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Bjooks Patch & Tweak

Textbook on Modular Synthesizers


The new book about modular synthesizers, their makers and masters, By Kim Bjørn and Chris Meyer, Foreword by Suzanne Ciani, Edited by Paul Nagle,...

Wizoo Publishing Ratgeber Beschallung und PA



Sound and PA, Thomann Special Edition, Live sound simply explained, Basics of acoustics, The components of a PA in detail, PA practice for halls up...

GC Carstensen Verlag Das PA Handbuch

The P.A. manual


Practical introduction to the professional sound systems, Detailed, easy to understand and practice-oriented., All aspects of public address...

Emanuel Treu Finanztipps for Musiker


German reference manual for all Sibelius functions, 11 Chapters on the important tasks of writing music notation in Sibelius, Paperback, 938 Pages,...

GC Carstensen Verlag Mischen wie die Profis



Mixing Like The Pros - The Handbook for Sound Engineers, By Bobby Owinski, 2nd Edition, 373 Pages, In German language, ISBN 978-3-910098-44-2, 5....

mitp Verlag Mixing Secrets

Informational book for learning mixing in a home studio


By Mike Senior, Avoid typical rookie mistakes by learning the techniques of successful sound engineers and start to mix charts-quality tracks, Tips...

Emanuel Treu Erfolgreich, aber rasch


German reference manual for all Sibelius functions, 11 Chapters on the important tasks of writing music notation in Sibelius, Paperback, 938 Pages,...

Wizoo Publishing Behringer X32 Guide

Product Guide Behringer X 32


Thomann Special Edition, By Oliver Holzwarth, This guide will deepen your knowledge and provide practical tips not published so far, The practical...

PPV Medien Uli Eisner Mixing Workshop

Mixing WorkshopThe Mixing-Workshop is aimed at the FOH during live use as well as on the mixers of studio recordings. Uli Eisner provides simple and illuminating explanations, instructions for the procedure, and many tips and tricks from his long-standing


By Uli Eisner, Guidelines for PA and home recording, Includes 2 CDs

GC Carstensen Verlag Mastern wie die Profis

Informational book "Mastern wie die Profis" (Master like the professionals)


The must-have handbook for sound engineers, A systematic introduction to the art of mastering, Music mastering is the last chance to put the final...

PPV Medien Synthesizer



By Florian Anwander, Overview of the parameters for creating a synthesizer sound, With audio samples on CD, In German language, Filter, Audio...

GC Carstensen Verlag Das Effekte Praxisbuch



Optimum use of effects, effect devices and plug-ins, Fundamentals of analogue and digital signal technology, Applications in the studio and on...

AMA Verlag Guitar Effects

Guitar Book on the Functionality and Application of Effect Devices


Focusses on the use of effects with a lot of examples of listening and setting, Important information for before the first purchase, Many practical...

PPV Medien Musikrecht - Die Antworten

Music Law - The Answers


Completely revised 7th edition, Understandably and compactly the most important questions around the topic of music right, Without a big paragraph...

PPV Medien Effektpedale

Guitar Special: Effektpedale


Knowledge about the individual effects, History of effects, as well as the main types, Construction of a pedal-board, Application of a pedal-board...

PPV Medien Effektpedale 2


German reference manual for all Sibelius functions, 11 Chapters on the important tasks of writing music notation in Sibelius, Paperback, 938 Pages,...

Wiley-Vch Erfolgreich im Musikbusiness

Manual for the Music Business


By Christoph A.G.Klein, This practice-oriented book highlights all aspects of the music business, GEMA, GVL and artist social fund, Legal topics,...

Rheinwerk Verlag Play! Handbuch for YouTuber

Textbook for YouTube


By Christine Henning, Hendrik Unger and Anne Unger, All the important information needed to turn an idea into a successful YouTube channel, With...

PPV Medien Praxis im Musikbusiness

The Practice of the Music Business


A well-founded insight into today's music practice, From demo tape to CD, Annotated model contracts, etc., By Robert Lyng, Hardcover, Revised 12th...

PPV Medien Selbstvermarktung für Musiker

Reference bookSelf-marketing for musicians:


Being distribution without a record contract, Strategies for band conception, Online presentation, Self-distribution and guerrilla marketing, In...

Backbeat Books Vintage Synthesizers - 2nd Ed


German reference manual for all Sibelius functions, 11 Chapters on the important tasks of writing music notation in Sibelius, Paperback, 938 Pages,...

PPV Medien Effekte & Dynamics


German reference manual for all Sibelius functions, 11 Chapters on the important tasks of writing music notation in Sibelius, Paperback, 938 Pages,...

Bjooks Pedal Crush

Reference book about effect pedals


By Kim Bjørn and Scott Harper, Concepts, purpose, history and creative possibilities of certain effects and pedal types, With numerous interviews...

Musikverlag Heinlein Theorie D1 CD Edition



Theory D1, CD included

Alfred Music Publishing Arrangement & Orchestration

Textbook for Arrangement & Orchestration


Introduction to writing for big band, brass band, choir and strings, By Bernhard G.Hofmann, Based on jazz rhythmics, melodies, harmonies, sounds...

Wizoo Publishing Das Recording-Studio

Recording Textbook


Special Thomann edition - revised edition 2014, By Karsten Dubsch, Basics of sound engineering at a glance, Components of sound studios simply...

Musikverlag Heinlein Theorie D2/D3 CD Edition



For teaching music and for the D2 / D3 exam in music theory and auditory examinations of the Bayerischer Blasmusikverband (Bavarian Wind Music...

Korg PA-4X Praxishandbuch

Practical Handbook


For the Pa4X-MUSICANT series, Pa4X explained in a simple and easy to understand way, Practice-oriented examples for many subjects, Practical ring...

Schott Crashkurs Dirigieren

Textbook for Conductors


Beat technique, repertoire, rehearsal work, leader, By Barbara Rucha, 112 Pages, In German language, Includes DVD and paperback

Schott Neue Jazz-Harmonielehre



From theory to improvisation, From Frank Sikora, Preparation of the relationship between theory and instrument listening, Paperback, 606 pages,...

Tim Kuhnert How To Write A Killer Song D

Textbook for Songwriting


By Tim Kuhnert, Fundamental knowledge, Guide with practical tips, Song examples for the individual blocks, ISBN 978-3-00-054683-9, DIN A5 landscape...

Acoustic Music Effizient Üben

Textbook for the Right Practice


Practice efficiently - make the most of your valuable exercise time, By Wolfgang Meffert, Not just for guitarists, From tuning in, warming up,...

PPV Medien Guitar Special Joe Bonamassa

Special guitar edition


"Joe Bonamassa", Background information on the career of the exceptional guitarist, Report on his collection of vintage guitars, Teaches about his...

Bjooks Push Turn Move

The New Book about Electronic Music Instruments


Artists, designers, producers and their instruments that have shaped the world of electronic music, By Kim Bjørn and Mike Metlay, 352 Pages, In...

Lern Material Musik Musiklehre Rhythmik 1



Music customer for the initial stage - music theory, rhythm, ear training, Band 1, By Michael Stecher:, Revised edition 2016, Workbook, workbook...

Wizoo Publishing Microphones

Microphone Guides


Special microphones, microphone technique and troubleshooting, Thomann Special Edition

Avid Sibelius Ult. Referenzhandbuch

Sibelius Reference Manual


German reference manual for all Sibelius functions, 11 Chapters on the important tasks of writing music notation in Sibelius, Paperback, 938 Pages,...

Schott Songtexte Schreiben

Technical Book Arrangement Technique


Write lyrics successfully - the creative book for songwriters and musicians, From Masen Abou-Dakn, More ideas for touching lyrics based on more...

PPV Medien Cubase Composers Guide

Composition Manual for Cubase


By Holger Steinbrink and Gunther Geri, The "Cubase Composers Guide" provides comprehensive knowledge for this creative work, With the help of...

Ricordi Taktschlagen Oder Dirigieren

Practice Book


By Kurt Redel, Basics of conducting, In German language, Stroke technique, Beat patterns, Representation of dynamics, Interpretation, Rehearsals,...

Robert Kreutzer Stütze!!? Atemtechnik

Textbook on Breathing Technique


By Robert Kreutzer, Breathing technique for wind instruments, singers and speakers, Theoretical analysis and practical application, Extended...

Wiley-Vch Songwriting for Dummies

Songwriting Handbook


Conception of songs, lyrics, rhyme and rhythm, By Jim Peterik, Dave Austin and Cathy Lynn, Grammy winner Jim Peterik and his co-authors will help...

Schott Arrangieren

Practice Course


Arrangement, By Andreas Kissenbeck, For beginners and advanced, The basic techniques from the preliminary to the score-creation and notation of the...

Schott European Vocabulary Of Music


German reference manual for all Sibelius functions, 11 Chapters on the important tasks of writing music notation in Sibelius, Paperback, 938 Pages,...

AMA Verlag Haunschild Harmonielehre I



A musical workbook for classical music, rock, pop and jazz, In German, The elements of the harmony, The intervals, The triads, Four note chords and...

Keys Experts Verlag SX700/ 900 Praxis Buch 1

Reference book for PSR-SX700/ 900


Practice Book 1 - Valuable Tips and Tricks, Topics explained in completed workshops, 80 Pages, Ring binder, In German language, Includes download...

Rheinwerk Verlag Logic Pro X Handbuch

Guide to Logic Pro X


2nd Edition of 2017, By Heiner Kruse, Basics and advanced techniques, Record, edit, arrange, mix and master MIDI and audio, Comprehensive...

Keys Experts Verlag Genos Praxis Buch 1

Textbook for Yamaha Genos


Simple explanation of all GENOS basic functions, Valuable tips & tricks, Complete topics explained in workshops, 130 Pages / ring binder, Download...

Keys Experts Verlag Genos Praxis Buch 3

Instrument reference book


For Yamaha Genos, Volume 3 - Topics explained in closed workshops, Numerous tips & tricks, Download link for accompanying software, Create your own...

PPV Medien Cubase Profi Guide

Textbook for Cubase


Updated edition with the new features of Cubase Pro 8.5 and 9, By Holger Steinbrink, Especially for beginners; there is a lot of basic knowledge...

Bärenreiter Dirigieren for Chorleiter

Conducting Textbook for Choirmasters


By Christfried Brödel, Development of conducting techniques for time signature, use, fermatas and tempo transitions, Includes DVD with 90 examples...

Schott Chorleitung konkret


German reference manual for all Sibelius functions, 11 Chapters on the important tasks of writing music notation in Sibelius, Paperback, 938 Pages,...

Wiley-Vch Komponieren für Dummies

School of composition


By Scott Jarrett and Holly Day, From the song for the own band over film music to the impressive orchestral piece, Learn from experienced musicians...

Schott Hochbetagte Menschen Herbst


German reference manual for all Sibelius functions, 11 Chapters on the important tasks of writing music notation in Sibelius, Paperback, 938 Pages,...

Keys Experts Verlag Genos Praxis Buch 2



For the Yamaha Genos, All topics are explained in self-contained workshops, Function and use of the Live Controller, Connection Registration Memory...

Acoustic Music Harmonielehre verstehen 1

Textbook On Harmony


Entry into the musical theory (and not only) for guitarists by Wolfgang Meffert, For many guitarists, the harmony is complex and incomprehensible;...

Schott Songwriting

Text Book for Songwriting


By Andre Schmidt and Jürgen Terhag, 40 Ways to your own song, Most of these ways can be implemented without any qualification - knowledge of notes...

Flame Tree Music Pick Up & Play Chord

Instructional reference book on harmony theory and songwriting


Comprehensive knowledge source to develop songwriting skills, capture melodies, and improve playing with others, This book shows you the route to...

Wizoo Publishing Kemper Profiler Guide

Profiler Guide


Kemper Profiler Practice, By Chris Reiss, "Thomann Special" -Edition, Sound engineering knowledge in order to make the best use of the Kemper...

AMA Verlag Rock & Jazz Harmony

Textbook on harmony theory


Harmonics for beginners, advanced and near-professionals, By Mathias Löffler, Understand the sound world of rock and jazz music, From basic...

mitp Verlag Homerecording

Reference book for home recording


By Carsten Kaiser, 4th edition 2018, The author explains in an easily understandable manner how the professional process of a production is planned...

Hal Leonard DJ Techniques Vinyl And Digit.

Textbook for DJs


By Charlie Sputnik, This book is intended to help today's budding DJs familiarize themselves with the most important methods of DJing and teach the...

Tunesday Records Improvisation – Gitarren-Solo

Textbook for Guitar


By Christian Holzer, For electric guitar and acoustic guitar, Basic knowledge of harmony, Rhythm training, In standard notation and tabs, Medium...

Schott Jazz Harmony

Textbook on Harmony


By Frank Sikora, From theory to improvisation, Establishing the relationship between theory, hearing and instrument, With numerous practical...

Martin Koch E-Gitarrenbau Bauanleitung

Specialist book for electric guitar construction


Covers the design and construction of guitars and bass guitars, For instruments with solid, semi-solid or semi-acoustic bodies, Features almost 600...

Backbeat Books The Tube Amp Book

Textbook on tube amps


Reference book for tube amps, By Aspen Pittman, With technical tips, Over 350 schematics to amplifiers from Ampeg, Fender, Gibson, Hiwatt,...

Hal Leonard Vaideology

Textbook for Guitar


Vaideology - Music Theory for Beginning and Advanced Guitarists, By Steve Vai, With many exercises and practical tips, ISBN 9781540030993,...

DVD Lernkurs Mixing und Mastering

DVD course


MHANDS ON Audio Mixing Mastering proves that mixing is not witchcraft!, With this video course you will learn the basics of mixing music in a...

Hal Leonard 1000 Songwriting Ideas



1000 ideas and tips for songwriting, From melodies to texts, A book of creative exercises to overcome an artistic writer's block, This book is...

Backbeat Books The Guitar Player Repair Guide

Reference book for adjusting, maintaining and repairing guitars


Third, revised edition, By Dan Erlewine, ISBN 9780879309213, Publishing No. HL00331793, 336 Pages, In English language, Includes DVD with tips and...

AMA Verlag Haunschild Harmonielehre II

Harmony Theory Textbook


The continuation to "Die Neue Harmonielehre I", The connections between harmonic elements, The II-V-I connection in major, The II-V-I connection in...

GC Carstensen Verlag Aufnehmen wie die Profis

Reference Book


By Bobby Owsinski, The main focus of this book is on the different miking methods that allow you to record a variety of instruments professionally...

Alfred Music Publishing Rhyme/Reim Finder

Rhyming Dictionary


More than 10,000 English words for reference, With German translation, Arranged according to final syllables, The Rhythm I Reim Finder is the ideal...

Hal Leonard The Beauty Of The Burst BOTB



By Yasuhiko Iwanade, With a foreword by Ted McCarty, In English language