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UDG Creator Hardcase AKAI MPC X



Suitable for Akai MPC X / Renaissance, External layer is made from water resistant nylon, Carry handle and shoulder strap, Interior compartment for...

Marian Seraph 8+ XLR

PCIe Audio Interface


24 Bit/ 192 kHz, Integrated DSP, 8 Analogue XLR line inputs and 8 analogue XLR line outputs, MIDI-controllable DSP mixer with up to > 5 pre/ post...

Kramer VS-4X Passive Stereo Switch

4x1 Passive Audio Switcher


For balanced audio signal, Desktop housing



No integrated circuits in way of signal, Max. 80 dB mic gain, High pass filter, -3 dB at 40 and 170 Hz, 6 dB / Octave, 2-Position Air EQ with +3 or...

Tascam LA80 Mk2

Line Converter


8 unbalanced RCA inputs, 8 balanced XLR outputs, +/- 6 dB trim pot for each channel, Nominal level for XLR connections switchable between +4 dBm...

Tascam iXZ

Microphone / Guitar interface for iPad/iPhone/iPod


Microphone / Instrument preamplifier, Balanced / Unbalanced combi input (XLR / jack), Switchable phantom power for condenser microphones, Level...

Tascam RC-10

Wired remote control


Compatible with Tascam DR-40 and other portable audio recorders from Tascam, 6 buttons for transport control and setting of marks during recording,...

ATR Magnetics Foil Sensing Tape 1/4''


No integrated circuits in way of signal, Max. 80 dB mic gain, High pass filter, -3 dB at 40 and 170 Hz, 6 dB / Octave, 2-Position Air EQ with +3 or...

Metric Halo LIO-8

Firewire Audio Interface


8 Analog inputs and A / D converter, Analog send / return loops, Two extremely high-impedance DI instrument inputs, Flawless AD and DA converters...

Yamaha HS 7 Stand Bundle

2x Yamaha HS 7


2-Way active nearfield monitor, 6.5" cone woofer (60W) + 1" dome tweeter (35W), Bass-reflex system, Balanced XLR input, Balanced 6.3 mm jack input,...

Akai MPD 218

USB controller


16 Touch and pressure-sensitive MPC pads with 3 banks, 6 Assignable 360 degree potentiometers with 3 banks, MPC Note Repeat and Full Level, IOS...

Zoom F8n

8-Channel 10-track field audio recorder / mixer


8 Inputs with XLR / TRS combo jacks, Compact and light aluminium housing, High-quality microphone preamp with up to 75 dB gain, Look-Ahead Hybrid...

Zaor Miza M Black Cherry Desk

Studio Desk


Expandable with optional ZAOR grip racks, Extractable shelf for devices up to 141 cm width, with wheels, Pre-assembled double rail system

the t.akustik SA-N50 14pcs set

Convoluted Foam Set


Absorber, Bulk density 17.0 ± 2.0 kg / m³, Flame-retardant in accordance to MVSS 302 (flame rate, Building material class B3, corresponds to DIN...


5-Port AVB Switch


Standard ethernet bridge port, Plug & play, 10/100/1 Gigabit, 12 LEDs, Supports CAT-5e or CAT-6 ethernet cable up to 100 meters, Incl. external...

Zoom PCF-8n

Bag suitable for Zoom F8n, F8 and F4


Opening on the side for access to the connectors, Removable, water-repellent and transparent top, Padded straps, Interior has various compartments...

Presonus StudioLive 16.0.2 USB

16-Channel Digital Mixer


16-Channel digital mixer with integrated 18x16 USB audio interface (24 bit / 48 kHz), 8 Mono channels, 4 Stereo channels, 4 Aux-ways, Talkback...

Cordial CFY 3 WMM

Audio Cable


2 x XLR male -> jack 3.5 mm stereo male, With gold-plated contacts

Appsys Multiverter MVR-64

Multi-format converter and splitter


Recording each signal source, Universal interface in the OB truck, 64x64 channel PC interface via Dante Virtual Soundcard, Operation of various...

Presonus Monitor Station V2

Studio Monitor & Headphone Controller


Master volume control, Cue volume control, 2 x three source selection button with two shift modes (individual / alternative), Separate button for...

Fostex PM-SUBmini 2

Active Subwoofer


Closed construction, Weight approx. 3.4 kg

IGS Audio S-Type 500 VU

Stereo mix bus VCA compressor


500 module, Parallel compression, 4 dB operating level, Max. +21 dBu output, Max. 20 dB gain, Max. 20 dB gain reduction, Controls for threshold,...

iZotope Spire Travel Bag Bundle


No integrated circuits in way of signal, Max. 80 dB mic gain, High pass filter, -3 dB at 40 and 170 Hz, 6 dB / Octave, 2-Position Air EQ with +3 or...

Presonus StudioLive Series III 24R

24-Channel Digital Rack Mixer with Integrated Audio Interface


AVB Stagebox mode for StudioLive Series III mixers, 24 Microphone / Line inputs XLR / jack 6.3 mm combo sockets with 48 V phantom power, Stereo AUX...

Hofa Akustikset Mega

12x Hofa Basstrap black


Full Range Absorber, Tube shape, Operates in the bass range, Effective against rumbling bass and standing waves, For recording and control rooms as...

MOTU MIDI Express 128

USB MIDI Interface


8 Independent inputs and outputs, 128 MIDI channels, Simple expansion by any M.O.T.U. MIDI Interface, Powered by the USB bus, there is no separate...

HEDD Type 20 right

Active Studio Monitor


Right monitor, HEDD Bridge card slot for digital connectivity, Dimensions (H x W x D) 280 x 358 x 338 mm

MIDI Solutions Quadra Merge V2

Midi Merge Box


4 MIDI inputs, 2 MIDI outputs, It is powered by the MIDI cable, Compatible with 3.3 V and 5 V MIDI standard

MOTU Micro Lite

USB MIDI Interface


5 In / Out (1 x Front + 4 x rear), Status display, Plug & play, "Hot-swapping " connection during operation of the computer, Powered by USB,...

RTM SM911 1/2" 762m, NAB

Studio Magnetic Tape / Audio Tape


NAB metal reel, 26 cm diameter

Yamaha MY4 DA

Four-Channel Digital/Analogue Interface


For Yamaha 01V, PM1D, DME32, AW4416, D24

Auralex Acoustics Roominators Deluxe Plus

Acoustics Roominators Deluxe Plus


A complete set for optimising the acoustics of studio rooms from 10 - 22 m², The shortest room side should not be under 3 m, 5x Tubetak Pro adhesive

Auralex Acoustics Roominators Alpha-DST Charcoal

Acoustics Alpha-DST Set


For acoustic optimisation of studio rooms, Includes components to aid in controlling acoustical problems in small project studios, and to give the...

Black Lion Audio Micro Clock MK3 XB

Word Clock Generator


Precise signal separation and noise reduction, High musicality and detailed harmonic content, Ultra-low jitter design 0.6pS RMS, 6 BNC outputs (75...

ART TPatch

Passive 8-Channel Patch Bay


Switchable between normalised and semi-normalised mode, Aluminium housing

Millenium PB48

Patch Bay


2x 24 Channels (stereo / balanced / semi-normalised)

Sonifex HY-03S Telefonhybrid

Analog Telephone Hybrid


Connection for remote, Balanced mic / line input with adjustable gain, Balanced mic / line output with adjustable gain, Line limiter, Bandpass...

Tascam HS-20

Professional Stereo-Audiorecorder


Resolution 16 / 24 bit, TFT-Touchscreen, Two card slots for SD/SDHC-cards and CF-cards (with UDMA-support), File formats WAV and BWF, Data...

Tascam RC-1F

Non-Locking Foot-Switch (push-button)


Compatible with Tascam Model 24, TA-1VP and DP-008EX, Non-slip rubber surface, Resistant cast material, Polarity switch for normally open and...

Behringer X-Touch Compact

Universal Remote Control for DAWs


Mackie Control Mode for integration with all music software, 9 Touch-sensitive 100 mm motor faders, 16 Rotary potentiometers, 39 Buttons for direct...

Zoom H5 APH-5 Bundle

Zoom H5


Portable Audio Recorder, Uses a system of interchangeable microphone capsules, Includes detachable X/Y capsule (XYH-5), Compatible with all Zoom...

Zoom F6

14-Track Multitrack Field Recorder


32-Bit float recording via dual AD converter, 6 Inputs with XLR / TRS combo jacks, Compact and lightweight aluminium housing, High-quality...

Golden Age Project Pre-73 MKIII

1 Channel Microphone Preamplifier


No integrated circuits in way of signal, Max. 80 dB mic gain, High pass filter, -3 dB at 40 and 170 Hz, 6 dB / Octave, 2-Position Air EQ with +3 or...

SE Electronics Reflexion Filter X

Acoustic Screen


For reducing the influence of space on microphone recordings, Effective multi-layer technology, Due to low weight compatible with almost every...

Clearsonic Lite 2466x5 Drum Shield

Panel for live and studio applications


Noise and sound shielding of drum kits, Amplifiers or instruments, Made of high quality laser-cut acrylic, Edges untreated (not polished as the...

Universal Audio Apollo Twin X Quad

10 x 6 Thunderbolt 3 Audio Interface


With UAD-2 quad processor for nearly latency-free recordings via plug-in emulations of classic compressors, EQs, tape machines, microphone preamps...

IsoAcoustics ISO-155

Table Tripod for Speakers / Monitors


Allows optimal angle of the speakers in the direction of listening position, Decouples the loudspeaker signal from the ground, Priced per pair

Vicoustic Cinema Round Premium White

Acoustic Absorber Set for Mid and High Frequencies


No integrated circuits in way of signal, Max. 80 dB mic gain, High pass filter, -3 dB at 40 and 170 Hz, 6 dB / Octave, 2-Position Air EQ with +3 or...

K&M 23860 BK

Smooth-running microphone desk arm


New design, With 3/8" threaded connector for studio and multimedia workstations, Internally guided microphone cable with 6 metre length, Clamping...

Cordial CFY 1.5 WCC

Y Audio Cable


2 x RCA male > Mini jack stereo male, 2 x 0.22 mm², Neutrik/Rean connectors, Hand-soldered, Gold-plated contacts

Superlux HA3D

Compact headphone amplifier


With 3 headphone outputs, Suitable with in-ear earpieces of up to 20 Ohm, XLR left/right input, Jack loop out, Stereo/Loop in (jack and mini-jack),...

Mackie HM-400

19" 4-Channel Headphone Amplifier


L / R main inputs and L / R stereo outputs, LED level display with 7 segments / channel and stereo input, 3 x Headphone outputs / channel, Aux...

Ferrofish Pulse16 MX

AD / DA converter with ADAT and MADI


Cirrus Logic 24bit / 96kHz converter, 2 TFT displays for levels and settings for a complete overview of all levels and settings on the device,...

Zoom R8

Combined 8-Track Multitrack SD Card Recorder


USB Audio interface 24-bit / 96 kHz, Mackie Control compatible DAW controller and 8-tune pad sampler, 8-Track playback, 2 Track simultaneous...

Genelec 7370 APM

Active Subwoofer with DSP for 2.1 To 7.1 Setups


305 mm (12") chassis, Flow-optimised spiral bass reflex channel, Room analysis function, DSP filter to compensate for room influences such as room...

Universal Audio UAD-2 Live Rack Ultimate

16-Channel MADI Effects Processor


For live sound mixing with UAD Plug-Ins in real time, Quad-Core processor, Up to 4 devices cascadable for up to 64 MADI channels, Savable...

Universal Audio UAD-2 Satellite USB Octo

External USB 3.0 DSP System


Up to 4 UAD-2 satellites in one system, Can be combined with UAD-1 and UAD-2 PCI/PCIe cards, For WIN 7, 8.1 as well as 10 (64-Bit versions),...

Universal Audio UAD-2 Satellite TB3 Octo Cust.

Thunderbolt DSP system


With 8x SHARC processors to calculate the UAD plug-ins without loading the CPU of the host computer, 2 Thunderbolt 3 connectors, Combination with...

Palmer PRM-LS Line-Splitter

Passive 4 channel line splitter


Nominal impedance 600 ohms, Max. input +20 dB, 19" / 1U, 5 Year warranty

HEDD Type 20 left

Active Studio Monitor


Left monitor, HEDD Bridge card slot for digital connectivity

Polyend Perc Drumming Machine

Drum robot system


Enables lively, dynamic playing - without the need for a drummer, Extremely fast, precise beater for complex rhythms, High-quality and durable...

Viscount Legend Pedalboard 18

MIDI Pedal Board


For Viscount Legend and Legend Live or other MIDI instruments, 18 Footswitches, 1 MIDI output, Incl. volume pedal

Lab4Music Sipario

Advanced MIDI Router


Coloured touch display 320 x 240 pixels, Powerful 32 bit microprocessor, Robust metal housing, Compact and lightweight construction, space can be...

RTM SM900 2" 762m NAB

Studio magnetic tape / tape recorder


Prec. coil, 26 cm diameter

ATR Magnetics Master Tape 1/4" NAB Reel

Master Tape (Audio Tape)


NAB reel, High-quality magnetic tape for studio and mastering, Tape Care plastic box included

Lynx Studio E22

PCI Express Audio Card


Two-channel A / D and D / A conversion, Two channels AES3 or S / PDIF I / O, Low-jitter sample clock generator, Fixed or adjustable Trim Level on...

the t.akustik Room Set 1

3x the t.akustik WAW-7 Absorber Set 8pcs


Absorber, To optimise room acoustics, Due to the exact cut of the individual pieces, it is easy to combine different t.akustik models (for example...

Marian Seraph D4

PCIe Audio Interface


24-bit / 192kHz, 4 Inputs and outputs AES / EBU, Switchable input SRCs with 140 dB dynamic range, Word Clock / Super Clock input, TDM SyncBus,...

Auralex Acoustics Roominators D108L-DST Burgundy

Acoustics Charcoal Set


For acoustic optimisation of studio rooms, Includes components to aid in controlling acoustical problems in small project studios, and to give the...

Focusrite AD 430 MKII

Digital Output Board


For ISA 430 MKII and ISA One, 24bit / 192 kHz, Two analogue inputs via an ISA430MkII for 2-channel / stereo A / D conversion, Wordclock In / Out...

DiGiGrid DiGiGridM

Small Audio Interface


For SoundGrid networks up to 24-bit / 96 kHz, 1 Microphone input XLR with 70 dB gain, Low-cut filter, 48V phantom power, 1 HiZ / Line inputs with...

Tascam LA40 MK3

Line Converter


4 Unbalanced RCA inputs / outputs, 4 Balanced XLR inputs / outputs, +/- 6 dB trim pot for each channel, Nominal level for XLR connections...

Black Lion Audio Micro Clock MK2

Word clock generator


Compact and very accurate word clock generator, Robust metal housing for maximum shielding, 6x Selectable sample rates from 44.1 kHz up to 192 kHz,...

Neutrik NPPA-TT-S-FN

TT 96 Bantam Patch Panel


Solder version, Front side is programmable, Completely normalised, Gold-plated plug contacts, Individual grounding per channel, suitable for analog...

Thon Case Zoom R-16/R-24



ZOOM R-16 / R-24, Made of 7mm birch plywood, With 22 x 22 mm aluminium edges, Min. 1 cm foam padding, 1x Suitcase handle, 2x Butterflys (mini),...