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Boss BR-80

Digital Recorder


Records directly onto SD cards (up to 32GB), Built-in quality condenser microphones for stereo recording, 64 Tracks in total and 8 simultaneous...

Focal Sub 6 Be red burr ash

Active 10" Subwoofer


BASH Technology

KS Digital A200 right

Active 3-way Midfield Studio Monitor


Right monitor, FIRTEC technology, 8" woofer - 250 W power, 2" midrange - 250 W power, 1" tweeter - 150 W, Room settings, 24-bit AD / DA converter...

Vicoustic Super Bass 90

Bass Traps


18x In- and outputs, simultaneously usable, 24 Bit / 192 kHz AD/DA converter, 2x Mic preamps with digitally controlled gain and individually...

Miditech Midilink mini

MIDI / USB cable Interface


1x MIDI IN, 1x MIDI OUT, Indicator, USB class compliant for Windows and Mac OSX, Cable length 1.8 m

Tascam CG-1000

Master clock generator


For recording studios, sound engineers and professional musicians who do not require video synchronization, High precision clock signal via a...

ART AV Direct

Audio / Video Direct Box


Allows connection of a laptop, DVD / video player, iPod or other hi-fi devices to an XLR microphone input, Transformer isolated XLR mic level...

Sonifex Redbox RB-DDA6W

6-Unit Wordclock Distribution Amplifier


1 x BNC female input, 6 x BNC female outputs, Weight 0.9 kg

ATR Magnetics Splicing Tape 1''


18x In- and outputs, simultaneously usable, 24 Bit / 192 kHz AD/DA converter, 2x Mic preamps with digitally controlled gain and individually...

MOTU Traveler Bag

Equipment bag for mobile recording


Main compartment with large accessory pockets (for laptop batteries, mouse, etc.), Second main compartment with reinforced file-folder dividers...

Behringer GO XLR Desk Stand


18x In- and outputs, simultaneously usable, 24 Bit / 192 kHz AD/DA converter, 2x Mic preamps with digitally controlled gain and individually...

Icon Platform M+

USB DAW-Controller


9 Touch-sensitive motorized channel faders (8 x channel, 1x master), 8 Continuous rotary knobs, Jog wheel, Illuminated transport buttons, 2...

Sound Devices MixPre-10 II


18x In- and outputs, simultaneously usable, 24 Bit / 192 kHz AD/DA converter, 2x Mic preamps with digitally controlled gain and individually...

AMS Neve 1073SPX mono preamp & EQ

Analogue Microphone Preamp and EQ


Mono, Transformer-balanced inputs and outputs, Based on the well-known Class A amplifier, Legendary Neve sound

the t.akustik PA-S80 8pcs set

Pyramid Foam Absorber


Flame-retardant to MVSS 302 (flame rate, Set includes 8 individual panels

the t.akustik Melamine 50 100/100 White 4pcs

Melamine foam - plates


Plate size approx. 100 x 100 cm, Colour White, Fire behaviour according to B1-DIN 4102-1 flame retardant, Sound absorption coefficient > 0.9 from...

K-Tek Stingray MixPro

Case for Sound Devices MixPre-3


Stable case for Sound Devices MixPre-3, MixPre-6 and Zoom F4 and F8, Removable front pocket, Compartments for accessories, Incl. shoulder strap and...

Swissonic Converter DA 24/192

DA Converter


Converts S/PDIF to analog, 24-Bit, 192 kHz, Switchable during operation (only 1 active input), Includes power supply


Audio Interface


Thunderbolt and USB 2.0 port as well as AVB connectivity, 24-Bit / 192 kHz, On-board DSP with digital mixer and effects - Classic Reverb,...

Elysia xpressor 500 limited meteor ed

Stereo Compressor


Special limited edition, with structured aluminium front panel, Discrete Class-A topology, Auto fast attack, Switchable release characteristic,...

Palmer Monicon

Passive monitor controller


Robust, metal housing, Real wood edges, 2 x jack/XLR combo input, 1 x 3.5 mm Stereo-jack input, 2 x XLR male output, 1 x 3.5 mm stereo jack out,...

Hofa Akustikset Profi

8x Hofa Basstrap black


Full Range Absorber, Tube shape, Operates in the bass range, Effective against rumbling bass and standing waves, For recording and control rooms as...

Waves Soundgrid Impact Server C

Stand Alone Server for Soundgrid Systems


4 GB RAM, Gigabyte GA-H81N motherboard, For up to 232 instances Waves C4/48 kHz, 256 Instances H-Delay Mono/48 kHz

Waves Hear Technologies WSG Bridge

Switch for Connecting Dante Networks to Soundgrid Systems


Up to 64 I / O channels with 44/48 kHz, Up to 32 I / O channels in 88 / 96kHz, 4 Card slots, Integrates Dante and Soundgrid, Optional analogue or...

M-Audio MIDISport 2X2 USB Bundle

M-Audio MIDISport 2X2 AE USB


USB MIDI interface, 2x2 Anniversary edition, 2 INs, 2 OUTs, Merge function, For Windows XP SP2 / Vista / Win7, MAC OSX, Power supply via USB,...

MOTU Micro Express 2 USB

USB MIDI Interface


4 x MIDI-IN, 6 x MIDI OUT, 96 Channels, SMPTE, Status LEDs, Pedal input, USB port, For PC / MAC

DiGiCo DMI Dante Card

Dante Card


64 Channels in and out at 48 kHz, 32 Channels in and out at 96 kHz

Avid Sync HD

Master Clock and Sync Generator


Synchronizer between Pro Tools HD systems and external studio hardware, Master clock generation with low jitter for nearly sample-accurate...

Fredenstein Mix Cube 8

8-Channel Digitally Controlled Analog Summator


Completely analog and balanced signal path, Each input channel with controls for level (0.5 dB steps), pan (-3 dB law) and solo and mute switches,...

Focusrite RedNet PCIe Card

PCIe card


RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet port for connection to RedNet modules, For WIN / MAC

Marian Seraph AD2 MWX

PCIe Audio Interface


24 Bits / 192 kHz, Multi-card support, "Beast" DSP with 44 channel mixer (no latency), Core audio support, Compatible with 64-bit Windows 7,...

RME Fireface UC

36 Channel USB 2.0 Audio Interface


18x In- and outputs, simultaneously usable, 24 Bit / 192 kHz AD/DA converter, 2x Mic preamps with digitally controlled gain and individually...

Behringer Studio 50USB

2-Way Digital Monitors


Ideal for computer studios, audio and multimedia workstations, True bi-amp mode with 4 amplifiers - 2 per speaker, 40 W digital power...

Presonus Eris E3.5

Active studio monitors


3.5" Woofer with Kevlar diaphragm, 1" Tweeter with silk membrane, RCA pair (L/R), Treble control, MF & HF controls (each -6 to +6 dB), AUX input on...

Adam T7V Desktop Stand Bundle

2x Adam T7V


Active near field monitor, Back bass reflex opening, Price per piece

Behringer X-Touch Mini

Compact USB Controller


8 Rotary potentiometers with LED collars, 60 mm Master fader, 16 Illuminated buttons with transport control, Dual Layer mode for switching between...

Golden Age Premier PRE-73

1-Channel Microphone Line and Instrument Preamp


Discretely constructed, Carnhill input and line output transformers, Rasterized Gain control with 23 positions in 5 dB steps - Gain range 20 to 80...

Warm Audio WA-412

4-Channel Microphone and Instrument Amplifier


100% discrete, transformer-balanced circuit, Altran USA Custom wrapped premium input and output transformers, X520 operational amplifiers in each...

Akai Midimix

USB DAW Controller


8 Faders, 1 master fader, Totalsync function button sends all settings with one click to the DAW, Connection for a Kensington lock, Default mapping...

Hofa Acoustic Curtain Studio Std.

Acoustic Curtain


Three layers of heavy acoustic fabric, Allows maximum absorption, Made of extra heavy material, The sound is very effectively absorbed far into the...

Vicoustic Flexi Wall 3 Set

Modular Absorber Partition


Portable and easy to shift, Expandable using additional Flexi Walls, Allows the alteration of the acoustic properties of almost every room, Wooden...

Zaor Stand Monitor Cherry Black

Monitor Stand


Isolation of the loudspeaker calibration by means of AERstop Pad on the upper platform, Adjustable height, Load bearing capacity up to 25 kg,...

Presonus StudioLive AR8 USB

8-Channel Analog Mixer with USB Audio Interface


8x4 USB 2.0 audio interface (24bit / 96 kHz) for multi track recording on Mac and PC, Bluetooth 4.1 receiver for audio signals from the...

Presonus HP60

6-Channel headphone amplifier


6x Independent ultra low-noise headphone amplifier, 150 mW per channel, With output control, 2x Stereo input (A and B) with symm. 6.3 mm jack...

IsoAcoustics ISO-Puck set

Universal Monitor Stand Set


Decouples loudspeaker signal from the ground

Apogee Groove

USB 2.0 DAC and Headphone Amplifier


Up to 24 bit / 192 kHz, ESS Sabre DAC, 4 DACs per channel for highest dynamic range, A-Synchronous Clocking, Multi-color LED for status and level...

Swissonic HAD-1

Audio Converter and Headphone Amplifier


With USB 2.0 port, 24 bit 96 kHz, Surround multichannel playback via S/PDIF output (AC3/DTS Decoder), Power supply via 15 V power supply unit,...

pro snake TPY 2060 KPP

Y Cable


2 x Mono jack 6.3 mm > Stereo mini jack 3.5 mm, Black metal connectors, Colour coded connectors, Gold-plated contacts, Thomann hook and loop...

Elysia Xpressor 500

Stereo Compressor


Discrete Class-A topology, Auto fast attack, Switchable release characteristics, Warm mode, Parallel compression, Side chain filter, Gain reduction...

Meris 500 Series Mercury 7 Reverb

Reverb effect in 500 format


2 Reverb algorithms, Separate controls for the interaction of high and low frequencies with the Reverb algorithm, 24 bit AD / DA with 32 bit...

Dangerous Music Monitor ST

Stereo Monitor Control System


Analogue lockable volume control (no VCAs), 4 Analog inputs (sub-D25 / Tasc.), 3 Loudspeaker outputs (sub-D25 / Tasc.), Programmable input...

ART S8-3-Way Microphone Splitter

8-Channel microphone splitter


8 Balanced XLR inputs and 3 balanced XLR outputs per channel (1x direct and 2x galvanic isolated)

UDG Creator Akai Force Black



Suitable for Akai Force, Hydrophobic, With 5 mm moulded EVA foam, Egg-Foam for protection against impacts, Detachable shoulder-strap, Carrying...

Hofa Basstrap Baby Creme

Full Range Absorber Tube


Operates until the bass range, Effective against rumbling bass and standing waves, For recording and control rooms as well as for an audiophile...

MIDI Solutions F8 Footswitch / MIDI Converter

8 - Foot Switch to MIDI Converter


8 Jack inputs for 8 foot switch, Powered via MIDI

Millenium HX 3

Active guitar splitter


For operation with several amps, Unbalanced jack input, Jack link out, Isolated jack out with switchable phase, Jack LoZ out, Adjustable gain,...

Presonus StudioLive Series III 16R

16-Channel Digital Rack Mixer with Integrated Audio Interface


AVB Stagebox mode for StudioLive Series III mixers, Stereo AUX input RCA (L / R), 6 AUX sends, 6 Mix outputs 6.3 mm jack balanced, 2 Main outputs...

Zoom LiveTrak L-12 Starter Bundle

Zoom LiveTrak L-12


Combined mixer, audio interface and recorder, 12 discrete channels (8 mono plus 2 stereo channels) with XLR and 6.3 mm jack sockets, Simultaneous...

Tascam DP-006

Portable 6-Track Recorder


Stereo or 2 mono tracks can be recorded on SD / SDHC card in 16-bit / 44.1 kHz, 6 Playback tracks (2x mono + 2 stereo, and mono usable), Level and...

KS Digital C88-Reference L black

Active 3-Way Coaxial Near/Midfield Monitor


Left monitor, Digital FIRTEC (TM) filter, Level control for volume, High and low shelving filter for quick setup adjustment, Six user-adjustable...

Vicoustic Wavewood Diffuser Prem. White

Diffuser Panels


Made of acoustic foam and wood, Balanced room sound with simultaneous control of sound energy and flutter echoes, Particularly suitable for...

Vicoustic Wavewood Diffuser Prem. Nordic

Diffuser Panels


Made of acoustic foam and wood, Balanced surround sound with simultaneous control of sound energy and flutter echoes, Especially suitable for the...

Hofa Diffusor black



Effective acoustic elements for the optimization of room sound, For the best possible acoustic, for example, in recording studios, home cinemas or...

RTM SM911 1" 762m NAB

Studio Magnetic Tape / Audio Tape


Precision reel, 26 cm diameter

Yamaha MY4-AD

4-Channel 24-bit AD Converter Card


4x XLR

Thon Case Roland MC-909

Custom Hood Case


For Roland MC-909 workstation, 25 x 25 mm aluminium edges, 2 Spring loaded butterfly latches, 1 Suitcase handle, Medium ball corners, 4 Rubber...

Earthworks Audio KP1 KickPad

Kick Pad


EQ for plugging in a microphone, Specially adapted for kick drum acceptance

RTM Leader Tape Green 1/2"


18x In- and outputs, simultaneously usable, 24 Bit / 192 kHz AD/DA converter, 2x Mic preamps with digitally controlled gain and individually...

Tascam CG-2000

Masterclock Generator


For broadcast and postproduction studios, Precise generation of the clock signal by temperature-stabilised quartz oscillator (OCXO) that is...

Lynx Studio AES-16e50 PCIe Card

PCI Express Card


192 kHz / 24-bit, Up to 32 digital inputs and outputs via CAT5 or CAT6 cable, SynchroLock, Jitter adjustment, Word Clock and Multi Card...

Focusrite ISA One Analog

Mic preamp


1 Channel, Mic / Line / Instrument input, Insert, Line out / DI out, Switchable impedance, Headphone output with volume control, VU meter, High...

Vicoustic Super Bass Extreme White

Absorber Made of Acoustic Foam and Wood


Ideal for influencing low frequencies in a room, The Super Bass Extreme, a specially designed bass absorber for corner mounting, features an...

Millenium Floor Monitor Stand DM1

Stand for Monitoring Loudspeaker


Height adjustable from approximately 90 - 150 cm, +/- 10 ° Inclinable, Includes rubber pads and spikes for acoustic decoupling

EQ Acoustics Spectrum 2 L5 Tile Black

Acoustic Absorber


Absorber core made of 100% polyester with textile cover, Highly robust, Non-allergenic and contains no irritants, Odorless, Most efficient in the...