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Ron Vaughn CymM-4R High Density Cy Mallet

Cymbal Mallets


Rattan stick, Copper coloured ribbon, Delivered as a pair

Thomastik Vision VI100 1/8 medium

String Set for Violin


For 1/8 violin, With ball, Set VI100 1/8

Artino KA-380 Cello Bow Case BR

Case for cello bow


With carrying-strap and fabric cover

Remo 15" Ambassador Reso Snare Head

Resonance Snare Head


SA-0115-00, Transparent (hazy), The most sold snare resonant head in the world

K&K Preamp Power Supply

Preamp power adapter


For mains voltages of 100 - 220 volts with 50 and 60 Hz alternating current, Better clarity, less distortion and less noise than with batteries

Rockbag Softbag Marching Bass Drum 22"

Bag for Marching Bass Drum


For 22" x 12" and 22" x 14" drums, Solid water resistant RokTex surface material, 10 mm Padding, Top and bottom reinforced with plastic, 60 mm...

Sonor TP13 Timpani

Orff Timpani


Primary Line, Screw timpani with 3 height-adjustable legs, Plastic head, Tunable

Mike Balter Chime Mallet CM3

Tubular Bells Hammer


Large size, One side with felt

Pirastro Flexocor Deluxe Solo E String


Soft, Birch shaft, Red cord, Pair

Goldon Metalophone Bass Model 10125

Bass Metallophone


Model 10125, Chromatic extension for 10120, Bass metallophone, All metallophones have a frame from beech, resonator box made of 10 mm birch plywood...

Asian Sound Singing Bowl tuned e2

Singing Bowl


A = 443 Hz, Includes cushion and mallet

Conrad Götz ZD 255 Wolf Note Suppressor



For cello, Tonwolf Suppressors

Dictum Wolf Eliminator Cello

Wolf Eliminator


For cello, Nickel, With screw

Meinl Energy Chime Jupiter

Chime Bar


From the Meinl "Planetary Energy Chime" series, Jupiter

Roth & Junius Cello Pegs Std. Tintul 4/4 Med

Tuning Pegs for Cello


For 4/4 cello, Blanks, therefore must be adapted to the instrument, Average thickness, Complete set of 4 pegs

Pirastro Original Flat-Chrome E 2,10m

E-Single String


For 3/4 - 4/4 double bass

Aubert No.5 Viola Bridge 48mm

Viola bridge


Blank, which must be adapted, Treated for hardness, Normal heart, Selected maple, Plays well, Regular grain, Seasoned wood, Straight bridge

Aubert No.7 Viola Bridge 48mm LH

Viola Bridge


Blank, therefore requires adjustment, Treated for hardness, Low core, Selected maple, Good figuring, Regular grain, Aged wood, Straight bridge

Aubert No.7 Viola Bridge 46mm LH

Viola Bridge


Blank, therefore requires adjustment, Treated for hardness, Low core, Selected maple, Good figuring, Regular grain, Aged wood, Straight bridge

Wittner Tailpiece Cello 3/4 - 1/2

Tailpiece for Cello


3/4 - 1/2, Hi-tech plastic, 4 Fine tuners, Extra stable, Ultra light, Nylon tailgut

Despiau No.13 Viola Bridge 48mm

Viola Bridge


Blank, therefore requires adjustment, Treated for hardness, Normal core, Simple quality

Weltmeister Romance 874 B-Handle Black

Chromatic B-Handle Button Accordion


87/120/IV/11/5, 120 Basses, 87 Treble buttons in B-handle arrangement, 11 Treble registers, 5 Bass registers, 4-Voice treble, 4-Voice bass, Double...

Studio 49 GT 50/P Bass Drum

Large Drum


Tunable, Body made of molded hardwood, Molded and glued hoops, Two tensionable plastic drum heads, Diameter 20" (50 cm), Stand included,...

Adams 26" 2PAUFKG26D FS German

Universal Copper Pedal Kettle Drum


Parabolic drum shell, Fixed tuning pedal, Tuning gauge, Fine tuner, 6 Tension rods, Three supporting legs - one with a braked caster wheel, Tuning key

Startone Student I Violin Set 4/4

Violin Set


Laminated spruce top, Laminated maple back, Maple neck, Ebonized hardwood fingerboard, Hardwood tuning pegs, Chinrest, Tailpiece with fine tuners...

Startone Maja 48 Accordion Black



26 Treble keys, 2 Reed ranks, 3 Treble registers, 48 Basses, Incl. Carrying straps and gig bag with backpack shoulder straps

Thomastik Vision Titanium Solo VIT100

String Set for Violin


For 4/4 violin, With ball end, Set VIT100

David Gage The Realist Soundclip Bass

Sound clip


For double bass, Easy to mount clamp pickup with adjustable weight and volume knob

Goldon Music Trolley 1 Model 30510

Music Trolley 1


Made of beech wood, On easy running castors, With 3 drawers, a lid and a shelf at the bottom, Is an absolute must for every classroom, Guiro double...

K&K Mandolin Twin Internal

Pickup for mandolins


Mounting system is completely internal, The two pickups can be mounted on the inside of the mandolin top (in the intrument!) with double-sided...

Thomastik Spirocore S23 Viola medium

String Set for Viola


Chrome on spiral rope core, Set S23 medium

Roth & Junius BSB-04 3/4 OG Bass Soft Bag

Bag for double bass


For 3/4 double bass, Well padded, Additional sewn-on pockets for bow and accessories, Zipper, Backpack straps, Handles

bam 5202XLC Hightech Compact VA

Case for viola


For 15 - 16 inch violas up to 42 cm, Outer case made of 3-ply structure made of very hard-wearing materials, Optimal protection due to foam...

Karl Höfner H4/2-C 4/4 Cello



Built completely out of solid wood, Flamed maple, Reddish-brown lightly shaded hand applied spirit varnish, Tailpiece with fine tuners, D'Addario...

Dixon PA-HCM-SP Cymbal Mount

Cymbal Clamp for Hoops


For mounting to a hoop, Z-shaped arm for mounting cymbals to a hoop

Goldon Alto Xylophone Set

Alto Xylophone Set


Professional Line, Frame from beechwood, Resonator box from 10 mm birch plywood, Finely tuned sound bars from SUCUPIRA, With linen storage bag for...

Jargar Cello Strings Silver Medium

String set


Silver medium version, For cello

Marimba One DHB 3 Double Helix Mallets



One Double Helix, Handle made of birch, Head made of synthetic yarn and wool yarn and wrapped with relaxed tension, Warmer and deeper sound, Pair...

Mike Balter Vibraphone Mallets No.21 R

Vibraphone Mallets No.21


Hard, Rattan handle, Yellow cord, Pair

Mike Balter Vibraphone Mallets No.24 B XL

Vibraphone mallets


Soft, Birch shaft, Red cord, Pair

Sonor KSP50X e Deep Bass Primary

Chime Bar


Big Bass from the Primary Line Series, Chime bars made of African Pao Rosa wood, Resonance boxes made of birch wood, Resonators and bars made of...

Roth & Junius RJB Composite Bass Bow 4/4F

Carbon Bass Bow


With French ebony frog, With Parisian eye from abalone, Natural hair, Black composite stick

Sonor NKS60P B Contra Bass

Chime Bar


Grouping contra bass, Overtone tuning, 95 x 20 mm rosewood sound bar (Dalbergia Stevensonii), With tuning adjusters, Resonator box made of pine...

Wittner Fine Tuning Peg Ukulele

Wittner Tuning Peg for Ukulele


Single peg, Swivel made of high-tech composite material and a light alloy, Very light, fast and precise tuning, Mounting into the peghead is...

Sonor SCH40 Wooden Headed Mallets

Wood Headed Mallets


For chimes with steel bars, Wooden head, Wooden shaft, One pair

Stentor SR1500 Violin Student II 1/10

Student Violin Set


Student II, Solid maple body, Tuning pegs and fingerboard made of ebony (Diospyros crassiflora), Chin rest made of hardwood, Case and bow included

Studio 49 AM1600 Alto Metallophone

Alto Metallophone


2x Mallets S 7, Sound bars from aluminium - incl. f#- and b-bars, Resonator box from pinewood, Multiple resonance chambers, Handle for transport ease

Schlagwerk TRS210 Table Bar Xylophone

Table Tubes


F-/ C- Pentatonic, Tube positions can be freely adjusted, Includes additional e-tubes, 1 Pair of mallets

NS Design NXT5a-CO-SB Low F Cello

5-String Electric Cello


With low F-string, Dual mode active output, Polar pickup system, Richlite composite fingerboard with dot markers, Neck reinforced with steel rod,...

Roth & Junius RJB Composite Bass Bow 3/4G

Composite Bass Bow


With German ebony frog, With Parisian eye from abalone, Natural-hair, Black composite rod

Soundwear Performer Accordion 72 Bass

Gigbag for Accordion


Suitable for 72 bass models, 25 mm padding with soft inner lining, High quality 1000D polyester, Metal fittings, Front pockets with reflective...

Dörfler D6 Bass Bow 3/4

Bass Bow


Size 3/4, German design, Round massaranduba stick, Ebony frog with mortise and slide, Without eye, Wire winding, 'Werner' stamp

Kolstein Bass Rosin Soft



For double bass, Soft

C. Robert Hopf Akkordzither Case 100/3-4

Guitar Zither Case


Suitable for all guitar zithers/ mandolin-guitar-zithers from the 100/3 and 100/4 series

Sonor GTR10 Triangle



With beater

Bergerault SKDN Gong Stand

Gong Stand


2 Levels, Robust design, 4 Castors (2 of which have brakes), 6 Adjustable hooks, Adjustable height

David Gage The Realist Cello

Pickup for 4/4 cello


Piezoceramic pickup, Excellent sound quality both at pizzicato and arco by placing the pickup between the bridge foot and the top

Gewa Pure Violinset EW 1/4

Violin Set


Solid spruce top, Solid maple back, Inlaid purfling, Fingerboard and pegs from ebony, Chinrest, Tailpiece with fine tuners, Dark red-brown finish,...

LP 236C Cowbell Holder

Holder for Cowbells


With multi-clamp and single rod

Adams XB 3 Xylophone Mallets

Mallets for Xylophone


Shaft made of birch wood, 1 Pair

Pirastro Cello Rosin



For cello, Harder quality, Bright cherry red

Gewa Beater for Marching Bass Drum

Beater for marching bass drum



Hohner Accordion Strap Nr.51

Accordion Strap


For 72 bass instruments, Easy attachment to the instrument, Highly comfortable thanks to padding, Individually adjustable, Allows optimum fitting...

Bow Brand Pedal Natural Gut 5th D No.30

Single String For Pedal Harp


5th octave D, Natural gut, Normal gauge, Also suitable for the Salvi Gaia lever harp

Artino SP-10 Pin Stopper Cello Walnut

Endpin Stopper for Cello


2 Holes in the wood for different endpin types, An adjustable nylon strap connects the enpin stopper with the chair leg

Adams 23" Cover "Special Quality"



For universal timpani, Extra quality

Yamaha V5 SC14 Violin 1/4

1/4 Violin


Fully solid, Hand-carved spruce top, Maple back, With brush applied oil paint, Ebony fingerboard, Ebony pegs, Ebony chin rest, Wittner fine tuning...

Black Swamp Percussion Multisonic Snare MS6514TD

Snare Drum


Shell made titanium, 10 Lugs, Throw off with 5 different wires, Die-cast hoops

Goldon Tubular Xylophone Model 11360

Chromatic tubular chimes


18 Chimes from aluminium, Sound plates tuned in g2 - c4, With 2x mallets, The instrument can be used as a solo instrument or as part of an...

NS Design Shoulder Strap System

Shoulder Strap System


For cello & bass

Pirastro Oliv G Violin 4/4 Gold/Silver

Single G string for 4/4 violin


Gold-silver on gut, Knot at the end of the string, Pirastro No. 211441

Pirastro No.1 E Violin 4/4 KGL

Violin Strings


E-Single String, For 4/4 violin, Steel / chrome, With ball, 311221

RDM Humitron Humidifier DoubleBass



Suitable for double bass

Playwood Bass Drum Mallet BD-30

Mallet for Bass Drum


Tonkin bamboo, laminated, Cork/Felt head