cornice, Arched and flamed solid maple back, Ebony fingerboard,...

NS Design CR4-CO-QM Quilted Maple Cello

4-String Electric Cello


With active Polar Pickup System, Built-in EQ and headphone output, Neck and body made of solid sycamore, Richlite composite fingerboard, Padded bag...

Conrad Götz ZAV350-125 Viola Tailpiece

Tailpiece for Viola


With Parisian eye, Incl. tailgut

Adams GCV33 Concert Orchestra Bells

Concert Glockenspiel


Rounded 31.5 mm steel sound bars, Without damping pedal, 3.3 Octaves ranging from C5 to E8, Height adjustable Voyager frame from 80-100 cm

Adams MAHA50 Artist Alpha 443Hz WW/G


For 4/4 and 3/4 violins, Case made of regrowing natural fibres, Water resistant coating, Large detachable sheet music pocket (39 x 26cm) also for...

Jakob Winter JW 51025 BNB Violin Case

Violin Case


For 4/4 and 3/4 violins, Case made of regrowing natural fibres, Water resistant coating, Large detachable sheet music pocket (39 x 26cm) also for...

Jakob Winter JW 52017 Violin Case 4/4

Violin Case


For 4/4 Violin, Molded case made of regrowing natural fibres, Water resistant coating, Inner padding made of high quality 100% cotton-velvet,...

Gut-A-Like Slappers Delight Bass Strings

Bass Strings


The Slap Strings for Bass players, plucked only occasionally, are usually slapped, E.g. for Psychobilly Neo Rockabilly but also authentic Rockabilly

Wolf Standard Secondo 4/4 -3/4

Shoulder rest


For violins

Gewa Timpani Mallets Concert 35mm

Timpani Mallets


Concert Model, Handle made of wood, Developed with Arnold F. Riedhammer, Including. Rubber cuff, 1 Pair

Dogal Mandolin Calace RW92

Mandolin Calace Set


Set of 8 strings, Carbon steel, Round wound, Medium tension

Jade Rosin L'Opera



For Violin, Viola and Cello, In clear plastic sleeve with fabric inlay

bam 9200XP Back Cushion Viola

Back Cushion For Viola


With a bag, For rectangular high-tech viola cases

Mike Balter Mallets No.323 R

Vibraphone / Marimba Mallets


Rattan handle, Blue cord, Pair

Weltmeister Topas 37/96/III/7/3 Black

Piano accordion


37/96/III/7/3, 96 Basses, 37 Treble keys, 7 Treble registers, 3 Reed ranks on the treble side, 3 Bass registers, 4 Reed ranks on the bass side,...

Scandalli Air Junior 72

Piano Accordion


72 Basses, 34 Wooden treble keys, Super Durall reed plates, Bass and treble keyboard made from mother of pearl, 4 Reed ranks on the bass side, 4...

Adams 2PASYIIDH23D German

Copper Pedal Timpani


Evenly hammered, deeply arched copper shell, Fine tuner, 3 Casters with brakes, Base and support struts are made of heavy die-cast aluminium, The...

Bow Brand NG 4th F Gut Harp String No.28

String for Lever Harp


Made of gut, 4th octave F

NS Design NXT5a-VN-BK-F Violin Fretted

Fretted Violin


5-String, Made in the Czech Republic, Polar pickup system, Pizzicato / Arco switch, Fretted ebony fingerboard (diospyros melanoxylon), Incl....

Roth & Junius BSB-04 4/4 OG Bass Soft Bag

Bag for 4/4 double bass


Well padded and stable, Additional sewn-on pockets for bow and accessories, Zipper, Backpack straps, Handles

Gewa Viola Case Maestro 41,5cm

Case For 41.5 cm Viola


Thermo shell, Padded suspension, Water-repellent screw attached cover, Gewa swivel-type bow holder, Flexible bow bridge, Protective cover,...

bam 5202XLLB Hightech Compact VA

Viola case


Suitable for 15" - 16" viola, Optimal protection due to foam padding, Detachable backpack carrying set with safety hook, ubway grip, Side handle,...

Meerklang Mondharfe



Top made of solid spruce, Back made of poplar, Frame made of alder / cherry, Nut and bridge made of walnut, 8 Strings in C diatonic scale, Tuning...

Feeltone MO-60O Octave Monochord

Octave Monochord


Covered on both sides, 30 Overtone strings in c on one side and 30 bass strings in C on the opposite side, Playable on both sides, Ash / cherry,...

Roth & Junius RJB Carbon Bass Bow 1/2G BK

Composite Bass Bow


With german ebony frog, With Parisian eye from abalone, Natural hair, Black patterned carbon stick

Sonor KSP40M1 Chime Bar Set

Set of Metallophone Chime Bars


19 Notes, C1-C3, C Major scale with f#1, bb1,f#2 and bb2, 1 Pair of SCH5 mallets, Tenor alto, Primary line, Specially alloyed metal sound bar 35 x...

TAP BCE-27 Bass / Cello Pickup

Bass / Cello Pickup


Self-adhesive disc transducer (27 mm diameter) for double bass and cello, Easy mounting on the instrument body, Great bass sound with high output,...

Artino SN-140 Viola Strings

String Set for Viola


Synthetic nylon core, All strings with ball, Quick response and easy playability

Pirastro Student Cello Strings 4/4

Student Cello Strings


For 4/4 cello, Complete set made of 4 strings, Passione A and D string medium and Chromcor G and C string, Steel strings, Warm and round sound,...

Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Viola C medium

Viola String


C single string, For 4/4 viola, Tungsten silver on synthetic, With ball, Pirastro No. 429421

Black Swamp Percussion LBT6 Triangle



For 4/4 and 3/4 violins, Case made of regrowing natural fibres, Water resistant coating, Large detachable sheet music pocket (39 x 26cm) also for...

Sonor SCH109 Glas Tip Mallet



With small glass head, Price for pair