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Harley Benton HBV 990SKL 4/4 Electric Violin

Electric Violin with Active Pickup System


Headphone output, Jack output, Includes case, shoulder rest, carbon bow, rosin and 9V battery

Roth & Junius RJBB-03S Baroque Violin Bow

Baroque Bow


For violin, Round snakewood pole, Snakewood frog, Grain may vary

Tido Shoulder Rest 4/4- 3/4 Violin

Shoulder rest


For 4/4 - 3/4 violin, Plastic body with foam padding, Screws and joints made of aluminium, Adjustable in height and width, Rubberized non-slip feet

Roth & Junius RJVAC Viola Case Grazioso

Light Viola Case


Hard shell case, With 4 bow holders, String tubes, 2 Accessory pockets, Backpack straps, Hygrometer

Adams Marimba Mallet M150

Mallets for Marimba


Bogdan Bacanu series, Rubber core, Handle made of maple, Includes 1 pair

Thomastik 203 Dominant Rosin

Rosin no.203


For Violin / viola, In the round version

Olli Hess Lava Edition 40

Gong Rubber


For 4/4 - 3/4 violin, Plastic body with foam padding, Screws and joints made of aluminium, Adjustable in height and width, Rubberized non-slip feet

Aquila Renaissance Lute Strings 8C

String Set for 8-course Renaissance lute


Complete set of 8 courses/15 strings made of Nylgut, g - d/d - a/a - f/f - C/c - G/g - F/f - D/d

Sonor KS400P1 Chime Bar Set

Xylophone Chime Bar Set


C Major scale with f#1, b#1, f#2 and b2, 19 Notes, Fundamental tuning, 38 x 18 mm Rosewood chime bars (Dalbergia stevensonii), Resonance box per...

Thomastik Dominant Viola medium 38 cm

String Set for Viola


Set 4123,0

Penzel Cello Bow No.3 4/4

Cello Bow


Silver winding, Without an eye, Long mother of pearl slide, Stamped "Roland G. Penzel", Pernambuco stick

Black Swamp Percussion AT 6 Triangle



E-nickel plated steel, Rich and dynamic sound, Rich in overtones, Corrosion-resistant

Roth & Junius RJB Carbon Cello Bow 3/4 BK

Carbon Cello Bow


Ebony frog, With Parisian eye from abalone, Natural hair, Black patterned carbon stick

Bow Brand MC0011 Harp String Bag

String Bag


Special case for harp strings

Lefima 487S eagle for snare drum

Small Eagle for A Small Drum


Nickel-plated eagle

Bow Brand Pedal Natural Gut 3rd C No.17

Single String For Pedal Harp


3rd octave C, Natural gut, Normal gauge, Also suitable for the Salvi Gaia lever harp

LP 388N Gajate Holder

Holder for Pedals


For mounting of cowbells, tamborim etc.

Scandalli Air I Piccolo - Double Octave

Piano Accordion


96 Basses, 37 wooden treble keys, 5 Reed ranks on the bass side, 4 Reed ranks on the treble side, Super Dural reeds, Double octave tuning, 11...

Gewa Novita 3.0 Electric Violin BK

Electric Violin RB


Functional design, The basic dimensions remain preserved from the classical violin, Satin finish, The wood grain remains visible, Solid maple neck,...

Gewa Psaltery Bow

Psaltery Bow


Bow is made from massaranduba with thumb leather

Schaller Double Bass-Pickup 411

Double Bass Pickup Model 10/70


High-gloss chrome-plated, Adjustable single magnets, Volume control, Mounting to fingerboard

Yamaha YM 5100 A Marimbaphon 442Hz



Sound bars are made from selected Honduras rosewood (Dalbergia stevensonii), New resonator system, Pneumatic height adjustment, Easy to transport...

Gewa Psaltery Mallet Medium

Dulcimer Mallets


Medium, Pair, Tobi Reiser model, Medium design, Head made of felt / leather

Schertler STAT-B-Set

Electrostatic Double Bass Pickup


With battery-operated STAT-PRE preamplifier, High dynamic range and high linearity, Simple and fast assembly, With balanced cabling, High...

Meinl CLAMP-TRI Triangle Holder

Special Holder for Triangle


Suitable for all triangles, Easy to attach

Salvi SALJ25-CSS Juno Cherry

Lever Harp


25 Strings, With silkgut stringing, Range from 1st octave A to 5th octave E (a''' - e), Bag, tuning key and 4x 20 cm feet included

Wittner Adjuster Violin 4/4-3/4 BK Gut

Violin Fine Tuner


For 3/4 to 4/4 violins, For gut strings

Blackwood Violin Fingerboard

Violin Fingerboard


Fingerboard blank to be cut and fitted to the individual instrument, Made of blackwood

Stentor SR1551 Viola Conservat. 15,5"



Solid spruce top, Solid, beautifully flamed maple back, Shellax lacquer, Solid maple neck, Ebony fingerboard (Diospyros crassiflora), Ebony pegs...

Roth & Junius RJB Carbon Bass Bow 1/2F BK

Carbon Bass Bow


With French ebony frog, With Parisian eye from abalone, Natural hair, Black patterned carbon stick

Gewa Bass Bow 3/4 Round German

Bass Bow


For size 3/4, German model, Round stick made of ipé, Ebony frog

Roth & Junius RJBB-03SG Baroque Bass Bow

Baroque bow


For double bass, German model, Round snakewood stick, Snakewood Frog, The grain can vary

Gewa Pure Violaset HW 40,8cm

Viola set


Fingerboard and pegs made of hardwood, Solid spruce top, Solid maple back, Inlaid purfling, Dark red-brown varnish, Incl. chinrest, tailpiece,...

Gewa Ideale VL2 Violin Set 3/4 OC

Violin set


Solid violin made of european tonewoods, Moderate flaming, Solid European spruce top, Solid European maple back and sides, Ebony fingerboard, Ebony...

Gewa Maestro 6 Antiqued Violin 3/4

Violin Made Completely of Solid Wood


Solid maple body, Flamed bottom, Ebony fingerboard (Diospyros crassiflora), Ebony pegs (Diospyros crassiflora), Fine tuning tail piece, Thomastik...

Yamaha YM-1430



4 1/3 Octaves, A = 442 Hz, African padouk, 38-58 cm, Height adjustable frame 88-98 cm, 3x Wheels with two brakes

Gewa Allegro VL1 Violin Set 3/4 OC

Violin Set


Violin made completely from solid European tonewoods, Solid European spruce top, Back and sides made of solid European maple, Ebony fingerboard,...

Sonor SCH25 Woolen Mallets



For bass, great bass, xylophone and metallophone, Wool thread head, Medium-hard, Price for pair

Sonor ZM6600 Carrier white

Carrying Frame - WhiteThe Sonor carrying frame was designed with a focus on ergonomics. The ZM 6600 basic frame has a low weight of only about 1.8 kg due to the use of a special aluminium alloy.


For 4/4 - 3/4 violin, Plastic body with foam padding, Screws and joints made of aluminium, Adjustable in height and width, Rubberized non-slip feet

Feeltone MO-21C Monolini C Monochord



21 Strings, 11 Overtone strings in tuning c', plus 5 strings each in octave c and fifth g, Instrument made of ash and cherry

Fishman V-400 Viola Pickup

Viola pickup


The piezo element is integrated into the Despiau violin bridge and enables a very precise acoustic sound transmission, Set contains a Carpenter...

Hidersine Studenti Cello Set 4/4

Cello Set


Solid maple body, Metal tailpiece with fine tuners, H100 strings with synthetic core, Silk matte lacquer finish, Incl. bow and bag

Grover Pro Percussion SX-GS Tambourine



Double row German silver jingles, Fiberskyn head, Acousticon body

Gewa Pure Violinset HW 1/16

Violin Set


Solid spruce top, Solid maple back, Inlaid purfling, Fingerboard and tuning pegs from hardwood, Chinrest, Tailpiece with fine tuners, Dark...

Goldon Metalophone Model 11035



Model 11035, Soprano metallophone, Tuned sound plates, Comes in a wooden box, Installed on a wooden board

Kaufmann Bass Drum Mallet 152

Bass drum mallet


Sheep's wool, Medium fleece, Handmade, Price is for a pair

Pearl PHB-1440

Snare Drum


Philharmonic series, Beaded brass shell, Single flange hoops with claw hooks, 3 Individual snare wires, Vintage

Vic Firth BD3 Soundpower Mallet/Beater



From the Sound Power Series, For gongs and concert bass drums, Staccato, Relatively light, well balanced, Ideally suited for use in symphonic...

Sonor S BD M 60 Bass Drum Mallet



Unit price, With leather loop

Pirastro Passione Violin A 4/4 13 1/2

A Single String for 4/4 Violin


Ball end, Pirastro Nr 219241

Efel Shoulder Rest Viola

Shoulder Rest For Viola


With foam rubber pad

Mike Balter No.9A R

Brass Mallets


Medium-hard, Rattan 36.2 cm, Aluminium head 16.88 mm, Pair

Headway The Band Cello Pickup

Strap-Around Pickup For Cello


For a natural sound with great dynamics, Easy assembly without drilling or any changes to the instrument, Warm clear tone, No disturbing bow...

Larsen Il Cannone Violin String A Med

A Single String for Violin


Medium, Multifilament-fiber on nylon core, Wound with precision rolled aluminium flat-wire

Gewa Double Bass Endpin 29/32mm

Endpin for Double Bass


Carbon fibre rod, Excellent resonance properties, Ultra light, With replaceable chrome tip

Dictum Floor Protection Cello

Floor Protector


For cello, Rubber disc with metal insert

K&M 13415 Stackable Chair

Stacking Chair


Sturdy, stackable chair with seat upholstery in black fabric cover, Seat shell made of beech plywood, High-gloss, chrome-plated, 4-foot steel frame

Fire & Stone Folk Edition Strap Flowers

Fabric belt for guitars, basses and folk instruments


With jacquard weaving, Adjustable length, Real leather ends

Mike Balter No.10 R

Glockenspiel Mallets


No.10 R, Extra hard, Rattan handle, Plastic head, Black, Pair

Stretto Humidifier Cello BK

Humidifier for Cello


Easy handling and application, Handy size, Easy to assemble, Includes 2 replacement bags

Daddario Helicore Violin D 4/4 medium

Single D String For 4/4 Violin


Ball end, Medium, Daddario No. H313-4/4M

Acoustic Image Mounting Bracket for UpShot


For 4/4 - 3/4 violin, Plastic body with foam padding, Screws and joints made of aluminium, Adjustable in height and width, Rubberized non-slip feet

Thomastik Versum A Cello 4/4

Single A-String for 4/4 Cello


Special alloy on steel wire, Thomastik no. VE41

Thomastik Vision Titanium G VIT04o 4/4

Single G string for 4/4 violin


Ball end, Medium, Thomastik No. VIT04o

Dictum Bass Wheel 12,7mm

Bass Wheel


High-quality, inflatable rubber wheel for comfortably transporting basses., The diameter of the shaft must match the diameter of the instrument's...

Moser Aubert w. Patent Mechanism 150

Bridge for double bass


With integrated Moser patent machine heads, 150 mm

Maxpic Thumb Pick L Tortoise

Thumb Pick


Size L, Tortoise

Grover Allman Yin Yang Picks

Picks Set


5 Picks, Printed in colour

Sonor Leather Strap

Leather Slings


For cymbals V3900, V3901, V3902, Made of PHC

TFA Cosy Thermo-Hygrometer



Digital, With coloured comfort levels for a healthy indoor climate, Max./min. function, Temperature display (0° C to 50° C), Humidity display...

Petz Premium Rosin Extra Soft

Premium Rosin


For double bass, Extra soft rosin, In plastic box, Low dust, Perfect adhesive power

Sonor KS30L f#2 Chime Bar

Chime Bar


Metallophone, 30 x 4 mm Blue, specially alloyed metal sound bars, White resonance box for each tone, Made from impact-resistant Resophen

Studio 49 KBN a2 No22 Resonator Bar

Alto / Soprano Chime Bar


Tuned single resonator made of impact resistant plastic, 30 x 4 mm sound bars made of aluminium, Includes 1 PKS mallet

Bow Brand Pedal Nat. Gut 2nd A No.12


For 4/4 - 3/4 violin, Plastic body with foam padding, Screws and joints made of aluminium, Adjustable in height and width, Rubberized non-slip feet