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Kenton MIDI Thru 5

MIDI Distributor


Lossless transmission of MIDI data of any kind to multiple recipients, 1 x Midi Input, 5 x midi outputs, Contained power supply included, DC IN 9V,...

MIDI Solutions Quadra Thru V2

MIDI Thru Box


1 MIDI input, 4 MIDI outputs, Active, Is powered by the MIDI cable, Compatible with 3.3 V and 5 V MIDI standard

Miditech Midi Thru/Filter

4-Way MIDI Thru Signal Distributor


Integrated MIDI filter, LED for MIDI In Signal, Panic Button, 8 DIP switches for filter set-ups, Programmable via dip switch, MIDI keyboard or PC...

Kenton MIDI Thru 12

MIDI Distributor for the Lossless Forwarding of MIDI Data of Any Kind to Multiple Receivers


1 x MIDI input and 12 x MIDI thru, Processes all MIDI data incl. Clock, SysEx, MTC, Incl. 9 V switching power supply for EU/UK/USA/Australia

Kenton Midi USB Host

USB Host To MIDI Converter


5V Power supply (included)

MIDI Solutions Merger V2

Midi Merge Box


2 MIDI inputs, 2 MIDI outputs, Is powered by the MIDI cable, Compatible with 3.3 V and 5 V MIDI standard

Bome BomeBox

Universal MIDI Router


Enables MIDI networks via Ethernet and Wi-Fi, Classic 5-pin MIDI in / out with very low latency values, USB-host for connecting USB-MIDI...

Kenton MIDI Merge

Active Midi Merger


4 x MIDI Inputs, 2 x MIDI Outputs, Power supply (included), Robust aluminum housing

Kenton Pro Solo MkIII

Single-channel MIDI to CV Converter


Drum trigger mode on the Aux outputs, Two independent Clocks arbitrarily routable to each AUX and DIN Sync, Pitchbend range with 48 notes up &...

MIDI Solutions Quadra Merge V2

Midi Merge Box


4 MIDI inputs, 2 MIDI outputs, It is powered by the MIDI cable, Compatible with 3.3 V and 5 V MIDI standard

Polyend Perc Drumming Machine

Drum robot system


Enables lively, dynamic playing - without the need for a drummer, Extremely fast, precise beater for complex rhythms, High-quality and durable...

Viscount Legend Pedalboard 18

MIDI Pedal Board


For Viscount Legend and Legend Live or other MIDI instruments, 18 Footswitches, 1 MIDI output, Incl. volume pedal

Lab4Music Sipario

Advanced MIDI Router


Coloured touch display 320 x 240 pixels, Powerful 32 bit microprocessor, Robust metal housing, Compact and lightweight construction, space can be...

MIDI Solutions T8 Thru V2

8x MIDI Thru Box


1 MIDI input, 8 MIDI Thru, All MIDI data are forwarded from the input to all 8 Thru outputs, Active circuit for long cable routes, Power supply via...

Kenton Merge 8

MIDI Merge Box


With 8x MIDI inputs to 2x MIDI outputs, Including external 9 V power supply

E-RM MIDIclock+

MIDI Master Clock


Live and normal mode selectable, Large knob for changing the clock rate, Play / Pause button, Resync / Reset button, Two MIDI outputs, USB port,...

Miditech USB MIDI Host



1x MIDI In, 1x MIDI Out, USB-powered, Including 2x 3.5 mm mini jack to MIDI cables, a mini-USB cable, and a USB power supply

Hammond XPK-250W

Bass Pedal


25-ton MIDI foot pedal, With wooden pedals, For Hammond XK-5

MIDI Solutions Power Adapter

Power Adapter


Amplifies the MIDI signal for longer cable paths, MIDI cables provide additional power if there is not enough power, 1x MIDI In, 1x MIDI Thru,...

MIDI Solutions F8 Footswitch / MIDI Converter

8 - Foot Switch to MIDI Converter


8 Jack inputs for 8 foot switch, Powered via MIDI

Kenton MIDI Thru 25

MIDI Distributor


For loss-free transfer of MIDI data of any kind to multiple receivers, 1x MIDI input and 25x MIDI Thru, Handles all MIDI data including Clock,...

Sonuus i2M

MIDI Converter for Guitar and Bass


Each guitar / bass can be used as a solo midi instrument (monophonic), No modification is required on the instrument, Low latency, Ultra fast...

MIDI Solutions Footswitch To MIDI Controller

Footswitch To MIDI Converter


Jack input for footswitch, Is then converted into MIDI, Powered via MIDI

Keith McMillen SoftStep Midi-Expander

SoftStep MIDI Expander


Accessories for SoftStep hardware controller, Expanding the device to 1 x MIDI input and 1 x MIDI output, Power supply (included)

Doepfer Dark Link



USB / MIDI-to-CV / Gate interface, For controlling monophonic synthesisers via Midi or USB (similar to the USB / Midi interface from Dark Energy),...

Future Artist MIDI Looper

MIDI Looper


Recording and simultaneous playback of MIDI notes and MIDI controller data, 4 Independently operable tracks with individual length (1-64 measures),...

MIDI Solutions Dual Footswitch Controller

Dual Footswitch Controller


6.3 mm stereo jack input for connecting two foot switches (not included), MIDI input and output

MIDI Solutions Power Adapter PSA Bundle

MIDI Solutions Power Adapter


Power Adapter, Amplifies the MIDI signal for longer cable paths, MIDI cables provide additional power if there is not enough power, 1x MIDI In, 1x...

MIDI Solutions Event Processor Plus

Event Processor Plus


32 Setting the MIDI Event Processor, Power supply via MIDI, To filter, assign, truncate, transfer notes, assign bank select commands, etc.

Expert Sleepers USAMO

Universal sample accurate MIDI output


Provides a sample accurate, jitter free MIDI output from your DAW, A MIDI signal is generated from a USAMO plugin (virtual instrument, AU / VST /...

Miditech 4merge USB

4-Way MIDI Merger with USB Port


4x MIDI In, 1x MIDI Out, Power supply via USB


USB Bluetooth 4.0 (Bluetooth LE) receiver


MIDI wireless transmission to computers and tablets that do not have Bluetooth 4.0, Automatic pairing with CME Xkey Air 25 and Xkey Air 37, Range:>...

MIDI Solutions Thru V2

MIDI Thru Box


1 MIDI input, 2 MIDI outputs, Active, Is powered by the MIDI cable, Compatible with 3.3 V and 5 V MIDI standards

Source Audio Neuro Hub v1

MIDI Interface / Extension for Source Audio Products


Manages up to 5 Source Audio One Series and Soundblox 2 pedals simultaneously, 128 Multi-Pedal "Scenes" Presets can be stored, Presets MIDI Program...

Source Audio Soundblox Hub v1 silver

MIDI Interface / extension for Source Audio Products


Manages up to 5 Source Audio One Series and Soundblox 2 pedals simultaneously, 128 Multi-pedal "Scenes" presets can be stored, Presets MIDI program...

MIDI Solutions Event Processor

Midi Event Processor


10 Setting MIDI Event Processor, Filter, assign, and trigger MIDI events, Transcriptions, Assign bank selection commands, etc., Power supply via Midi

MIDI Solutions Programmable Input Selector

MIDI Router


Routes MIDI data from input A or B to a MIDI output, MIDI inputs can be switched by means of a foot switch (not included) or MIDI program changes,...

MIDI Solutions M8 Merger

B-stock with full warrantySlight traces of use


8x In / 1x Out, All MIDI signals of the inputs are combined into one signal, Also handles SysEx and MIDI timecode, Is powered by the MIDI cable

Doepfer USB64

Universal MIDI Control Electronics


With 64 inputs, Midi and USB interface, With cable set and power supply

Doepfer We Wheel Electronic

Universal MIDI-Control Electronics


Especially for the connection of modulation wheels, pitch benders, joy sticks, foot controller, breath controller, sustain pedal, etc., With 230V...

MIDI Solutions R8 Relay

MIDI Router


8 Relays, Response times less than 2 ms, Connection by 6.3 mm mono jack (tip and ring)

Miditech 4merge USB Power Supply Set

Miditech 4merge USB


4-Way MIDI Merger with USB Port, 4x MIDI In, 1x MIDI Out, Power supply via USB

MIDI Solutions Beat Indicator



The Beat Indicator contains an ultra bright LED that can be programmed to flash on the beat in response to MIDI Clock messages., Allows the...

Doepfer MCV4

Midi-CV / gate interfaceMCV4 is a low-cost MIDI-to-CV interface that allows monophonic synthesizers to be controlled via MIDI.


Two jacks for CV1 / 2 and CV3 / 4, Jack for Gate / Trigger, Learning button with LED for setting the MIDI channel, Optical display of the gate /...

Doepfer MTV-16

Midi-to-Voltage Interface


16 Analogue control voltage outputs, Connections for power supply, Midi-In and Midi-Out in the form of sockets on the circuit board, Including two...

MIDI Solutions Router

1-in 2-out MIDI Data Router/Filter


Selected MIDI commands/data can be routed to either both or only one output of the router, 10 Settings can be saved

MIDI Solutions Relay



Programmable relay which can be opened or closed by MIDI events, 500 mA fuse, Power supply via MIDI

MIDI Solutions Programmable Output Selector

Programmable Output Selector


Routes MIDI data from MIDI input to MIDI output A or B, MIDI outputs can be switched by foot switch (optional, not included) or MIDI program...

MIDI Solutions Breath Controller to Midi

Breath Controller to MIDI Box


Midi processor, Yamaha BC3A to MIDI Interface

MIDI Solutions Velocity Converter

Velocity Converter


Converts Velocity data

audiowerkstatt trigger2midi2trigger V2

MIDI Converter


Converts analog-trigger-clock signals into MIDI-clock-signals and vice versa, Can also be used as a multifunctional analog trigger tool, MIDI...