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Universal Audio Apollo Twin MKII Solo

2x6 Desktop Thunderbolt Audio Interface


With 1x SHARC DSP for running the UAD plug-ins without burdening the CPU of the host computer, 24 Bit / 192 khz, Unison technology for the...

ART SplitMix4

Splitter / Mixer


Passive, Four stereo input channels, Stereo output (all 6.3 mm jack connectors are stereo - tip, ring, sleeve)

Auralex Acoustics Lenrd Bass Traps Burgundy 4

Bass absorber-set for room corners


With 4 LENRD bass traps (LENRD is short for "low-end-node-reduction-device"), For handling and attaching, acoustic adhesive Art. 177265 is recommended

Vicoustic Wavewood Diffuser Prem. Cherry

Diffuser Panels


Made of acoustic foam and wood, Balanced room sound with simultaneous control of sound energy and flutter echoes, Particularly suitable for...

Roland MX-1 Bag Bundle

Roland MX-1 Mix Performer


Performance Mixer, 18 Channels, Step-based effects, Transport and tempo control, 3 Types of step-based beat FX (filter, sidechain, slicer) with TR...

Hofa Diffusor brown



Effective acoustic elements for the optimization of room sound, For the best possible acoustic, for example, in recording studios, home cinemas or...

RTM SM911 1/4" 366m Trident

Studio Magnetic Tape / Audio Tape


18 cm plastic reel

Behringer X-Madi

Expansion Card for the Behringer X32


32 Channels Madi in/out via optical duplex SC-plugs, BNC in/out

Thon Case Akai APC 40

Flight Case


Akai APC 40 - but not fit for APC40 MKII, From 7mm birch plywood, 22 x 22 mm aluminium edges, 2 Mini butterfly latches, 1 Handle, 10 mm Foam...

Lindy optical 2 Port Audio Switch


32-Bit integer / 192 kHz, 2 Class-A D-PRE microphone preamps with +48 V phantom power, Latency-free DSP-supported monitoring with REV-X reverb,...

Apogee Symphony Mk2 Module 8x8

Expansion card for Apogee Symphony MK2


8×8 analog I/O + 8×8 AES/optical I/O (MK II), 16 simultaneous inputs and outputs, SMUX & S/PDIF, Up to 192 kHz on a RCA connector, SMUX & S/PDIF,...

Black Lion Audio Micro Clock MK3

Word Clock Generator - The new generation


Ultra-low jitter design, 6 BNC outputs (75 Ohm) with separate output drivers for maximum isolation, Coaxial S/PDIF output (75 Ohm), 44.1 kHz - 192...

Adam T5V Desktop Stand Bundle

2x Adam T5V


Active Nearfield Monitor, Rear bass reflex port, Price for one piece

Presonus Faderport 8

8-Channel DAW Production Controller


8 Touch-sensitive 100 mm motorized dual-servo drive belt (dual servo drive belt), 57 background- and status-lit buttons, 78 controllable functions,...

Tascam DR-100 MK3

Portable Digital Recorder


Recording and playback of MP3 (up to 320 Kb/s) and WAV files (up to 24 bit/192 kHz), Supports SD / SDHC cards (from 64 MB up to 128 GB), 4 Built-in...

Sessiondesk Gustav

Studio desk


Session desk - The Basic Series, 2 x Upper rack 9U, Integrated footprint for near-field monitors, Cable management, Uncomplicated and fast...

Zaor Miza 88 grey wenge

Studio Table


With 19" rack and extractable keyboard shelf, Offers enough space for computer monitors (2x 30"), keyboard, mouse, DAW controllers, monitor...

Studio Desk Beat Desk White Limited Ed

Studio table


Limited edition, With continuous monitor storage shelf, 2x 2 U rack trays, Extendable keyboard shelf (for up to 61 keys keyboards), Rear sliding...

Clearsonic A2448x5 (A4-5) Drum Shield

5-Segment Shielding Panel


For live and studio applications, Sound shielding from drum kits, amplifiers or instruments, Easy handling by folding in "accordion-style", Made of...

Studio Desk Enterprise Desk

Studio table made of MDF


1x 19" 3U plus 2x 19" 1 U rack shelf, Cable management under the table, Scrollable keyboard table for up to 88 keys instruments, Adjustable monitor...

the t.akustik Highline A1 Silver Spruce

Absorber Module Set


To optimize the room acoustics, Flame retardant according to FMVSS 302 Burn rate

Roland CB-88 RL

Soft Carrying Case


Portable carrying case for 88 key digital piano / keyboards, e.g. RD-300NX, RD-700NX and FP-4F, Large outside pocket for accessories

Rolls RA-53b

5 Channel Headphone Amplifier


For professional monitoring in studios, Studio and Live, 3 Jack inputs (insert), XLR L / R Input, Jack and RCA inputs, 6.3 mm and 3.5 mm headphone...

Millenium HP 1

1-Channel Headphone Amp


With 350 mW, Runs easily with 8 Ohm headphones, Input signal can be looped through, Power supply, balanced jack inputs (left, right)

IGS Audio One LA 500

Opto compressor / limite 500 format


VU Meter, Limiter/compressor mode, Gain-output level, Peak reduction, In/Bypass, +4 DB Operating level, Original Teletronix '68 audio path

Focusrite Red 4 Pre

58 x 64 Thunderbolt 2 Audio Interface


Pro Tools HD connections, Dante audio network connections, 24-bit / 192 kHz, 2x ADAT I / O, S / PDIF coax, Word Clock I / O, 32x Dante I / O, 2x...

Keith McMillen SoftStep Midi-Expander

SoftStep MIDI Expander


Accessories for SoftStep hardware controller, Expanding the device to 1 x MIDI input and 1 x MIDI output, Power supply (included)

Doepfer Dark Link



USB / MIDI-to-CV / Gate interface, For controlling monophonic synthesisers via Midi or USB (similar to the USB / Midi interface from Dark Energy),...

ESI Aktiv 10S

Active Subwoofer


10", 150 W, Volume control on the back, Phase switch, Balanced inputs XLR and 1/4" jack, Balanced outputs XLR, Footswitch connection for mute...

Neumann KH 810

Active Studio Subwoofer


10", 7.1 High Definition Bass Manager, 110.7 dB SPL (1m), Magnetically shielded

Dynaudio Core Sub


32-Bit integer / 192 kHz, 2 Class-A D-PRE microphone preamps with +48 V phantom power, Latency-free DSP-supported monitoring with REV-X reverb,...

Boss BR-800 Bundle

Boss BR-800


8-Track Digital Recorder, 4 Tracks simultaneous recording on SD / SDHC card possible, 8 Tracks simultaneous playback + extra stereo drum track,...

EQ Acoustics Spectrum 2 L10C Bass Trap Nat

Corner Bass Trap


Absorber core made of 100% polyester with textile cover, Highly robust, Non-allergenic and doesn't contain irritants, Odorless, Good efficiency at...

Millenium MS8

8-Channel Microphone Splitter


Consists of eight balanced low-impedance microphone signals 16 microphone signals (8 pairs), Direct output and a transformer-isolated output in...

EQ Acoustics Spectrum 2 L10 Bass Trap Ice

Bass Absorber


Very sturdy, Not an irritant or allergenic, Odorless, Good efficiency at low frequencies, Membrane layer technology (foil membrane between core and...

Waves SG Extreme Server V3

Waves Compatible SoundGrid Server


DSP for WYG Soundgrid cards, Allows the use of Waves plugins for live applications via the Multirack system, 8 GB RAM

KS Digital A200 left

Active 3-Way Mid range Studio Monitor


Left monitor, FIRTEC technology, 8" woofer - 250 W power, 2" midrange - 250 W power, 1" tweeter - 150 W, Room settings, 24-bit AD / DA converter...

Auralex Acoustics T'Fusor Diffuser single

Tile Diffuser


Made from a lightweight and sturdy thermoplastic, Quadratic basic dimensions easily fit into ceiling grids

Presonus StudioLive 24 Series III

Digital Mixer


55 x 55 AVB recording interface, Integrated SD card recorder for 16-track recording and virtual soundcheck without computer, 25 Touch-sensitive...

Yamaha 01V96i Case Bundle

Yamaha 01V96i


Digital Mixer, 40 Mix channels (32 mono + 4 stereo), 16 Analogue inputs (12 x XLR / jack Mic / Line + 4 x jack line), Stereo Out XLR balanced,...

ATR Magnetics Master Tape 1/2" NAB Reel

Master Tape (Audio Tape)


1/2" NAB Reel, High-quality magnetic tape for studio and mastering, Tape Care Box included

RTM SM900 1" 762m NAB

Studio Magnetic Tape / Audio Tape


Metal reel

the t.bone SC 440 USB Podcast Bundle 2+

Bundle offer comprising:


Swissonic MM-3, Millenium DS-20, the t.bone SC 440 USB, pro snake USB 2.0 Extension Cable 3m, Magix Samplitude Pro X Silver

Presonus SL-Dante-Mix

Dante Card for Presonus StudioLive AI Mixer


Card for integrating SL1642AI, SL2442AI, SL3242AI, RM16AI or RM32AI into a Dante network, 2 Dante ports, Allows redundancy operation, FireWire S800...

Thon Heavy Case Yamaha DM 1000

Flight Case Heavy


For YAMAHA DM 1000 with meter bridge without side panel, 9 mm birch plywood, coated black, 35 x 35 mm aluminium edges, Male /female lock profile,...

Thon Case Roland TR-8

Transport Case


Suitable for Roland TR-8, Made of 7 mm birch plywood, Device can be operated in the case, Coated with phenolic resin, 22 x 22 mm aluminium profile,...

Apogee Symphony Mk2 Module 16x16

Expansion card for Apogee Symphony MK2


16 x 16 analog I/O, 16 simultaneous inputs and outputs


8 Port MADI Switch and Router


6x Coaxial BNC, 2x Optical SC, MADI Port Matrix, 1x MIDI I/O for remote control, 1x US B 2.0 for firmware updates, Device lock, Redundant power supply

Steinberg UR22C

2-Channel USB 3.0 audio interface with iPad connectivity


32-Bit integer / 192 kHz, 2 Class-A D-PRE microphone preamps with +48 V phantom power, Latency-free DSP-supported monitoring with REV-X reverb,...

KRK Rokit RP8 G4

Active Studio Monitor


Bi-amped Class-D amplifier, Integrated illuminated LC display, 25 Visual graphic EQ presets (DSP based), KRK app with room correction tools (iOS +...

K&M 26772 Table Monitor Stand

Table Stand


For studio monitors and speakers, Each 4 rubber pads for floor and support plate for non-slip stand and decoupling

Zaor Miza Stand V42 Black

Monitor Stand (Pair)


High-quality monitor stand made from melamine resin coated chipboard, Simple and modern design, Vibration levels are kept to a minimum, Max. load...

the t.akustik HiLo-N70

Convoluted Foam Absorber


Compression load at 40%, deformation 4.0 ± 0.7 kPa, Tensile strength min 100 kPa, Elongation min 80 %, Flame retardant according to MVSS 302,...

EQ Acoustics FreeSpace

Absorber / Acoustic System


For horizontal / vertical mounting to a standard microphone stand (stand not included), Ideal for changing recording conditions, No fixed...

Lindy HDMI Audio Extractor 4K

HDMI 4K audio extractor


Extracts stereo or multi-channel audio from an HDMI signal and outputs it as an analogue (stereo mini-link) and digital audio signal (TOSLink &...

Genelec Z8000-412B Wall Mount

Wall Mount


For Genelec 6010, 8010, 8020, 8030, 8040/8240, 1029/2029, G One, G Two, G Three, G Four, Turnable and tiltable

Cordial CFY 1,5 VPP

Insert Cable


2 x Jack 6.3 mm mono male > Jack 6.3 mm stereo male, With Neutrik/Rean connectors (Rean is a registered trademark of Neutrik AG), Hand-soldered,...

Swissonic Headamp 8

8-Channel Headphone Amplifier


Displays for input and output levels, Phones Out on each channel on front and back 6.3 mm jack stereo, Switch for input selection and stereo / mono...


Transient Designer - 500 module


Extended original Transient Designer circuitry, Attack, sustain, output level and mix controls (blend between 'wet' and 'dry'), Differential...

Dante AVIO Analog Input Adapter 1x0

Digital Converter


Converts analog audio line signals and feeds them into a Dante network, 96 kHz / 24 Bit, Fully functional Dante interface, Dynamic range > 100 dB,...

Apogee Element 46

Thunderbolt Audio Interface


12 In x 14 out Thunderbolt I/O audio interface, AD/DA Conversion for recordings with up to 192 kHz/ 24 bit, 4 Analogue inputs with high-quality...

Future Artist MIDI Looper

MIDI Looper


Recording and simultaneous playback of MIDI notes and MIDI controller data, 4 Independently operable tracks with individual length (1-64 measures),...

the t.akustik AC-37

Acoustic Cube


Foam cubes for acoustic space optimization

Boss BR-80 SD Card Bundle

Boss BR-80


Digital Recorder, Records directly onto SD cards (up to 32GB), Built-in quality condenser microphones for stereo recording, 64 Tracks in total and...

RTM SM900 1/4" 183m Trident

Studio Magnetic Tape / Audio Tape


Plastic reel, 13 cm Diameter

Cymatic Audio ADAT Option Card

24-Channel Expansion Card for uTrack24


For ADAT-compatible devices with the uTrack24, Recording of 24 tracks with simultaneous forwarding to an external device, 24 Channels at 24 bit /...

Tascam IF-DA2

Dante Interface Card


2-Channel Dante interface card for Tascam SS-CDR250N and SS-R250N, Up to 24 Bit / 96 kHz, RJ45 connector, Status indicator for network connection...

MOTU Fastlane USB

USB Midi Interface


2 Inputs, 2 Outputs, MIDI Thru button (for using external midi hardware on the Fast Lane without the PC switched on), "Hot-swapping" (trouble-free...

iConnectivity mio

USB MIDI Interface


Mac and PC compatible, 1 MIDI input, 1 MIDI output, Plug and play, USB MIDI Class Compliant, USB bus powered

Thon Case Akai MPC 5000

Flight Case


Suitable for Akai MPC 5000, From 7mm birch plywood, 25 x 25 mm aluminium edges, With 2 butterfly latches, 1x strap, Steel ball corners medium, Min....

Thon Case Dave Smith Tempest

Flight Case


Custom-made flight case for Dave Smith Instruments Tempest, Made of 7 mm birch plywood, 22 x 22 mm aluminium edges, Foam padding, 2 Sprung...

SoundStudio STG-2412

Digital Stagebox


For Wave's Soundgrid and Digigrid systems, 24x XLR / jack combo inputs, 12x XLR male outputs, Texas Instruments PGA 2500 Microphone Preamps,...

SSL XLogic X-Rack

Empty housing


For XLogic X-Rack

Apogee Symphony I/O Module A2X6 SE

Expansion card for the Apogee Symphony system


2 x Line input XLR, 6 x Line output SubD-25, AES input and output XLR, S / PDIF input and output coaxial and optical, usable as ADAT

Ghielmetti CSF 1x48 AV 3/1 SA G

Professional 1U Patch Panel


48-In, 48-Out, 3-pole patch panel for use in all areas of analog and digital transmission technology, High-quality, gold-plated contact wafers,...