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Roland FR-1XB BK



62 Keys velocity sensitive, 72 Bass buttons velocity sensitive, 128 Voice polyphony, Treble reed footages 4, Bass reed footages 5, 7 Accordion sets...

C. Robert Hopf Akkordzither 100/3 Alder

Harp Zither


6 Chords of 4 strings, 25 Melody from strings c' - c''', Guitar stringing, single strings, Natural-finish alder with floral motif, Includes zither...

Roland FR-1X BK



26 Keys velocity sensitive, 72 Bass buttons velocity sensitive, 128 Voice polyphony, Treble reed footages 4, Bass reed footages 5, 7 Accordion sets...

K&M 28070 Hackbrett Stand

Hackbrett StandHeight-adjustable tube steel construction with 4 rectangular foot tubes. The instrument holder is adjustable in depth and inclination. Felt strips protect the instrument from damaging. The stand can be collapsed for transport.


Supports covered with felt, Adjustable support depth from 455 to 665 mm, Height adjustment from 700 to 1020 mm, Easily collapsible

Äolis Klangspiele Kalevala Cantele



Body made of a single piece red alder wood, Solid spruce top, Tuning key included

K&M 174 Accordion Stand

Accordion Stand


Swiveling upper section, Horizontal and vertical adjustment, Floor leveling screw

Pirastro Piranito Cello 1/4-1/8

String Set For Cello


For 1/8 to 1/4 cello, Piranito, Set 339060

Sabian Crotales Set (13) Low Octave

Crotales Set


Deep octave, 442 Hz, 13 slices, Incl. holding rail (suitable for standard cymbal stand)

Artino PM-02 Practice Mute Cello

Practice Mute for Cello


Made of metal with rubber sheath, Protects the bridge and preserves the sound

Saz 160B Electro Acoustic Saz

Electro-Acoustic Saz


Solid top with inlays, Fretboard with inlays, 23 Frets, Ebony pegs, Artec pickup system, Incl. bag

Schneider Psaltery Special Edition 1



One sawn rosette, 3-Course from G - D''', Chromatic tuning, Including mallets, feet and tuning keys, Made in Germany

Gewa Mute Tourte Cello

Tourte Mute


For cello, Round, The mute remains on the instrument

Hopf Akkordzither 100/3 Black

Harp Zither


6 Chords of 4 strings, 25 Melody strings, single string, Comes in box along with zither ring, 5 music sheet, tuning instructions and tuning key

Ultra Cello Mute

Cello Mute


Solid spruce top, Solid maple body, Ebony pegs and fingerboard, Hardwood chinrest, Includes case and bow

K&M 11990 Conductor Podium

Conductor's Platform Made of Aluminium


With footstep noise damping carpeting

Gewa Musical Saw

Singing Saw


Original Feldmann, With bag

Scala Vilagio Treble Viol Set after Jaye

Soprano / Treble Viola da Gamba after Jaye


Built by Master Wang Zhiming, Developed by the leading Finnish gamba player Markku Luolajan-Mikkola, Maple ribs, back and neck, Solid spruce top,...

Saz 170B Turkish Kemence

Turkish Kemençe


3-Stringed, Spruce top, Maple bridge, Body and fingerboard are made from beech, Tuning pegs are made from plastic, Scale approx. 31 cm, Includes...

Matsikas TZ6-010 Greek Tzouras

6-String Greek Tzouras


Spruce top, Fretboard made of Wenge, Natural body shell made of 11 strips, Made in Greece

Stentor SR1500 Violin Student II 4/4

Student Violin Outfit


Solid spruce top, Solid maple body, Ebony pegs and fingerboard, Hardwood chinrest, Includes case and bow

Thomastik Dominant Violin 4/4 Alu medium

String Set for Violin


For 4/4 violin, With ball end, Set 135

Thomastik Spirocore Double Bass 3/4 L

String set for double bass


For 3/4 double bass, Orchestral tuning, Chrome on steel rope core, Set 3885, 0 light

K&K Pure Mini (Pure Western Mini)

Three-head passive pickup


For steel stringed acoustic guitars, Mounting takes place in the interior of the instrument

Wolf Forte Secondo 4/4 -3/4 BK

WOLF Forte Secondo Shoulder Rest


Both sides height adjustable, 0.5-8 cm, Curved shape

Mike Balter Vibraphone Mallets No.23 R

Vibraphone Mallets No.23 Pro Vibe


Medium, Rattan handle, Blue cord, Pair

David Gage The Realist Bass Copperhead

Piezo ceramic pickup


For 3/4 and 4/4 double bass, With copper-reduction element, Extraordinary pizzicato & arco sound achieved by placing the pickup between bridge and...

Artino Violin Bow 4/4 Special Edition

Bow for 4/4 Violin


Special Edition for Thomann, Fiberglass stick, Ebony frog, Nickel mountings

Roth & Junius RJC Cello Set 4/4



Solid maple back, Fretboard made of black stained maple, Tuning pegs made of jujube (Ziziphus jujuba), Fine tuning tail piece, Jargar Classic...

Sonor BWG Glockenspiel

Soprano Glockenspiel


Boomwhackers series, Child-friendly design with rounded edges, and a beautifully integrated holder for the mallets, 13 Tones, C Major scale with...

Goldon 11410 Bar Chimes

Bar Chimes


Plastic body Model 11410, 10 Round chimes, Colour-matched to Boomwhackers, 10 Rubber headed beaters, Including carry bag

Musser M55G A=442



Pro-Vibe Gold Series, 3 Octaves F3 - F6, A= 442 Hz, Multispeed motor, Bars from aluminium, Height adjustable

Hercules Stands HCDS-590B Double Bass Stand

Bass stand


With bow holder, Padded instrument support, Collapsible

Adams Universal Timpani 26" + 29" FS

Adams 29" 2PAUFFI29D FS German


Universal Fibreglass Pedal Kettle Drum, Parabolic drum shell, Fixed tuning pedal, Tuning gauge, Fine tuner, 6 Tension rods, Three supporting legs -...

Mapex MXMPK32PC Glockenspiel

Glockenspiel with Practice Pad


Glockenspiel with 2.5 octaves - 32 sound bars, Pitch A = 443 Hz, This complete MAPEX set is perfect for beginners and ideal for gaining the first...

Harley Benton HBV 990BEM 4/4 Electric Violin

Electric Violin with Active Pickup System


With headphone output 3.5 mm, With microphone / MP3 input, Line jack output 6.3 mm, Includes case, shoulder rest, carbon bow, rosin and 9V battery

Adams Marimba Mallet M14

Mallets for Marimba


Model M14, Mallet pair from the Robert van Sice series, Rubber core, Handle made of maple, Price per pair

Gewa Bio Violincase 4/4 GY MP/SH

Violin Case


For 4/4 violin, Padded suspension system, Soft handle, Gewa swivel type bow holder for 2 bows, With removable sheet music pocket and handle on the...

Roth & Junius RJVC Etude Violin Case

Violin Case


For 4/4 violin, Made from hard foam, Easy, Small accessories compartment inside, 2 Adjustable backpack straps on the back, Sewn on accessory bag on...

Fishman V-200-Pickup

Violin Pickup


Attaches inside the violin bridge, Output jack mounts on the side of the instrument with chinrest-style hardware

Stentor SR1102 Cello Student I 3/4

Cello Beginner Set


Student model, Solid spruce top, Solid maple body, Rosewood pegs (Dalbergia latifolia), Fingerboard from Malas (Homalium foetidium), Incl. bag and bow

Gewa BS 25 Double Bass Bag 3/4

Double bass bag 3/4


25 mm tricot inner lining, Two castors for easy transportation, Tear- and water resistant outer material, Bow pocket is also suitable for a bow...

Stentor SR1102 Cello Student I 1/2

Cello Beginner's Set


Solid spruce top, Solid maple body, Pegs are made from hardwood, Fingerboard is made from malas (Homalium foetidium), Incl. bag and bow

Pirastro Tonica Violin 3/4-1/2

String Set for Violin


For 1/2 - 3/4 Violin, With ball, Set 412041

Thomastik Spirocore G Cello 4/4 Tung. M

Cello String


G Single string, For 4/4 cello, Tungsten on spiral rope core, S32 Medium

Stagg SV-SC Cello Stand



Suitable for cello models 1/2, 3/4, 7/8 and 4/4, With fold-out legs, With hook for bow

Thomastik Spirocore C Cello 4/4 Tung. M

Cello String


C Single string, For 4/4, Tungsten on spiral rope core, S33 Medium

LP 592A-X Mic Claw with Z-Rod

Microholder with Z-Rod


With sound attenuation, 5/8 "thread

Soundwear Performer Accordion 120 Bass

Gig Bag for Accordion


Fitting for 120 bass models, 25 mm padding with soft inner lining, High quality 1000D polyester, Metal fittings, Front pockets with reflective...

Goldon Xylophone Model 11205



Model 11205, 13 Sound bars made of maple, Stained colourful, Pure sound, H2 – g4, Frames made of spruce, With 2 mallets, In a gift box

Artino Cello Bow 4/4 Special Edition

Bow for 4/4 cello


Special edition for Thomann, Stick from fibreglass, Ebony frog, With nickel mounting

Protec A-228 Bow Case for Bass

Bow Case


For double bass bows, With shoulder strap and place to write your name

Stentor SR1950 Double Bass Student 3/4

Student double bass


Laminated maple body, Stained hardwood fingerboard, Height adjustable endpin, Incl. bag and bow, Set up in Germany in Thomann's string workshop

Roth & Junius RJVAC Viola Case Giocoso

Lightweight Viola Case


Adjustable from 380 to 420 mm, With 4 bow holders, Hygrometer, 2 Accessory compartments, String tube, Backpack straps

Thomastik Mandolin Set medium

String Set for Mandolin


With loop, Set 154 medium

Mike Balter ERSR Super Rub Mallet Set

Rub Set for Gong


Solid spruce top, Solid maple body, Ebony pegs and fingerboard, Hardwood chinrest, Includes case and bow

Goldon Metalophone Model 11085

Chromatic metallophone


Model 746810, Children's and beginners' instruments, 25 Steel sound plates, Incl. 2 mallets, Comes in a wooden transport box

Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Gold Viola

String Set for Viola


Set 425021, In a pouch, All strings with ball-end

K&M 168 Tuning Fork 105mm

Tuning fork


A 440 Hz

Sonor NG31 Alto Glockenspiel

Alto Chime Bar


Range c2-b3, Chromatic scale, 23 Tones, Fundamental tuning, Red alloy metal bars 20 x 2 mm, Resonator box made of solid, beech plywood, Includes 1...

Larsen Magnacore Cello Strings Medium

String Set for Cello


Complete set consists of 4 strings, For 4/4 instruments, C - G - D - A, Spirocore with Tungsten wound

Thomastik Dominant 131 A Violin 4/4 Med.

Single String for Violin


A single string, For 4/4 violin, With ball, 131 Medium

Harley Benton HBCE 990WH Electric Cello

Electric Cello


With active Shadow pickup system, Maple neck, Birch fingerboard and pegs, Aluminium fine tuning tailpiece, Includes bag, bow, rosin, abdominal and...

Adams BDTV 36/25 Thomann Bass Drum

Large orchestra drum


Thomann edition, 36" x 25" Mahogany shell, REMO Fiberskyn3 skins, 8 Clamping screws, Height-adjustable stand trolley, 4 Braked rollers, 360°...

Rockbag 29" Timpani Cover RB22052B

Cover for Timpani


29" (TP3029), High quality, black PVC material, Inner lining is made of soft, tear-resistant felt material, 10 mm padding, PVC pyramid feet

Wolf Super Endpin

Floor Protector


Screw connector, For double bass, cello and bass clarinet, Suitable for all spikes with diameter up to 10 mm

Artino PM-01 Practice Mute VN/VA

Practice Mute for Violin and Viola


Made of metal with rubber sheath, Protects the bridge and preserves the sound

Larsen Cello Single String A Soloist

Single string


For cello soloist, A-String, Chrome steel

Petz Microfibre Cleaning Cloth

Microfiber Cleaning Cloth


Solid spruce top, Solid maple body, Ebony pegs and fingerboard, Hardwood chinrest, Includes case and bow

Carbondix Carbon Violabow

Bow for Viola


Solid rod using high quality carbon fibers, Carbon fiber optics, Ebony frog, Nickel-silver wound, Fine horsehair

Pirastro Oliv G Double Bass 4/4-3/4

Double Bass String


G Single string, For 3/4 - 4/4 double bass, Chrome steel on gut, 241100

Acoustic Image UpShot S4plus Speaker Cabinet



Radiating upwards, Upwards directed 10" woofer, Ideal additional loudspeaker for the Coda and Contra amplifiers, Perfect housing for the Clarus and...

Goldon 10625 Bass Chime Bar Set

Bass Chime Bar Set


Model 10625, Set made of 4 bass chimes bars, Sucupira wood sound bar, Without mallet, All chime bars have a sound box made of 6 mm birch plywood,...

Paiste 14" PST 5 Band Cymbals

Orchestra Crash Cymbals


14" PST 5 Band, Pair, Incl. Pads and straps

Daddario PW-CT-14 Micro Violin Tuner

Tuner With Metronome Function


For all common violins and violas, Easy-to-use clamp mount, Fast tonal response and high tuning accuracy, Two in one tuner and practice tool for...

Thomastik Dominant D Violin 4/4 Silver M

Single D String For 4/4 Violin


Ball end, Medium, Thomastik No. 132A medium