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Great River PWM-501


24-Bit/192 kHz, 4 In - 2 Out, 2x D-PRE Microphone preamps, 2 Analog mic / line combo inputs XLR / 6.3 mm jack - Input 1 available as Hi-Z input...

Zaor Stand Monitor White Gloss Grey

Monitor Stand


Isolation of the loudspeaker calibration by means of AERstop Pad on the upper platform, Adjustable height, Load bearing capacity up to 25 kg,...

Millennia HV-35

Microphone Preamp


500 Series, Stepless input gain, Instrument input on the front, DC Coupled ribbon mic with 10 dB gain boost setting, 48V Phantom power, 15 dB Pad,...

the t.akustik Melamine Cornertube 480 Gray

Acoustic Element Set


Sides 480 mm each, Rounded edges, Flame retardant according to B1-DIN 4102-1, Per package 2 Cornertubes

Radial Engineering Sat-2

Passive Monitor Controller and Stereo Mono Converter


Suitable for studio and live applications, 2x XLR female in, 2x 6.3 mm jack in, 2x XLR male out, Switchable mute, Mono and dim (adjustable), Large...

Trident Audio Series 68 Console 24

Analog 24-channel / 8 bus recording console


With LED meter bridge, Headphone controls, LED meter bridge with VU meter, Sub-D25 connectors

PSI Audio Sub A225-M Studio Black

Active 2 x 8" Subwoofer


Magnetically shielded, Class-G amplifier

Neumann KH 120 A Stand Bundle

2x Neumann KH 120 A


Active Studio Nearfield Monitor, 4-Position bass, low-mid and treble acoustical controls, Separate woofer and tweeter electronic peak limiters and...

Chandler Limited REDD.47

1-Channel tube microphone preamplifier


Based on the EMI REDD.51 console preamplifier, Tube (EF86, E88CC), +57 dB total gain, Rumble filter, 20dB pad switch, phase switch, + 48V...

Manley Slam

Stereo Limiter & Microphone PreampThe slam is a combination of high-quality mic preamps and limiters with optional 192 kHz D / A and 96 kHz A / D converter. This device makes a lot of level and has a limiter that acts like a concrete wall.


Completely constructed in tube technology, Switchable 48 V phantom power and phase inversion, Transformer-balanced inputs and outputs, THD + N

Studio Desk Pro Line SL All Black

Studio table


Legs of 38 mm MDF, Tabletop made of 25 mm MDF matte black lacquered, Two 19" racks with 8 U each, Height-adjustable monitor shelf (3 positions),...

Sound Devices MX-LMount

Battery Adapter


Battery adapter for 2 Li-Ion L-Mount batteries (not included), Suitable for all devices of the MixPre series

Clearsonic A2466x3 (A5-3) Shield

Transparent 3-Segment Panel


For live and studio applications, Sound shielding from drum kits, amplifiers or instruments, Easy handling by folding in "accordion-style", Made of...

Avid Pro Tools S3

DAW Controller


Based on the Pro Tools S6, EUCON-enabled, ergonomic desktop user interface, As in version S6, all the features of Pro Tools and other DAWs can be...

Adam Wall Mount Bracket

Wall Mounting Bracket


Priced per single unit

Empirical Labs EL-DS-V Derresser Vertical

DerrEsser - De-esser


Module for the API-500 system, Dynamic multifunctional filter - mainly for use as a de-esser, Dynamic range - 115 dB from max. output (.5%THD soft...

ART HeadAMP 4 Pro

5-Channel Headphone Amplifier


Volume control for each channel, XLR input for external talkback microphone, Switchable phantom power, 4 Aux inputs for headphone outputs, Talkback...

Apogee Symphony I/O Mk2 TB 8+8mp

Modular Audio Recording Interface


Chassis including 2 I / O Module, 1 free rack unit for optional system expansion (e.g. ProTools HD), Dual multi-function encoder, Intuitive user...

Auralex Acoustics 4" CornerFill Set Charcoal

4" Cornerfill


Flat cut studio foam-corner-absorber, Reduces the accumulation of low frequency sound energy in room corners, Set with 9 pieces, For handling and...

Audient ASP 8024-24 HE DLC

Analogue Recording Mixer


24 Channels, With dual layer control (DAW & analogue automation) and patch bay, In-line architecture, Retro Iron Variable Mix Bus, Audient Class-A...

Yamaha MY16ES 64

16-Channel Ethersound Interface


16 Ch. Ethersound Interface for 01V96, DME24 / 64 DM2000 and PM5D, 2 x RJ45, RS port for AD8-HR, Expansion card MY16-EX available at article nr 204007

Tascam IF-DA64

Dante Interface Card


For Tascam DA-6400, 2x RJ45 jack for connection to Dante audio network

PSI Audio Sub A225-M Studio Red

Active 2x8" Subwoofer


Magnetically shielded, Class-G amplifier

PSI Audio Sub A125-M Studio Black

Active 8" Subwoofer


Magnetically shielded, Class-G amplifier

Adam A8X

2-Way active bass reflex speaker


9" carbon / Rohacell / glass 150 W woofer, X-ART 50 W tweeter

Warm Audio WA273

2-Channel Microphone Preamp in British 1073 Style


Discrete Class A circuit, Carnhill transformer, 80 dB gain, Incremented potentiometer, Tone button for switching the input impedance, Switch for...

Behringer MIC2200 Ultragain Pro

2-Channel Tube Mic Preamp


Mic / Line switchable, 48V phantom power, Adjustable / switchable HP (15-350Hz/12dB), 1 Fully parametric filter, Phase reverse, Output level...

EQ Acoustics ColourPanel 60 White

Absorber Tiles Set


Made to improve the room acoustics, especially designed to absorb intermediate and high frequency sound waves (>125 Hz / approx.), Without Fixing...

the t.akustik nook set 144

Absorber set to optimize room acoustics


Set contains 144 single units for individual attachment, The sum of all 144 single pieces equals approx. 1.44 m² (corresponding 4 times the size...

Clearsonic IsoPac E Dark Grey

Bundle offer comprising:


Clearsonic Standard Support Bar, Clearsonic ST2466 Sorber - twin pack, Clearsonic S2466 (STC5D) Sorber, Clearsonic AX2412x6 (AX12-6) Extender,...

Ultimate MS-90/36B Vers.1 Legacy


24-Bit/192 kHz, 4 In - 2 Out, 2x D-PRE Microphone preamps, 2 Analog mic / line combo inputs XLR / 6.3 mm jack - Input 1 available as Hi-Z input...

Korg nanoKONTROL Studio

MIDI controllers for mobile devices and computers


Connection via USB or Bluetooth / Wireless, 32 (8x4) backlit buttons Mute, Solo, Rec, Select, 8 definable controllers, 8 definable faders,...

Tascam DR-70D

Portable 4-Channel Audio Recorder for Digital SLR Cameras (DSLR Camera)


Up to 24 Bit / 96 kHz, Stereo or 4-track recording on SD / SDHC card, WAV and BWF recording format, Individually adjustable recording level for...

Sony PCM-D100 Headphone Bundle

Sony PCM-D100


Portable Audio Recorder, LPCM recording up to 24-bit/192 kHz and DSD (Direct Stream Digital) with 2.8 MHz resolution, Two pivotable condenser...

Benchmark DAC3 HGC/B

2-Channel digital converter


2-channel D / A converter (ES9028PRO), 24-bit / 192 kHz, Hybrid Gain Control, High-Headroom DSP, UltraLock2 jitter, Sample Rate and Word Length...

Cordial CFY 1.5 WCC Long



2x RCA connector male --> mini-jack stereo male, 2 x 0.22 mm², With Neutrik REAN-plugs, Hand soldered, With gold-plated contacts

Ultrasone Panther

Headphone Amplifier


Pocket-sized, With Hi-Res-D/A converter, 1 Micro USB OTG input, 1x 3.5 mm Line input, 1 Micro USB Charging Port, 1x 3, 5 mm Unbalanced output, 1x...

Radial Engineering MC-3

Passive monitor controller


With numerous connection and switching options, 2x mono jack, Switchable between balanced and unbalanced, 2x monitor (A and B - adjustable) output,...

Chandler Limited TG Serie Mini Rack Mixer

Rack Mixer


TG series, 16:2 Rack mixer, Mini mixer with monitor section, PSU-2 power supply required (article nr 119686)

Mytek Digital 8x192 USB 2.0 DIO Card

Expansion Card


8 x 192 USB 2.0 DIO card, 8-Channel USB 2.0 card with 24-bit / 44.1 kHz to 192 kHz, MAC OSX and Windows drivers

Sound Tools Mic Switcher

3-on-1 Microphone Switch


Connection for up to three microphones, which are alternately switched to one output, 1.5 m Breakout cable with 3 sockets XLR female and 1 male XLR...

Yamaha MY8 DA96

D / A converter card


For Yamaha DM2000, 44.1 - 96 kHz, D-Sub 25pin connector

Lake People ANA-Tool F844



2 x 1 in 4/4 x 1 in 2, 2 x 2 Identical sections, each with one balanced input to two balanced outputs (4 x 1 in 2), Front switchable from 2 x 1 in...

Behringer U-Control UCA222

USB/Audio Interface


With 48 kHz converters, 2 x RCA in/out, Headphone connector 3.5 mm with adjustable volume, Optical S/PDIF output with direct conversion,...

Tannoy Reveal 802

Active Studio Nearfield Monitor


8" Woofer, 1" Tweeter, 100 W Bi-Amp (75 W + 25 W), Active crossover filter, Adjustable EQ, Max. SPL 114 dB, 3,5 mm stereo mini-jack AUX input for...

IK Multimedia iLoud MTM

Active Two-Way Monitor


Fully automatic integrated digital calibration via supplied measuring microphone, Completely DSP-controlled, 1" Tweeter and 2x 3.5" woofer /...

the t.akustik WAS-7 Melamine gray

Absorber panel set


Absorber for improving a rooms acoustics, The precisely cut tiles allow combining and connecting different models from "the t.akustik" (for...

Airturn Tap

Wireless Bluetooth Controller for Drummers and Percussionists


Can be used as a page turner for turning digital content as well as remote control for iOS devices and for PC and Mac, teleprompter apps, as a...

Clearsonic A2448x3 (A4-3) Shield

3-Segment Panel


For live and studio applications, Noise and sound shielding of drum kits, amplifiers or instruments, Easy handling by folding accordion-style...

Avid Pro Tools Dock

DAW Controller


For Apple iPad in conjunction with free Pro Tools | Control iOS app, Compatible with DAW software with EUCON protocol support, Touch-sensitive...

Akai Fire

USB Controller for FL Studio


Plug-and-play integration with FL Studio, 4x 16 Matrix with velocity-sensitive RGB pads, Graphic OLED display, 4 Benches with assignable...

Focusrite RedNet HD32R

32-Channel Pro Tools HD Dante bridge for audio over IP


Up to 24 bits / 192 kHz, Redundant network connection and redundant power supply, AES67 compliant, Remotely controllable via RedNet Control, Status...

Fredenstein Bento 10SB


24-Bit/192 kHz, 4 In - 2 Out, 2x D-PRE Microphone preamps, 2 Analog mic / line combo inputs XLR / 6.3 mm jack - Input 1 available as Hi-Z input...

Zoom SCU-20

Protective bag


For Zoom Q2n-4K (Art. 452267), Padded

Hofa Home Studio Bundle Anthrazit

2x Hofa Basstrap Anthrazit


Broadband absorber, Absorbs much of the sound energy in the lower frequencies, Effective in fighting flutter echos, reverberation and room modes,...

ART SCC Studio Control Center

Studio Controller


Up to three stereo inputs, 3 Balanced stereo outputs, Headphone output switchable to Main or Cue input, Mono switch and output mute switches, Input...

MIDI Solutions Router

1-in 2-out MIDI Data Router/Filter


Selected MIDI commands/data can be routed to either both or only one output of the router, 10 Settings can be saved

Mytek Digital 8x192 Madi DIO Card

Optional Expansion Card


For Mytek 8x192 ADDA, Optical and electrical MADI connections, Direct connection with RME HDSPe MADI ExpressCard possible

KS Digital C-150 CX Bass Extension

Bass Extension


Active sub-bass module for CB-120, 15" Woofer

Proco MS-3 Splitter

Passive Microphone Splitter Box


1 x XLR to 3 x XLR (1 x Direct, 2 x Isolated)

Steinberg UR242

USB 2.0 Audio Interface


24-Bit/192 kHz, 4 In - 2 Out, 2x D-PRE Microphone preamps, 2 Analog mic / line combo inputs XLR / 6.3 mm jack - Input 1 available as Hi-Z input...

TC-Helicon GO XLR

All-in-One USB Audio Interface


For podcasters, gamers and streamer, 4-Channel digital stereo mixer with motor faders, LED meter, Mute switch and display for own logos per...

Sterling Modular Multi Station Production 3 Bay

Studio table


Designed for composing, producing, mixing and mastering, Ergonomical design, Acoustically transparent, High production quality, Padded vinyl...

Hofa Absorber Mk2 Creme

Acoustic element


Absorbs mid and high frequencies, Complete absorption above 500 Hz, Effective acoustic elements for the optimization of the room sound, For the...

Kenton LNDR Linedriver

Line Driver


Sends MIDI signals over CAT.5 network cables up to 500 metres, Set consisting of transmitter, receiver and power supply, 1x MIDI In / 1x MIDI Out

Clearsonic IsoPac J Dark Grey

Bundle offer comprising:


Clearsonic Standard Support Bar, 4 piece(s) Clearsonic S2233 (S3D) Sorber - twin pack, Clearsonic ST2466 Sorber - twin pack, Clearsonic S1266...

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol X1/Z1 Bundle

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol X1 MkII


USB DJ Controller, 30 Color and touch sensitive RGB push buttons, 3 pressure-switchable rotary knobs and 8 normal rotary knobs, Eight rotary knobs...


32-Channel High End DA Converter


Fully balanced design, 118 dBA, 1 x MADI input/output, 32 channels @ 96 kHz, 16 channels @ 192 kHz, 4 x ADAT input, 32 LED level meter with 5 LEDs...

Genelec Z8030-408

Tripod AdapterThe tripod adapter plates allow the IsoPod feet of the 8000 series monitors to be used on table or floor stands with a 3/8 "thread, and tilt and vibration decoupling are also retained when using the tripod.


Suitable for Genelec 8030

Genelec Z8020-408

Stand Adapter


For Genelec 8020, 3/8" thread

Radial Engineering Workhorse SixPack

Portabler 6-slot slide-in frame


For system 500 modules, Per input channel input (XLR and jack), output (XLR and jack), omniport, feed and link switch, Switchable 48 V phantom...

Apogee Groove 30th Anniversary Silver

USB 2.0 DAC and headphone amplifier


30th Anniversary Silver Edition, Up to 24-bit / 192 kHz, ESS Sabre DA converter, 4 DACs per channel for the highest dynamic range, Asynchronous...


Transport Bag for Studio Monitors


Padded carrying bag, Suitable for 2 studio monitors, With soft-lining and adjustable partition, With external pocket for accessories, Removable...


Audio Interface


With Thunderbolt and USB 2.0 connection as well as AVB connection, 24 bits / 192 kHz, On-board DSP with Digital Mixer and Effects - Classic Reverb,...

API Audio The Box II

Project Recording and Mixing Console


8 Input channels with microphone preamps, 8 x 500 module module bays (one per input channel), Direct Out on each input channel, Integrated stereo...