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Fredenstein Bento 6S

6-Slot Rack for Modules of API 500 Systems


Internal power supply +/- 16 V/ +48 V, Reduced cabling, so that the audio routing may be switched from card to card on the rear panel, Intelligent...

Genelec 8000-422B Wall Mount

Wall Mount


For Genelec 6010,8010, 8020, 8030, G One, G Two and G Three

Genelec 8000-422W Wall Mount

Wall Mount for Studio Monitor


Suitable for Genelec 6010, 8010, 8020, 8030, G One, G Two and G Three

Blackstar amPlug2 FLY Bass

Headphone Amplifier for Electric Bass


Sound and features redesigned, The patented ISF-Tone-Control makes versatile sounds for all genres possible, 6 Integrated rhythm loops with tap...

Fredenstein Artistic Mic Preamp

1-channel microphone pre-amplifier, 500-module


Completely discretely constructed operational amplifier OPA2, High quality American output transformer, High impedance instrument input, Input...

Tonelux EQ5P

Parametric EQ Module


4 Bands, Completely discreet design with special Tonelux opamps, Transformer output stage, High Frequency Shelf button and selectable peaking...

Ultimate Acoustics UA-BTBV


2-Way system with class A/B AB amplifiers, Noise ratio > 95 dB (type A-weighted), Status LED, Standby function, Housing made of MDF with vinyl...

Hofa Basstrap Baby Anthrazit

Broadband Absorber Tube


Effective up to the bass range, Effective against rumbling bass and room modes, For recording/control rooms and audiophile applications, Top and...

Radial Engineering LX-3

Passive Line Splitter with adjustable trim


XLR / jack combo input, 3 XLR outputs, Switchable ground / lift per output, Jensen transformer, Robust metal housing

MIDI Solutions R8 Relay

MIDI Router


8 Relays, Response times less than 2 ms, Connection by 6.3 mm mono jack (tip and ring)

Tascam LA-MC 1

Balancing Card


For Tascam MD-CD 1, XLR connector field

Swissonic ASM7

Active Studio Monitors


2-Way system with class A/B AB amplifiers, Noise ratio > 95 dB (type A-weighted), Status LED, Standby function, Housing made of MDF with vinyl...

Cloud Microphones Cloudlifter CL-2 Mic Activator

2-Channel Gain Amplifier


+25 dB for dynamic or passive ribbon microphones, To be used in conjunction with a microphone amplifier with standard phantom power on...

Decksaver Moog SUB-37 & Little Phatty

Dust Cover


Suitable for Moog SUB-37 & Little Phatty, Protects against dust, dirt, liquids and impact during transport, Milky transparent surface

Vicoustic Flexi Wood A50 wenge

Hybrid Acoustic Modules For Absorption & Reflection


For the control of the middle range and the middle depths, Easy to attach, Effective between 400 and 1250 Hz, Painted MDF, Set consists of 8 parts

IK Multimedia Lightning to Micro-USB cable

Lightning on Micro-USB cable


For iRig Mic Studio, iRig Mic HD, iRig HD 2 and iRig Keys Mini

Clearsonic IsoPac C Dark Grey

Clearsonic A2466x5 (A5-5) Drum Shield


5-Segment soundproofing panel, For live and studio applications, Sound shielding of drum kits, amplifiers or instruments, Easy handling by folding...

pro snake TPY 2030 JPP

Professional Y Cable


2 x 6.3 mm jack mono male to 6.3 mm jack stereo male, Black metal connectors with gold-plated contacts, Thomann hook and loop fastener included

Swissonic Headamp 4

4-Channel Headphone Amplifier


Displays for input and output levels, 2-Band EQ per channel, Direct In (6.3 mm jack stereo), AUX In per channel (6.3 mm jack stereo), Phones Out...

Miditech 4merge USB Power Supply Set

Miditech 4merge USB


4-Way MIDI Merger with USB Port, 4x MIDI In, 1x MIDI Out, Power supply via USB

AMS Neve 8801 ADC Option



For channel strip 8801, Can be synchronised via connections for WC in / out, AESsyncIP

Focusrite Clarett 4Pre USB

USB 2.0 audio interface


24 bits / 192 kHz, 18 inputs, 8 outputs, 4 Clarett mic preamps with Air mode model the classic ISA Micpreamp sound, Low noise (-128dB ON), Up to...

Steinberg UR44

USB 2.0 Audio Interface


24-Bit/192 kHz, 4x D-PRE Microphone preamps, Zero-latency monitoring, DSP-based effects REV-X reverb and Sweet Spot Morphing Channel Strip,...

Fostex 6301NX

Active Monitor


Balanced XLR Input, Unbalanced 6.3 mm jack input, Magnetically shielded housing

Behringer B2031A Truth

Active 2-Way Reference Studio Monitor


Ultra-linear frequency response from 50 Hz to 21 kHz with individual frequency diagrams, Built-in 265-Watt Bi-amp module with enormous power...

Kali Audio IN-8

Active Nearfield Monitor


3-Way system with coaxial mid / tweeter, EQ for room optimisation

Manley Force

4-Channel Microphone Preamplifier


4 Balanced XLR inputs, 4 Balanced XLR outputs, Integrated power adapter, Volume controller (variable input pad), +48 V Switchable phantom power

Focusrite Scarlett OctoPre Dynamic

8-Channel Microphone Preamp


From the Scarlett series, With integrated AD / DA converter 24-bit, Up to 192 kHz, Adjustable analogue soft knee compression per channel, "More"...

Hofa Absorber MK2 grey

Absorber Tiles


Suited to absorb mid and high frequencies, Complete absorption above 500 Hz, Effective acoustic elements for the optimization of room sound, For...

K&M 26782 Screen/Monitor Stand

Laptop Stand


Using with laptops and netbooks, Adjustable inclination, Powder coated

the t.akustik Vocal Booth Expansion Kit

Extension set for Vocal Booth


Consists of 11 acoustic foam plates with magnetic holder, Improves absorption

Avid Artist Mix

DAW - Controller


8 Touch-sensitive motorised faders 100 mm, 8 Touch-sensitive rotary potentiometers, 8 OLED displays, Record / automation button, solo / mute /...

Marantz Pro PMD661 mk3

Portable Digital Recorders


Solid state recorder in handy format with encryption, Built-in, studio quality stereo condenser microphone, Password protected data encryption, WAV...

Swissonic Converter AD 24/192



Converts analog to S/PDIF, 24 Bit / 192 kHz, Power adapter included

Focusrite Red 8 Pre

64 x 64 Thunderbolt 2 Audio Interface


Pro Tools HD connections, Dante audio network connections, 24 bit / 192 kHz, 2 Stereo headphones outputs, 2x ADAT I / O, S / PDIF coax, Word Clock...

Genelec Z8040-408

Stand Adapter


Suitable for Genelec 8040, 8240 and 8340 IsoPod (TM) with 3/8"

Palmer PHDA 02

Studio Headphone Amplifier


Reference class headphone amplifier, Stereo mono or dual mono operation, 2 x 6.3 mm Headphone outputs, Suitable for headphone impedances of 8 - 200...

EQ Acoustics Project Corner Cubes grey

Bass Absorber


Set of 2, For room corners, Optimal extension for EQ Acoustics Project Corner Traps, To improve the room acoustics, especially for low frequencies,...

SPL Volume 8 black

Studio / Monitor Controller


Black housing, High-End Multi-channel Volume Controller, Solid aluminium button with 45 mm diameter, High-end eight-level volume potentiometer with...

MIDI Solutions Beat Indicator



The Beat Indicator contains an ultra bright LED that can be programmed to flash on the beat in response to MIDI Clock messages., Allows the...

Radial Engineering Relay Xo

Radial Engineering Relay Xo


Balanced signal switch, To switch the microphone signal from PA to intercom for technicians or musicians, Also suitable for 2 separate inputs on...

Lindy Audiosplitter Toslink SPDIF

S / PDIF Audio Splitter


Distributes optical S / PDIF signals from one source and passes them to two devices in parallel, Supports uncompressed 2-channel LPCM (Linear Pulse...

Avid Pro Tools MTRX MADI Baseunit

Plug-In Card


MADI module for base unit

Audient iD44

20-in / 24-out desktop audio interface


Fully metallic desktop housing, Control knobs made of solid, hand-milled aluminium, 4 Class A Audient console mic preamps, 60 dB gain, AD / DA...

Adam A3X

2-Way Active Bass Reflex Speaker


Frequency range 60 Hz- 50 kHz

ART Tube MP Studio V3

Tube Microphone Preamp


Hand selected 12 AX7A tubes, With Limiter and analog VU meter, 48V Phantom power, Phase reverse switch, XLR and jack inputs and outputs, Variable...

Sessiondesk Gustav 60s Brown

Studio Table


The Basic Series, 2x Upper Rack 9 HE, Integrated footprint for close-range monitors, Cable management, Uncomplicated and fast setup, Middle table...

Zaor Vision O

Studio Table


Provides ample space for screens, controllers, keyboards, etc., Integrated V-shaped cable channel

Rode Minifur Lav

Miniature Synthetic Windshield


For Rode Lavalier and Rode smartLav, Set contains 3 pieces

the t.akustik Melamine Wedges 30 Gray


2-Way system with class A/B AB amplifiers, Noise ratio > 95 dB (type A-weighted), Status LED, Standby function, Housing made of MDF with vinyl...

the t.akustik Micscreen flex Mini

Portable Absorber Made of PU Foam


Reduces the transmission of unwanted influences of space such as reflections and echoes from microphone, Equally suitable for studio, live...

Zoom H2n RC2 Bundle

Zoom H2n


Portable WAV / MP3 Recorder, For M/S and surround (2-/4-channel) with five built-in microphone capsules, Up to 24 bit / 96 kHz (WAV) or 320 kB/s...

Olympus LS-P1

Portable Digital Recorder W/ Metal Housing


2 Built-in microphones - Stereo, Manual recording level, Limiter, Intelligent Auto Mode, 1/4 Inch thread mount on the bottom, Integrated USB 2.0...

Rupert Neve Designs Portico 551

3-band inductor (coil) EQ - 500 series


Selectable for 35 Hz, 60 Hz, 100 Hz or 220 Hz, High / Peak switch to increase the Q-factor, Rupert Neve custom transformer

Elysia skulpter 500

Discrete Class-A Microphone Preamp


Dual Sound Shaper, Variable low cut filter, Dynamics section, LED Indicator for level, gain, compression and clipping, Rasterized controller, + 48V...

Heritage Audio MCM8 MKII

8-Slot Rack Frame


For 500 modules with integrated 10-channel summing mixer, Mix bus with vintage Neve-style passive summing, VU Meter and master volume control,...

M-Audio Bass Traveler

Portable Headphone Amplifier


Built-in rechargeable battery with up to 8 hours of operating time, Rotary knob for on / off and volume, LED indicator for device and battery...

beyerdynamic A 2

Audiophile Headphone Amplifier


Level and impedance adjustment for optimum adaptation to each dynamic headphones (16-600 ohms) and any music player (HD-compatible), 2 Stereo 1/4"...

Slate Digital VRS8

Thunderbolt Audio Interface (Mac Version)


8 UltraLimit VMS-One microphone pre-amplifiers, which enable slate microphone and preamp emulations to be used at each input, LLN (Low Latency...

Flyht Pro Gorilla Soft Case GAC142



Made of water resistant 420D polyester fabric with PVC coating, Robust zipper fastener, Non-Slip rubber feet, With hook and loop handle and 2...

the t.akustik CBT-37 Flock Melamine BD

Absorber for Improving A Rooms Acoustics


Especially suited for absorption of low frequency sound waves, Fire behaviour according to B1-DIN 4102-1 flame retardant

SPL Volume 2 Black

High-End Stereo Volume Controller


Solid aluminium knob with diameter of 45 mm, Balanced XLR input and output connectors from Neutrik, Illuminated, passive mute switch from ALPS,...

Doepfer MCV4

Midi-CV / gate interfaceMCV4 is a low-cost MIDI-to-CV interface that allows monophonic synthesizers to be controlled via MIDI.


Two jacks for CV1 / 2 and CV3 / 4, Jack for Gate / Trigger, Learning button with LED for setting the MIDI channel, Optical display of the gate /...

Doepfer MTV-16

Midi-to-Voltage Interface


16 Analogue control voltage outputs, Connections for power supply, Midi-In and Midi-Out in the form of sockets on the circuit board, Including two...

Radial Engineering PS4 Cherry Picker

Passive 3-Channel Preamp Selector


1 XLR in, 4 XLR out, Switchable 48 V phantom power, Switchable ground lift, Especially suitable for studio applications to switch a microphone to...

Audient ASP 4816

Recording Mixer


In-line console with 48 inputs, 16 Class-A microphone preamps, 16 Channels with EQ, 40 Faders, Stereo bus compressor, Monitor section with 4...

Yamaha MY8 AT

ADAT Interface


For for DM2000, DM1000, 02R96 and 01V96

Yamaha MY16 MD64

16 Channel MADI interface


Madi optical and coax I/O, Expandable to 64 I/O with MY-16-EX cards


4-Channel USB C Audio Interface


24-Bit/192 kHz AD/DA converter, 2 Microphone preamps with individually switchable +48 V phantom power on each, MIDI input/output, Loopback feature,...

Kali Audio LP-6 Limited White Edition

Active Near-Field Monitor


Limited White edition, Class-D amplifier, EQ for adaptation to the installation site, Price per piece

API Audio 3124V

4-Channel Microphone, Instrument and Line Preamplifier


Classic API circuit design, API 2520 OP amplifier, Switchable 3:1 Output transformer for each channel, Switchable 48 V Phantom Power, -20 dB pad...

IK Multimedia iRig BlueBoard

Bluetooth MIDI Pedalboard


4 Backlit rubber pads for sending program-, bank- and other MIDI commands, 2x 6.3 mm Jack inputs for optional expression pedals or switches,...

the t.akustik Highline A1 Gloss White

Absorber Module Set


To optimise the room acoustics, Flame retardant according to FMVSS 302 Burning rate

Harley Benton Amp Iso 2

Decoupling Pedestal for Guitar / Bass Amplifiers and Speakers


Carpet-covered wooden platform with aluminium edge, Mounted on a high-density foam base (High Density Foam)

DiGiGrid MGB - Madi BNC

Madi-Interface for all Madi-enabled Consoles


Up to 128 channels in/out at 48 kHz, Up to 64 channels in/out at 96 kHz, 0.8 MS Latency, Powered by all current recording software, Word clock,...