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Neutrik NYS SPP L1 Set

Neutrik Rean NYS SPP-L1


Patch Bay 2x24, Including 4x labelling strips, Stereo / Balanced - semi-normalised, By Neutrik (Rean), 6.3 mm jack stereo, Exclusively made...

Behringer PX3000 Ultrapatch Pro

48-Channel Multifunctional Patch Bay


Balanced jack sockets 6.3 mm, Switch on the top of the patch bay for each channel for switching the modes

ART P16 Patchbay

Patch Bay


16-Channel patch bay with balanced XLR inputs and outputs (female on front, male on back)

Millenium PB16 XLR

16-Channel Patchbay


With balanced XLR inputs and outputs (female front, male rear)

Neutrik NPPA TT PT Patchbay

Patch Bay


Spring clips on the rear side, 2x 48 TT bantam jacks

Neutrik NPPA-TT-SD25

2x 48 TT-Phone Patch Bay


Front "programmable", High-quality switch and connector contacts, Half normalled, 12x 25-pin D-Sub connector

SPL MasterBay S

Patch Bay


Four switchable inserts, Parallel mix function, Automatic A/B comparison with freely selectable intervals, Compensation differences in loudness,...

Kramer VS-4X Passive Stereo Switch

4x1 Passive Audio Switcher


For balanced audio signal, Desktop housing

ART TPatch

Passive 8-Channel Patch Bay


Switchable between normalised and semi-normalised mode, Aluminium housing

Millenium PB48

Patch Bay


2x 24 Channels (stereo / balanced / semi-normalised)

Neutrik NPPA-TT-S-FN

TT 96 Bantam Patch Panel


Solder version, Front side is programmable, Completely normalised, Gold-plated plug contacts, Individual grounding per channel, suitable for analog...

Neutrik NPPA-TT-S TT-Phone 96

96-point Patchbay


19", Solder version, Front "programmable", High-quality switch and connector contacts

Ghielmetti ASF 1x32 AV 3/1 SA G Blueline

Professional 1U Patch Panel


Blueline 32 In, 32 Out, 3-Pole patch panel, For use in all areas of analog and digital transmission technology, High-quality, gold-plated contact...

Neutrik NPPA-TT-S-I

TT-Phone 96er Patchbay


Soldered version, Front side "programmable", Completely isolated, Gold-plated plug contacts, Individual ground connection per channel, Suitable for...

RME Madi Router

Audio Router with TFT Display


12 Bridged MADI streams, 4 MADI groups with inputs and outputs to SC optical, BNC coaxial, and RJ45, On-screen routing of individual channels,...

Ghielmetti CSF 2x48 A 3/1 SA G

1 U Interface with Solder Terminals


96 Plug-in points, 3-Pin patch panel for use in all areas of analogue and digital transmission technology, 1 U Installation height, High-quality...

Neutrik Rean NYS SPCR 1

Insert Module


For Neutrik NYS-SPP-L1, With stereo jack / 2x mono jack, For using in place of standard patch modules, From Neutrik (Rean)

Tegeler Audio Manufaktur Konnektor

Analog Mastering Matrix


8 Stereo hardware devices in any desired order, Put all your hardware for sums processing in any order and arrange your signal chain by drag & drop...


8 Port MADI Switch and Router


6x Coaxial BNC, 2x Optical SC, MADI Port Matrix, 1x MIDI I/O for remote control, 1x US B 2.0 for firmware updates, Device lock, Redundant power supply

Ghielmetti CSF 1x48 AV 3/1 SA G

Professional 1U Patch Panel


48-In, 48-Out, 3-pole patch panel for use in all areas of analog and digital transmission technology, High-quality, gold-plated contact wafers,...

Sonifex Redbox RB-DMX4

4-In / 4-Out Digital Audio Mixer / Router


Four mono- or two stereo input channels to four mono- or two stereo output channels for switching and mixing, Input gain can be adjusted via...