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Studio Desk Commander V2 Set All White


Set comprises Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 3rd Gen audio interface, condenser microphone CM25 MkIII, studio headphone HP60 MkIII and a 3 meter XLR cable,...

Clearsonic IsoPac A Dark Grey

Bundle offer comprising:


Clearsonic S2224 (S2D) Sorber 7-pack, 2 piece(s) Clearsonic Standard Support Bar, Clearsonic ST2466 Sorber - twin pack, Clearsonic S1266 (STC512D)...

Hofa Absorber Eco grey

Absorber Tiles


Acoustic element absorbs mid and high frequencies, Complete absorption above 500 Hz, Effective acoustic elements for the optimization of room...

the t.bone Micscreen



Portable absorber and diffusor, To be mounted behind the microphone, Reduces the transmission of unwanted room reflections, echoes and ambient...

Jaspers 80-113 Black Edition

Monitor Stands


Height adjustable 80-113 cm, Stable 3-tube construction, Shelf panels 30 x 30 cm with foam rubber, Base plates 35 x 35 cm with adjustable feet,...

Zoom CBL-20

Padded Carrying-Case for L20 / L12


Stretch bands for secure attachment of the L20 / L12, With shoulder-strap and carrying handle

Cordial CFY 0,9 WPP

Professional Y Audio Cable


2 x Mono jack 6.3 mm male > Mini jack 3.5 mm stereo male, With Neutrik/Rean connectors, Hand-soldered, With gold-plated contacts

Fischer Amps Cable for In Ear Stick

Y Adapter Cable


XLR Male to 2x XLR Female, Sums up two signals from the mixer to one stereo signal, Suitable for In Ear Stick and Mini Bodypack

IGS Audio Panzer 500

10-Slot Rack Frame for 500's Module


Fully compatible with all 500's modules, Power supply to 420 mA per slot

Roland CB-76 RL

Soft Carrying Case


For 76 key keyboard, e.g. JUPITER-50, JUNO-Stage and V-Combo VR-700, Large outside pocket for accessories

Presonus Quantum

Thunderbolt 2 Audio Interface


26 Inputs, 32 Outputs, Very low latency, Audiophile 24 bit digital converter with 120 dB dynamic response, Up to 192 kHz sampling rate, 8 XMAX...

SPL MTC 2381

Monitor & Talkback ControllerThe Monitor & Talkback Controller MTC 2381 combines volume control, source management and speaker management for stereo monitoring with comfortable talkback and cue functions. Thus it is the ideal DAW complement in all areas of


Stereo productions / recording studio, Film and video post-production, Video & computer game production, Audiovisual media / multimedia production

Drawmer MC 7.1

Surround Monitor Controller


20 Input channels, 15 Output channels, Talkback, Trim control, Mute/Solo circuit, 2 Separate headphone preamplifiers, Low-noise circuit design,...

Behringer NEKKST K10S

10" Studio Subwoofer


Variable low-pass filter and phase switch

Palmer PGA 03 Y-Box Guitar Splitter

Y-Box Guitar Splitter


Clinking input with 1 Mohm input impedance, Output AMP1 as parallel circuit, Output AMP2 is electronically converted with a subsequent transformer...

Millenium SML 21

Signal merge box


2-Channel merge box for line signal

Cymatic Audio uTrack24 MADI Card Bundle

Cymatic Audio uTrack24


Recorder, Player and USB Audio Interface, Recording / Playback of 24 tracks, 24 Bit / 96 kHz with USB storage device, 4 Devices can be synchronised...

ATR Magnetics MDS-36 1/4'' Plastic Reel


Set comprises Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 3rd Gen audio interface, condenser microphone CM25 MkIII, studio headphone HP60 MkIII and a 3 meter XLR cable,...

Tascam IF-MA64/Ex

Tascam IF-MA64/EX


MADI Interface Card for Tascam DA-6400, 1 MADI In/Out/Thru coaxial BNC connector, 1 MADI In/Out optical

Waves SG Server One MKII

Waves Compatible SoundGrid ServerDSP for WYG soundgrid cards allows the use of Waves plugins for live applications via the multirack system.


Intel Core i5-4590K, Dimensions (H x W) 8.89 x 4.82 cm, depth with handles 35.48 cm, without handles 32.07 cm

Mutec Smart Clock HD MC-3.2

Digital Audio & SD / HD Video Sync Master Clock Generator


AES11, Grade 1, Generates 17 low jitter word clock frequencies between 32-192 kHz, Word clock outputs can be multiplied by the factors x1, x2, x4,...

Zoom F1-LP

Field Recorder and Lavalier Microphone Set


Two-channel audio recorder, Compatible with zoom microphone capsules, Supports WAV formats up to 24bit / 96kHz or MP3 formats on microSD /...

Slate Media Technology Raven Core Station

Production table for MTI controller


RAVEN Core Station side panels in silver, Padded armrest made of leather, Modular table, Cable ducts on the back of the work surface, Hidden...

the t.akustik ISO-Pad 7

Foam pads for studio monitors


For acoustic decoupling of studio monitors, An isolation pad consists of two components, which allows you to change the position of the monitor...

D&R ON Air Light

LED Light W/ "ON AIR" Imprint


Can be operated directly as a standalone or in conjunction with D & R Airmate / Airance / Axum, Cable and mounting holes on the back, 12 Volt / 450...

Presonus DigiMax DP88

Remote 8-channel pre-amp with A / D / A converters and ADAT I / O


Ideal extension for PreSonus Studio 192 and Studio 192 Mobile, MIDI I / O for remote control of level and phantom power as well as line input...

IsoAcoustics ISO-130

Table stand for speakers / monitors


2 Units, Adjustable inclination, Allows you to adjust the speakers for an optimal dispersion pattern in the direction of the listener, Isolates...

ART Headamp 6

6 Channel Headphone Amplifier


Six independent headphone amplifiers with high output power, Possibility of simultaneous use of up to 18 headphones, Stereo aux input on every...

KuSh Audio Electra 500



500 Series, 1 Channel EQ, 4 Bands plus high pass filter, Sweepable from 250Hz - 5.4kHz, Sweepable of 30 Hz - 730 Hz, Class A amplifier, DC Coupled...

Rupert Neve Designs Portico 535



BLEND knob to mix dry and wet signal, Link function, Sidechain HPF at 150 Hz, Rasterized gain amplifier from -6 dB to +20 dB in 31 steps, 8-Segment...

Zoom PCH-5

Bag For Zoom H5


Water repellent material, Transparent window, Reinforced top and bottom, Detachable element for microphone inputs, With belt loop

K-Tek Stingray KSTGJ Junior Bundle

K-Tek Stingray KSTGJ Junior Zoom F8


Zoom F8 transport bag, Stable bag for safe transport, Integrated kick stand, Storage compartments for accessories such as XLR and jack plugs, Easy...

Genelec 8020-423 Carrying Bag

Carrying bag for 2 pieces Genelec 8020


With carrying handle, shoulder strap and compartments for power and audio cables

Avid Pro Tools HD native TB Core

Thunderbolt Interface for Native Pro Tools Ultimate Software


Features like Pro Tools Ultimate but in a pure host environment, Supports up to 256 audio tracks, 128 AUX tracks, 128 Buses, 128 Instrument tracks,...

EVE audio TS107

Active Subwoofer


Passive radiator instead of bass reflex port, No disturbing flow noise by air turbulence, Limiter, Encoder knobs with LED ring screen, Volume and...

Vicoustic Vari Bass White 2er Set

Bass Absorber


Set of 2 absorbers, Tunable, Tube for acoustic optimisation in the bass range, Frequency range adjustable 50-100 Hz, For use in e.g. studio,...

Palmer PAN 05

2 Channel merge box for microphones


2x XLR female in 1x XLR male out, Balanced decoupling, Also suitable for condenser microphones, Impedance 200 ohm, Completely passive circuit,...

Vicoustic Multifuser Wood 64 White

Diffuser made from wood


Optimises room acoustics, The optimal effective range of the Multifuser Wood 64 is between 310 Hz and 8 kHz

the t.akustik Diffusor Wave eps 120

Diffuser Acoustic Element


For the optimization of room reflections and room sound, Suitable for recording studios, radio stations, home recording and HiFi rooms, Can be...

RTM SM 468 1/4" 762m NAB

Magnetic Tape


Tape on Pancake

Yamaha MY8 AD24

8-Channel Analogue Interface


For DM2000, DM1000, 02R96 and 01V96 24 bit AD converters


Ethernet Audio Interface


Integrated Soundgrid DSP server with i7 processor for direct calculation of Waves SoundGrid plugins, Future support of 176.4 and 192 kHz, 8...

Sonifex Redbox RB-BL4

Dual 2-Channel, Bi-Directional Level Converter


Unbalanced level adjustable by trimmer from -28 dBu to +15 dBu, Blanaced level adjustable from -15 dBu to +15 dBu, 4 x XLR inputs, 4 x RCA inputs,...

KRK Rokit RP7 G4

Active Studio Monitor


Bi-amped Class-D amplifier, Integrated illuminated LC display, 25 Visual graphic EQ presets (DSP based), KRK app with room correction tools (iOS +...

Dynaudio BM5 MKIII

Active nearfield monitor


7" woofer, 1.1" tweeter, Class-D amplifier with DSP crossover, 50 W LF and 50 W HF, Max. 118 dB SPL, Highpass filter 60 / 80 Hz, Input sensitivity...

Behringer X-Touch Extender

Universal Remote Control for DAWs


Mackie Control Mode for integration with any music software, Several X-Touch and Extender units can provide a large user interface, 8...

SSL Nucleus 2 Dark

DAW Controller with New High Speed Ethernet Dante Audio Interface


Controls up to 3 different DAWs simultaneously, 4 In/Out (2 analogue, 2 SPDI/F), Compatible with ProTools, Logic, Cubase/Nuendo and all popular...

Focusrite ISA Two

2-Channel mic preamp


Lundahl LL1538 mic input transformer, Up to 80 dB gain, Variable input impedance, High-pass filter with variable cut-off, 2x XLR mic inputs, 2x...

EQ Acoustics Spectrum 2 L5 Tile Ice Grey

Acoustic Absorber


Very robust, Non-allergenic and doesn't contain irritants, Odour-free, Good efficiency in the medium and high frequency ranges, Wall and ceiling...

Aston Microphones Halo

Reflection Filters and Absorbers


360 Degree filtering (vertical and horizontal planes), Grooved structure, Very lightweight, Mounting bracket included

Yellowtec MiKA Microphone Arm YT3601

Microphone Arm


YT3601, Size M

K&M 23850

Microphone desk arm


Smooth running table microphone arm with 3/8" threaded connector, For recording studios and multimedia workstations, Comfortable adjustment of the...

Cordial CFY 1.8 WMM

Y Audio Cable


2x XLR male mini jack stereo with gold-plated contacts, 15 cm split

Mytek Digital Liberty DAC

USB2 DA converter


PCM / MQA / DSD, Up to 32 bit / 384k PCM, Native DSD up to DSD256, DXD 127 dB Dynamic Range, MQA Hi-Res decoder, Clock generator, Powered by...

Fredenstein Bento 6SB


Set comprises Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 3rd Gen audio interface, condenser microphone CM25 MkIII, studio headphone HP60 MkIII and a 3 meter XLR cable,...

Black Lion Audio Auteur MKII 500

1-Channel Preamplifier


All-rounder for detailed pictures, e.g. Vocals, drums, guitar, The sound captivates with clarity and warmth, Low-noise circuit design, Switchable...

Genelec Z8000-402W Wall Mount

Wall Mount


For the Genelec 8000 A series, Can be inclined, White

IsoAcoustics ISO-200Sub

Tripod for Speakers / Sub-Woofer


Fixed height of 95 mm, Decouples the loud-speaker signal from the ground, Price per piece

SPL Pro-Fi Phonitor x black

Preamplifier / Monitor controller


Suitable for all headphones with impedances from 10 ohms, Balanced and unbalanced analogue inputs and outputs (XLR, RCA), Mono / Stereo switching,...

Isovox Travel Case

Carrier bag


For the ISOVOX 2 Booth, Hard shell construction, 2 Transport rollers, Extendable handle, Attached accessory bag

D&R Airence USB Expansion Unit

Broadcast Console


Split design slave, Extender with 6 microphone/stereo line inputs with 3-band EQ

the t.akustik CBT2 Silver Spruce

Corner Bass Traps


Absorber for optimizing room acoustics, High-quality polyester acoustic foam with high density (45 kg / m3) and dense structure especially for the...

Vicoustic Vari Bass Black 2er Set

Bass Absorber


Set of 2 absorbers, Tunable, Tube for acoustic optimisation in the bass range, Frequency range adjustable 50-100 Hz, For use in e.g. studio,...

Palmer PMS-02 Mikrofon Splitter

Microphone split box


2-Channel splitter box 1" in 3", Aluminium diecast housing, Ground lift switch

Expert Sleepers USAMO

Universal sample accurate MIDI output


Provides a sample accurate, jitter free MIDI output from your DAW, A MIDI signal is generated from a USAMO plugin (virtual instrument, AU / VST /...

Echolette 51cm Loop-Tape

Loop Tape


Echolette E 51, Echo 200, Echo 400, NG 3, NG 4, Dynacord Super, Dynacord Super 61, Dynacord Super 62, Dynacord Super 62a, Dynacord Super 65,...

Sonifex Redbox RB-UL2

Dual 2 channel balancer


Change from unbalanced to balanced, Trimmer level adjustable from -15 dBu to +15 dBu

Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Studio 3rd Gen

USB Audio Interface Recording Set


Set comprises Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 3rd Gen audio interface, condenser microphone CM25 MkIII, studio headphone HP60 MkIII and a 3 meter XLR cable,...

Swissonic ASM5

Active Studio Monitor


2 Way system with class AB amplifiers, Signal-to-noise ratio > 95 dB (type A-weighted), Status LED, Standby Function, Cabinet made from MDF with...

Zaor Onda angle Black

Studio table with 2 x 6 U racks


Robust and modern studio design, With cable outlets and storage compartment, Offset monitor shelf with cable outlet under the worktop, Sides, front...

Roger Linn Design LinnStrument 128

Multi-touch Performance Controller with USB/MIDI Connection


Integrated backlit sensors react to touch, X, Y and Z-axis position of the fingers, allowing control of velocity, loudness, timbre and pitch...

EQ Acoustics Spectrum 2 L5 Tile Natural

Acoustic Element


Absorber core made of 100% polyester with textile cover, Highly robust, Non-allergenic and contains no irritants, Odourless, Most efficient in the...

Clearsonic A2466x4 (A5-4) Drum Shield

Transparent 4-segment panel


For live and studio applications, Noise and sound shielding of drum kits, amplifiers or instruments, Easy handling by folding accordion-style...

Clearsonic S2466 (STC5D) Sorber

Absorber Panel


Made of compressed fibreglass and encased in dark grey cloth, The Sorber is mainly used as a centre piece for the ClearSonic cover system (LidPac),...

Zaor Miza Stand V36 Black

Monitor Stand (pair)


High-quality monitor stand made from melamine resin coated chipboard, Simple and modern design, Low degree of vibration, Price is for a pair