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Musikverlag Heinlein Theorie D1 CD Edition



Theory D1, CD included

Musikverlag Heinlein Theorie D2/D3 CD Edition



For teaching music and for the D2 / D3 exam in music theory and auditory examinations of the Bayerischer Blasmusikverband (Bavarian Wind Music...

Schott Neue Jazz-Harmonielehre



From theory to improvisation, From Frank Sikora, Preparation of the relationship between theory and instrument listening, Paperback, 606 pages,...

Lern Material Musik Musiklehre Rhythmik 1



Music customer for the initial stage - music theory, rhythm, ear training, Band 1, By Michael Stecher:, Revised edition 2016, Workbook, workbook...

AMA Verlag Haunschild Harmonielehre I



A musical workbook for classical music, rock, pop and jazz, In German, The elements of the harmony, The intervals, The triads, Four note chords and...

Acoustic Music Harmonielehre verstehen 1

Textbook On Harmony


Entry into the musical theory (and not only) for guitarists by Wolfgang Meffert, For many guitarists, the harmony is complex and incomprehensible;...

AMA Verlag Rock & Jazz Harmony

Textbook on harmony theory


Harmonics for beginners, advanced and near-professionals, By Mathias Löffler, Understand the sound world of rock and jazz music, From basic...

Tunesday Records Improvisation – Gitarren-Solo

Textbook for Guitar


By Christian Holzer, For electric guitar and acoustic guitar, Basic knowledge of harmony, Rhythm training, In standard notation and tabs, Medium...

Schott Jazz Harmony

Textbook on Harmony


By Frank Sikora, From theory to improvisation, Establishing the relationship between theory, hearing and instrument, With numerous practical...

Hal Leonard Vaideology

Textbook for Guitar


Vaideology - Music Theory for Beginning and Advanced Guitarists, By Steve Vai, With many exercises and practical tips, ISBN 9781540030993,...

AMA Verlag Haunschild Harmonielehre II

Harmony Theory Textbook


The continuation to "Die Neue Harmonielehre I", The connections between harmonic elements, The II-V-I connection in major, The II-V-I connection in...

AMA Verlag Die Rhythmiklehre

Die Rhythmik-Lehre (Rhythm Theory)


Rhythm Theory, The metronome, The basics of rhythm, The pyramid, Double time and half time, Polyrhythms and displacements, Written in German language

Wiley-Vch Musiktheorie für Dummies



By Michael Pilhofer and Holly Day, Learn to read notes, Analyze, understand and compose music, Basics about rhythm, melody, tempo and harmony, Get...

Bosworth Notenchecker Musik-Theorie

Compact knowledge of music theory


Fan with 70 cards, Different theoretical topics on front and back, EAN 9783865436481, publisher no. BOE7545, In German language, Musical terms and...

Quickstart Verlag Magic Chords Piano



Magic Chords Piano, By Michael Schymik, With detailed instructions, "Magic Chords" is an indispensable tool for composers and improvisation, The...

AMA Verlag Jazz-Alphabet

School for jazz improvisation for all instruments


All music examples in the treble clef, By Gebhardt:, Additional audio files and sheet music available as a free download, ISBN 978-3-89922-225-8,...

Lern Material Musik Musiklehre Rhythmik 2



Music Teaching Rhythmics Ear Training Volume 2, New edition 2016, Workbook, exercise book and reference book for self-study and instrumental...

Jamey Aebersold Play Jazz Improvise Vol.1 E

Music Book


For all instrumentalists (in C, B, Es and in bass clef), With play along CD, Learn how to play and improvise Jazz, Written in English, Pentatonic...

Advance Music Aebersold Jazz Improvisation D

Jazz improvisation study book


For all instrumentalists - in C, B, Eb and bass clef, By Jamey Aebersold, The revised and extended edition, 136 pages, DIN A4, ISBN...

CM Piano Music Verlag 7-Zirkel / Quintenzirkel

Fifths Circle


@By simply turning the disc you can see which chords harmonize with the respective basic key, The seven displayed chords can be freely combined...

Hal Leonard All About Music Theory

Music theory for beginners


By Mark Harrison, Modern music theory, Understand and learn chords and scales, Improvise, Learn to compose, Structure and design of the music,...

Hal Leonard How To Improvise Over Chord

School for Improvisation


How to Improve Over Chord Changes, By Keith Newton, For all instruments, Step-by-step guide that helps to develop important skills for...

Schell Music Saitenwege Harmonielehre

Harmonics for guitar


By Felix Schell, Revised new edition, Comprehensive study program in notes, tabs, chord boxes, 6-Piece construction, Many practical application...

Schott Fellow Guitarbook

Guitar School


Fellow Guitarbook, by Thomas Fellow, Harmony and modern song accompaniment, For guitar in notation

AMA Verlag Haunschild Praxis Harmonie

Practice Textbook


To Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, The new harmony theory, by Frank Haunschild, 192 Audio examples with more than 100 exercises with accompanying solution...

Voggenreiter Große Buch Musiktheorie



The Great Book Of Music Theory, The key to the secrets of music, Step-by-step explanation of the basics of music theory, Examples on CD, Spiral...

Wiley-Vch Harmonielehre for Dummies

Textbook on harmony


By Oliver Fehn, Everything you need to know about harmony, in an easy-to-understand form, Everything important to scales, intervals, chords, chord...

Schott Harmonielehre Praxisbuch

Teaching and practice book


Harmony, By Christoph Hempel, Musical epochs and styles from the Middle Ages to the present, Integrated harmony for jazz and pop music, Around the...

Schott Crashkurs Gehörbildung

School for Ear Training


Melody, harmony, rhythm, cadences, sequence, By Ute Ringhandt, Examples, exercises and solutions in a compact form, For self-study, individual or...

Schott Die neue Gehörbildung

Ear Training


By Tom van der Geld, For jazz, rock and pop musicians, With CD-ROM, Integrated jazz harmony theory, This book covers the fundamentals of jazz...

LeuWa-Verlag Das Musik 1*1 Noten lernen

Index Cards


Learn notes, just like vocabulary, Ideal for use in school music lessons, in music school and in the music club, The content is based on the D1...

Schott Mastering the Fretboard

Harmonics for guitar


By Frank Doll, Safe scale and chord play, Exercises in different levels of difficulty, In notation and tablature, Paperback Format, ISBN...

Acoustic Music Harmonielehre verstehen 2

Textbook for Harmonics


By Wolfgang Meffert, In incomparably descriptive style the author deals with central questions in an easily understandable way, Optimized for...

Voggenreiter Jazz & Pop Harmonielehre

Jazz & Pop Harmony Theory


This book is a reference gook and workbook with CD, Stimulating audio examples and play-alongs for almost all instruments, Deals with basic...

Sher Music Co. Building Solo Lines From Cells

Basics of Jazz Solos


Suitable for all instruments, By Randy Vincent, Practical foundations for shaping jazz solos in all situations, From "real" jazz lines are taken...

Neil A.Kjos Music Company Musik Theorie Band 2

Textbook for Musical Theory


Volume 2, By Charles S. Peters and Paul Yoder, Lessons 31 to 60, Written in German language, Alla Breve measures, Intervals, Whole tone and...

Axel Räder/Maria Evers Noten lesen leicht gelernt

Teaching and practice book for reading music


77 great puzzles and tasks with simple explanations for all ages, By Axel Räder and Maria Evers, Exercises for completing, writing and ticking,...

Hal Leonard Jazz Theory & Workbook

Coursebook for Jazz Instrumentalists


Jazz Theory & Workbook is designed for all instrumentalists who want to understand how the jazz standards they play and improvise are constructed,...

Edition Dux Kleine Notenrätsel Violin+Bass

Score book for beginners


By Guido Klaus, 26 puzzles in the violin and bass clef, Playful learning of the root tones, Child-friendly design, Blob puzzles, mazes, note secret...

Schott Crashkurs Harmonielehre



By Julian Oswald, Harmony basics for classical, pop and jazz, In the classic paperback format, Including DVD, ISBN 978-3-7957-0925-9, publisher no....

Advance Music Improvisation 101 Bass Clef

Textbook for Improvisation


The way to free play in jazz, rock and pop, By Gregory W. Yasinitsky, For melody instruments in bass clef, Easy pieces of music and sample solos...

Breitkopf & Härtel ABC Musik

General music theory


By Wieland Ziegenrücker, Updated and extended 2009 version, Paperback, 446 teaching and learning sentences, Comprehensive topic selection, Vivid...

Hal Leonard The Path To Jazz Improvisation



The Path To Jazz Improvisation by Emile and Laura De Cosmo, Over 30 lessons for all instrumentalists, In English, Pentatonic scale, Harmonic and...

Neil A.Kjos Music Company Musik Theorie Band 1

Textbook for Musical Theory


By Charles S. Peters and Paul Yoder, Theory for the beginner, Lessons 1 to 30, Written in German language, Time signatures, Dotted notes, Ledger...

Tunesday Records Rhythmus-Training

Rhythm Textbook


By Jörg Sieghart, Rhythmic reading exercises for all musicians, Suitable for musicians of all stylistic genres, It is not a basic rhythm lesson...

Bärenreiter De La Motte Harmonielehre

Reference book for harmony


By Diether de la Motte, ISBN 9783761821152, publishing house no. BVK 2115, 290 Pages, In German language

Schell Music Reharmonisation

Textbook for Music Theory


Introduction to reharmonisation - the art of harmoniously varying musical pieces, By Felix Schell, ISBN 9783940474063, catalogue no. EDM 1030, 60...

Faber Music Allgemeine Musiklehre

Textbook on the Theory of Music


By Julia Winterson, General music theory, Music theory in brief, Intuitive and easy to understand due to many musical examples and references to...

Advance Music Improvisation 101 Bb

Improvisational Playbook for Melody Instruments in B


Easy pieces of music and sample solos for approaching improvisation, By Gregory W. Yasinitsky, Free playing in jazz, rock and pop, ISBN...

PPV Medien Harmonielehre für Gitarre

Harmonics for Guitar


From Gerhard Brunner and Thomas Dütsch, Only those who really understand music, can really capitalise on its creative potential, This textbook...

Schott Klassische Musik im Überblick

Textbook on Classical Music


Interesting facts about music history, form theory and music theory, Important stations of occidental music history, With epochs, styles, composers...

Musikal Husky Rhythm Keeper Vol.1

Rhythm School for All Ages


By Steve Aho and Samantha Steitz, With hundreds of exercises and visualisations, ISBN 978-0999603604, In English

Schott Crashkurs Formenlehre

Textbook on musical morphology


By Marlis Mauersberger, Forms, genres, structures at a glance, All important forms of music history - from the Sonata, Symphony and Suite to Mass,...

Edition Dux C.Nowak Elementare Musiklehre

Elementary music theory and fundamentals of harmony


Musical notation, intervals, scales, Terms, chord overview and much more, By Christian Nowak, 72 pages

Universal Edition Rhythm Coach Level 1

Sheet music book


By Richard felt, Rhythmically fit with clap-stomp and sing-alongs, For all instrumentalists, singers and dancers, With CD, Basic information (note...

Advance Music Precision Timing

Rhythm Workout


Exercise book for all instrumentalists, By Mike Nielsen, From the series "The Jazz Handbook Series", Over 80 exercises on rhythms and time...

Edition Conbrio Musikdetektive Band 1

Music Theory for Children


Music Detective Volume 1, Workbook on the basics of music theory, By Holger Spegg, For instrumental, theory and group lessons, For children over 10...

Edition Dux Musiklehre 1 Überblick



Compactly summarizes the most important topics of the general music theory, By Guido Klaus, Basic knowledge, Clef, note names and octaves,...

Wiley-Vch Notenlesen for Dummies

School for Quotation


By Michael Pilhofer and Holly Day, 2nd Edition 2017, ISBN 978-3-527-71271-7, 10.5 x 16.3 cm, 125 Pages, In German language, Noten finden und...

Musikverlag Robert Lienau Krentzlin Die Tonleiter



The most common scales with their broken chords, By Richard Krentzlin, For piano or all other C-instruments, Violin and Bass Clef, The major scale...

Voggenreiter Elementare Musiklehre

Elementary Music TheoryIn this book basic concepts of musical theory are easily understood.


By Jeromy Bessler and Norbert Opgenoorth, For beginners and advanced

Universal Edition Rhythm Coach Level 2



Rhythm Pocket Trainer Level 2, By Richard felt, For new rhythmic challenges - off beats, syncopations, punctuations, triplets, etc., Holistic...

Edition Dux Das große Notenrätselbuch

Music Puzzle Book


For bass and tenor clefs, By Guido Klaus, Learning music notation through play, With many illustrations and riddles, In German language, ISMN...

Schott Crashkurs Musikgeschichte

Textbook on the history of music


By Paul Johannsen, Composers, works, forms, styles, epochs, Work and life of famous composers, Musical genres, but also forms, styles and eras,...

Schott Crashkurs Musiklehre



Basic knowledge of notes and pauses, scales, intervals, major and minor, triads, cadences and much more, By Evemarie Müller, For beginners,...

Neil A.Kjos Music Company Musik Theorie Band 3

Textbook for Music TheoryA thorough introduction to the theory of music from grades to harmonics. Especially suitable for class lessons, but also for self-study.


Volume 3, By Charles S. Peters and Paul Yoder, 61.- 90. Lesson, Dotted eighth notes, Alla Breve tact, Intervals, Whole and half tone steps,...

Musik Hug AG Transponier-Tabelle

Transpose Table


Theoretical-practical transpose table, By Richard Köhler, Complete transposition table in chromatic order, With instrument name list (according to...

Edition Dux Musiklehre 2 Überblick

Textbook for Harmony


General Music Teaching 2, By Guido Klaus, Music at a glance, Compactly summarizes the most important topics of the general music theory, Level...

Edition Dux Musikgeschichte Überblick



Compactly summarizes the most important topics of music history, By Guido Klaus, Historical charts of the eras and their most important composers,...

Hal Leonard Jazz C Edition

Jazz Exercise Book for C Instruments


The ideal workbook for improving your playful abilities, By Larry Dunlap, Scales, exercises and licks, A little jam session bow, Assistance for...

Centerstream Chord Bingo



Playful instructions on chord formation and play, By Dick Sheridan, For players of all chord instruments, e.g. Guitar, banjo, ukulele, mandolin, Or...

Hal Leonard Jazz B-Flat Edition

Jazz Exercise Book for B flat Instruments


The ideal workbook to improve your playing abilities, By Larry Dunlap, Scales, exercises and licks, Jam session etiquette, Assistance for practice...