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tc electronic Clarity M

Desktop Audio Meter


5.1 Audio meter for mixing, mastering and post production, 7" High-resolution display (800 x 480) for an accurate display, USB connection for a...

tc electronic Clarity M Stereo

Desktop Audio Meter


Stereo Audio Meter for Mixing, Mastering and Post Production, 7" High Resolution Display (800x480) for accurate viewing, USB connection for smooth...

Fredenstein U70F

Stereo Peak-Program-Meter


DSP based, Simultaneous RMS indication, Switchable Peak Hold function, 2 Balanced XLR inputs and outputs, Integrated power supply, Desktop or rack

RTW TM3-Primus

Loudness Metering Device


Screen layout with selectable instruments, Analog stereo RCA input (unbalanced, adjustable from -22 dBu 61 mV up to +24 dBu 12.28 V), S/PDIF...

DirectOut Anna-Lisa MADI Analyser

Battery operated, portable MADI analyser with integrated signal generator


Access to more detailed functions via software (via USB or Bluetooth), 1x Coaxial BNC, 1x SFP port without SFP transceiver (optical medium...

Pinguin PG-AMM-Stereo

Stereo Multi-Meter


For MAC and PC with USB key, Max. 10 tool, which are freely placeable on the screen, Driver for MME and ASIO, For Mac Core Audio

Millenium SD-180 B StudioDesk

Recording Workstation


Spacious work table for recording and production studios, Countertop, top shelf for monitor speakers, keyboard pull-out shelf and bottom plate made...

Behringer ULTRALINK MS8000

8-Channel Microphone splitter


8 Inputs, 16 Outputs, Output Ground Lift switch per channel, Flexible input link switch, Phantom Power Link to Direct Out

Behringer X-LIVE

X32 Expansion card with audio interface and 32-track recorder


32-Channel bi-directional USB 2.0 audio / MIDI interface for recording, playback and DAW control, HUI / Mackie Control emulation, 32-Track live...


Studio Flyer Rack Case


4U Flyer rack case for portable recording devices, Laptops and small LCD screens, Foam padding, Nylon reinforced locks made from glass fibre with...

Millenium Desktop Monitor Stand DM2

Table stand for monitor speakers


Infinitely height adjustable from 30-51 cm, Load bearing capacity up to 15 kg

Glorious Workbench black

Producing Workstation


For working at home and on studio projects, Extremely strong and ergonomic design, Pull-out drawer for keyboards, Two 4 U 19'' Racks, Space for...

Behringer X-Dante

Dante Card for Behringer X32


32 Channels (48 kHz) bi-directional, Full remote control possible

Neutrik NYS SPP L1 Set

Neutrik Rean NYS SPP-L1


Patch Bay 2x24, Including 4x labelling strips, Stereo / Balanced - semi-normalised, By Neutrik (Rean), 6.3 mm jack stereo, Exclusively made...


2 HE Flyer Rack Case


Suitable for portable recorders, laptops and smaller LCD screens, Foam padding, Nylon reinforced fibreglass closures with TSA locks, Two-way...

the t.racks DS2418

Audio splitter


2 in 4 or 1 in 8, Each output can be controlled separately, XLR inputs/outputs

StudioRTA Creation Station

Recording Workstation


Main processing plate (151 x 75 cm) for the mixer, computer keyboard, etc., High support surface for computer monitor and monitor system, Shelf for...

Zoom APH-4n Pro

Accessory package for the Zoom H4n Pro recorder


Windshield, Adapter cable to lower the line level to camera level, Split cable, USB cable, Zoom AD-14 power adapter

Behringer PX3000 Ultrapatch Pro

48-Channel Multifunctional Patch Bay


Balanced jack sockets 6.3 mm, Switch on the top of the patch bay for each channel for switching the modes

UDG Creator Ableton Push2 Hardcase

Hard Case


Suitable for the Ableton Push 2, Made of very lightweight, sturdy and shatterproof EVA plastic, U8442BL

ART S8 Microphone Splitter

8-Channel microphone splitter


From eight symmetrical microphone signals (low impedance) -> 16 microphone signals (8 pairs), Direct output and a galvanic isolated output per...

Behringer X-Adat

ADAT Card for the Behringer X32


32 Channels of ADAT in/out over 8x Toslink, Simultaneous 32 in and 32 out, BNC wordclock for external clock synchronisation, 24 bit, 48 kHz or 44.1...

Millenium SD-180 N StudioDesk

Recording Workstation


Spacious work table for recording and production studios, Countertop, top shelf for monitor speakers, keyboard pull-out shelf and bottom plate made...

Millenium Desktop Monitor Mount DM1

Universal table stand for monitor speakers


Infinitely height adjustable from 25-40 cm, Table clamp isinfinitely adjustable from 20-55 mm, Load bearing capacity up to 15 kg

the t.bone Micscreen LE

Mobile Absorber and Diffusor


Reduces the absorption of undesirable noises such as room reflections and echoes, Due to its design, Micscreen LE can be quickly set up in both the...


Remote Control


Easy operation of TotalMix FX software, Compatible with RME Fireface UFX + and UFX II (direct) and all RME devices with TotalMix FX (via computer),...

ART P16 Patchbay

Patch Bay


16-Channel patch bay with balanced XLR inputs and outputs (female on front, male on back)

Glorious Workbench white

Producing Workstation


For working at home and on studio projects, Extremely strong and ergonomic design, Pull-out drawer for keyboards, Two 4 U 19'' Racks, Space for...

Millenium Desktop Monitor Stand DM3

Monitor Table Stand


Rubber support surface for a stable stand of the monitor, Loadable up to 15 kg, Cable management, Four rubber feet reduce the sound transmission to...

Zoom APH-1n

Accessory Pack for Zoom H1n Digital Recorder


Windscreen, Table stand (tripod), Adapter (handle) for microphone stand, Bag, USB power supply, USB cable

Millenium PB16 XLR

16-Channel Patchbay


With balanced XLR inputs and outputs (female front, male rear)

Thon Mixercase Tascam DP-24 / DP-32

Flight Case


7 mm birch plywood, 2 Sprung medium butterfly locks, 1 Strap handle, Rubber feet, 25 x 25 mm aluminium edge profile, Foam padding, Steel ball...

AMS Neve 8804 Faderpack

Fader Pack Expansion


For the Summing Mixer 8816, High Quality Long Throw Faders, 16x Faders, 2x Master faders, 16x mute / solo switch

Millenium SD-120 B StudioDesk

Recording Workstation


Compact work desk for small studios for recording and composition purposes, Worktop, upper storage space and pull-out keyboard shelf are made from...

Gravity SP 3202 Studiomonitor Stand

Stand for Studio Monitors


Massive cast-iron foot, Black powder-coating, Height adjustable from 900 - 1500 mm

Radial Engineering JS 3

1 in 3 microphone splitter


Jensen transmitter for high sound quality, Switchable 30 dB pad, Switchable Gnd / Lift, Robust metal housing, Installation of up to 8 units is...

Neutrik NPPA TT PT Patchbay

Patch Bay


Spring clips on the rear side, 2x 48 TT bantam jacks

Thon Mixer Case Yamaha 01V96

Mixer Case


Suitable for Yamaha 01V96 / 01V96V2, 7 mm birch plywood, 30 x 30 mm aluminium edges, 3 Folding handles, 4 Sprung butterfly latches with stop,...

Focusrite A/D Card ISA 428 / 828

8-Channel 24bit / 192kHz A / D converter


For up to two ISA 428 or an ISA 828 preamp, Equipped with Burr-Brown Pro audio amplifiers and high-end PCM4220 A / D converter chipsets, Dynamic...

Apogee Control

Hardware Remote


For Apogee Ensemble Thunderbotl, Element and Symphony series, 8 Programmable buttons, Great controller for a variety of settings, Connection via...

Millenium SD-120 W StudioDesk

Recording Workstation


Compact work desk for small recording and composing studios, Worktop, upper storage space and pull-out keyboard shelf are made from plastic-coated...

Hofa Frame 2 Modules

Exchange Frame


Suitable for 2 corresponding HOFA acoustic modules, Allows variable room acoustics, Made of 19 mm waxed Beech timber, For mounting on the wall or...

pro snake 90072

Y Audio Split Cable


1x XLR male to 2x XLR female, With Neutrik connectors, Made in Germany

Palmer PPB 10

Press box


Audio distributor, Electrically isolated audio splitters e.g. for press conferences and other applications, 1x XLR / f line in and 10x XLR / m out,...

Neutrik NPPA-TT-SD25

2x 48 TT-Phone Patch Bay


Front "programmable", High-quality switch and connector contacts, Half normalled, 12x 25-pin D-Sub connector

UDG Creator Hardcase for AKAI MPC



Suitable for AKAI MPC touch controller, "Easy Grip" zipper, Extremely durable handle

Mackie Dante card for DL 32R

Expansion card


32 x 32 48 kHz digital audio interface for connecting the Mackie DL32R to a Dante network with Cat5e, Routes every signal to the Dante network from...

Appsys MVR-64 SRC Module


Spacious work table for recording and production studios, Countertop, top shelf for monitor speakers, keyboard pull-out shelf and bottom plate made...

Bricasti Design M10

Remote Control


For Bricasti M7, Milled housing made of solid, anodized aluminum, Complete control of up to eight Bricasti M7, Easy connection via RS422, Meter...

Millenium SD-120 C StudioDesk

Recording Workstation


Compact work desk for small studios for recording and composing, Worktop, upper storage space and pull-out keyboard shelf are made from...

StudioRTA Producer Station

Professional Recording Workstation


With built-in 19" racks above and underneath the main work top, A total of 33 U of rack space (2 x 14 U underneath as well as another 5 U over the...

Zoom APH-2n

Accessory pack for Zoom H2N Digital recorder


Wired remote control, Extension cable for remote control, Windscreen, USB AC Power Supply, USB cable, Adjustable tripod stand, Padded Case, Mic...

Zoom APH-6

Accessories Set for Zoom H-6


Power adapter AD17, Windjammer, Wired remote control (about 1 m + about 2.7 m extension)

Cordial CFY 3 WPP

Y Audio Cable


2 x Mono jack 6.3 mm male > Mini jack 3.5 mm stereo male, 2 x 0.18 mm², With Neutrik/Rean connectors, Hand-soldered, With gold-plated contacts

Millenium SP 8 Splitter

Active splitter


2 to 4 or 1 to 8, XLR in-out, Balanced, Input levels adjustable from -12db / + 12dB, Built-in power supply (230V 50 Hz, 2.5VA), Max. input level...

Thon Case Tascam Model 24

Flight Case


Suitable for the Tascam 24, Made from 6.5 mm birch plywood, 30 x 30 mm Aluminium edges, 4 Medium 12 mm spring-loaded butterfly latches, 3 Medium...

Lynx Studio LT-USB Module for Aurora

Expansion Card


For Lynx Aurora 8 and Aurora 16, 1 x USB 2.0 port, up to 16 inputs and outputs at 96 kHz (Aurora 16) or 8 inputs and outputs at 192 kHz (Aurora 8),...

Cordial CFY 1.5 WPP

Professional Y Audio Cable


2 x Mono jack 6.3 mm male > Mini jack 3.5 mm stereo male, With Neutrik/Rean connectors, Hand-soldered, With gold-plated contacts, Short split cable...

Millenium SP 31

Signal splitter


Ground lift switch


Controller case


Suitable for Akai MPK Mini2 and Akai MPK Mini Play, Made of 5 mm thick EVA rigid foam, Robust zipper, Nap foam to protect pads, faders and poties,...

Yamaha AIC 128-D Dante

Dante NIC


A network card with two Ethernet ports specially designed for use in Dante networks, PCIe network card for Audinate Dante, 128 Channels (64 in / 64...

SPL MasterBay S

Patch Bay


Four switchable inserts, Parallel mix function, Automatic A/B comparison with freely selectable intervals, Compensation differences in loudness,...

KS Digital KSD-RC

Remote Control for KS Digital Monitors


compatible with monitors from Oct. 2017 and newer, Volume dB-accurate adjustable via volume knob, Mute and DIM function, For monitors of the A-Line...

Palmer Pro RMMS 8

19" Microphone Splitter


Low-noise, 8 Balanced XLR inputs, Each to a direct output and a transformer isolated output, Combine 2 channels to double or sum the outputs,...

Thon Case Akai APC 40 MKII

Flight Case


Suitable for Akai APC 40 MKII (not for APC40), Made of 7mm birch plywood, Coated phenolic resin, Due to the low weight of the Akai (about 1.8 kg),...

UDG Creator Hardcase AKAI MPC X



Suitable for Akai MPC X / Renaissance, External layer is made from water resistant nylon, Carry handle and shoulder strap, Interior compartment for...

Kramer VS-4X Passive Stereo Switch

4x1 Passive Audio Switcher


For balanced audio signal, Desktop housing

Tascam RC-10

Wired remote control


Compatible with Tascam DR-40 and other portable audio recorders from Tascam, 6 buttons for transport control and setting of marks during recording,...

Zaor Miza M Black Cherry Desk

Studio Desk


Expandable with optional ZAOR grip racks, Extractable shelf for devices up to 141 cm width, with wheels, Pre-assembled double rail system


5-Port AVB Switch


Standard ethernet bridge port, Plug & play, 10/100/1 Gigabit, 12 LEDs, Supports CAT-5e or CAT-6 ethernet cable up to 100 meters, Incl. external...

Zoom PCF-8n

Bag suitable for Zoom F8n, F8 and F4


Opening on the side for access to the connectors, Removable, water-repellent and transparent top, Padded straps, Interior has various compartments...

Cordial CFY 3 WMM

Audio Cable


2 x XLR male -> jack 3.5 mm stereo male, With gold-plated contacts

Yamaha MY4 DA

Four-Channel Digital/Analogue Interface


For Yamaha 01V, PM1D, DME32, AW4416, D24

ART TPatch

Passive 8-Channel Patch Bay


Switchable between normalised and semi-normalised mode, Aluminium housing

Millenium PB48

Patch Bay


2x 24 Channels (stereo / balanced / semi-normalised)