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Bjooks Pedal Crush

Reference book about effect pedals


By Kim Bjørn and Scott Harper, Concepts, purpose, history and creative possibilities of certain effects and pedal types, With numerous interviews...

Korg PA-4X Praxishandbuch

Practical Handbook


For the Pa4X-MUSICANT series, Pa4X explained in a simple and easy to understand way, Practice-oriented examples for many subjects, Practical ring...

Bjooks Push Turn Move

The New Book about Electronic Music Instruments


Artists, designers, producers and their instruments that have shaped the world of electronic music, By Kim Bjørn and Mike Metlay, 352 Pages, In...

Robert Kreutzer Stütze!!? Atemtechnik

Textbook on Breathing Technique


By Robert Kreutzer, Breathing technique for wind instruments, singers and speakers, Theoretical analysis and practical application, Extended...

Keys Experts Verlag SX700/ 900 Praxis Buch 1

Reference book for PSR-SX700/ 900


Practice Book 1 - Valuable Tips and Tricks, Topics explained in completed workshops, 80 Pages, Ring binder, In German language, Includes download...

Keys Experts Verlag Genos Praxis Buch 1

Textbook for Yamaha Genos


Simple explanation of all GENOS basic functions, Valuable tips & tricks, Complete topics explained in workshops, 130 Pages / ring binder, Download...

Keys Experts Verlag Genos Praxis Buch 3

Instrument reference book


For Yamaha Genos, Volume 3 - Topics explained in closed workshops, Numerous tips & tricks, Download link for accompanying software, Create your own...

Keys Experts Verlag Genos Praxis Buch 2



For the Yamaha Genos, All topics are explained in self-contained workshops, Function and use of the Live Controller, Connection Registration Memory...

Wizoo Publishing Kemper Profiler Guide

Profiler Guide


Kemper Profiler Practice, By Chris Reiss, "Thomann Special" -Edition, Sound engineering knowledge in order to make the best use of the Kemper...

Martin Koch E-Gitarrenbau Bauanleitung

Specialist book for electric guitar construction


Covers the design and construction of guitars and bass guitars, For instruments with solid, semi-solid or semi-acoustic bodies, Features almost 600...

Backbeat Books The Tube Amp Book

Textbook on tube amps


Reference book for tube amps, By Aspen Pittman, With technical tips, Over 350 schematics to amplifiers from Ampeg, Fender, Gibson, Hiwatt,...

Backbeat Books The Guitar Player Repair Guide

Reference book for adjusting, maintaining and repairing guitars


Third, revised edition, By Dan Erlewine, ISBN 9780879309213, Publishing No. HL00331793, 336 Pages, In English language, Includes DVD with tips and...

Hal Leonard The Beauty Of The Burst BOTB



By Yasuhiko Iwanade, With a foreword by Ted McCarty, In English language

Framus Framus Vintage

Guitar Specialist Book


Legendary musical instruments from three decades by Hans-Peter Wilfer (ed.), Framus Vintage captures all the musical instruments of the Franconian...

PPV Medien Gibson Les Paul Mythos



Gibson Les Paul myth & technique, by Paul Balmer with a preface by Les Paul, With tips from the guitar technicians Mark King (Level 42), Tony Iommi...

PPV Medien Fender Stratocaster Mythos



Fender Stratocaster Myth & Technique, by Paul Balmer, For more than 50 years, Leo Fenders has set legendary Stratocaster standards, Fender...

Keys Experts Verlag PSR-S 975/775 Praxis Buch 1

Specialist Book


For Yamaha PSR-S 975/775 - S 970/770, All topics are explained in self-contained workshops, General operation, S-class set up, Voice Select, One...

PPV Medien Fender Telecaster Mythos



Fender Telecaster Myth & Technique, by Paul Balmer with a foreword by Andy Summers, With tips on purchase & maintenance, setup & modifications,...

PPV Medien Fretboard-Compendium

Textbook on Scale Patterns


Understand and visualise scales, By Jörg Hartig, Fingering made easy, Understand the logic of the fretboard, The Fretboard Compendium is aimed at...

Keys Experts Verlag Tyros Praxis Buch 2

Instrument Textbook


Simple explanation of all TYROS basic functions, Explained topics in completed workshops, Helpful tips & tricks, Style reference list, 130 Pages /...

Hal Leonard Dream Factory Fender Custom

Tom Wheeler: The Dream Factory Fender Custom Shop


This third in a series of hardcover books joins the award-winning titles The Stratocaster Chronicles and The Soul of Tone by author/historian Tom...

Keys Experts Verlag Tyros Praxis Buch 1

Instrument Textbook


Simple explanation of all TYROS basic functions, Volume 1, All topics are explained in self-contained workshops, Helpful tips & tricks, Style...

Ketron SD 7 Praxis Handbuch

Practice manual


Ring binder

Backbeat Books Gibson 335 Guitar Book

Guitar Textbook


By Tony Bacon, The Gibson 335 Guitar Book tells the story of Gibson's ES-335 and related models, Played by B.B. King, Alvin Lee, Eric Clapton and...

Keys Experts Verlag Genos Handbook 1

Instrument reference book


For Yamaha Genos, Topics explained in completed workshops, 130 Pages / ring binder, Download link for accompanying software, In English, Multi Pad,...

Backbeat Books The Les Paul Guitar Book

Guitar book


The complete history of the Les Paul guitar, By Tony Bacon, With over 250 photos, ISBN 9780879309510, Publishing No. HL00332752, 176 Pages, In...

Traumzeit Verlag Gesang Der Stille Klangschalen

Reference Book


Song of Silence, by David Lindner, The secret of the singing bowls, the singing bowls of the world in portrait, origin, history, instructions for...

GC Carstensen Verlag E-Gitarren

Electric Guitar TextbookIn the more than 60 years of its history, many hundreds of different electric guitar designs have been developed. Many important, but also small steps were needed to bring the electric guitar to its current maturity.


Everything about the construction and history of the electric guitar, By Paul Day, Heinz Rebellius and Andre Waldemaier, Foreword by Paul Reed...

PPV Medien Guitar Service Manual



"Guitar Service Manual", From Michael "Doc" Schneider, This is the ultimate guide for anyone who wants to adjust, maintain, modify or repair their...

Voggenreiter Das Bass-Handbuch

The Bass Handbook


Divided into the two sections "How to play your bass" and "Get to know your bass", In notation and tablature, 256 pages, A4 hardcover, In German...

Keys Experts Verlag Genos Handbook 3

Textbook for Yamaha Genos


Volume 3, In English language, Topics explained in completed workshops, Numerous tips & tricks, 128 Pages / ring binder, Download link for...

Theo Wanne Mouthpiece Refacing Book

Reference Book for Refacing Saxophone Mouthpieces


16 Pages full of information and expertise on how to improve saxophone mouthpieces, In English, Measure a Tip Opening, Hold the Mouthpiece...

Keys Experts Verlag CSP Smart Pianist Praxis Buch1

Instrument Reference Book


Smart Pianist Practice Book 1 - Topics Explained in Closed Workshops, Helpful tips & tricks, Installation/ Connectivity, Play hundreds of piano...

Verlag Peter Hess Singing Bowls Health Harmony



Tension Reduction, Creativity enhancement, History, Rituals, Translation by Dr.Telse Hunter, In English, ISBN-13 978-3-938263-27-3

Voggenreiter Die Gitarrenwerkstatt

Repair Book for Guitars, Bass and Ukulele


By Werner Kozlik and Stefan Zirnbauer, Instructions and tips for repair, maintenance and tuning, For steel string guitars, concert guitars,...

Backbeat Books The Guitar Amp Handbook

Reference book on tube amplifiers


With instructions for building a tube amplifier yourself, By Dave Hunter, With interviews with Ken Fischer, Mark Sampson and Michael Zaite, among...

Voggenreiter 1000 Tipps für die Gitarre

Textbook for Guitar


Everything about the guitar from A to Z, By Mike Eulner and Jacky Dreksler, Posture and strumming, Tuning and open tunings, Fingerings, Bottleneck...

Schott Der Saxophon-Doktor

Handbook for Saxophonists


By Dirko Juchem and Robert Klein, Tips and tricks on equipment, maintenance and repair, Compact reference book, "Trouble Shooting" table with...

Backbeat Books Fender Electric Guitar Book

Guitar book


The complete history of the Fender guitar, By Tony Bacon, Third, revised edition, With numerous photos and illustrations, ISBN 9780879308971,...

Schott Instrumenten-Rätselblock

Instrument Puzzles


Puzzle blovk, For children from 4 to 7 years old, By Dagmar Wilgo, Image search book, Combination games, Labyrinths, Ridles, "Find the Difference"...

PPV Medien Drum Tuning



The road to the dream sound, So every set sounds really good, So the sound is optimal in every environment, So the tuning is changed quickly, With...

Centerstream Japanese Electric Guitars

Instrument reference book


Book about the guitars of the 40s to 60s from Japan, By Frank Meyers, With hundreds of colour photos, ISBN 9781574243154, Publisher No. HL00144171,...

Irisiana Verlag Hess Klangschalen



For health and inner harmony, Instructions for playing the singing bowl, By Peter Hess, ISBN 9783424151930, 96 Pages, In the German language, Sound...

Schott Cellotechnik

Study Book


Cell Technique by Gerhard Mantel, Movement principles and forms of movement, In German language, Paperback, Posture of fingers, hand and arm within...

Backbeat Books How The Fender Bass Changed

Reference book


The history of the Fender bass from 1951 until today, By Jim Roberts, Models and well-known musicians, among others with John Entwistle, Jaco...

Keys Experts Verlag CLP-600 Smart Pianist PB

Instrument Reference Book


CLP-600/ Smart Pianist Practice Book - Topics Explained in Closed Workshops, 80 Pages / ring binder, Helpful tips & tricks, Digitize your Clavinova...

Artist Ahead Musikverlag Der Gitarrenratgeber

Guitar Advice Book


The best tips & tricks around the care & set-up of a guitar, By Mark Schneider, Things worth knowing about acoustic guitar, electric guitar and...

Voggenreiter Gitarren Hammer Von A- Z

The Expansion to "1000 Tips"


From the A-Z series, With chords, typical chord progressions, changes, open tunings, pickings, typical rhythm and chord patterns, For rockers,...

Backbeat Books The Telecaster Guitar Book

Reference book for Fender Telecaster


Pictures, History and Collector's Guide in a book, By Tony Bacon, ISBN 9781617131059, catalogue no. HL00333189, 160 Pages, In English

PPV Medien Guitar Basics

Specialist Book for Electric Guitar


"Guitar Basics", By Vilim Stößer, Michael "Doc" Schneider and Boris Hanzer, Here all the factors that are decisive for the sound are explained,...

Keys Experts Verlag Genos Handbook 2

Instrument Textbook


For Yamaha Genos, Volume 2, Explained topics in self-contained workshops, 134 Pages, Ring binder, In English, Download link for accompanying software

Schott 100 Fragen An Malte Burba

Guide for Brass Instruments


Of Malte Burba, With a preface by Till Broenner, Paperback, 104 pages, ISBN 978-3-7957-0861-0, In German language, Health, The instrument, The...

Backbeat Books The Epiphone Guitar Book

Guitar book


The complete history of the Epiphone guitar, By Walter Carter, With numerous photos and illustrations, ISBN 9781617130977, Publisher No....

Thomas Bittner Linkshänder am Schlagzeug

Textbook for Drums


Guide for drum teachers and left-handed drummer, Valuable tips and background from practice, Experiences of the author from lessons with numerous...

Edition Dux Instrumentenkunde Überblick

Info-card "Instrument knowledge"


The most important subject areas of instrumentation, By Guido Klaus, Range of the most important instruments for arranging and composing, All...

PPV Medien Guitar Special Fender Strato

Special Issue to 60 years Fender Stratocaster


The 60-year history of the "Strat", With many illustrations, Songs in standard notation and tablature, In German language, 146 Pages, Includes...

Ketron SD 9 Praxis Handbuch

Practice Manual


Ring binder with 193 pages

Hal Leonard Guitar Sound Effects

School for Electric Guitar


Overview of the almost infinite sound possibilities of today's guitars, By Jake Hertzog and Ueli Dörig, All about techniques, pedals, plugins,...

Voggenreiter Der Blues-Harp-Ratgeber

The Blues Harmonica Guide


By Dieter Kropp, Understandable and compact reference work, Includes photos and music samples, Spiral bound, ISBN 978-3-8024-1076-5, 112 Pages, In...

Voggenreiter Trompeten-Ratgeber

Help Book


Explanation of the different components of the trumpet in clear and simple sections, Brief information, problem description and suggested solutions...

Hal Leonard Manuel Rodríguez: The Art

Specialist in Guitar Making


The book explains the history of guitar making from the point of view of violin maker Manuel Rodriguez, The classic and flamenco guitars by Manuel...

Hal Leonard Guitar Method - Setup

Hal Leonard Guitar Method - Setup


This guide from Hal Leonard shows how to get the best out of his guitars so they can play as easily as possible and sound as good as possible, Step...

Centerstream Rickenbacker

Instrument reference book


Book about the history and instruments of Rickenbacker, By Richard Smith, With numerous photos and illustrations, ISBN 9780931759154, publishing...

Thomas Bittner The Left Hand Drummer

Textbook for percussion


Guide for drummers and drum teachers, Thomas Bittner gives valuable tips and profound advice from his experience in working with numerous...

Hal Leonard The Martin Archives

History of Martin guitars


The "Martin Archives" offers a fascinating insight into the history of the oldest and most prestigious guitar manufacturer in the USA, The story of...

Centerstream The Other Brands Of Gibson

Instrument reference book


Book about the brands Gibson has produced under another name (like Recording King, National or Washburn), By Paul Fox, With numerous photos and...

Hal Leonard The Guitar Lesson Dictionary

School of Electric Guitar


Comprehensive book with many valuable tips on performances, recordings, the music business, instruments and equipment incl. electronics, By Wolf...

Hal Leonard Ikutaro Kakehashi: An Age With



When Ikutaro Kakehashi founded Roland Corporation in 1972, few would have predicted that the company would become the major manufacturer and...

Traumzeit Verlag Sternengesang Gong

Interesting facts about gongs, planets and sounds


By David Lindner, Gong meditations to the sounds of the planets, 3rd edition, ISBN 978-3-933825-12-4, 50 Pages, Hardcover, With meditation CD, In...

Traumzeit Verlag Die Kunst der Klangmassage

The Art ofSound Massage


From Adalgis Wulf, Over 250 photos and illustrations, ISBN 978-3-933-825-60-5, Hardcover, 224 Pages, In German language