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Thomastik Dominant Cello 3/4 medium

String Set for Cello


For 3/4 cello, Chrome on synthetic

Artino SN-110 Violin Strings 1/8

String Set for 1/8 Violin


With ball on the string end, Fast response and easily playable

First Frets Violin 1/2 / Viola 12"

Fingerboard Marking


286 mm for 1/2 violin or viola 30.5 cm / 12", Specially developed by Dr. Phillip Coonce for beginners and students, Can be easily glued on and...

Meinl 14" Bronce Marching Cymbal

Marching Crash Cymbals


F#14, Bronze, Medium, Bright penetrating sound, Warm sound character, Swift and clear response, Incl. leather straps, Pair

Thomastik Spirocore C Cello 4/4 Tung. H

Single string for a 4/4 cello


C Single string, Tungsten wound, spiral core, Heavy, Thomastik No. S33ST

Pirastro Perpetual Bass A 4/4 - 3/4


HH610 3/4M complete set, For 3/4 model sizes, Nickel on steel rope core, Suitable for pizzicato and arco

Pirastro Flexocor DL D Bass medium

Single D String For Double Bass


For 3/4 - 4/4 double bass

Kolberg 226 20 x 600 mm, Ø 16/10/7.5

Cross tube


4-edge 20 x 600, Ø 16/10 / 7.5

First Frets Violin 3/4 / Viola 13"

Fingerboard Marking


303 mm for 3/4 violin or viola 33 cm / 13 ", Specially developed by Dr. Phillip Coonce for beginners and students, Can be easily glued on and...

Bergerault Belt for Vibraphone THV3.0



For Thomann THV3.0 Vibraphone

Aubert No.16 Cello Bridge 4/4 NH

Cello Bridge 4/4


Blank, therefore requires adjustment, French model, Treated for hardness, Normal core, Selected maple, Good figuring, Regular grain, Aged wood

Goldon Xylophone Bass Model 10225

Xylophone Bass


Model 10225, Chromatic supplement to 10220, Bass xylophone, All Xylophones have a frame made of beech, a resonance body made of 10 mm birch plywood...

Moser Bass Flex Tailpiece



Made of black lacquered pear wood, With 4 V-shaped hook-in options for optimum sound tuning, Adapted to the instrument and the personal...

Kolberg 224 20 x 450 mm, Ø 16/10/7.5

Cross tube


4-edge 20 x 450, Ø 16/10 / 7.5

Conrad Götz ZW 981 Violin Pegs Heart Shape

Peg for violin heart shape


Black ring and black button, Medium, With certified wood origin, Complete set of 4 pegs

Schertler PRE-Clip

Belt Clip


For STAT-PRE preamp

Pirastro Flexocor Deluxe Solo B String


HH610 3/4M complete set, For 3/4 model sizes, Nickel on steel rope core, Suitable for pizzicato and arco

Meinl Energy Chime Chiron

Chime Bar


From the Meinl "Planetary Energy Chime" series, Chiron

Artino KA-170 Violin Bow Case BL

Case For Violin Bow


Bow case made of aluminium, With carrying strap and fabric cover

Meinl Energy Chime Saturn

Chime Bar


From the Meinl "Planetary Energy Chime" series, Saturn

Pirastro Obligato Double Bass ND2 Quint

N D2 Single String


For double bass, Fifths tuning

Conrad Götz ZD 252 Wolf Note Suppressor

Suppressor for Cello


Tonwolf Suppressors

Thomastik Dominant A Bass 3/4 solo



For 3/4 double bass, Solo tuning

Roth & Junius Cello Pegs Std. Tintul 1/2 Med

Tuning Pegs for Cello


For 1/2 cello, Blanks, therefore must be adapted to the instrument, Average thickness, Complete set of 4 pegs

Petz AIB01 Bass Bow Case

Bass Bow Case


Trapezoidal case for a German bass bow, Case made from plywood, Black synthetic coating

Conrad Götz ZAV5294-130 Viola Tailpiece

Tailpiece for Viola


English model with beige-white saddle

Roth & Junius Cello Pegs Swiss Tintul PE

Cello tuning pegs


Swiss model, With Parisian eye, Blanks that need to be adapted to the instrument, Made of tamarind, Medium strength

First Frets Cello 1/8

Fret Markers


460 mm for 1/8 cello, Specially developed by Dr. Phillip Coonce for beginners and students, The marker is easy to stick on and remove without residue

CelloGard CeGa-M1 Cello Stand Purple

Cello stand


Newly developed stand for cello including cover, For securing the cello in reclined position, Cello is placed with upper frame in the stand, Ideal...

Petz Light Tailpiece Viola 380-395

Tailpiece for Viola


Made of lightweight metal, 380 - 395 mm, With 4 fine-tuners and tailgut

Roth & Junius Europe 1/4 Student Cello Set

Cello Set


Solid spruce top, Solid maple back, Neck and sides made of maple, Fingerboard, pegs and tailpiece made of blackwood (Pinus radiata), Fine tuning...

Stentor SR1950 Double Bass Student 1/4

Double Bass


Student 1/4 Bass, Laminated maple body, Stained hardwood fingerboard, Height adjustable peg, Including bag and French bow, Made ready to play in...

Zildjian 20" A Symphonic Viennese Tone

Orchestral Cymbals


Traditional finish

Weltmeister Romance 602 C-Handle Black

Button Accordion


60/72/II/3 chromatic C-handle button accordion (French fingering), 72 Basses, 60 Treble buttons in C-handle arrangement, 3 Treble registers,...

Sonor GBKX 100 Deep Bass Xylophone

Deep Bass XylophonePalisono is a reinforced fibreglass material developed by Sonor in collaboration with a specialised company, and the sound properties of Palisono are ideal for the production of xylophones.


Overtone tuning, 16 Tones, Resonance box with six chambers made of locked pine wood, Inlcudes one pair of SCH15 mallets

Studio 49 BX2000 Bass Xylophone

Bass Xylophone


BX 2000, Diatonic, 16 45 x 20 mm bars of rosewood (Dalbergia stevensonii), Includes F# and Bb bars, Flexible pins for sound recording, Harmonic...

Fismen Leidenschaft 34 - Ebony

Styrian Accordion


4 Rows, G/C/F/Bb, 3 Chords, 48 Treble buttons, 16 Bass buttons, New RS (Regular Spring) treble mechanics, New bass mechanics made of innovative...

Rockbag Softbag Marching Bass Drum 28"



For marching bass drums 28" x 12" and 28" x 14", Solid water resistant RokTex surface material, 10 mm Padding, Top and bottom reinforced with...

Sonor GBKM 20 Deep Bass Metallophone

Masterpiece Metallophone


Deep bass extension, 6 Notes, Overtone tuning, Gray, special alloy metal sound bars 45 x 13 mm, Resonator box with 6 chambers made of pine,...

Hidersine Uno Cello Set 3/4

Cello Set


3/4 size, Laminated spruce top, Laminated "graphic flamed" back and sides, Ebony pegs, Maple bridge, Aluminium tailpiece with 4 fine tuners, Steel...

Daddario HP615-3/4M Helicore Bass C Ext

C Single String


For 3/4 double bass, Extra long E-string for extension mechanics, Suitable for pizzicato, HP615-3/4M

Karl Höfner H5-C-O Cello Set 1/2

Cello Set


Built completely out of solid wood, Inlaid purfling, Shaded and spirit varnish finish applied by hand, Tailpiece with fine tuners, Includes an...

NS Design CR5M-DB Amber Bass

5-String Electric Double Bass


With additional EMG magnetic pickup system, Maple body, Richlite composite fingerboard, 106 cm Scale length, Height adjustable brige, Polar bridge...

Adams BK 2201 Tubular Bells A=443

Tubular Bells


A = 443 Hz, Chrome-plated standard model tubes 1.25", Cover and mallet included

Daddario HH610-3/4M Helicore Bass 3/4

String set for double bass


HH610 3/4M complete set, For 3/4 model sizes, Nickel on steel rope core, Suitable for pizzicato and arco

Pirastro The Jazzer Bass 4/4-3/4

String Set for Double Bass


For 3/4 - 4/4 double bass, Rope core steel strings, Specially for jazz musicians, Bright, powerful sound with great volume and long sustain, Set...

Roth & Junius Europe 4/4 Advanced Violin Set



Back, neck and sides are lightly flamed, Tailpiece with fine tuners, Includes a case, rosin and bow, Made in Europe

Thomastik Infeld Red Violin 4/4 medium

String Set for Violin


For 4/4 violin, With ball, Set IR100

Gewa Air 2.1 Violincase 4/4 MBK/SH

Violin Case


For 4/4 violin, Subway handle, Extremely high break resistance, Shell made of specially developed thermoplastic material, Excellent insulation...

Gewa Air 2.1 Violincase 4/4 BK

Violin Case


Extremely high break-resistance, Specially developed thermoplastic-shell, Best insulation properties, Padded suspension system, 4 Gewa patented...

Scandalli Polifonico IX

Piano Accordion


96 Basses, 37 wooden treble keys, 5 Reed ranks on the bass side, 4 Reed ranks on the treble side, Super Dural reeds, Double octave tuning, 11...

Scandalli Air III 120

Piano Accordion


With Cassotto, 120 Basses, 37 Wooden treble keys, A mano reed plates, Double octave tuning, 5 Reed ranks on the bass side, 4 Reed ranks on the...

NS Design NXT5a-VN-BK Violin

5-String Electric Violin


Polar pickup system, Pizzicato / Arco switch, Ebony fingerboard (Diospyros melanoxylon), Dual Mode Output-Battery-Free Concept, Including chin...

Meerklang Therapiemonochord 66cm

Therapy Monochord in D tuning


Top made of solid spruce, Back made of birch, Frame made of alder, Nut and bridge made of walnut, 30 Strings in D tuning, Tuning key included

Myers Pickups The Grip Violin / Mandolin

Compact Gooseneck Microphone


Single microphone with flexible gooseneck, Two additional mounting brackets, Plus one carpenter clamp for violins / mandolins with chinrest screws...

Adams Schnellar Timpani 65cm


HH610 3/4M complete set, For 3/4 model sizes, Nickel on steel rope core, Suitable for pizzicato and arco

Gewa Prestige Rolly Bass Bag 4/4

Bag for 4/4 Double Bass


With two casters, Reinforcement on endpin, bridge and scroll, YKK Zippers, 25 mm Tricot inner padding, Wood-reinforced bow-compartment, Sewed-on...

Kun Shoulder Rest 4/4 Bravo

Shoulder Rest


4/4 BRAVO maple wood with foam rubber padding, Adjustable

Vic Firth VFT1 Timpani Mallets

Timpani Mallets


American Custom Series

Äolis Klangspiele Silbermond Cantele



Body made of a single piece red alder wood, Tuning key included

Yamaha VC 5S44 Cello 4/4

Cello 4/4


Handmade cello from handpicked woods, Solid spruce top, Solid maple back, Ebony fingerboard, Tailpiece with fine tuners, Incl. bag, bow and rosin

Mike Balter Vibraphone Mallets No.22 B

Vibraphone Mallets No.22 Pro Vibe


Medium hard, Birch handle, Green cord, Pair

Olli Hess Lava Edition 60

Gong Rubber


HH610 3/4M complete set, For 3/4 model sizes, Nickel on steel rope core, Suitable for pizzicato and arco

Thomastik Spirocore Viola C Tung. S24


HH610 3/4M complete set, For 3/4 model sizes, Nickel on steel rope core, Suitable for pizzicato and arco

Lefima BMB 2816 Bass Drum

Bass Drum


CarboBoost series, 28" x 16" (71 x 40 cm), Waterproof glued laminated wood cylinder and ultra light hoops, 2 Ring mufflers, 4 Eye bolts, Tuning...

Goldon Alt 10 Chime Bar Set 10617

Alto Chime Bars


Model 10617, Resonator box made of 6 mm birch plywood, 35 x 18 mm finely tuned sound bars made of SUCUPIRA, Mallets not included

Lefima Universal Flexi-Carrier

Carrying System for All Drums


Adjustable from S - XXL, Anatomical, breathable padded back panel, Ergonomically designed quick-adjustable padded shoulder straps and side hip...

Aquila New Nylgut Iraqi Oud Strings

String Set For Iraqi Oud


Complete set

Pyramid Renaissance-Lute Strings

Renaissance Lute Strings


8 Courses, Nylon blank and silver-Plated round wound on special plastic fibre core

Andrea Violin Rosin A Piacere

Rosin for violin


For effortless bow control, Get the most out of your instrument, Every piece of Andrea Rosin Kolofon is handmade from the finest materials,...

Nino Nino 9 Beater



Universally applicable

Roth & Junius Europe 15,5" Student Viola Set

Viola Set


Tailpiece with fine tuners, Includes a case and bow, Made in Europe

Karl Höfner H8/10K BG 3/4 Bass Bow

Bass Bow


With German frog, Very good pernambuco stick, 8-Edged, Silver winding, Ebony frog

C. Robert Hopf Akkordzither Bag 100/5-6



Suitable for all guitar zithers/ mandolin-guitar-zithers of the 100/5 and 100/6 series