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Korg DS-DAC-100

1 Bit USB Digital Analogue Converter


2-Channel, 16 Bit / 24 Bit, USB bus powered, USB cable and 3 spiked feet for stability

IK Multimedia iRig Pro I/O

Universal audio and MIDI interface for mobile devices and computers


Combo XLR input and 6.3 mm jack for microphone-, line-, and instrument signals, High-quality preamp with adjustable gain, High-quality A/D, D/A...

Decksaver NI Kontrol S49 MK2

Dust Cover


Suitable for NI Kontrol S49 MK2, Protects against dust, dirt, liquids and impacts, Milky transparent surface, High quality - made of polycarbonate,...

Zoom RC4

Remote Control for Zoom H4n, H4n SP & H4n Pro


Wired, Buttons for recording, playback, stop, fast forward / rewind, Recording Level and selectable input

Heritage Audio HA-73 EQ Elite

Single-Channel Microphone Preamp with Equaliser


Based on the 1073, Hand-wound Carnhill transformers, Completely discreet, three-stage microphone preamp, -20 dB pad, LO-Z for switching the input...

Zaor MIZA Rack 12 MKII Black Cherry

12U Rack


Suitable for the Miza series, With drawer

pro snake Y-Adapter Cable L-Jack S/2xM

Adapter Cable


Stereo - angled jack (Neutrik), 2x Mono jack socket, Made in Germany

Vicoustic Flexi Screen Lite

Mobile Acoustic Screen


Reduces the absorption of undesirable noises such as room reflections and echoes, Lightweight and flexible design, Quick installation, Variable in...

Joué Grand Clavier

Magic Module for Joué Board


25 Velocity-sensitive rubberized keys, Glissando mode, Programmable touch-strip, 2 Function keys and a new 3D bubble controller with X / Y...

Apogee Groove 30th Anniversary Gold

USB 2.0 DAC and headphone amplifier


30th Anniversary Gold Edition, Up to 24-bit / 192 kHz, ESS Sabre DA converter, 4 DACs per channel for the highest dynamic range, Asynchronous...

Presonus Studio 24c

USB-C 2x2 Audio Interface


24-Bit/192 kHz, 2 Front combo inputs Mic/Line/Inst (XLR/jack), 48 V Phantom power, 2 Balanced TRS main outputs with front panel level control,...

Alesis Elevate 5 MKII

Active Studio Monitors


Magnetically shielded, Internal power adapter

Clearsonic Standard Support Bar

Telescopic Rod


Telescopic rod for supporting cover panels, Variable length of 1530 mm to 2440 mm

SPL Frontliner

Channel Strip and Processing Unit


Hybrid preamp with discrete transistor stage and separate tube stage, De-Esser, EQ Section (three bands), Compressor with controllable automation...

the t.akustik Highline A2 White Wood

Absorber Module Set


To optimise room acoustics, Flame retardant according to FMVSS 302 Burn rate, Set of 6 modules

Ultimate Acoustics UA-WPW-24


6" Woofer and 1" tweeter, 2-Way class D amplifier 112 W (56 W woofer and 56 W woofer), Boundary EQ, HF trim switch, 15 mm MDF housing, Price per piece

Cordial CFY 3,0 WPP Long

Y Audio Cable


2 x Mono jack 6.3 mm male > Mini jack 3.5 mm stereo male, With Neutrik/Rean connectors, Long split, hand-soldered, With gold-plated contacts

Fredenstein Bento 2 Mic Pre Bundle

Fredenstein Bento 2 Mic Pre Bundle


Pre-assembled set that consists of the Bento 2 and two Artistic mic preamps, Audio routing and link function switchable on rear panel, Balanced XLR...

Zoom R24 Case Bundle

Zoom R24


Combined SD Card Recorder, USB audio interface, DAW controller and sampler, 24-Track playback and simultaneous recording of 8 tracks (2 x R24...

UDG Creator UA OX Hardcase


6" Woofer and 1" tweeter, 2-Way class D amplifier 112 W (56 W woofer and 56 W woofer), Boundary EQ, HF trim switch, 15 mm MDF housing, Price per piece

UDG Creator NI Mic MK3 Hardcase



Suitable for NI Machine Micro MK3 Interface, EVA foam, Easy grip zipper, Carrying handle

iZotope Spire Studio Travel Bag

Transport Bag


Robust, water-repellent padded pocket, Two separate compartments with space for one Spire Studio each or accessories such as headphones, cables...

Lake People DAC C410 H

D / A Converter with Headphone Amplifier


Delta sigma DAC 24 bit / -103 dB THD + N / 115 dB dynamic, Output level adjustable via front potentiometer, Digital AES 3-1992 input XLR as well as...

Monkey Banana Monkey Tree 75 set

Stand Set


Monitor stands made of metal, Matching accessories for Monkey Banana Turbo series (4/5/6/8), Set includes 2 stands


8 Channel MADI / AES Converter


24 bit / 192 kHz Converter, Direct support for AES Double, MADI Double and Quadwire, Direct conversion between these formats, Detailed status...

SPL Phonitor x + DAC768xs

Preamp / Monitor Controller


Suitable for all headphones with impedances from 10 ohms, Balanced and unbalanced analogue inputs and outputs (XLR, RCA), Mono / stereo selector...

Presonus Studio 26c

USB-C 2x4 Audio Interface


24-Bit / 192 kHz, 2 Front combo inputs Mic/Line/Inst (XLR/jack), 48 V Phantom power, 2 Balanced TRS main outputs with front panel level control, 2...

Steinberg Cubase Project Studio

Interface and Software Set


Consisting of Steinberg UR-RT4 audio interface + Steinberg Cubase 10 and Steinberg Cubasis LE, 4 Class-A D-PRE microphone preamps with +48V phantom...

Hercules DJ Monitor 32

Active DJ Monitors


Integrated power supply, Right speaker with amplifier, left speaker passive, RCA audio input, Housing made of 6 mm MDF, Includes power cord and...

Appsys MTA-64


6" Woofer and 1" tweeter, 2-Way class D amplifier 112 W (56 W woofer and 56 W woofer), Boundary EQ, HF trim switch, 15 mm MDF housing, Price per piece

Zoom RC2

Remote Control


For Zoom H2n, Wired, Buttons for recording, playback, stop and marker replacement

the t.akustik Highline A2 Silver Spruce

Absorber Module Set


To optimise room acoustics, Flame retardant according to FMVSS 302 Burn rate, Set of 6 modules

Cordial CFY 0,9 VCC

Professional Y-Audio-Cabel


2x RCA connector male --> 6.3 mm stereo-jack male, Cable cross section 2x 0.22 mm², With Neutrik REAN-plugs, Hand soldered, With gold-plated...

JHS Pedals Pulp N Peel 500

500 Series Compressor / Distortion / EQ Module


Combines microphone preamp, compressor, distortion stage and equalizer in one module, Preamp Gain, Distortion, Compression, EQ, Mix (Wet / Dry...

Mutec MC 2

Signal Distribution and Conversion Amplifier


AES / EBU and AES / EBU ID interfaces in one device, Supports all audio-reated clock frequencies between 32 kHz and 192.0 kHz, All interfaces...

Grace Design M108

8-Channel Microphone Preamp


Remotely controllable via integrated web browser controller, 8 Channels with 192 kHz ADC outputs via AES, ADAT (4-channel SMUX) and USB 2.0, Ribbon...

Zaor Vision K

Keyboard Trolley


Optional keyboard tray for the models Vision W or O, Can also be used as a freestanding keyboard stand, Height adjustable in 4 steps, Mounted casters

Vicoustic Super Bass Extreme Light Brown

Absorber Panel Set


Specially designed for corner mounting, Absorber made of acoustic foam and wood, Designed to influence low frequencies in a room, Elegant wooden...

Meris 500 Series 440 Mic Preamp

Microphone Preamp in 500 Format


Microphone preamp for recording guitar, Up to 60 dB gain at the input section, -27 dB to +12 dB Output Trim, Post effect grinding path, 100% Analog...

API Audio Blank Panel 500er 5B1

Blank panel


For 500 10slot, 6slot API Lunchbox and 1608

DJ Techtools Midi Fighter 3D limited white

Motion Sensitive USB DJ Controller


16 Assignable buttons with RGB lighting, 6 Further buttons, 3D Motion Tracking, Integrated Gyroscope, Accelerometer and compass, USB port, USB...

SPL Pro-Fi Phonitor e & 1670

Headphone amplifier and DA converter


SPL Pro-Fi Phonitor e in black, and DA converter 1670 (USB, coaxial, optical), 120 V headphone amplifier with VOLTAiR technology, Suitable for all...


Active Near Field Monitor


6" Woofer and 1" tweeter, 2-Way class D amplifier 112 W (56 W woofer and 56 W woofer), Boundary EQ, HF trim switch, 15 mm MDF housing, Price per piece

Neumann KH 120 A Table Stand Bundle

2x Neumann KH 120 A


Active Studio Nearfield Monitor, 4-Position bass, low-mid and treble acoustical controls, Separate woofer and tweeter electronic peak limiters and...

Decksaver Moog Mother 32 & DFAM

Dust cover


Suitable for Moog Mother 32 & DFAM, Protects against dust, dirt, liquids and impacts during transport, Milky transparent surface

the t.akustik Spektrum A20 Absorber Grey



Acoustic element for low to medium frequency range, To optimize the surround sound in recording studios, home theaters, conference and office rooms...

Vicoustic Cinema Round Premium Bordeaux

Acoustic Absorber


For mid and high frequencies, Package includes 8 pieces

EQ Acoustics Flexi Blocks

Wall Mounts for Acoustic Panels


Compatible with Spectrum 2 products, Includes screws and wall plugs

Sequenz CB-4 Volca Case

Transport Case for Korg Volca Series


For up to 4 Volcas as well as power supply and cable, Padded, Case top completely removable, Includes handle and shoulder strap

Korg nanoPAD 2 white

USB-MIDI Controller


16 Velocity-sensitive trigger pads with 4 velocity curves, X-Y pad, Hold button, Gate-Arp-button, Touch-Scale button, Key/Range button, Scale/Arp...

Genelec Z8000-410B Wall Mount

Wall Mount


Rigid, Suitable for Genelec 8020, 8030

SPL Phonitor 2 Black + Exp. Rack

Headphone Amplifier


Phonitor 2 built into a 19" expansion rack with passive 1x4 switch, Preamplifier / Monitor controller, Switchable level adjustment (consumer to...

Rolls PS 16

Personal Monitor Power Center


PS-16 provides signals for up to 4 of the models PM-50, PM-50 OB or PM-351, 4x Stereo 6.3 mm jack outputs

Genelec 8030 CP Bundle

2x Genelec 8030 CP


Active 2-Way Studio Monitor, 5" Woofers, 3/4" Metal dome tweeter with DCW, Bass reflex housing made of aluminium, Active crossover and effective...

Universal Audio 710 Twin-Finity

1-Channel Preamplifier


Mic / Line / DI with double signal path (Class-A tube and transimpedance solid state), Phase-aligned Twin-Finity blending (tube / solid state),...

pro snake KMM 2002

Y Audio Cable


2x XLR male to mini-jack [email protected] / right encoding, Assembled with Amphenol connectors, Split cable, Made in Germany

Yellowtec MiKA Pad-Dock mit QuickFix

Holder for Tablets


Suitable for tablet devices with an edge length of 160-300 mm, Retractable clamp adjustment adapts to the individual tablet size

Genelec 8030-423 Carrying Bag

Carrying bag for transportation purposes


Suitable for 2x Genelec 8030 / 8130 or 2x G Three, With carrying- and shoulder straps, Compartments for network- and audio cables

Joué Board Bundle

Joué Board


USB Controller, Highly-sensitive polyphonic pressure sensor, Can be equipped with different editions, so-called "Magic Modules", and adapted to...

Lynx Studio Hilo silver USB

2-Channel AD/DA Converter


Up to 24-bit / 192kHz, Touchscreen colour display for operating and metering, SynchroLock technology for jitter elimination, ADAT in/out, USB, Word...

SPL Pro-Fi Phonitor e black

120 volt headphone amplifier


With VOLTAiR technology, Suitable for all headphones with impedances from 10 ohms, Desktop-Format

PSI Audio A17-M Studio Red

Two-Way Active Monitor


Magnetically shielded, Integrated AOI (Adaptive Output Impedance), CPR (Compensated Phase Response) and PSC (Phantom Standby Control) system,...

Mackie MR524

Active near field monitor


50 watt bi-amplified Class A / B amplifier, Low and high frequency 3-stage adjustable

Focal Alpha 50 Desktop Mount Bundle

2x Focal Alpha 50


Active Studio Monitor, With room correction EQ, 5" Polyglass subwoofer - 35 W, class AB, 1" Inverted aluminium dome tweeter - 20 W, class AB,...

EQ Acoustics Flexi Fit 32 set

Adhesive Strips For Acoustic Modules


Allows easy installation and the position change of acoustic modules made of foam, without causing damage to the mounting surfaces, Containing 32...

Avalon V5 Silver

1-Channel Preamplifier


For microphones and instruments, High voltage model, DI and re-amping, Pure Class A microphone amplifier, Dual impedance for ribbon/condenser...

ART TubeOpto 8

8-Channel Microphone Preamplifier


With ADAT interface, Eight full pipe mic amplifiers in class A technology, Up to 70 dB of gain, Controls for input gain and output level in each...

Auralex Acoustics 2" Studiofoam Wedges Burgundy

Acoustic Element Set


Universal absorber for the Mid and High frequency range, Set with 12 pieces, For handling and attaching Acoustic adhesive 177265 is recommended

the t.akustik nook set big 36

Absorber set to optimize room acoustics


Set contains 36 single units for individual attachment, The sum of all 36 single pieces equals approx. 1.44 m² ( corresponding 4 times the size of...

Auralex Acoustics 2" Studiofoam Wedges Charcoal

Acoustic absorber Set


Universal absorber for the Mid and High frequency range, Set with 12 pieces

Roadworx Wallmount 2

Wall Mount for Studio Monitors


Universal wall bracket for near field monitors and small loudspeakers, Ideal for installing loudspeakers without their own mounting points, Shelf...

Vicoustic Flexi Kick Drum

Acoustic Foam


For controlling the resonance behaviour of a bass drum, Adjustable for any size of bass drum

Clearsonic C1224 (C2) Bag

Transport Bag with Zip


For A1224 panel systems, Fits up to 7 pieces

Zoom H5 XYH-6 Bundle

Zoom H5


Portable Audio Recorder, Uses a system of interchangeable microphone capsules, Includes detachable X/Y capsule (XYH-5), Compatible with all Zoom...

Violectric HPA V220 black

Headphone amplifier


Balanced and unbalanced inputs and outputs with XLR and RCA (gold-plated contacts), Optional digital inputs can be retrofitted, 96 or 192 kHz, 3...