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EQ Acoustics ColourPanel 60 Natural

Absorber Set


Made to improve the room acoustics, especially designed to absorb intermediate and high frequency sound waves (>125 Hz / approx.), Without Fixing...

Millenium Rackstand 6U

Rack Stand 6 U


Thread for M5 screws, Includes screws

Genelec 8000-323W

Table Stand


For Genelec loudspeakers of the series 8x3x, L-Form, Vertical and horizontal mounting of the speaker possible, Tiltable by 20 degrees in 10 steps...

Sonifex Redbox RB-HD1

Headphone amplifier


XLR stereo and XLR mono input for talkover function, Level and talkover controllable via remote, 2x headphone outputs (one each on the back and...

Steinberg UR816C

16x16 USB 3.0 Audio Interface with iPad Connectivity


32-Bit integer / 192 kHz, 8 Class-A D-PRE mic preamp with +48 V phantom power, Latency-free DSP-assisted monitoring with REV-X Reverb, Channel...

Genelec 8030 CW

Active 2-Way Studio Monitor


5" Woofer, 3/4" Metal dome tweeter with DCW, Bass reflex housing made of aluminium, Active crossover and effective protection circuits, On/Off...

Adam A3X Bundle

2x Adam A3X


2-Way Active Bass Reflex Speaker, Frequency range 60 Hz- 50 kHz

Tascam DR-44WL Card Bundle

Tascam DR-44WL


Portable 4-track digital recorder with WLAN function, Records up to 24 Bit / 96 kHz with WAV and MP3 simultaneously, Records onto SDHC-/ microSD- /...

Vicoustic Super Bass Extreme Nordic



Made of acoustic foam and wood, Especially suitable for working on the low frequencies of a room, Designed specifically for corner mounting, the...

Auralex Acoustics 2" Studiofoam Wedges Purple

2" Studiofoam Wedge Charcoal


Universal absorber for the Mid and High frequency range, Set with 12 pieces

Asparion D400 Bundle

DAW Controller


Bundle comprising D400T base unit and D400F fader box, Universally applicable user interface for all common recording programs, Control transport...

Auralex Acoustics U-Boat Floor Floaters

U-Shaped Carrier Element


Made of rubber for insulation and sound decoupling for frame constructions of physical structures, Achieves significantly reduced sound...

Millenium BS-2800

Monitor Stand


With a stable tripod, Made from steel, Height adjustment using clamping knob and safety splint, Made in Germany

Airturn Digit III

Bluetooth Controller


Wireless Bluetooth controller to be used as a remote control for presentations, video, photo and media player apps, 6 Programmable buttons with...

Cordial CFY 1.5 WPP-Snow



2 x mono jack male --> mini-jack stereo male, 2 x 0.18 mm² cable with white Neutrik/Rean-plugs, Hand soldered with gold-plated contacts, Short...

Heritage Audio OST-6

500 module - empty housing


For up to 6x 500 modules, 48 V phantom power, External power supply, Incl. 19" rack ears

Great River MP-500NV

Channel Strip


Balanced XLR inputs and outputs, High-impedance 6,3 mm jack guitar input on the front (automatically disconnects the XLR microphone input),...

Roger Schult W2395c

Vintage 3-band EQ


In the 500 series API format, Two active Baxandall tone controls for the bass and treble band as a flat-band controller +/- 12 dB, A...

Radial Engineering Workhorse The Cube

Portable 3-slot rack for system 500 modules


Per input channel input (XLR and jack), output (XLR and jack), omniport, feed and link, Switchable 48 V phantom power, External power supply, Metal...

Roland CB-BR07

Carrying case for Roland R-07 recorder


Resistant polyester and nylon fabric, Interior surface made of fleece with foam padding

Genelec Z8050-408

Stand Adapter


Suitable for Genelec 8050, 8250 IsoPod (TM), With 3/8" thread

Rolls HA 204p

4-Channel Headphone Amplifier


Adjustable volume per channel by potentiometers, Operation via 9V batteries or with the included power supply, Robust metal housing

Dangerous Music Monitor SR

Surround expansion module


For Dangerous Monitor ST, Dangerous Monitor ST and SR are a high-quality 5.1 surround monitoring systems, Fast switching between stereo and 5.1...


Universal AES/EBU Breakout Box


8x XLR inputs, 8x XLR outputs, RME support (= Tascam) and Yamaha formats (pinout format can be internally altered), Removable rack mounts for front...

Zoom H5 Bag Bundle

Zoom H5


Portable Audio Recorder, Uses a system of interchangeable microphone capsules, Includes detachable X/Y capsule (XYH-5), Compatible with all Zoom...

Zaor MIZA Rack 16 MKII Grey Wenge

16U Rack


Suitable for the Miza series, With drawer

Hofa Absorber Mk2 Black

Acoustic Element


For Mid and High frequencies, Complete absorption above 500 Hz, Effective acoustic element for the optimization of room sound, For best possible...

Auralex Acoustics Gramma V2

Sound Isolation Riser


Decoupled amp or subwoofer from the ground, Equipped with a carrying handle, Auralex PlatFoam Support surface (below)

Clearsonic A2466x1 (A5-1) Add-On

Add-On Panel


Addirional segment, Connector included, Extension for A2466 panel systems

Icon Platform M eMotion LV1

B-Stock with full warranty


Developed especially for use with the Waves eMotion LV1 system, 9 Touch-sensitive motor faders (8x channel, 1x master), 8 Rotary encoders, Jog...

pro snake Stereo Y-Cable 5,0

Y - Cable For Stereo Microphones


5 -pin XLR female - > 2x 3 -pin XLR male, Neutrik XLR connectors, Made in Germany

Hornberg Research hb1 Midi Breath Station

Breath Controller


Breath to MIDI and breath to USB MIDI standalone controller, 12 Parameters, can be stored in 25 presets, MIDI merge function, 1x1 USB MIDI...

Genelec Z8010-408

Stand Plate


For Genelec 6010 Studio Monitors

Genelec Z8000-412W Wall Mount

Wall Mount


For Genelec 8000 and 6000 series and 1029 as well as 2029

XVive GA-4 Metal Guitar Micro Amp

Headphone Amplifier for electric guitar


Metal version, AUX input for loading backing tracks, Gain, tone and volume controls, Standby / On / FX switch, Status LED, 6.3 mm Mono jack plug,...

XVive GA-3 Classic Guitar Micro Amp

Headphone Amplifier for Electric Guitar


Classic Rock Version, AUX input for loading backing tracks, Controls for blend, tone and volume, Standby / On / FX switch, Status LED, 6.3 mm Mono...

KS Digital Montreux

Monitor controller with AD / DA converter


Consisting of 19" matrix unit and remote control, Connect to standard network cable, Reclocking for jitter reduction, 3 stereo sources as well as 3...

Studio Desk Enterprise Desk Full Set

Studio table with side rack


1x 19" 3 U plus 2x 19" 1 U rack shelf, Cable management under the table, Scrollable keyboard table for up to 88 keys instruments, Adjustable...

Zaor Onda Straight Cherry

Studio table with 2x 6U rack


Robust and modern studio design with cable outlets and cable collection specialist, Offset monitor shelf with cable outlet behind the countertop,...

Millenium DS200 Silver

Table Microphone Arm


Aluminium construction, Locking centre joint, 5/8" Threaded connection, Table clamp, Pre-wired with XLR cable

Kurzweil PC2 Super Ribbon Controller

Ribbon Controller


Touch-sensitive, programmable controller, For K2661, PC3X, PC376, PC361, PC2X, PC2, PC1X, PC161 and PC1SE

Clearsonic MiniMega Dark Grey

Bundle offer comprising:


3 piece(s) Clearsonic S2224 (S2D) Sorber 7-pack, 2 piece(s) Clearsonic S2224 (S2D) Sorber 2-pack, 2 piece(s) Clearsonic Standard Support Bar,...

UDG Creator NI Kontrol S4MK3/S2MK3



Suitable for NI Traktor Kontrol S4 MK3/ S2 MK3, Hydrophobic, With 5 mm moulded EVA foam, Egg-Foam for protection against impacts, Detachable...

A-Designs Audio EM-Gold

Microphone Preamplifier


In the 500 series API format, Centered and voluminous sound, Very well-suited for kick drum, toms, guitar, bass and vocals, Instrument input (6.3...

Swissonic MM-3

Active Studio Monitors


2-Way system with Class-D stereo amplifiers, Crossover frequency at 2700 Hz

Focal Twin 6 Be red burr ash

Active 3-Way Studio Monitor


Tri-amped, Focal Beryllium dome tweeter, LF&HF contour potentiometer, Speaker left / right switch

Decksaver Arturia Beatstep Pro

Dust Cover


Suitable for Arturia Beatstep Pro, Protects against dust, dirt, liquids and impacts during transport, Milky transparent surface

Zaor Miza 61 Black Cherry

Studio Table with 19" Rack and extractable keyboard shelf


Offers enough space for computer monitors (2x 30"), keyboard, mouse, DAW controllers, monitor controller, etc., 2 x 4 U 19" Rack units, Extendable...

Vicoustic VicBooth Premium Expansion 1

Expansion module for Vicoustic Vicbooth Premium singing and practice booths


Contains 2 side walls and 1 ceiling module, Extends the cabin by about 65 cm in width, Used material corresponds to VicBooth Premium, Acoustic foam...

DiGiGrid DLI

Network-Based Adapter


To integrate SoundGrid servers into Pro Tools HD systems, 64 digital inputs / outputs via DigiLink, Connects Pro Tools HDX / HD Native to SoundGrid...

Presonus SL 1602 Backpack

Gig bag / backpack for StudioLive 16.0.2


With outside pocket

Magma Beatpack XL



Offers enough space for DJ equipment, control vinyl or controller, Ideal size for air travel - fits in the luggage compartment of most airlines,...

Monkey Banana Monkey Wall

Wall Mount for Monkey Banana Speakers


Suitable for Turbo 4, Turbo 5 and Turbo 6, Optimal distance to the wall as well as mounting at the right angle, The lateral angle as well as the...

Neumann LH 41

Stand Plate


For O 410

Rolls PM 52

Headphone Tap


Converter from speaker to monitor level, Mono/stereo mode, 6.3 mm jack in/outputs

Punchlight Recording Lamp USB RGB

Studio / Recording Lamp


Automatically displays the status of the sequencer / DAW recording - receptive / count, Colours are definable, Is plugged directly into the USB...


Universal Breakout Console for D-Sub 25 (Analogue)


8 x XLR male, 8 x XLR female, 2 x D-Sub 25, Removable rack ears, Can be both front and rear mounted in the rack

Eventide Mixing Link Mic Preamp



High-quality mobile mic preamp in effect pedal format, Works with dynamic microphones as well as condensers and ribbon microphones with a maximum...

Manley Core

Channel Strip


Channel strip with tube input stage, Compressor, 3-Band EQ and limit section, 48 V phantom power, 120 Hz high pass filter, Phase Invert, Silent...

the t.akustik SA-N50 6pcs set

Convoluted Foam Set


Absorber, Flame-retardant in accordance to MVSS 302 (flame rate, Building material class B3, in accordance with DIN 4102, Set includes 6 individual...

Clearsonic S1266 (STC512D) Sorber

Absorber Panel


Made of compressed fibreglass and encased in dark grey fabric, This absorber is mainly used as a centre piece for the clearsonic cover system...

Tascam DR-701D

Mobile 6-channel audio recorder for DSLR cameras


Two recording files with different recording levels (-1 dB to -12 dB) parallel buildable, 2 integrated electret condenser omnidirectional...

Korg nanoKONTROL 2 white

USB-MIDI Kontroller


8 Faders, 8 Rotary controls, Solo/Mute/Record per channel, USB powered (less than100 mA), Active USB Hub recommended

Amphenol AMPHE-DANTE Dual Output

Audio Adapter


Dante audio input, Two analog XLR outputs, RJ45 Metal plug with built-in LEDs

XVive GA-1 Acoustic Guitar Micro Amp

Headphone Amplifier for Acoustic Guitar


Acoustic version, AUX input for loading backing tracks, Controls for blend, tone and volume, Standby / On / FX switch, Status LED, 6.3 mm Mono jack...

Zoom MSH-6

Accessories Capsule


For Zoom Rekorder H5 and H6, Allows M/S recording, Ideal for use in movies, video and television

the t.akustik WAS-7 Melamine white

Absorber Plates - Set


Absorber for optimising the room acoustics, The precisely cut plates allow the combining different acoustic models (e.g. WAW-7), The absorption...

Clearsonic A2448x7 (A4-7) Drum Shield

7-Segment Panel


For live and studio, Sound and sound shielding of drum kits, amplifiers or instruments, Essential for volume control on the stage and in the studio...

Zoom SCQ-8

Transport case


Suitable for the Zoom Q8 (not included), Padded

Vicoustic VicTotem Cherry

Modular Acoustic Element


Portable and easy to shift, Expandable with other VicTotems elements, Allows the alteration of the acoustic properties of almost every room

Apogee Duet

USB 2.0 Audio Interface


High Speed ​​Audio Interface, For iPad & MAC, 24-bit / 192 kHz recording, 4 outputs - Monitors and headphones separately adjustable,...

Genelec 8341 AW

Active 3-Way Studio Monitor


DSP filter and calibration with GLM2 (GLM2 set optional, not included), 1x Analogue input XLR, 1x Digital input AES/EBU XLR, 1x Digital output...

EVE audio SC205

Active 2-Way Studio Monitor


Limiter, Level-lock dip switch, Filter-lock dip switch, RCA in (Impedance 10k), Full output Max 70 VA, Back mounting thread inserts, Mic stand...

JBL 305P MKII White

Active Nearfield Monitor


2-Way Class-D amplifier 82 W - 41 W woofer and 41 W tweeter, Input sensitivity adjustable +4 dBu/-10 dB, Boundary EQ, HF Trim switch, Line input...

Decksaver Moog Grandmother

Dust cover


Suitable for Moog Grandmother, Protects against dust, dirt, liquids and impacts during transport, Milky transparent surface